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05 December, 2021, 11:40:33 am
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Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame

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Author Topic: Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame  (Read 748 times)
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« on: 07 April, 2012, 11:30:40 am »

[Now safely past the gate, Blue spirals amidst the interdimensional void between realms. Reaching the other side, the gate opens once more, flinging Blue into his destination]

Blue: Whoooooa...! Oofungh!

[Blue makes a harsh landing in the center of a monumental desert full of black sand. It stretches on as far as the eye can see, the landscape shrouded in the gloom of eternal twilight]

~~Jahannam: Desert of Black Sand~~

Blue: *spits* Ppftbt! Just what I needed...another lousy desert. At least there's no sweltering heat here, oddly enough.

[Blue stands to his feet, struggling to process the surreality of his surroundings]

Blue: *dusts off clothing* Is this place really Jahannam...? I expected infernal hellishness, not...noir ambiance. I must've fallen way off the map... Ah well. Better get moving.

[Blue starts his treck through the desert, but the vast silent sands present no path forward or back. As more time passes with no apparent progress, Blue begins to grow discouraged]

Blue: Aargh, this is hopeless! This sand goes on forever! Is there no way out of this desert!?

[Frustrated, Blue howls out in rage towards the Iblis, urging him to reveal himself]

Blue: Come on, Iblis! I know you're out there! Show yourself, and face meeeeeee...!

[Blue's voice echoes through the landscape, but it's not the Iblis whom answers the call... His shouts alert his presence to the inhabiting spirits of Jahannam. Three djinns appear before Blue, angered by the intrusion]

Blue: What the--!? Wh-Where did you come from!? What the hell is this!?

Djinns: ...!

Blue: Hmph. Iblis' minions, no doubt... I don't have time to waste on you! Get out of my way!

Djinns: ...!? !!!

[A single djinn responds by expelling a stream of fire from its mouth towards Blue. He just narrowly dodges the unexpected attack]

Blue: Gaah! Guess I can take that as a no... Alright, have it your way! I'll make an example out of you for the Iblis!

[Without delay, Blue leaps into battle, engaging one of the djinns. He throws a punch, but his fist passes through the djinn's body, causing it no harm]

Blue: Ah! That can't be! These creeps are intangible!?

[Failing his attempt, Blue hops back to compose himself and restrategise]

Blue: Just my luck...  Fine! Let's see how you like a little magic!

[A red glyph appears around Blue's feet as he gets into a stance]

Blue: *chanting* O flickering blaze, burn...! Fireball!

[Blue casts a fireball spell, launching a ball of flame at each of the djinns. The spell connects, but quickly proves ineffective, as the djinns merely absorb the fire with no harm, baffling Blue]

Djinns: ...??!

Blue: What!? I-Impossible! How could--!?

[Left in disarray by his thwarted assaults, Blue is easily overtaken when a djinn retaliates by coiling its wispy form around his body, restraining him]

Blue: *straining* Urrrngh! L-Let me go, y...you, lousy--!

[With Blue restricted and left open to attack, the remaining djinns take in air and inflate their bodies, preparing to loose a deadly flame to put an end to Blue]

Blue: Urngfh! Not...good! (Damn! Am I really gonna bite it here!?)

[Helpless before the unnatural power of the djinns, Blue prepares for the worst when...]

??: *chanting* O frozen blades, fly sharply across the heavens...! Freeze Lancer!

Djinns: ...!!!

[From the distance, a flurry of ice spears soar past, tearing through the djinns and dispatching them with ease]

Blue: That was...magic! Someone intervened, but who?

??: That'd be me, of course!

[Through a gust of black sand appears the Old Man once again, having rescued Blue with a well-timed magic spell]

Old Man: Your friendly neighborhood Red Mage, at your service! *bows* No need to thank me.

Blue: Well good, because I wasn't planning to.

Old Man: Hmph. Ever the grateful one, aren't you, Blue...?

Blue: What are you doing here? I never asked you to follow me! If you think I'm going to let you beat me to the Iblis, then we're going to have some problems...

[Blue's magic begins to flare when the old man quickly interjects]

Old Man: Calm yourself, Blue. There's no need to get riled up. Though I am pursuing the Iblis for reasons of my own, I don't intend to compete with you. In fact, I was hoping we could cooperate...

Blue: Hm, is that so...?

Old Man: Absolutely. You must be aware that the Iblis is no meager foe, much more powerful than those lowly djinns you were having complications with.

Blue: Mmmn...

Old Man: It's evident that your power alone will not be enough to vanquish the Iblis. But should we combine our efforts and pool our strength together, I'm certain we'll have what it takes to rid this world of his terror for good. Wouldn't you agree?

Blue: ...

Old Man: So what say you, Blue? Shall we call a truce and work as a team?

[The old man extends a friendly hand to Blue in hopes that he'll accept his offer of an alliance]

Blue: ... (Blast it, he's right. If I was bested by mere minions, there's no way I'll be able to defeat the Iblis on my own...) ...Bah!

[Blue hesitates for a moment, then responds by smacking away the old man's hand out of frustration]

Old Man: Hm?

Blue: I...accept. But don't think this makes us friends or anything. You may have saved me twice, but I still don't trust you!

Old Man: ...Very well.

Blue: Whatever it takes, the Iblis is mine! I trust you have no objections...?

Old Man: None at all, Blue. Shall you lead the way?

Blue: You know, as a matter of fact, I will. Follow behind me, *way* behind me.

Old Man: As you wish.

[Blue takes point and leads the way forward with the old man remaining stationery in his original position. Though it's not long before Blue remembers that he doesn't know the way out and bashfully backtracks to the old man]

Blue: ... *sweats*

Old Man: Something the matter, Blue?

Blue: *reticently* I...don't know the way out of here...

Old Man: Aha! As I surmised! But never fear, for I have the solution you seek! Behold!

[The old man reaches into his coat and pulls out a white ring, presenting it to Blue]

Blue: It's...a white ring. And from the looks of it, it's one of the seven.

[Blue slowly reaches out and relieves the old man of the ring. A burst of light shines from the ring, filling Blue with its concealed emotion]

Blue: Uh! This is definitely one of the World Rings! It feels...like light!

Old Man: It's an astounding little thing, isn't it? Such great power can bring either happiness or misfortune to the one who wields it. For instance, within this ring is the power of desire. Perhaps the most potent of all emotions, it could mean aspiration, or even greed and ambition.

Blue: Ah...

Old Man: I wonder which lies inside of you, Blue.

Blue: Hmph. I think it'd be in your best interest not to pry.

[Blue holds the White Ring high over his head. Responding to his inner desire, the ring shines bright, revealing a hidden gateway the leads further into the realm of Jahannam]

Desire is the power that moves our entire world and directs the course of destiny. Every desire carries with it the will to bring it to fruition. Drive your story and succeed!

Blue: Heh, now that's more like it. Leave it to the rings to take care of business. Who's idea was it to create a desert that leads to nowhere, anyway?

Old Man: This wasn't always a desert, you know.

Blue: Huh?

Old Man: Black sand is created when lava contacts water.

Blue: What...? Wait, so, all this black sand...

Old Man: Yes, it was once a wide open ocean. The undefiled realm of the water djinns. That is, until the Iblis' arrival ten years ago.

Blue: So what happened?

Old Man: When the Iblis made his descent into Jahannam, he brought with him an apocalyptic deluge of lava that flooded into the waters, reducing the entire ocean to an ebon wasteland and destroying the water djinns that once lived there. With their civilization decimated, the fire djinns now rule the land. No one knows where the remaining water djinn fled to, or if any even managed to survive the catastrophe.

Blue: Hunh, just hapless victims of the Iblis' wrath. Too bad for them.

[Meanwhile, on the surface world...]

~~Surface: Nandor Beach~~

[Desperate to follow after Blue, Jawo' paws his way through the sand, perhaps hoping that he'll somehow open his own gate to Jahannam]

Jawo': C'mon, c'mooooooon...! Argh! Dammit!

[Myles and Zeldafan watch on in disbelief, mildly amused by his antics]

Myles: Wow, that guy's a bit of a nutjob, ain't he?

Zeldafan: I'll say.

Jawo': *stops digging* Hm!?

[Alerted by their banter, Jawo' stops his digging and sets his sights on the two]

Jawo': What the...? ...You!?

Zeldafan: Eep!

Myles: *scared* Uwaaah! H-He heard uuuus!

Jawo': Ohhh, I've got a few bones to pick with you! Just you wait!

[Jawo' storms over to the two interlopers, angered by the role they played in Blue's current success]

Zeldafan: *nervously* Well, f-fancy meeting you here! Eeeheheh...ugh...

Jawo': Well? Are you happy now!? Blue's on his way to taking over the world and you gave him the tools to do it! You make me sick...!

Zeldafan: Hey! Settle down! Blue's not going to conquer the world! A-At least, I don't think he's going to...*scratches head*

Myles: Huh...? I don't get it. Zeldafan, what's going on? Blue's not a bad person, is he?

Zeldafan: Of course not, Myles! Blue's a good guy! Just like us!

Myles: He...He has to be! He helped me get my stuff back... He saved my life...! There's no way Blue's a bad guy. I just won't believe it!

Jawo': Aww, well isn't that precious? Sorry to break it to ya, kid, but Blue's nothing but bad news. Always has been, always will be. And that's all there is to it.

Zeldafan: No! You're wrong! M-Maybe...Maybe it's like...like--!  Like a movie! Yeah, that's it! In every great movie, when the chips are down, there's always a twist of fate that leads to the best possible outcome! For instance, just as Blue gains the power of the Iblis, he'll realize the goodness inside of him and turn his back on evil! ...Or something or other... *twiddles thumbs*

Jawo': ...I have no idea WHAT you just said...

Myles: Ditto...

Zeldafan: *sadly* Ooohh...

Jawo': But anyway, Blue's not going to change his mind. No way, no how. And when he comes back, I'm going to finish him off for good, Iblis' power or not!

Zeldafan: Now you just wait a minute! Blue is--!

Myles: Zeldafan...

Zeldafan: Myles, what's the matter?

Myles: What that guy is saying is true, isn't it? Blue really is trying to take over the world, isn't he...?

Zeldafan: W-Well...it's, it's a bit more complicated than that...

Myles: I-I don't know what to think anymore... I mean, I consider Blue my friend, but--

Zeldafan: If Blue's your friend, then believe in him!

Myles: Huh...?

Zeldafan: Friends are there to support one another, are they not? You hafta have faith that Blue will make the right choice in the end! If his friends don't stick by him, who else will!?

Myles: Y...You're right, Zeldafan!

Zeldafan: Of course I am! ...Buuuuut, in the off chance that Blue *does* turn out to be a fiend, we could always just give up and join him!

Myles: Uhhh... *sweat*

Zeldafan: C'mon, Myles! Think about it! There's gotta be some place out there that you've always wanted for you own!

Myles: Hmmm... Well there is the amusement park in Altamira! They said I was too short for the rides, but I'll show them! *clenches fist*

Zeldafan: Noooow you're thinking like an evil overlord! *thumbs up*

Jawo': *crosses arms* ...I don't think you want to do that.

[Meanwhile, back in Jahannam, Blue and the old man prepare to venture forth past the revealed gate]

~~Jahannam: Scorched Ocean~~

Old Man: Well, Blue, shall we proceed?

Blue: Hold on a minute.

Old Man: Hm?

Blue: If we're going to be working together like this, I think it's time I learned your real identity. I don't feel quite at ease traveling with someone I can't attach a name to.

Old Man: So it's like that, is it...?

Blue: That's right. I've waited long enough. Ready or not, you'll tell me now.

Old Man: Hmhmhm... So, the time has finally come, has it? Very well! I've been waiting for this moment!

[The Old Man leaps backwards, setting the stage for his spectacular debut. He covers himself with his cape, evoking a shroud of mystery]

Old Man: ...Who am I, you ask? I am the man capable of piercing the veil between this reality and the next... The greatest Summoner this side of the Multiverse! I am...

[With a dramatic flourish of his cape, the old man finally reveals his name]

Old Man: Bob...the Omnipotent!!!

Blue: ...That's it?

Bob: ...Yes. Yes it is.

Blue: You mean after all that needless tension, all we get is a "Bob"? Geez, talk about anticlimactic. What a letdown.

Bob: Heeeey...! Show a little appreciation why don't you!? Do you know how hard I've worked on this!? I spent all story trying to get that reveal just right!

Blue: Yeeeah... Don't quit your day job.

Bob: Hmph! Well fine then, Mr. Stuffy Pants! *haughtily* I'll just talk to someone that appreciates my elegant theatrical flair.

Blue: ... *rolls eyes*

[Bob puts his hand to his head and focuses his mind, calling forth telepathical power to establish a mental link with his subordinate on the surface]

~~Surface: Nandor Beach~~

[Meanwhile, Zeldafan and Myles are carefully examining a map of the world, delving a little too deeply into their ideas of global conquest]

Zeldafan: ...After claiming Altamira, we'll make our way east to the Andersonian Empire and perform a direct siege on its capital city, bringing down the entire--! ...Oh!!

Myles: Zeldafan? What's up? Evil beckons!

Zeldafan: Excuse me for a moment, Myles. My boss senses are tingling!

[Zeldafan taps into the mental link, allowing Bob's voice to be projected into her mind]

Bob: This is Bob, calling in for a progress report. Zeldafan, can you hear me?

Zeldafan: Loud and clear, boss! How are things on your end?

Bob: Entry into Jahannam is a success. The gateway to Jahannam's inner reaches is open, and preparations are being made to enter the Iblis' Temple as we speak.

Zeldafan: Wonderful! So...this is it, huh?

Bob: Yes... Our confrontation with the Iblis is imminent. It won't be easy, but one way or another, I will get to the bottom of this mystery. Rest assured.

Zeldafan: Huh? Our? Is someone else there with you?

Bob: Ah, yes! I almost forgot to mention. In my travels, I stumbled across the young Master Blue.

Zeldafan: Really? So he made it okay!?

Bob: Blue is quite alright. He had a minor scuffle with the inhabiting spirits, but I managed to quell the conflict without any trouble. He was apprehensive at first, but the two of us have agreed to face the Iblis together to enhance our odds of victory.

Zeldafan: That's perfect! With you two fighting together, the Iblis hasn't got a chance! But please, be careful out there. I don't want to see you or Blue get hurt.

Bob: Never you worry, Zeldafan. Blue and I can handle ourselves quite well on the field of battle. But regardless, your concern is always of value.

Zeldafan: ...Take care, boss. I'll see you soon.

Bob: Likewise. And please, give my regards to Master Myles as well.

Zeldafan: You got it.

Bob: I'm breaking contact.

~~Jahannam: Scorched Ocean~~

Blue: What was that all about?

Bob: Merely updating Zeldafan on recent events. She's very worried about you, you know.

Blue: Hmph...

Bob: Are you prepared to advance, Blue? After we pass through this gate, we'll be in the vicinity of the Iblis' Temple. I can take you back to the surface if you're having second thoughts.

Blue: Trying to get me to chicken out so you can have the Iblis for yourself? It's not going to work. Or maybe you're the one who's scared. Either way, I'm seeing this through to the end, with our without your help.

Bob: I admire your strength of will, Blue. You continue to press forward despite the odds being stacked against you.

Blue: Forget the odds. I didn't get this far by being a coward. Anyway, save the chit-chat for later. The Iblis awaits, and I'm not the type to be fashionably late.

[Undeterred by Bob's ominous warning, Blue heads into the gate, eager to face the Iblis once and for all]

Bob: ...

[Soon after, Bob follows silently behind, the gate closing shut and vanishing after his entry]
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