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05 December, 2021, 10:21:47 am
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Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame

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Author Topic: Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame  (Read 748 times)
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« on: 23 March, 2012, 06:45:04 pm »

[Jawo' invokes the power of the Water Blue Ring. The ring shines brightly in his hand, issuing forth a localized rain of mystic waters]

Jawo': Wow...I can't believe it... It really worked! Heh! Drink up, boys!

[The rain drenches the three Golems, steam rising into the air from the extinguished flames spurting from their exhausts]

Blue: Aagh! This can't be happening! My Golems are weakening! Why... Why did he of all people have to be in possession of the Water Blue Ring!?

Jawo': Ha! Didn't expect that one, did ya, pipsqueak!? That about evens the playing field, I'd say!

Blue: Grr...! Not likely! Even in their weakened state, my Ifrits are more than a match for you!

Jawo': But hold on! I'm not done. I've got another card to lay on the table...

Blue: ...?

[Meanwhile, Zeldafan and Myles arrive at Nandor Beach in time to witness Round 2 about to commence. They take cover behind a rock formation a safe distance away from the conflict to process the events occuring before them]

Myles: Zeldafan, what's going on out there? Wh-What are those humungous beasts!? And where is Blue!?

Zeldafan: Just second, Myles... We're about to find out!

[Zeldafan grabs a telescope from her messenger bag to get a better look at the scene]

Zeldafan: Well there's that creep Jawo'... Hmm... No sign of Blue though. But those creatures...

Myles: What are they?

Zeldafan: I've read about them before. No doubt about it, those are Ifrit Golems! Djinns that control fire! Those things aren't of this world at all.

Myles: They're not? Then where did they come from!?

Zeldafan: They were summoned here from another world. But by who...?

[Zeldafan continues observing through the telescope until she spots Blue high atop one of the Golems shoulder]

Zeldafan: Ahh! Up there! It's Blue!

Myles: Really!? Let me see!

[Myles takes the telescope for himself. He spies Blue alongside the Ifrits and makes his own deduction]

Myles: What's Blue doing up there...? Ahh! He was captured by the Golems, wasn't he!? Oh no! He needs our help!

Zeldafan: Not so fast, Myles! Blue wasn't captured by the Ifrits... He's controlling them!

Myles: What!? That's...amazing!

Zeldafan: You're telling me. I don't know how he did it, but Blue's got his hands on some incredible power there...

Myles: Sooo... who exactly is in need of help again?

Zeldafan: Good question.

[Back to the battle, Jawo' reaches for the hilt of his cloth-wrapped sword, reminiscing once again to his excursion at the Nandor Bazaar]

~~Flashback: Nandor City Bazaar~~

[After recieving the Water Blue Ring from Misty, another object catches Jawo's eye: An enchanting sword with a crystal clear blade]

Jawo': Ohh... Check out that sword...

Misty: Ahh! Does this treasure also tickle your fancy? This blade, forged from the fang of the Mythical Crystal Dragon King, bestows the wielder with his unique power over the growth of crystalline solids! A precious priceless artifact, this--!

Jawo': *disinterested* Yeah, that's fascinating. Can it cut things?

Misty: Err... Yeah, sure.

Jawo': I'll take it!

Misty: ...*sigh*

~~End Flashback~~

Jawo': The ace up my sleeve is right...

[Jawo' draws the crystal sword from its sheathe of cloth, finally revealing its lustrous blade]

Jawo': Here!


Zeldafan: Cool sword.

Myles: Mhm. *nods*


Blue: So that's it? That's going to be what saves the day? Ha ha ha! You've gotta be kidding!

Jawo': I dunno, geek. I'm feelin' pretty confident today! Yeah... I think I'm gonna enjoy this one!

[Responding to Jawo's feelings of pleasure, the Water Blue Ring gives off a faint glow, secretly instilling him with power]

Pleasure is the power to make things happen. The drive to do what we feel. Harness this emotion's strength and move ever forward...

Blue: Let's see how much you enjoy being razed into the ground! Ifrits! Attack him!

Jawo': I've let you play around more than enough for one day, Blue! It's time I put you and your ambition to bed!

[As Jawo' dashes towards the three Golems, they respond by firing a laser from their eyes. The beams converge and erupt upon the sand, creating a wall of fire that ensnares Jawo's within]

Jawo': You think that's going to stop me!? Rrrraaaagh!

[Enhanced by the power of the ring, Jawo' cuts a path through the flame wall and continues his rapid advance]

Blue: What!? Ergh! That can't be!

[Now within reach of the first Golem, Jawo' leaps high, landing atop its arm. He jams his sword into the Ifrit's arm and drags it along with him, shredding the arm as he ascends. The completely bisected arm falls into the sand below]

Jawo': Whoops. Dropped your arm!

Blue: Blast! Ignorant beast! Don't just sit there! Get rid of him nooow!

[Outraged, Blue orders the Ifrit to remove Jawo' immediately. In response, the Ifrit reaches towards Jawo' with its remaining hand]

Jawo': Uh oh...! Mmmn... Come on then! I can take ya!

[As the Golem's hand approaches, Jawo' readies his sword to retaliate. With one swing, the Ifrit's entire hand is sent hurdling towards the sand]

Jawo': Anyone need a hand? Haha!

Blue: Dammit!

Jawo': Okay, now let's finish him off!

[From atop the Ifrit's shoulder, Jawo' sets his sights on the light coming from its head]

Jawo': That light's gotta be the weak point. Better make this one count...

[With his sword drawn, Jawo' leaps into the air and dives down towards the Ifrit's head. With both hands, he unleashes a mighty swing at the Golem's weak point, shattering it with one blow]

Jawo': What? Finished already!? Oh well.

[With the Ifrit's source of power destroyed, the defeated creature ceases all function and dismantles, all it's scattered pieces falling into the sand below]

Jawo': One down, two to go! Bring it on, Blue! I've got beatdowns to spare!

[Meanwhile, Zeldafan and Myles witness the swift defeat of the first Ifrit Golem, astonished at Jawo's impressive display]

Myles: Did you see that!? That guy just took out the Ifrit with one blow! Unbelievable!

Zeldafan: He may not be on our side, but... I gotta give him credit! Blue may have his work cut out for him even with his summoning power!

[Back to the battle, Blue bemoans the loss of his Golem to Jawo'. But he seems to know something that Jawo' doesn't...]

Blue: Ugh, how could it be defeated...!? (Hah, that's okay. My Ifrit may be destroyed, but it made sure to leave a little parting gift for your trouble, Jawo'...)

[From amongst the scattered remains of the Ifrit, a small circular part silently leaps from the debris and lands near Jawo', drawing his attention]

Jawo': Come on! Who's next!? ...Huh?

Thump... thump... thump...

Jawo': What the...? What is this thing? Is something...about to hatch?

[Jawo' walks over and picks up the object, examining it further]

Jawo': I can hear something...like a heartbeat.

[Suddenly, the beating begins to grow faster, making Jawo' grow exceedingly cautious]

Jawo': Uh oh... I think this might be some sort of time bomb!!

[Jawo's anxiety elicits a joyful response from Blue. He smirks evily as Jawo' panics for his life]

Jawo': Oh no! This can't be good! I gotta get rid of this thing somehow!

Blue: Heh heh hee...! (So you figured it out... But it's too late to save yourself now! Die, Jawo'!)

Jawo': Ahh! It's gonna explode! What to do...? What to do...!? ...That's it!

[With little time to think, Jawo' does the first thing that comes to mind. He kicks the time bomb sky high towards the second Ifrit Golem]

Blue: Noooo! He didn't...!!

Jawo': Lights out, tin can!

[The Ifrit is caught in the center of the time bomb's explosion and is torn to pieces in an instant, its smoldering remains scattering all across Nandor Beach in a fiery display]

Zeldafan: Whoa... Check out the fireworks!

[At that moment, the Ifrit Golem's disembodied cranium crashes down next to the two bystanders, eyes still glowing red]


Myles/Zeldafan: Aaaaaaahhhh! Fiery wreckage!!

[The Golem's eyes flicker on and off until slowly fading out forever]

Myles: ...H-Hold me!

Zeldafan: Only if you hold me!

[Back at the battle, Blue drops to his knees in shock. With only one of his Ifrit Golem's still standing, the fight is quickly turning against his favor]

Blue: I...I don't understand it. How could my Ifrit's have been defeated so easily!? Their power is supposed to be absolute! Unparalled!

[Jawo' points his finger at Blue, calling his imminent defeat]

Jawo': I'm closing in on you, Blue! You hear me!? Your justice is at hand!

Blue: *sweats* (Damn you, Jawo'... I won't let you take me alive! I have to make my escape before I'm cornered! ...The gate! I'll summon the gate to Jahannam!)

[Unable to continue fighting, Blue reluctantly decides to cut his loses and flee the battlefield. He pulls out the tome passage given to him by Zeldafan and begins his preparations]

Blue: Ifrit, I need time to complete this incantation, so you must keep him at bay by any means necessary. Understood?

[The Ifrit Golem's eyes shine a bright red, signaling its compliance to Blue's demands. Meanwhile, Blue gets into a stance and gathers his energy, a white glyph appearing around him]

Jawo': What the...? Trying to cast magic, are ya? Not on my watch! Here I come!

[Jawo' quickly takes notice to Blue's action and advances on him and the Golem]

Blue: Stop him now, Golem! I must begin the incantation!

[Following Blue's command, the Ifrit fires an eye laser down at Jawo'. Jawo' counters by blocking the beam with his sword. The surface of the crystal blade reflects the laser back towards the Golem, slicing off its arm, along with a portion of its torso and face]

Blue: Ungh! (It's no use, it'll be defeated soon! I have to hurry!)

[Blue begins reciting the gate-opening incantation]

Blue: *chanting* Alte Kräfte, verleihen mich deine Energie und öffnen dieses Gatter...

[As he chants, intense bolts of energy begin to converge behind Blue, opening a wormhole in space]

Jawo': What...is that? ...Forget it, it doesn't matter! I just know I have to stop it!

[Jawo' closes in, leaping into the air atop the Golem's head. He wastes no time jamming his sword its weak point, putting it out of commission]

Blue:  ...das meinen Weg versperrt!

[At this time, Blue completes his incantation. The wormhole opens wide, allowing passage into the spirit world of Jahannam]

Blue:  It's finished!

Jawo': Hold it right there, Blue!

Blue: Ahh...!

[Just mere feet away, Jawo' makes a dive for Blue with his blade drawn. But the defeated Golem begins to dismantle in mid-air, further seperating the two and causing Jawo' to botch his attempt]

Jawo': Nooo! Aaargh!

Blue: Hah! So long, Jawo'!

[Blue leaps from the collapsing Ifrit, into the gate which immediately seals shut behind him. Meanwhile, Jawo' is left to fall face first into the sand, having ultimately failed to subdue Blue and prevent his escape]

Jawo': Uugrnh... Dammit!

[Full of anger and disappointment, Jawo' pounds his fist into the sand. Meanwhile, Zeldafan and Myles come out from hiding, relieved that the fighting is over]

Zeldafan: Well, that ended rather painlessly, wouldn't you say so, Myles?

Myles: No kidding... But what was that...door, that Blue disappeared into? Is he going to be okay?

Zeldafan: I...really wish I could say so, Myles, but...

[Before Zeldafan can finish her thoughts, a ring almost identical to Jawo's Water Blue Ring rolls its way to Myles' side]

Myles: Huh? Hey, look at this!

Zeldafan: Is that what I think it is?

[Myles grabs a hold of the ring, a burst of fire engulfing his hand]

Myles: Ahh! I feel...rage!

Zeldafan: Myles! Be careful with that!

Myles: Whoo... That was intense! But I think I feel alright now. What's the matter, Zeldafan?

Zeldafan: I know what this is... This is one of the Seven World Rings! Treasures that can transform our emotions into awesome power!

Myles: Our emotions...?

Zeldafan: Yes! The seven rings have various emotions sealed within them. You felt it yourself, Myles. This one carries the power of rage!

Myles: But how did such a powerful artifact get here?

Zeldafan: It's said that the Red Ring allows one total command over the fires of rage. This must extend to the power the Ifrit Golems wield as well.

Myles: So Blue was using this ring to control the Ifrits?

Zeldafan: Looks like it! It's pretty amazing though. According to the lore, using the power of the rings can cause your emotions to swell and overwhelm you, but Blue seemed to be handling himself just fine out there. It must take great dedication to channel a negative emotion like rage without losing control.

Myles: I wonder how he did it...

Zeldafan: Perhaps...learning to respect your feelings of anger as part of a full range of emotional expression can help you tap into its power and make them work for you! I think, in the right hands, rage isn't just a surge of violent anger, but the strength to stand your ground and fight for what's rightfully yours! Maybe Blue realized this too!

Myles: Wow, Zeldafan... That was really profound!

Zeldafan: Haha! Naaah! I'm just rambling over here! *rubs head*

Myles: But I still wonder, to control this amount of power means Blue must harbor a lot of rage inside himself. What's the source of it all...?

Zeldafan: *disquietly* Maybe...it's his rage against the whole of humanity...

Myles: Hm? What was that you said, Zeldafan?

Zeldafan: N-No... It's nothing.

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