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05 December, 2021, 10:19:31 am
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Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame

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Author Topic: Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame  (Read 748 times)
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« on: 21 March, 2012, 09:29:04 pm »

Zeldafan: Mmm... No! I can't let things turn out this way!

[Determined to convince Blue to stay, Zeldafan rushes out of the room in a hurry]

Zeldafan: Blue! Wait a minute! I--!

[...only to find that he's already disappeared]

Zeldafan: Uh...? He's gone...

??: What!? Blue!?

[But unbeknownst to her, Jawo' was just around the corner and heard Zeldafan blurt out his name loud and clear. He quickly approaches, demanding to learn what she knows]

Zeldafan: Huh!?

Jawo': Did I just hear you right!? You said Blue, didn't you!? So my mind wasn't playing tricks on me afterall... Blue was here, wasn't he!?

Zeldafan: Eep! *sweats* N-No! I don't know what you're talking about!

Jawo': No use trying to hide it now, girly. Tell me where he went! Right now!

[Startled, yet unwavered, Zeldafan stands firm and refuses Jawo']

Zeldafan: I-I'm not telling you anything, so just shove off!

Jawo': Why the sudden change in attitude? You were pretty damn eager to tell me where he was yesterday! ...Look, if this is about your pay, then I'll--!

Zeldafan: Forget the money! If I had known you were after Blue to persecute him, I wouldn't have told you in the first place, whether you had paid me or not!

Jawo': What!? How did you know that!? Hrrrgh... Fine! Forget it! I don't have time for this! If you won't tell me, then I'll just hunt him down myself! He couldn't have gotten far anyway.

[Jawo' tears past Zeldafan and darts out of the hotel to follow Blue's hot trail. After he's gone, Zeldafan slinks down against the wall, disappointed in her performance]

Zeldafan: Ugh, me and my big mouth... Oohn, I can't believe I screwed things up again!

[Outside, near the city's exit, Jawo' prepares to follow Blue out of town when he's halted by an order to stop]

~~Nandor: City Entrance~~

Jawo': He's definitely left town. This time you're mine, Blue.

??: Stop!

Jawo': Hm...? What's--

[Jawo's turns around to see the old man standing before him once again]

Jawo': Hrrgh... it's you again. Look, old man, I don't have time for any of your games. I'm in a hurry, so why don't you--Huh!?

[Jawo' is stunned when he discovers that the old man's demeanor has changed]

Old Man: ...

Jawo': (What's going on...? There's a different look in his eyes now)

Old Man: Where are you going?

Jawo': Hmph, isn't it obvious? I'm going to find Blue. I know that he's close, and I'm not going to let you get in my way this time.

Old Man: I'm going to give you one final warning... Go down this road and you're not going to like what you find.

Jawo': Hn...!? What are you talking about!? ...Wait, now I get it... I've pieced it all together! Now that I have Blue within my sights, you've decided to drop the act and show your true colors. Go on. Come clean, old man! Why are you two trying to protect him from me!? You and that girl!

Old Man: Blue is currently on the path to realizing a new destiny. Your interference isn't wanted nor necessary.

Jawo': Pfft, what destiny? Conquering us all, you mean? Yeah, I heard him...back at the bar. Blue wants to steal the Iblis' power and use it to enslave humanity! And you're going to allow it!

Old Man: That's not true.

Jawo': Then what are you up to? Tell me!

Old Man: Blue isn't just some terrorizing beast like the Iblis. He's human! Just like you!

Jawo': Aah...!

Old Man: It's true that Blue does hold a grudge against the people of this world, but my subordinate and I have been helping him to uncover his own humanity locked away deep within himself. Even now, he's struggling to come to terms with his feelings. He needs to be given a chance. A chance to realize where he's gone wrong.

Jawo': And...And what if that doesn't happen...? Then what, huh!?

Old Man: ...Then I will take care of Blue.

Jawo': Like hell you will! You expect me to just step aside and leave my fate...the fate of all people, in the hands of a couple of weirdos like you!? Over my dead body!

Old Man: ...

Jawo': I won't do that, do you hear me? I refuse to be a helpless bystander...not when there's so much at stake. I'll make Blue answer for his actions!

Old Man: Jawo', you're making a grave error.

Jawo': If I am, then so be it. Nothing's going to stop me from following my convictions.

Old Man: So there's nothing I can do to persuade you?

Jawo': Nothing short of killing me. My mind is already made up. If Blue really is discovering his humanity like you believe, then I will see it with my own eyes.

Old Man: ...Very well, then.

Jawo': Is that all you have to say?

Old Man: You do realise that if you go through with this, you won't be able to turn back?

Jawo': I do. And I'm prepared for whatever may happen. This confrontation will decide which of us is right, and which of us is wrong.

Old Man: ...

Jawo': I have nothing left to say to you. Catch ya on the flipside, old man.

[Determined to follow through, Jawo' leaves the city of Nandor and sets off after Blue. Meanwhile, in the outskirts of the city, Blue stands alone, silently contemplating his actions]

~~Outskirts of Nandor~~

Blue: So...this is it. Once I walk through this gate, it's do or die.

[Blue takes out the passage from the tome, and is reminded of what he went through to receive it]

Blue: ...But am I really making the right choice? This path of retribution... *shakes head* No! I can't falter here. I'll never defeat the Iblis with a mind full of doubt. I must press on!

[With his mind made up, Blue prepares to chant the incantation when Jawo' arrives on the scene. He lets out a shout, breaking his focus and attracting his attention]

Jawo': Hey!

Blue: What...?

Jawo': I've finally found you! Show's over, you foolish pyro!

Blue: Huh...It's you, that simpleton from the bar. You know, you really shouldn't stalk people like that.

Jawo': Very funny, punk. You and your scheme are out of the bag, so drop everything!

Blue: Is that so?

Jawo': Yeah... So listen up, twerp. I've giving you one opportunity to stop what you're doing and run on home. I'd take it if I were you.

Blue: And you think I'll give up just because you said so? You're the one that's funny.

Jawo': For your sake, you had better. The old man and that chick may see the good in you, but right now, all I'm seeing is a brat that needs to be cut down to size!

Blue: *surprise* They what...? Mmmn... And all I see is a moron that's in over his head! I suggest you save your breath and draw your blade, because I'm not about to make this easy for you.

Jawo': Eh? You mean this blade?

[Jawo' jerks his thumb towards the blade on his back, wrapped up in cloth]

Jawo': My special sword? For a chump like you? Ha! Not a chance! All I need, are the good old fisticuffs!

Blue: Fine, it's your funeral. Now bring it!

Jawo': Heh, as you wish, princess. ...You know, I've been wanting to get my hands on you ever since the bar yesterday. Yeah, they're gonna be calling you black and blue after I'm finished with ya.

Blue: The feeling's mutual, bonehead. I guess I should be glad that you were kind enough to drag your sorry carcass over to me.

Jawo': Well, guess there's only thing left to do then...

[Jawo' pounds his fists together and stands at the ready]

Blue: Yes...

[Blue responds by doing the same]

Blue: Die!

[As Blue and Jawo' face off, Zeldafan remains slouched in the halls of the inn, uncertain of how she should proceed]

~~Nandor: Inn~~

Zeldafan: *sadly* Mmmn...what do I do now...?

[Seconds later, Myles, having just awoken, comes out from the room, concerned about the absence of his roommates]

Myles: *yawns* Ahhhhh...! Ohh, Zeldafan, there you are. What's going on?

Zeldafan: Myles...

Myles: Where's Blue? Wasn't he with you?

Zeldafan: ...

[Reminded of Blue's current dilemma, Zeldafan reinvigorates herself on the spot, resolute to fulfill her duty and aid him]

Zeldafan: I'll explain later! For now, I need you to gather your things and come with me!

Myles: Huh!? But--!

Zeldafan: You want to see Blue again, don't you!?

Myles: Uhm... Well, y-yeah--

Zeldafan: Then come on! Grab your things and let's mosey!

Myles: O-Okay!

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