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Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame

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Author Topic: Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame  (Read 1070 times)
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« on: 13 April, 2012, 10:51:49 am »

[Meanwhile, atop the surface, Myles and Zeldafan celebrate over the defeat of Iblis, marveling at their friends' impressive feat]

~~Nandor Beach: Shores~~

Myles: Ahhh...! Wow... The Iblis is really dead, isn't he? I would've never believed it if I didn't see it! Just wait til everyone back home gets a load of this!

Zeldafan: Hahaaaa! I just knew they could do it! No one's a match for my boss! And Blue was pretty impressive himself!

Jawo':  Grrr...! *clenches fist*

[Seething with bitter jealousy over Blue's victory, Jawo' silently fumes]

Jawo': ... (Damn you, Blue! How do you always manage to one-up me!? Who the hell do you think you are, huh!? I was supposed to take down Iblis! I was supposed to be the hero! You...you've ruined everything for me, and I won't forget it!)

Zeldafan: Heh, well, Jawo'? Whaddya have to say to that, huh?

Jawo': Tsch! Don't count your chickens yet! Blue still has a choice to make. Until then, he's not off the hook!

Zeldafan: Uh! You're right... (Come on, Blue! We're all counting on you! Please, do the right thing!)

[Back in Jahannam, the group deliberates over the matter of Iblis' soul]

~~Jahannam's Core: Calmed Abyss~~

[Eager to begin, Agaranok breaks the uneasy silence]

Agaranok: To the victor goes the spoils, as they say. It'd be a shame to leave behind such ample quintessence.

Bob: You are correct...

Blue: ...

Agaranok: So? What shall it be? Which of us will be the one to claim this most esteemed prize?

Bob: I believe Blue should be the one to make that decision. After all, this was his fight.

Agaranok: Hmph, fair enough. ...Warrior mage?

Blue: *nods* Right...

[Faced with the culminating point of his journey, Blue's heart beats rapidly with both anticipation and anxiety as he approaches the flame]

Blue: *panting* Hah...ha...haa...*gulp*

[Blue slowly reaches out towards the flame, his arm shaking violently]

Blue: ... (This is it, the moment I've been striving for all along! But why? What is this feeling of hesitation? What's holding me back...!?)

[Alone in his thoughts, images of unknown origin begin to flash by. A sad and broken woman cries out in despair and rage, cursing an unseen figure]

You're nothing but a killer! Your power only takes and destroys! Give him back! Give me back my husband, you murderer...!

Blue: ... (I don't understand? Why does this moment keep playing back in my mind...? Why does it continue to haunt me so!?)

[Another image appears, this time of a hopeful young man, speaking to the same unseen figure]

Those humans... They are all of the same ilk. Jealous and fearful of our birthright, they would seek to detain and eradicate our kind! ...But it shall not come to pass, for we are destined for far greater things!

Blue: ... (He said... He told me that humans despise us, that they fear our strength! I believed it! I witnessed it with my own eyes! But...)

[More images continue to appear. Blue recalls the characters met in his travels, treating him with respect and helping him along his way]

Why would I be scared? Your magic is totally awesome! C'mon! Teach me how to do that!

You know, Blue, you can be a pretty nice guy when you wanna be! Hehe!

You're asking me to leave you here to die!? I won't do that! Are you insane!?

He's been here at your side watching over you the entire day. He's really attached to you, huh?

Well, looks like our little exchange is complete. Good luck, Blue! I know you can do it!

Why did I save you? Come now, do I need a reason to help someone?

Blue: ... (But Bob, Zeldafan, and Myles... They're different! Even though they knew I was a mage, they still put everything on the line to help me. They believed in me! Without them...I wouldn't have made it this far. Do I really want to betray their trust? Betray them...like I was once betrayed...)

[An image appears, showing the man from before, now crazed and hysterical]

You fool! We, as superior beings, are meant to rule! It is our fate to obliterate the common race and rule the planet! Don't you understand!? I saved you, took you in... taught you magic and honed your skills, all for this very purpose! You cannot escape your destiny!

Blue: ... (He never cared about me. I trusted him... But in the end he just used me to satisfy his own selfish ambition, and I'll never forgive him for it...)

[One last image appears in Blue's mind. A mob of villagers stand gathered with torches and other improvised weaponry, rallying against a lone figure]

There he is! Get him!

Leave us be, you vile sorcerer!

There's no place for you here!

Slay the mage! Make him pay for what he's done!

Blue: ... (The villagers... They chased me away. Cursed me as a monster... Only capable of bringing death and destruction to all... And to claim the Iblis' power now...would only prove them right)

[Concerned about Blue's inward struggle, Bob calls out to him]

Bob: Blue...? Are you okay?

Blue: ... (No! I won't do it! This isn't what I am! I refuse to walk down the path he chose for me! I'll free myself of this cycle of pain, loneliness, and despair! Today...I create my own destiny!)

[Resigning himself to a new fate, Blue lowers his hand, rejecting claim to the Iblis' soul]

Blue: ...

Bob: Blue, can you hear my voice?

Blue: ...It's over, Bob. I'm tired of trying to conceal my doubts. I'm finished with all of this. ...Do what you will with Iblis' soul. I don't need it...anymore.

[Relieved by this revelation, a comforted smile appears across Bob's face]

Bob: Blue... Your righteousness warms this old man's heart.


[Atop the surface, Zeldafan happily exclaims, having had full faith in Blue from the very start]

Zeldafan: Blue, you've done it! Ohhh...*sniff* I feel like a proud mother. *wipes tear*

[Meanwhile, Jawo' grits his teeth in anger and resentment. Unable to bear the burden of his shattered convictions, he silently walks off without a word]

Jawo': ...

Zeldafan: Uh...? Ah! Jawo', wait! Where are you going!? Don't leave!


[Back below, Bob provides Blue with moral support, aware that he's entering a turbulent time]

Bob: Blue, I know this was a difficult decision for you to make. It may not be the best compensation, but...I would like for you to have this.

[Bob reaches into his coat and pulls out a crimson colored gem, presenting it to Blue]

Blue: Huh...?

Bob: Before our paths met in the black desert, I procured this gem along a different route. Keep it, as a momento of sorts...

Blue: ...I'll hold on to it.

[Accepting Bob's offering, Blue takes the gem and places it into a pouch tied to his hip]

Bob: Now that our business here is finished, I think it's time we returned to the world above. I'm sure Zeldafan and Master Myles would be most pleased to have to you back.

Blue: ...

[With a snap of his fingers, Bob calls forth an interdimensional gateway leading back to Earth]

Bob: After you, Blue.

Blue: Fine.

[As Blue walks towards the open gate, Agaranok leaves him a few parting words]

Agaranok: ...May a path of virtue lead you to your future, warrior mage. I...look forward to seeing you grow.

Blue: ...Right.

[Blue enters the gate, leaving both Bob and Agaranok to themselves]

Agaranok: Worry not, Summoner. I will promptly dispose of the fiend's soul.

Bob: Hm. *smirks* What makes you think I'm worried?

Agaranok: ...

Bob: Farewell, Agaranok...

Agaranok: May we meet again, Summoner.

[Bob enters the gate, closing it behind him. Alone now in the depths of Jahannam, Agaranok gazes upon the abandoned flame, now his to claim]

Agaranok: ...

[Meanwhile, the gateway opens again at its destination, releasing Blue and Bob onto the surface]

~~Nandor Beach: Shoreside~~

Bob: Zeldafan, Master Myles, it's good to see you both well.

Myles: Haha! Bob! You made it back! We were watching you guys the whole time!

Bob: Ohhh, so you were? Haha! I didn't embarrass myself too badly, did I?

Myles: Not at all! You were great!

Zeldafan: *unenthused* Oh... Hey boss...

Bob: What's the matter, Zeldafan? You look troubled...

Zeldafan: I don't get it, Bob. Why would Jawo' just up and leave like that...? It doesn't make sense to me...

Bob: Perhaps... Jawo' couldn't stand to face the fact that he was wrong about Blue in the end. Call it a wounded ego.

Zeldafan: But that's...just stupid! So he's upset that Blue overcame his hatred!? Where's the sense in that!?

Bob: I don't think it's that simple, Zeldafan. I believe Jawo' has deep seated issues of his own to sort out. I imagine he departed to do some much needed reevaluating.

Zeldafan: Well darn... I was hoping that we could all be friends now, seeing as there's no reason for us to be fighting one another anymore...

Bob: Don't fret, Zeldafan. I have a feeling we'll be crossing paths with Jawo' again in the future.

Zeldafan: Oh fine. ...Hm?

[Zeldafan turns over to the sullen Blue, greeting him with accolades]

Zeldafan: Ah! Blue! I'm so happy to see you! You were really something down there, you know that?

Blue: ...

Zeldafan: Why the long face? You defeated the once invincible Iblis! You're a hero now! Aren't you excited!?

Blue: I...never wanted to be anyone's hero.

Zeldafan: Blue...what's wrong? You should be overjoyed! You have a new lease on life now! You don't have to act this way anymore! You can start over--with us!

Blue: ...I'm not interested.

[Curtly rejecting Zeldafan's proposal, Blue turns his back to her and begins to walk away from the area]

Zeldafan: Uh! But Blue...!

Bob: Zeldafan, let him go.

Zeldafan: *angrily* Bob, why!?

Bob: Blue just abandoned the philosophy that governed his life; now he feels his existence lacks purpose. We must allow him to find his own way.

Zeldafan: I...I know, Bob. It's just...it's so hard to let go after all we've been through these last couple of days...

[Bob calls out to the departing Blue, choosing to impart a few words of wisdom]

Bob: Blue...

Blue: ...?

Bob: Just a little sage advice before you goh. I recommend journeying to the city-state of Soleanna. Should you choose to go, a colleague of mine, the Patriarch, might be able to aid you in your time of need.

Blue: ...

[Giving an ambiguous response, Blue closes his eyes and continues to walk along his path]

Bob: ... (This is it, Blue. Whether you choose to heed my words or no, it's up to you now to discover what truly matters and create the life you want for yourself)

[Having remained silent since Blue's return, Myles rushes forward and shouts a familiar phrase to his fleeting friend]

Myles: Bluuuuue!

Blue: ...*stops walking*

Myles: "Never stop trying...no matter what!"

[Though the act goes unseen by all, a warm smile appears across Blue's face for the first time since it all began]

Myles: *sniff* ...Goodbye, Blue. I'll never forget you...

[Myles bids a tearful farewell to his dear friend, clutching the clear blue crystal that brought them together. Meanwhile, a dusty gale blows past, removing Blue from sight as he ventures now to parts unknown]


[After the events that just took place, Zeldafan and Bob reconvene to discuss their plans]

Zeldafan: So boss, what's next for us, huh? Now that Iblis is pushing up daisies, our mission is complete, right?

Bob: Not quite, Zeldafan. We may have put a stop to the disappearances, but there are still many questions that need to be answered. For instance, we still don't know who is truly responsible for supplying Iblis with the souls of innocents. And for what reasons.

Zeldafan: Hm, bummer. Looks like we've still got a long way to go before this mystery is solved.

Bob: Perhaps, but we are not without direction. Through my confrontation with Iblis, I managed to acquire a new lead.

Zeldafan: Oh?

Bob: Yes. I knew it from the start but... that Agaranok character...raises many suspicions.

Zeldafan: You mean that Fell Knight?

Bob: Correct. His actions did not escape my view. I will not inform you of what he did...but one would be surprised how much I can learn by reading their posts...

Zeldafan: What? Posts...? Hey! Wait a minute!

Bob: Hm? What's the matter?

Zeldafan: Uhh, reality check, Bob! That line won't work anymore! This a rewrite, remember? Get with the program!

Bob: What!? D'ooh! Darn those blasted retcons! Always meddling with my precious memories...

Zeldafan: Bob, pay more attention next time! You're compromising our integrity, so get it together!

Bob: Baah...! Ahem... Anyway, by devisings of my own, we'll be keeping a close eye on Agaranok from here on. He'll soon find that Bob the Omnipotent is not so easily deceived! Zeldafan! Are you ready for the next phase?

Zeldafan: Always, boss! I'm with ya every step of the way!

Bob: Excellent! Now then, onward to adventure!

Zeldafan: Yes sir! *salutes*

[And thus, Bob and his trusted subordinate depart from the desert oasis to continue their rousing investigation. Meanwhile...]


[An unspecified amount of time later, amidst the shadowy depths, the Fell Knight Agaranok appears before a mysterious figure shrouded in darkness]

Agaranok: I've returned, master...

??: Agaranok... I trust you've completed your task...?

Agaranok: Yes. The deed is finished. As you requested, I have recovered Iblis' soul.

[Agaranok calls forth the Iblis' flame. From the darkness, the shadowy figure reaches out and relieves him of the item]

??: Ahahahaha...! Good, good! And what of the vessel? Deliver it unto me!

Agaranok: What...is this vessel of which you speak?

??: *angrily* Hrnh!? The vessel, you fool! The gem that Iblis kept hidden within Jahannam! The catalyst needed for the restoration! Without Solaris' Vessel, my plan is doomed to failure! I must have it noooooow!

Agaranok: Forgive me, master. I never came across such a gem...

??: Blast! Who has it...!? I demand to know!

Agaranok: Well...now that you mention it, I did bear witness to the Summoner relinquishing a peculiar jewel unto the young mage.

??: What...!?

Agaranok: If this is indeed the gem you require, then he is the one you seek. ...Blue, is what I believe they called him...

??: Bah! So Solaris' Vessel is in the hands of a child? Blue, was it? ...Hrmph! That impertinent upstart... This is a grudge I'll not soon forget...!

Just as Bob had earlier surmised, even though the flames of Iblis' rage have been quelled, the true mastermind still lurks in the shadows, forging an insidious plot. With his eyes set on Blue and the gem he now holds in his possession, what cruel tricks does he have in store for our young mage? And what will his wicked machinations mean for the fate of the world? A new journey unfolds, as the Adventures of Blue continues!

To Be Continued in... Adventures of Blue II: The Encroaching Umbra
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