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02 December, 2022, 08:28:13 pm
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Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame

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Author Topic: Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame  (Read 1070 times)
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« on: 22 March, 2012, 10:24:14 pm »

[As Zeldafan and Myles set off to find Blue, he and Jawo' begin their battle at the shoreside of Nandor Beach]

~~Nandor Beach: Shoreside~~

Jawo': Here I come, little man!

[Making the first move, Jawo' starts a mad dash towards Blue]

Blue: Hm!

Jawo': Don't worry, I'll make this quick!

[Upon approach, Jawo' pulls back his fist back to throw a heavy punch]

Jawo': Now! Hold...still! Erragh!

Blue: ... (What? Could this idiot be anymore obvious?)

[Blue easily dodges the blow by slipping to the side, taking Jawo' by surprise]

Jawo': What!? Rrgh! Slippery one, aren't ya? Well why don't you try this on for size!?

[Jawo' continues to throw overcommitted punches at Blue. He parries each one with ease, while taking note of Jawo's lack of technique]

Jawo': Ha! Yaah! Rguh!

Blue: ... (Doesn't he know that he's telegraphing all of his punches? He's strong, but his skill is poor. Obviously not a disciplined fighter. This could work to my advantage)

Jawo': One more! Daaaah!

[Jawo' throws a straight punch to Blue's face. Blue responds by parrying the blow with his forearm, bumping Jawo's arm upwards and leaving him open to attack]

Jawo': Ugh! No way!

Blue: Prepare yourself!

[Blue counters a vulnerable Jawo' by landing a crushing back kick to his jaw]

Jawo: Ungfh!

Blue: ... (Bullseye!)

[Despite landing a direct hit, Jawo's sturdy build is mostly unfazed by the attack. He looks back towards Blue with his head still turned and taunts him]

Jawo': ...Heh, is that all you got?

Blue: What!? But--!

Jawo': Let me show you real power, kid! Ha!

[Jawo' quickly gets back into stance and lands a powerful punch to Blue's gut]

Blue: Uugnh!

[Blue stumbles backwards to catch his breath, kneeling over from the pain]

Blue: Gah! *panting* Hah...haa...ha...

Jawo': What's the matter, buttercup? Don't tell me you're done in already!?

Blue: Grrgh...! (Doesn't look like I can finish this with just melee. That means it's time to break out the magic!)

[Blue recovers to his feet and gets into a stance. A red glyph appears around his feet as he prepares a magic spell]

Blue: ... (Let's see how you handle this...!)

Jawo': Back for more punishment? Fine! I'm just gettin' started with you!

[Jawo' charges towards Blue once more. In the middle of casting a spell, Blue is taken by surprise]

Jawo': Lights out, punk!

Blue: ... (Uh oh!)

[Jawo' attacks with another barrage of hamfisted punches. Blue shifts his priorities to dodging, but still attempts to cast]

Jawo': C'mon! Stand still and fight me like a man!

Blue: ... (This isn't good! His relentless attacking is spliting my focus! I-I can't cast like this! Dammit!)

[With Blue struggling to cast while dodging, his lapse in dexterity makes it easy for Jawo' to blindside him and take the advantage]

Jawo': Got you now, loser! Take this!

Blue: Uh!

[Jawo' attacks Blue with a well-placed elbow to the back, knocking him flat to the ground]

Blue: Aagh! Ungf!

Jawo': I ain't finished yet! C'mere!

[Jawo' continues his assault, lifiting Blue up by his clothes and hurling him overhead, sending him smacking dead on into a rock formation]

Jawo': Here you...GO! Haah!

Blue: Uaaaaagh...! Aaungh!

Jawo': *dusts off hands* And that takes care of that.

[Blue is left lying face flat into the sands of the beach. Down, but not out, he struggles to collect himself and devise a plan]

Blue: U-Un-gh... (I can't believe I'm being bested by this buffoon! ...But it's not over yet. I still have one more trick up my sleeve!)

[Blue rises to his feet and scurries to the other side of the rock formation, out of Jawo's sight. Once there, he pulls out from his belongings a strange book]

Blue: ... (Here it is... The summoning spell. I wanted to save my energy for this until I was face to face with the Iblis himself, but it looks like I'm out of options. I won't run from this fight!)

[Meanwhile, Jawo' stands tall in the middle of the beach, cocky and proud of his brief victory over Blue]

Jawo': Ha, stupid kid. Was never a match for me, much less the Iblis! Now where'd he scamper off to...?

[Jawo' looks back and forth, surveying the area for Blue's whereabouts]

Jawo': *shouts* Hey, Blue! It's not too late to grovel and beg for forgiveness, you know!

Blue: ... (It's only a matter of time before that oaf catches wind of me. I need a plan...)

Jawo': Hmm... Aha! Think you can hide from me behind that rock, huh? You ain't gettin' off that easy, Blue! C'mere and get your lumps!

[Having sniffed out Blue, Jawo' makes his way towards the rock formation where he hides]

Blue: ... (Okay, for this to work, I'll first need to draw a pentagram. But how can I accomplish that without bonehead screwing it up? ...The sand! That's it! If I can't draw a pentagram on my own, I'll have him draw it for me!)

[Having concocted a plan of action, Blue rips a page out of the book, grabs a handful of pebbles, and steps out into the open to confront Jawo' again]

Blue: ...

Jawo': Ha, finally decided to show up, eh? Nice to see you still have some dignity left. Now let's end this!

Blue: ... (Well, here goes nothing!)

[Blue reaches for one of the pebbles and tosses it at Jawo's face. It hits, bouncing square off his nose]

Jawo': What the--!?

Blue: If you want me so bad, then come and get me!

[Blue takes off running in the other direction, intent on baiting Jawo' into chasing after him]

Jawo': He's...running away? Ohhh no you don't! Blue, you spineless dog! Come and face me! Hrgh!
[Angered by Blue's seemingly cowardly behavior, Jawo' takes after him in pursuit, falling straight into his clever ruse]

Blue: ... (That's it, lug nut. Follow the birdie)

[Blue turns around and chucks another pebble at Jawo's face]

Jawo': Throwing rocks? Is that all you've got left, Blue!? Man, you really are desperate!

[Ignoring his taunts, Blue continues running in a different direction as Jawo's follows as planned. Moments later, Blue stops once more and launches another pebble at Jawo', further increasing his anger and annoyance]

Jawo': Grrgh...! You think this is going to defeat me, huh!? I'm going to break you in half, Blue! Just you wait!

Blue: Hah! You'll have to catch me first! ... (Come on, it's just a little more now...)

[Blue continues running in another direction as Jawo' trails close behind. Blue's strategic game of cat and mouse continues on until the pentagram is completed]

Blue: ...There! It's done!

[Blue leaps into the full pentagram. Certain that his plan has succeeded, he stares down Jawo' with a confident smile as he closes in]

Jawo': Nowhere to run now, Blue! Time to die!

Blue: That's what you think!

Jawo': Huh...?

Blue: Pentagram Protection Seal!

[Blue activates the properties of the pentagram, forming an impenetrable magic barrier around the perimeter that bars all access from the outside]

Jawo': What...? What the hell is this!?

Blue: A special protection field provided to me by the pentagram's magical properties.

Jawo': What are you talking about? I don't see any damn pentagrams!

Blue: Look below!

[Jawo' scans the scenery, below him he sees the trails in the sand left behind by his and Blue's frantic chase that come together to form the pentagram]

Jawo': Aargh! No!!

[The realisation leaves Jawo' visibliy stunned, as Blue revels in his despair with a devilish smirk]

Blue:  Heh heh... Do you understand now, you oaf?

Jawo': So the pebbles...and the chasing... It wasn't out of desperation! It was you duping me into a trap!

Blue: Ha! I really must thank you for being so gullible. Yes, thanks to your generous contribution, the ritual can be performed without interruption!

Jawo': Rrgh! Damn you, Blue! You think I'm gonna just sit here and let this happen!? I'll teach you to make a monkey out of me!

[Jawo' rams his body into the barrier, determined to shatter it with brute force]

Blue: I suggest you save your strength. You'll need it for what's coming next!

Jawo': Shut up! I'll smash this barrier and you along with it!

[Jawo' continues to attack the barrier with all his strength, as Blue begins to read the summoning incantation aloud]

Blue: *chanting* Ifalas zaras I e zaraq. Ifalas zaras I e zaraq...

[As Blue's chant goes underway, mystical energies surge wildly from the pentagram as magic runes fill a darkening sky. This unreal event draws Jawo's attention away from the barrier as he readies himself for what's to come]

Jawo': *to himself* God damn... What the hell...is happening...?

Blue: ...Come forth from the fiery depths of Jahannam, ye condemned by Iblis! ...Iz Afrit!

[Meanwhile, on the roads leading from Nandor City, the extreme visual effects of Blue's summoning ritual are witnessed by Zeldafan and Myles, still on the path towards his location]

~~Road: Nandor Area~~

Myles: Huh...? *looks around* The sky is pitch black...but it's still the early afternoon! I'm not just seeing things, am I, Zeldafan?

Zeldafan: No, Myles, you're not. Something's happening out there... Something really bad.

Myles: Ah! And look!

[Myles points upwards into the sky, at the array of magic runes]

Myles: What are these weird symbols? They're everywhere!

Zeldafan: Wait a minute... I've seen these before. They're...magic runes! And runes of this sort can only mean one thing!

Myles: And that is...?

[At that moment, an enormous column of light tears through the blackened sky from the direction of Nandor Beach]

Myles: Yikes!

Zeldafan: Tell ya later, Myles! For now, we need to get moving! That light is calling our name!

Myles: Uhm, even I'm savvy enough to know that's a very bad idea...

Zeldafan: You'd think so, but not this time! That light is what's going to lead us to Blue! Yup! Today, the Ominous Beam of Death is our Shining Beacon of Hope!

Myles: ...You don't even believe that yourself, do you?

Zeldafan: *sigh* No... But this story needs our everyman perspective, so we're going anyway.

Myles: That's what I thought you said...

[The daunted duo press on towards Nandor Beach. Meanwhile, at the scene of the battle, Blue completes the summoning ritual]

~~Nandor Beach: Shoreside~~

[From the pentagram emerges a trio of gigantic mechanical monstrosities wreathed in heat haze, the last of which hoisting Blue high up upon it's shoulder]

Jawo': Aahh...! Maaan, I need a vacation...

[The three behemoths gaze downwards upon a miniscule Jawo' with red eyes ablaze. Blue too, looks down upon him, with arms crossed and a wicked sneer, finally having attained the superiority he so longed for]

Blue: Hmph! Feast your eyes upon the fearsome Ifrit Golem, human! Spirits possessing absolute control over the power of fire. In times of old, these beasts once threatened to burn the world itself to ash, and now, their immense power is mine to command!

Jawo': Cut the theatrics, Blue! Your posturing doesn't faze me! I'll break your toys with my bare hands! Rrraaagh!

Blue: You dolt! Fine! Come and die! Ifrit, go!

Ifrit Golem: Rrroooaaar!

[In a foolish display, Jawo' charges headlong towards the first golem. The Ifrit attacks by firing a seering beam from its eyes. The beam makes contact with the sand, exploding the area under Jawo's feet]

Jawo': Aaaaaaagh...! Ungh!

[The explosion sends Jawo' sailing through the air, smacking into the sand below]

Jawo': Hng...g-guh...

Blue: Ha! And that was just a taste of the Ifrit's strength! What do you expect do against the full might of their power!?

Jawo': It's not over yet, you...p-pyro...

[The impact causes Jawo' to lose hold of his belongings. Crawling along the sand, he reaches for the first, a mysterious blue ring...]

Jawo': Uh...! (It's that ring from the bazaar... I had forgotten all about it!)

[Jawo' reminsces to his time in Nandor City before his fateful meeting with Blue]

~~Flashback: Nandor City Bazaar~~

[Having just entered town, Jawo' passes into the city's bazaar, an enchanting center with a mazelike network of shops and eateries]

Jawo': Ugh. Man, talk about congested... Get me the hell out of here!

[Jawo' turns around to take another route through town when a voice calls out to him amongst the endless banter]

??: Hey guy!

Jawo': Hm? Who said that?

??: Over here, guy! Over here!

[Jawo' is directed over to a small, shabby shop stand tended by a mysterious figure who's visage is obscured entirely by lengthy robes]

??: Ahem! Welcome to Misty Fye's House of Knicks and Knacks! Can I interest you in anything today?

Jawo': Err... Sorry sir, ma'am...whatever you are. I ain't interested in anyone's junk.

Misty: Ah! How dare you! I'll have you know that my inventory is comprised entirely of one-of-a-kind treasures from this world and the next!

Jawo': One of a kind junk is still junk.

Misty: Oooh! Just look, you idiot!

Jawo': Fine fine, already! Geez...

[Jawo' reluctantly glosses over Misty's line up of trinkets when the blue ring catches his eye]

Jawo':  Hmm... Hey! That ring looks pretty cool!

Misty: Ahhh...! You have an eye for quality, my good man. This here is the coveted Water Blue Ring.

Jawo': The Water Who What?

Misty: The Water Blue Ring, one of the Seven World Rings, ancient artifacts that house unfathomable power...

Jawo': Ya don't say...?

Misty: Prayers, sadness, rage, hatred, joy, pleasure, wishes... Each of the seven rings contains one of the emotions that embodies the human spirit.

Jawo': So...what's this one got?

Misty: The Water Blue Ring holds within the essence of pleasure. It also has the power to call forth storms and rain!

Jawo': Storms and rain...? Pfft, weak.

Misty: Ohh, but not just any rain! These mystic waters have the power to extinguish all flames. Even the fires of rage! And who knows how far its control over water can reach?

Jawo': ...

Misty: I have a feeling that the destinies of you and this ring are intertwined.

Jawo': You what...?

Misty: Yes! That's why I want you to take it. No payment necessary! It'll be worth it if I can witness the true potential of the ring realized. Here...

[Misty hands Jawo' the Water Blue Ring. As he touches it, a rush of water swirls over his hand as he feels a rush of emotion]

Jawo': Whoa!

Misty: The Water Blue Ring is yours now. Use it recklessly, and your emotions will grow wildly unstable and consume you! But use it wisely, and the waters of pleasure will wash away any foe!

~~End Flashback~~

Jawo': (If what that...thing said is correct, then this ring may just be my only shot at winning this!)

[Jawo's grabs a hold of the Water Blue Ring and stands to his feet, ready to place his final bets]

Jawo': Okay...I'm ready!

[Jawo' raises the ring high over his head]

Jawo': This better work, you man-lady-thing, or else you owe me a Sprite!

Blue: *to himself* What...? That ring...

Jawo':  Now, Ring of Water! Bring forth a mighty storm!
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