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Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame

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Author Topic: Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame  (Read 748 times)
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« on: 13 April, 2012, 09:55:51 am »

[Meanwhile, upon the surface world...]

~~Nandor Beach: Shores~~

[Unable to aid her friends as they risk their lives in battle, Zeldafan's feelings of unease continue to escalate]

Zeldafan: Mmmmn...

Myles: Zeldafan... You've been pacing back and forth like that for hours. What's eating at you?

[Incapable of containing her worry, Zeldafan's anxiety boils over as she yells out in distress]

Zeldafan: Aaaargh! I can't take it anymore!

Myles: Huh?

Zeldafan: Ooohh...! Sorry to be such a hopeless wreck, Myles, but I have to know what's going on down there! ...Now where's that blasted...thing...!?

Myles: Ah, I see how it is. You're worried about Blue and your boss.

Zeldafan: Come on... Come on... Come ooooooon...! ...Aha! There you are! This'll solve all our problems!

[After shuffling through her bottomless handbag, Zeldafan pulls out her trusty crystal ball]

Myles: What's that?

Zeldafan: My most coveted crystal ball, of course! With a little luck, magic--and a paid subscription to Crystal Cable TV--we can peer into concurrent events with HD reception!

[With a sprinkle of gold newt dust, Zeldafan fires up the crystal ball. She continuously taps lightly on the ball, searching for the correct frequency]

Zeldafan: C'mon, I know I get Channel 666 on this thing...

[Meanwhile, Jawo' callously interjects]

Jawo': Pfft. Why even bother, girlie? With any luck, the Iblis would've fried the both of them to a crisp by now.

Zeldafan: How could you be so spiteful, Jawo'!? If the Iblis works one over on Blue and the boss, we're all in big trouble! I can't believe you'd condemn everyone just because you lost to Blue!

Jawo': What!? Now you wait just a damn minute! That fight was a draw, do you hear me!? If I--!

Myles: Hey, uhh, guys...?

Zeldafan/Jawo': Huh?

Myles: I...think there's something showing up on the crystal!

[Zeldafan and Jawo' rush over to tune in. The three gaze into the crystal ball's depiction of Blue and Bob, alive, yet battleworn]

Jawo': Hunh... So they ain't dead afterall.

Zeldafan: Blue! Boss! Haha! They're okay!

Myles: Uhhm! But not for long...! Look!

[The crystal's picture expands to reveal the evil Iblis in his final form, towering over the duo with malicious intent]

Myles: Wh-What's that monster!? It's enormous!

Zeldafan: *gasp* Is that humungous beast...the Iblis?

Jawo': Eyup. They're goners.

Myles/Zeldafan: Shhhh!

Jawo': ...*grumble*

[As the gang on the surface continues to watch events unfold, we switch focus to the battle in Jahannam. Iblis, now at full power, faces Blue and Bob in one final confrontation]

~~Jahannam's Core: Depths~~

Iblis: Aaaaah... You should consider yourselves privileged... Never before has anyone forced me to unleash the full might of my power. To be pushed this far... It's almost unfathomable!

[Iblis turns his demonic leer upon Bob, intending to intimidate with bold claims]

Iblis:  ...Weeeell? How does it feel, Summoner? To be faced with power even greater than that of the Blood Pacts? Not even their hallowed strength can save you noooow...!

Bob: ...

Iblis: And yoooou, Blue... You pathetic mage... Do you realize now that you never stood a chance against my terror? The moment you chose to oppose me was when you chose to diiiiie!

Blue: Grr...! Take on any form you want, Iblis! Mark my words, I'll defeat you here!

Iblis: Deluded foooool! Enough of your prattle! Periiiiiish!

[Preparing to attack, Iblis raises his mighty arms high overhead]

Bob: Ah! Blue, attend me! Quickly!

Blue: Uh! Understood!

[Blue hurries to Bob's side as he readies a magic spell with haste]

Bob: *chants* O' brilliant light, be as a wall to allay arms...! Force Field!

[A dome of holy light materializes around Blue and Bob. Meanwhile, Iblis balls his hands into fists and proceeds to slam his arms down upon the stone platform, breaking the landscape into many sizeable chunks. The duo is subsequently stranded on seperate footholds, but remain unharmed by the courtesy of his spell]

Iblis: A protection spell...? But why!? You're only delaying your inevitable deathsss...!

Blue: That was a little too close for comfort...

Bob: Blue... I'm afraid our situation has taken a turn for the worse. The Iblis' power...is greater than I imagined...

[Bob cluthes his chest and begins to breath heavily, experiencing extreme fatigue]

Blue: Huh...? Bob, you've grown tired!

Bob: F-Forgive me...Blue... This body of mine...isn't what it used to be. Between the summonings and magic spells, my stamina just won't hold up...

Blue: No! Get a grip, Bob! You can't give out on me now! Not when we're so close!

Bob: Never fear, Blue. This old man hasn't struck out yet! I'll continue to aid you til my last breath!

Iblis: Hurhurhur! How looooong will that be, I wonder? You've become weak, Summoner! And thus, you shall be the first to faaaaaall!

[Commencing another assault, Iblis extends his giant arm towards Bob, attempting to seize him while he's vulnerable]

Bob: ...!?

Blue: ... (No! He's in no condition to defend himself!) Bob, get out of the way!

[Leaping from stone to stone, Blue hurries to Bob's aid. As Iblis' hand closes in, Blue jumps in its path, allowing himself to be grabbed instead]

Blue: Ungh! Aaagh! Aaaaaaungh...!

Bob: Blue! No! Don't endanger yourself for me!

[Now caught within the Iblis' inescapable grasp, Blue is left at the mercy of his fearsome foe]

Iblis: Hurhur! What a delicious twist! You would sacrifice yourself for the sake of a feeble whelp that can't control his own power!? Bold, but foolish!

[Desperate to break away, Blue struggles with all his might, but to no avail]

Blue: *struggles* Urrrrngh! Unh! Agh!

Iblis: Wiggle all you want, you spineless worm! No one escapes the clutches of Iblis!

Blue: ... (Well this is a fine mess you've gotten yourself into, Blue! Putting your fate in someone else's hands! This stall had better work!)

Iblis: For your folly, you will suffer a most horrible end! I will squeeze the very life out of you! Yeeeesss... I cannot wait to revel in the sound of every fragile bone in your body breaking in unisoooooon!

[Following through with his threats, The Iblis begins to tighten his grip around Blue. He cries out in pain as he's slowly being crushed to death]

Blue: Uuuuaaaaaaaaggh!

Iblis: I just looooooove my meat tenderized! Hur hur huuuuuuur!!

[Meanwhile, Bob looks on, horrified by the grisly display]

Bob: Aahh...! Blue!

Blue: Guaaaugh...! B-Bob! ...Don't just stand theeeeere! You have a chance!

Bob: Wh-What!?

Blue: Hrrrnggh...! Gather your energy! A-And fight back! If I die for nothing, I'll...make you sorry!

Iblis: You waste your breath, you insect...! Just give up, and surrender your soul to meeeeeee!

Bob: ...! (Blue... Now I understand. He threw himself into harms way so that I'd have an opportunity to recover my strength and carry on!)

[Shaky, yet determined, Bob calls forth his remaining strength and stands tall]

Bob: ... (Even though...you've closed off your heart and refuse to rely on others, you still chose to believe in my power to end this fight!)

[Bob gets into a stance, deciding to use what remains of his mana to make one final summoning]

Bob: I will not let you down, Blue! I will use all the power I have, to ensure our future!

Iblis: Hrrrm!?

Blue: *weakly* B-Bob... You... Ungh...

[Fatigued from his injuries, Blue falls unconscious. Meanwhile, Bob begins chanting an incantation]

Bob: ... (My friend... the time has come once again. Please, lend me your power...) *chants* Conqueror of the skies, soaring on the wings of night! I summon the Hallowed Father: Baha--!! ...Hn!?

[But before Bob can apply the finishing touches to his chant, a mysterious voice calls out from within his consciousness]

Bob: What...? What is this? I can feel a presence in my mind... It calls out to me...

??: ...You are the one they call Bob, the Mutiversal Summoner, are you not?

Bob: I am... But what is the meaning of this intrusion? State your purpose.

??: May I request that you summon me into battle? I can sense that you are in dire straits, and I feel that my blade might be of use to you.

Bob: ...You'll have to forgive me if I'm not too eager.

??: Can we not discuss this at a later time? The life of your comrade is fleeting, he will not last for long.

Bob: Blue... Hmph, very well. ...Come forth!

[Faced with no other option, Bob uses his energy to bring forward the enigmatic stranger. From a flash of light appears an imposing figure, fully encased from head to toe in dark armor, robed in a heavily tattered black cape]

??: Well met, Bob. I am Agaranok, a Fell Knight of Daemonium and master of Arcane Lore. It's a pleasure...

Bob: Daemonium...? Then you are a demon...!

Agaranok: Discard your unease, Summoner. I am a demon like you say, but unlike my baneful brethren, I am bound by the warrior's code of honor. You have my word, I will not betray you...

Bob: Hrmm...

Agaranok: You are still not swayed? Then allow me to prove my worth. I shall liberate your comrade from the Iblis' foul grasp at once!

[With a flourish, Agaranok's cape transforms into a pair of bat-like wings. He takes to the air, soaring towards the captured Blue]

Iblis: Grrmm!? What is this...? Has another bug appeared to be squashed!?

[Agaranok approaches, drawing his blood-stained greatsword in preparation for battle]

Agaranok: I've been waiting for this for a long time, Iblis. I came here solely that I might test my skill against your full strength. You will give me a good fight, will you not?

Iblis: Hrmph! Useless... You are not worth the time it'd take to swat you! A lowly demon such as yourself doesn't even possess a soul to be devoured. Away with you, Fell Knight! Leave my sight while you still cling to life...

Agaranok: Let it be known that a knight never flees his foe! Now taste the naked blade of death!

[With one blindening stroke, Agaranok slashes off the Iblis' arm, freeing the unconscious Blue from his clutches]

Iblis: Grrruuuuugh...!?


Myles: Whoa! Did you just see that!? Whoever that guy is, he's got some serious skills!

Zeldafan: You're tellin' me! That Iblis better watch his back! Go get em', demon guy!

Jawo': *crosses arms* Feh. He's not so tough...


[Agaranok catches Blue as he falls, delivering him to safety upon the stone footholds below. Bob rushes to his side, worried for the young mage's condition]

Bob: Aah! Blue! Are you alright!?

Blue: ...

Agaranok: His injuries are grave... but there is no cause for alarm. I shall impart a portion of my strength unto him.

[Agaranok places a hand upon Blue's chest, calling upon his arcane magic]

Agaranok: My power shall become a shining beacon, bestowing healing upon your broken wings... Drain!

[Agaranok's life energy flows into Blue's body, healing his wounds and rejuvenating his spirit. Moments later, he begins to come to]

Blue: Uh..unh...

Agaranok: Arise, warrior mage. Your path has yet to end...

Blue: H-Huh...? What the--! W-Who are you!? Another one of Iblis' minions!?

Agaranok: What is the cause for this outrage? You and I share the same goal: To crush the menace Iblis. I am the Fell Knight, Agaranok.

Blue: Trying to muscle in on my territory, huh? Well take a hike! We don't need any help!

Agaranok: ...Does he always speak so curtly to those who would save his life?

Bob: Er...yes, unfortunately...

Blue: Bob, what's going on here? What's the deal with this guy!?

Bob: Relax, Blue. I...called him here to provide us assistance. It's because of him that you are still breathing.

Blue: So...he's one of your summoned creatures?

Bob: Well, not exactly...

Agaranok: The circumstances of our meeting is not important. All that matters now is the swift defeat of the Iblis.

[Agaranok steps forward, readying to continue his duel against Iblis]

Blue: Hey wait! Where are you going!? Iblis is mine, you got that!?

Agaranok: You've done well to make it this far, warrior mage, but your power is far too diminutive to make a difference at this stage. For your own safety, I'm asking you to stand down.

Blue: What did you say!? Why you dirty, rotten--!

[Disregarding Blue's whims, Agaranok takes wing and engages the Iblis in battle yet again]

Iblis: Grrrghh...! Accursed devil! How dare you strike me!?

[Melding with the magma from the pit below, Iblis reforms his lost arm, undoing the damage dealt]

Agaranok: Hmph, so you can regenerate...

Iblis: Hurhur! Are you impressed, demon? In this form, my body is indestructible! Hack and slash to your heart's content! I will simply return again and again!

Agaranok: I wouldn't be so confident if I were you. You have yet to witness the full extent of my Arcane Arts!

Iblis: *roars* Rrraaaaaaagh!

[Iblis summons forth a mass of flaming boulders to batter Agaranok. Faced with an incoming flurry of earth and fire, he skillfully maneuvers past each while advancing on his target]

Agaranok: Let this sword scatter the feathers of death! ...Bloody Plume!

[Empowering the blade of his sword with a dark red energy, Agaranok plunges it deep into the Iblis' third eye, dealing him a crushing blow]

Iblis: Gooooaaaaauggh...!

[Inflicted with a heavy wound, Iblis reels back in pain and thrashes about, unable to focus on his surroundings]

Agaranok: A clean hit, but it'll take more than that to destroy him. And I have just the trick for that.

[Agaranok returns to the footholds below to prepare for his final assault on the Iblis]

Blue: Well? ...Is he--?

Agaranok: Not yet. I gave him a wound he'll not soon forget, but it's not enough to finish him. I must now call upon the Six Seals of Darkness!

[Agaranok slams his palm into the ground, beginning his ritual]

Agaranok: Dark Seals One, Two, and Three! Sorrow, Envy, and Greed!

[Three circular purple glyphs appear on the ground where Agaranok stands. Meanwhile, Blue watches on, amazed by this foreign display of power]

Blue: What...kind of sorcery is this? It's unlike anything I've ever seen!

Bob: Nether Magic... Forbidden fell arts of destruction that can only be wielded by those seeped in darkness.

Agaranok: Dark Seals Four, Five, and Six! Anger, Hatred, and Death!

[Agaranok slams his other palm into the ground, calling upon the last of the six seals. The glyphs rise from the ground and form a perimeter around Iblis, binding him with their power]

Agaranok: Collapse and crawl into the never-ending depths of darkness! ...Unholy Judgment!

[A massive sphere of chaotic energy forms overtop the Iblis and combusts, engulfing him in a catastrophic explosion]

Iblis: Gruuuaaaaauuugh!! You...w-will not...defeat meeeee!

[Tapping into his full power, Iblis attempts to fight his way out of the seal's bind, slowly forcing it apart]

Agaranok: ...!?

Blue: Ah! ...Alright, Bob, things are starting to get serious! We've gotta step it up too!

Bob: You're right, Blue! Let's finish this now! Together we'll put the people's future back in their own hands!

[Blue and Bob both get into a stance, a large red glyph encircling their feet]

Blue/Bob: *chants* Roar, O conflagration, and command all impure souls to their ashen ends...! Ancient Nova!!

[Combining their magic, Blue and Bob conjure a sphere of primordial fire and launches it into the ensuing eruption. The combination of energies creates an even greater explosion of indescribable proportions, tearing away at the Iblis piece by piece]

Iblis: Oooooooauuugh...! Noooooo! My body is being torn apaaaaart! C-Curse you aaaaall! I am the Immortal Flame! I cannot be extinguiiiiiiiiiis--!!

[Iblis' body is atomized, and the eruption of energy dissipates, leaving no traces behind]

Blue: Did...did we do it? Is it...over...?

Bob: Yes, Blue. At long last...

[With the Iblis' death, the lava pit instantly cools and hardens, calming the surroundings in an almost symbolic fashion]

Agaranok: And thus the lava bed cools and forms a gentle crust over the fires of rage. With this, the Iblis is truly no more. ...A worthy opponent, but in the end, he was no match for the work of my blade.

Bob: Congratulations, Blue. You've fought long and hard to win this day. And a special thanks to our guest as well. I must admit, your skills were integral to our victory.

Agaranok: No need to express gratitude, Summoner. I simply live for the fight.

Blue: You...weren't so bad yourself, Bob.

Agaranok: Aaah... To receive such words of praise from the warrior mage! How unlike you.

Blue: Hmph. *crosses arms* How would you know what I'm like, you windbag?

Agaranok: I merely speak in the spirit of jest, young master...

[Just then, a small flame flickers into existence where the Iblis once stood, drawing the group's attention]

Bob: Ohh? And what's this...?

Blue: It's...a flame! Ah, it can't be! Is the Iblis attempting to resurrect himself!?

Agaranok: Be at ease, warrior mage. This is merely a parting gift, if you will.

[The flame then slowly descends, presenting itself before the trio]

Blue: Ahh...! I can feel overwhelming energy enamating from this light!

Bob: Ohooo... So this would appear to be...

Blue: This...This has to be...the Iblis' soul! The source of all his power!

Agaranok: ...
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