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Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame

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Author Topic: Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame  (Read 1149 times)
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« on: 17 September, 2011, 10:00:15 pm »

[Meanwhile, far on the other side of the desert, the unlikely pair continues their trek. The Old Man jogs ahead without a care, unaffected by the heat. On the other hand, Jawo' is having difficulty keeping pace]

Jawo': *panting* Hah...haa... Damn this heat...

Old Man: Hey, son! Plodding along like a zombie is only going to make you more tired! Come on! Pick up your feet!

Jawo': *grumbles* Grr... Why you... How is it that an old fart like you has so much energy anyway? I'm here dying and you look you're out for a walk in the park...

Old Man: Ha ha... You could be as energetic as me too, if you'd stop drinking half your weight in that sugary soda. That stuff is bad for you, y'know.

Jawo': You're telling me to give up my precious Sprite!? Never! I'd die before I stopped obeying my thirst!

Old Man: Heh, suit yourself. *shrugs* Now hustle up! We've still gotta find that Blue! You don't wanna lose his trail again, do ya?

Jawo': *growls* You lousy...

Old Man: Follow me! I know the most wonderful shortcut!

[The Old Man takes point, using this opportunity to lead Jawo' away from Blue's current location. Hours pass, and the two eventually wind up lost with no destination in sight]

Jawo': Hot... S-So...hoooot! Need...refreshment...!

[Having run out of Sprite rations, Jawo' pulls out an empty can and holds it over his tongue, desperate for a taste. One drop forces its way out, only to evaporate before reaching his mouth]

Jawo': Hrohhhh...!

[Disappointed and weary, Jawo' plops down into the sand]

Jawo': H-Hey... Old man... You think we could...y'know...take five...?

Old Man: Hm? What's this? Tuckered out already? And here you said I'd be the one to slow us down. You youngsters today have no stamina, I tell ya.

Jawo': Sh-Shut up... This is all your fault anyway.

Old Man: Ohh?

Jawo': Yeah! What kind of shortcut is this, anyway!? We've been traveling for miles and I haven't seen hide nor hair of Blue anywhere! Face it, old man. Your sense of direction sucks!

Old Man: *gasp* There's no reason to go and stomp on an old man's feelings, is there!?

Jawo': Forget your feelings! You've been nothing but a burden to me this whole time, and I've  had it! I should've never let you follow me!

Old Man: H-Hey now! Settle down! I can fix this, okay!? Hmm...I think we took a wrong turn back at that last cactus...

Jawo': Great. Go find that cactus...and sit on it!

Old Man: *crosses arms* Well now you're just being plain rude. ...Wait! Where are you going!?

Jawo': To find Blue, without you. The fun and games are over, geezer. Get in my way again, and there'll be trouble, are we clear?

[Fed up with the old man's lollygagging, Jawo' severs their rapport and begins to head off on his own]

Old Man: Aw, come on! Relax, would you!? I was only--! ...Hn!?

[Suddenly, the Old Man stops in his tracks, having just felt a tingling sensation throughout his body]

Old Man: (Hmm... That's odd. I can sense mana welling up nearby... like someone is casting advanced level magic. This might just be worth looking into...)

Jawo': Yo! Everything okay, old man? ...You ain't havin' a stroke, are ya?

Old Man: Ah uhh... Hold that thought!

Jawo': Huh?

[The Old Man silently conjures up a sandstorm, sending a rush of dusty gales across the immediate area]

Jawo': What!? Urgh! Not again! You've gotta be kidding me!

Old Man: *to himself* Ha ha... Now to make my exit...

[As Jawo' takes cover behind his arms, the old man takes the opportunity to slip out undetected, heading towards the source of the rising mana. With his disappearance, the sandstorm subsides, and Jawo' finds himself alone in the desert]

Jawo': What the--? Old man...? Looks like he ran off again. Tsch, good riddance.

[Back to the battle, Blue unleashes his final spell. A huge sphere of flame forms high over the butterfly. It then erupts into a large column of fire which engulfs the creature and incinerates it. When the spell fades, the butterfly's charred remains are left behind, signifying its end]

Blue: *panting* Haa...hah...ha... It's finished...

??: Well done, Blue. I'm impressed.

Blue: Wh-What...!?

[The Old Man appears once again. He walks up to the immolated butterfly and examines Blue's handiwork]

Old Man: Hmm, it looks like this fellow is well done too. Aha ha haa!

Blue: Wh-Who are you!? Where did you come from!?

Old Man: Settle down, son. Don't waste your energy getting so worked up. I'm just a weary old traveller, no need to be so cautious.

Blue: ...I don't believe that for a second. You appeared from out of nowhere, casually stepping into what was just a battlefield and making light of what happened. And you knew my name without me telling you first. But that's not all... I can also sense your mana. It's similar to my own, and yet still different somehow. I don't know who you are, but you're no ordinary traveller.

Old Man: Ha ha, is that so? Ahhh, how careless of me to think I could hide from your ability... Very well then, Blue. It looks like you've caught me red-handed. But do not fear, I'm not your enemy.

Blue: Then spill it. Tell me who you really are.

Old Man: Now now, let's not get hasty. All will become clear in time.

Blue: Unfortunately, time is something I don't have. Killing that Medusa Butterfly wasn't enough to free my leg from its petrification. If something isn't done, I won't be leaving this desert alive.

Old Man: Hmm, I see... Well never you worry, Blue. I have just the remedy for that leg of yours.

Blue: Huh...?

[The Old Man reaches into a pouch tied to his waist, pulling a bottle filled with a green fluid]

Blue: What...is that?

Old Man: This is a bottle of Panacea. A very rare concoction that can cure most ailments and illnesses.

Blue: Are you sure that'll work?

Old Man:  Absolutely. I whipped up this batch myself so it has my own patented seal of approval. If this doesn't work, then nothing will.

[The Old Man pulls off the cork and looses a couple drops of Panacea on Blue's petrified limb. Within seconds, his leg returns to normal flesh and blood]

Old Man: Aha! The restoration is a rousing success!

Blue: Ah... I can't believe it... It actually worked!

Old Man: Did you expect any less?

Blue: To be honest, I didn't know what to expect. It's not every day that someone approaches you with what they claim to be a miracle cure.

Old Man: Hah, fair enough. Now let's say we help your friends over there, hm?

Blue: Friends...? Ohh, you can't mean those two rust buckets...

Old Man: I do. They may not be the most upstanding individuals, but it wouldn't be fair to leave them to their fate after I spared no effort in helping you, now would it?

Blue: Hmph, fine...

Old Man: Glad to see that you agree. Now, if you'll excuse me...

[The Old Man teleports in plain sight from Blue's side over to the two petrified knights. This exhibition of his power astonishes Blue]

Blue: Ahh...!

[He then looses several drops on each knight, restoring their bodies to flesh almost immediately]

Knight1: Whoa...c-can it be...?

Knight2: I-I can move again! We're free!

Old Man: Hello, boys. Glad you could join us.

Knight2: Are you the one who saved us? Thank you, kind sir! We knights are in your debt. *salutes*

Knight1: Eeeek! Look!

Knight2: What...? Huh!?

[The two knights look over at the defeated butterfly in shock]

Knight2: I...I can't believe it! It's been roasted!

Old Man: Are you impressed? That, was Blue's doing. His power.

Knight1: Aaah... If Blue can do that, then we really are no match for him. H-Hey, we should be heading back to the capital. We've been found out. There's no point in staying in Nandor anymore. Let's just go before our superiors find out what we were up to.

Knight2: Hrmph. Very well...

Old Man: A wise decision.

Knight2: But you tell that mage that this isn't over, not by a longshot. The next time we meet, he won't be so lucky.

[The knights begrudgingly lay down their arms and leave the desert, returning from whence they came. But not before swearing vengence upon Blue. Afterwards, the Old Man returns to Blue's side]

Old Man: Well well, I'd say you have some new fans, Blue. Yes, they told me that they're very eager to meet with you again.

Blue: Heh, so be it... Next time I'll turn their armor into a furnace.

Old Man: Well, now that that's out of the way, how about I help you to somewhere you can rest up? Your leg may be restored, but in your condition, it'd still be far too dangerous for you to travel on your own.

Blue: Y-You're right... Fine, I'll accept your help once again.

Old Man: Excellent! Now let's just get you up here...

[The Old Man helps Blue onto his back. He suddenly falls unconscious seconds later, weary from his battle and injuries]

Old Man: Hm? Blue...?

Blue: ...

Old Man: ...Ha. Sleep soundly, Blue. You'll be well taken care of.

[With an unconscious Blue aboard his back, the Old Man returns to Nandor City]

~~Nandor City: Streets~~

[Meanwhile, Zeldafan leaves her tent for a break, having just acquired a hefty sum from her last customer]

Zeldafan: Heehee, I finally hit the jackpot! What were the odds of me pulling in one of the wealthiest tycoons in the country!? Every dog has its day, and this dog sure had hers!

[At that moment, the Old Man approaches with Blue in tow]

Zeldafan: Oh! Boss! Check this out! Look at all the dough I just raked in!

[Zeldafan shows off her large pouch of gold coins, holding it up high]

Old Man: Hm, that's quite a haul. Excellent! I'll take it!

[The Old Man swipes the pouch from Zeldafan, evoking a flabberghasted response]

Zeldafan: *gasp* Hey!

Old Man: This should be enough to cover the expense for our inn room. As well as all the necessary supplies to treat Blue's injuries. Good work, Zeldafan. Way to take initiative.

Zeldafan:  But...B-But...!

Old Man: Come along, now. Blue needs our help, so don't dawdle.

Zeldafan: Oh... Y-Yeah...s-sure... *sigh*

[As the Old Man and Zeldafan head to the town inn, the boy rushes in, quick to stop the strangers from taking Blue away]

Boy: *angrily* H-Hey! Stop right there!

Old Man: Hm?

Boy: What are you doing with Blue!? Where are you taking him!?

Zeldafan: Ohh, it's you... It's okay, boss! This is the boy I charged Blue to help!

Boy: Zeldafan, what's going on? Why is Blue not awake? What happened to him?

Old Man: I can answer that, young man. Blue managed to defeat the Medusa Butterfly, but as a result, his body is heavily exhausted and injured. He'll be okay with a little treatment.

Boy: *sadly* Oh... I-I get it...

Old Man: ...I can see that you're deeply concerned for him. We were just about to take him to the inn to rest. Would you care to join us?

Boy: Ah uhhm...sure! Of course!

[Now joined by the boy, the group heads into the inn together]

~~Nandor City: Inn~~

[Once there, the unconscious Blue is gently laid upon the bed to rest. Zeldafan applies a healing solution to his injured arm and wraps it in bandages while the boy watches in silence]

Boy: *sadly* Blue...

Zeldafan: There... That should take care of it. He's been banged up pretty bad, but he'll be okay. What went on out there in the desert anyway?

Boy: After Blue got my crystal back from those knights, we were attacked by a huge monster. It cornered me and was about to turn me to stone, but Blue jumped in and saved me at the last second. That's how he got injured. Because of me, he almost...*sniff*

Old Man: Settle down, Blue will be fine. You needn't trouble yourself over it any longer.

Zeldafan: Yeah, the boss is right. But still, I'm kinda surprised that Blue did something like that. He's always so cold and distant, it's amazing to think that he would ever put his own life in danger for someone else.

Old Man: Just goes to show you that we shouldn't judge by outward appearances. There's much more to Blue than we know...

Zeldafan: Heheh, you're right about that. I knew he wasn't such a bad guy. But I have to wonder what's going on in that head of his.

Boy: Well I'm going to stay by Blue's side until he's well again. He looked after me, and as his char--No...as his friend, I'm going to do the same for him.

Zeldafan: That's the right attitude, kid! Blue's sure lucky to have us, huh?

Boy: Hehe! Right!

Old Man: Zeldafan, will you come with me? I have something I need to discuss with you.

Zeldafan: Uhm, sure thing. Watch over Blue for us, okay kid? We'll be right back!

Boy: You got it! I won't let him out of my sight for a second!

[The boy sits at Blue's bedside, watching over him as he rests. Meanwhile, Zeldafan and the old man set out of the room for an exchange]

Zeldafan: So boss, what's up? Did you manage to dig up anymore clues about who's behind the disappearances?

Old Man: No... Unfortunately, I did not. In fact, it doesn't look like we'll discover any more leads on the surface.

Zeldafan: What does that mean?

Old Man: It means the time has come for me to enter Jahannam myself and continue the investigation there. If we're to unearth the truth and put an end to this, I'll have to confront the Iblis himself.

Zeldafan: So it's time for a house call, huh? The Iblis doesn't seem like the kind of guy that welcomes solicitors though. What'll you do if it comes to blows? You sure you're ready for a showdown?

Old Man: I am, but if my hunch is correct, I don't believe I'll be fighting this battle alone.

Zeldafan: Huh...? Do we have another ally laying in wait?

Old Man: Perhaps, perhaps not. In any case, you needn't concern yourself with the details. What I need from you, Zeldafan, is to continue watching over Blue. Keep and eye on his progress and help him as needed, is that understood?

Zeldafan: Crystal, boss! Rest assured, you can leave Blue to me! *salutes*

Old Man: Glad to hear it. Anyway, it's time I headed off. I must begin my preparations for the journey ahead. If this operation is to succeed, I'll have to plan carefully. You have your orders, Zeldafan. Good luck.

Zeldafan: Same to you, boss. Come back safe, okay?

Old Man: No worries, this'll all be over soon.  ...Farewell.

Zeldafan: Right...

[Having wrapped up their discussion, Zeldafan and the old man go their seperate ways. Inside the room, Blue finally comes to, slowly rising from his bed]

Blue: N-Nngh...

Boy: Blue...?

Blue: Wh-What just happened to me...? *rubs head*

Boy: *happily* Blue! You're awake!

Blue: ...Huh!? Kid!? Why are you here!? What's going on!? Wh-Where am I!?

??: Hey! Calm down! You're in good hands!

[Zeldafan re-enters the room]

Zeldafan: Your wounds are healing right now! Keep thrashing around like that and you'll reopen them!

Blue: It's you...

Zeldafan: Anywho, my boss brought you here to rest after you collasped in the desert. ...And on my tab.

Blue: Your boss...? You mean that old man? Quick, tell me where he is! I need to speak with him!

Zeldafan: No can do, Blue. He's already left and it'll be a good while before he returns. Besides, you're in no condition to be moving about. You need to stay here and build your energy back up.

Blue: Damnit...

Zeldafan: We were all worried about you, you know. Especially this kid here.

[Zeldafan jerks her thumb towards the boy]

Zeldafan: He's been at your side watching over you for the whole day. Talk about dedicated, huh?

Blue: Hah, is that true, kid?

Boy: *scratches cheek* Er, well, yeah... And uh, please, call me Myles. That's my name, anyway.

Blue: Well then, I guess I should say thanks. That is, if you weren't the one responsible for me winding up here in the first place.

Myles: Aw come on! I said I was sorry!

Zeldafan: Haha! You two sure have an interesting relationship.

Blue: By the way, Zeldafan...

Zeldafan: Huh? What is it?

Blue: There's still the matter of our agreement. I have to have that incantation if I'm going to continue my journey. I can't leave here without it.

Zeldafan: Hmm, that's right... So much has been going on that I haven't had the time to prepare it. Alright, Blue, tell you what. You stay in bed and rest up for your trip, and I'll have your incantation ready for you first thing in the morning. Deal?

Blue: Deal.

Myles: ...

[Meanwhile, outside, night falls on the city. Jawo' arrives in town after finally making his way out of the desert]

Jawo': Arggh... About damn time. Because of that stupid old man I lost Blue's trail, again! Now after all that effort, I'm back at square one... *deep sigh* It's late, so I think I'm just gonna call it a night. Now where's that inn...?

[Jawo' enters the town inn to purchase a room for the night. He is given the key to a room on the second floor directly beside Blue and his company]

~~Nandor Inn: 2nd Floor~~

Jawo': *yawns* Aaaaaaaah...! I'm beat. It's straight to bed with me.

[Jawo' enters his room and shuts the door behind him. Seconds later, Blue comes out of his room]

Zeldafan: Blue, what's the matter? Having trouble getting to sleep?

Blue: Yeah, I'm just gonna head outside for some fresh air. Don't worry, I won't be long.

Zeldafan: Okay, just be careful.

Blue: Right.

[Blue shuts the door and heads down the stairs. Moments later, Jawo' awakens and peeks his head out of his door, that last exchange having piqued his curiosity]

Jawo': Hm...? Did I just hear someone say 'Blue'? ...Aaagh, what am I doing? I've had Blue on my mind for so long that I think I'm starting to develop a psychosis. I really need some sleep...

[Jawo' shuts his door and returns to bed. Minutes later, Blue comes back into the inn and returns to his room]

Myles: Blue, you're back.

Zeldafan: Are you feeling any better now?

Blue: Yeah, I just needed to clear my head for a bit. I'll be fine.

Myles: Well that's good enough for me! Goodnight, everyone.

Zeldafan: G'night, Myles! Blue!

Blue: Night.

[As the group heads to sleep, Jawo' awakens once again and comes out of his room, certain that he heard Blue's name spoken]

Jawo': Hrrgh! Alright, I know I heard it this time!

Blue/Zeldafan/Myles: QUIET!!!

Jawo': Eee! Uuh...sorry... *rubs head*

[The next morning, Blue and Zeldafan awaken bright and early, getting ready for the important day ahead. Zeldafan has her tome open to the passage with the incantation, ready to give Blue his long awaited prize]

Zeldafan: Ah! Here we are!

Blue: Hm? Have you found it?

Zeldafan: Sure did! It's a doozy so I think I'm just gonna give you the passage itself to hold onto.

[Zeldafan rips the page out of the book and hands it to Blue]

Zeldafan: It's all yours now, Blue! No need to thank me.

Blue: Hmm... Seems to be written in what appears to be an ancient language.

Zeldafan: Nah, not really. It's just German.

Blue: What...? German?

Zeldafan: Err...nevermind... Anyway, I'm not the best when it comes to incantations, so I haven't had the chance to test this baby out myself. But I have no doubts that it'll work perfectly provided that the ritual is performed correctly.

Blue: Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

Zeldafan: Well, looks like our little exchange is finally complete. I guess this is goodbye then, huh?

Blue: ...Yeah...

Zeldafan: ...Good luck, Blue. It's in your hands now.

[Blue turns towards the door and reaches for the handle, but stops when he hears Myles' snoring]

Myles: Zzzzzzzz...

Zeldafan: You're not going to say goodbye to him?

Blue: The road the two of us have travelled together is over. Myles doesn't need to know where I'm headed now. It'd be better for both of us if I just slip out quietly.

Zeldafan: You're worried you'll upset him, aren't you?

Blue: ...Don't be silly.

Zeldafan: Blue, why can't you just be honest with yourself? What are you trying to suppress?

Blue: Just...stop it! The next time we meet, things may not be the same. Remember that.

Zeldafan: ...

[Blue decidedly leaves the room and shuts the door behind him]

Blue: *to himself* Myles... Zeldafan... I'm sorry.

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