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Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame

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Author Topic: Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame  (Read 984 times)
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« on: 08 April, 2012, 11:04:05 pm »

[From the other side of the gate, the two appear within the confines of a massive stone temple, illuminated by the light of many lit torches]

~~Jahannam's Core: Iblis' Temple~~

[Immediately upon arrival, Blue scours the area, expecting to be greeted by the menace, but the Iblis is nowhere to be seen]

Blue: Well? This is it, the Iblis' Temple, right?

Bob: It would appear so...

Blue: So then where is he!? I don't see him anywhere! Don't tell me he's not here!

Bob: Careful, Blue. Things are not as they seem. I can sense an overwhelming malevolence nearby...

Blue: Hmm...

[Blue and Bob continue to monitor their surroundings, keeping a watchful eye out for any trace of the Iblis' whereabouts. Meanwhile, off in the distance, one of the torches begins to burn brighter than usual]

Bob: ...Hn!?

[Bob is alerted by the subtle change and delivers an urgent warning to Blue]

Bob: On your guard, Blue! That torch's light is the Iblis!

Blue: What!?

[The ruse now revealed, the flame rises, taking on a vaguely monstrous form. It leaps from the sconce towards Blue, threatening to engulf him whole]

Blue: Aahh!

Bob: Blue! Watch out!

[Acting quickly, Bob grabs a hold of Blue and whisks him out of the flame's trajectory to a safe distance]

Bob: He was aware of our presence here since the very beginning... That was a pretty close shave, wouldn't you say?

Blue: You saved me again. ...Why?

Bob: Hm, good question. But if I had to guess... probably the same reason why you risked your life to save Myles.

Blue: *flustered* Ah...!

Bob: You can think about that one later. For now, let's get back to the battle, shall we? It'd be rude to keep our opponent waiting.

Blue: Right.

[Blue and Bob direct their attention to the ball of flame that is the Iblis' primordial form. In order to face the two, Iblis begins to transform. The ball of fire shifts to a humanoid shape with a reptilian-like face, comprised entirely of magma. Along his arms and head, he is adorned in a casing of invulnerable rock armor]

Blue: So, the beast finally rears its ugly head...

[The Iblis speaks, producing a deep, gravely, almost unintelligible tone that could only belong to a monster like itself]

Iblis: How nice of my meal to present itself to me. And it's a twofer, no less. *licks* Excellent... My servant has been slacking lately, and my hunger groooooows...

Blue: Iblis--!

Bob: Please, Blue, allow me.

Blue: Huh?

[Bob steps forward ahead of Blue, determined to have the Iblis shed some light on the disappearances]

Bob: Iblis... who is your "servant"? Is he the one responsible for abducting the surface dwellers and bringing them here to be devoured? What purpose does he serve? I demand to know.

Iblis: You daaaaaare interrogate me in my domaaaaain!? And what makes you believe that I'll just tell you, hmmm? The Iblis answers to no man! Especially not an appetizeeeeeer!

Bob: Hmph, I knew it would come to this... So be it then. I'll find out who's pulling your strings, Iblis, even if it means I have to slay you here!

Iblis: Hurhurhuurrr...! Pulling my strings? You speak nonsense, human! Every one of my minions submits to my will entirely, lest they suffer by my hand, like you soon shaaaaall! The reward for challenging my might will be death beyond death! Yeeees...after I dine upon your souls, you will cease to exist for eternity~~~~!

Bob: Blue, this is it. Are you ready?

Blue: *nod* Yeah, you needn't worry about me.

Iblis: Aaaah... It's been a long time since I've had to fight for my meal. Hurhurhur... They say souls taste better when you kill the bodies yourself...! Let's see if that holds uuuuuuuuuup!!!

Blue: Ggh! He's attacking!

[Iblis makes the first attack, extending his viscous lava arm towards Blue. His rocky hand seizes Blue tightly around his neck]

Blue: Aaagh...!

Bob: Blue! No!

Iblis: Hurhurhurrrrr! Like catching fish in a barreelll...! Now cooooome!

[Iblis retracts his arm, pulling Blue directly to his face]

Blue: Ngh...ungh...! Take this, you creep! Yaa!

[Blue throws a hard kick against the Iblis' face, but all blunt force is useless against his rocky hide]

Blue: Aah!!

Iblis: Hurhuuuurrr! Did you reeeeeally think that would woorrk?

Blue: F-Fine...! I've got something you can eat, Iblis! Hope you like your food served hot!

[Mana begins to rise from Blue's body as he prepares a spell]

Blue: *chanting* O flickering blaze, burn...! Fireball!

Bob: No, Blue! You mustn't!

[Too late to heed Bob's warning, Blue launches a trio of fireballs towards Iblis at point blank range. Unsurprisingly, this has no effect on a beast composed of the hottest fire]

Iblis: Hurrhurrr! What do you think you're doing, you clumsy fooooool? Are you thaaaat desperaaaate...?

Blue: Urngh! S-Son of a--!

Bob: Your magic will have no effect on the Lord of Flames, Blue! You cannot fight fire with fire!

Blue: N-Now he tells me! Agh...!

Iblis: *licks* I'm famished... Time to eeeeeeaaaat! Rraaaaa...!

Bob: Hang tight, Blue! Help is on the way! *chants* Awake, O unmerciful and unnamed queen of thorns...! Ivy Rush!

[As the Iblis opens wide to consume Blue whole, Bob calls forth a mass of thorny ivy to entwine him from all sides. The ivy coils around Iblis' reptilian snout, sealing it shut]

Iblis: *struggles* Grrguh! Grraaaugh...!

Bob: Now, Blue! Break away while he's restrained! The ivy won't hold him down for long!

Blue: G-Got it!

[Blue squeezes out of the Iblis' loosening hold and makes his way back to Bob's side]

Blue: Phew. Nice save.

Bob: Why thank you.

Blue: So what's next? There's gotta be a way we can fight against this guy on equal terms.

Bob: It's true that the Iblis' power is bordering on godlike... But even so, supernatural beings like him always have weak points. What we must do is find it, and exploit it.

Blue: Huh? ...Hmm...

[Blue analyses Iblis as he thrashes amongst the ivy, eventually taking note of his armored exterior]

Blue: ...That rock armor of his. Is it really there to just absorb blows, or is there something hidden underneath...?

Bob: Are you suggesting that the Iblis is vulnerable beyond his rock armor?

Blue: Well, it's plausible, at least. I say we crack the surface and get a closer look, if you catch my drift.

Bob: Sounds like a plan.

Blue: Yeah, but I doubt it'll be easy... My hardest kick didn't even make it budge. My fireballs didn't leave a scratch either. I have a feeling it's gonna take something special to break away that armor.

Bob: Well if you have any ideas, I'm all ears.

[At that moment, the Iblis breaks free of the ivy. Retaliating, he makes a wild charge towards Blue and Bob, intent on smashing them with a brutal tackle from his sharp rocky horns]

Blue: Uh oh... Tell you later! He's on the move!

Iblis: I'll pulverise your very boooooones! Maaaaashed humans sounds delicious!

Bob: Here he comes! Break, Blue! Quickly!

Blue: Right!

[As the Iblis closes in, Blue and Bob leap to opposite sides. His momentum continues to carry him forward until he collides with the walls of the temple]

Bob: Well, looks like that maneuver bought us some time. It'll be a minute before he can dislodge himself from that wall.

Blue: Perfect. And I think I have a plan!

Bob: Care to share?

Blue: Certainly, listen up. A cycle of freezing and thawing can break down any rock, no matter the density! I believe we can simulate the weathering process with our magic, Bob! You put the Iblis on ice while I follow up with a fire spell! Understood?

Bob: Magnificent plan, Blue! Let's put it into action!

[The Iblis removes himself from the wall and sets his sights on the duo, angrier than ever]

Iblis: *growls* Grrrrruuugh...! I will not be made a fool of! I command you to buuuuuuurn!!

[Iblis inhales deeply and spews an enormous wave of hellfire from his bowels, threatening to incinerate both Blue and Bob]

Blue: Bob, it's yours!

Bob: Leave it to me!

[Facing down the approaching flame with confidence, Bob gets into a stance, a light blue glyph appearing around his feet]

Bob: *chanting* Furious maiden of icy snow born on the strains of the storm, rain down...! Blizzard!

[Bob casts Blizzard, calling forth an intense snow storm that fights back the Iblis' fire wave. The blizzard moves on to sweep over the Iblis himself, rendering him covered completely in a thick coating of ice]

Iblis: ...

Bob: Ha! Not too shabby, eh?

Blue: You did it! Alright, I'll take it from here!

[Blue steps forward to follow up the assault. He gets into a stance, preparing a spell of his own]

Blue: *chanting* O incandescent locus, annihilate the vulgar before me...! Spiral Flare!

[Blue casts Spiral Flare, thrusting a ball of pure, focused fire at the frozen Iblis. The spell collides, shattering the Iblis' icy prison, along with his armored shell]

Blue: Haha! It worked! Exactly as planned!

Bob: That was brilliantly executed, Blue!

[In disbelief over his broken shell, the Iblis howls out in rage and despair]

Iblis: Gruuuuuh! My...My armooooor! This can't be! My armor is indestructible! H-How dare you! Look what you've done to meeeeeeee!!!

Blue: No use getting all in a tizzy now, Iblis! Maybe next time you'll think twice before underestimating us!

Iblis: Cocky worms! I'll make you pay for this insuuuuult!

[The Iblis attacks by extending his rocky fists to pummel the duo]

Blue: Now's our chance, Bob! Look there! At his forehead!

[Bob directs his gaze to the Iblis' head. There lies a large third eye now exposed]

Bob: I see! His armor was concealing a third eye! That must be his vulnerable spot! Your deduction was correct, Blue!

Blue: Now let's take him down!

[Blue and Bob advance together towards the Iblis, easily dodging his incoming arm attack]

Iblis: Whaaaaaat!?

Blue: Come on, Bob! Together now!

Bob: Right!

Blue/Bob: Yaaaaaah!

[Closing in on their target, the duo unleashes a devastating double punch on the Iblis' third eye, dealing him a fateful blow]

Iblis: Groooooah...!

Bob: We've got him!

Blue: Heh! Consider yourself finished, Iblis!

[Covering his ruptured eye, the Iblis reels back in pain, screaming loudly in anguish]

Iblis: Grraaaaaaaaaauuuugggghh!!!

[The Iblis' screams echoes throughout the area, the power of his voice upsetting the structure of the temple]

Bob: This can't be good... At this rate, the entire temple will collapse on our heads!

Blue: What...? Damn! Can't anything go right for once!?

[Brick by brick, Iblis' Temple begins to crumble and fall. Soon, the ground beneath their feet starts to give out as well, revealing a dark abyss below. Blue is caught off guard by this and falls through]

Blue: Whooa!

Bob: Blue!

[Blue manages to latch on to the floor's edge with one arm, saving himself from an uncertain fate]

Blue: Urgh...unh! Man, nobody cuts me any slack! ...Well don't just stand there, Bob! Help me up!

Bob: *mockingly* Ohh, so noooow we want help, hm? You're quite the fickle individual, Master Blue.

Blue: Agh...! W-What is this? The Comedy Hour!? Get a move on! I can't hold on much longer!

Bob: *sigh* Would it kill you to ask more politely...?

[Bob makes his way to Blue to pull him to safety when the brick holding him up gives out, dropping Blue into the darkness below]

Bob: Blue! Noooo!

Blue: Aaaaaaaaagh...!

[At that moment, the temple completely demolishes, sending both Bob and the Iblis tumbling after]

Bob: Uwaaaaaaah...!


[An unspecified amount of time later, Blue awakens to find himself atop the back of a winged horse-like creature]

Blue: Ugh... What...what happened...? Where am I?

Bob: Glad you could rejoin us, Blue.

Blue: Bob...? What's going on? Did this horse...thing, save us?

Mashgar: I am Mashgar, young mage. One of the twelve Rogress.

Blue: It can talk...!?

Bob: Haha! No need to be alarmed, Blue. Mashgar here is under my servitude. I summoned him to break our fall and lower us to safety.

Blue: I...see...

[Reaching the bottom of the abyss, Mashgar descends upon a large rock platform in the center of a pit of molten lava]

~~Jahannam's Core: Depths~~

Bob: Thank you, Mashgar. We are in your debt, my friend.

Mashgar: No thanks is necessary, master. My Logos of Solitude will serve you always.

[In a flash of lightning, Mashgar disappears, returning to parts unknown]

Blue: So, where are we now...?

Bob: It would appear we've descended into the very depths of Jahannam.

Blue: And what about the Iblis? He's dead, is he not? Our attack killed him, right?

Bob: I...wish I could say so, but that doesn't seem to be the case. The Iblis fell here along with us, and even now, I can sense him lurking in the vicinity. His form is changing yet again.

Blue: What!?

[Suddenly, the Iblis makes himself known once again, this time in the form of a serpent, donning a new set of jagged rock armor. He leaps from the lava pit and lunges forward at the two]

Blue: Aah! The Iblis!

[Bob manages to dodge the Iblis' charge without harm, but Blue is not so fortunate. His sharp horn tears at Blue's shoulder as he passes by, issuing a nasty wound]

Blue: Guh...!

[With his attack complete, the Iblis resubmerges into the pit of lava, biding his time for the next assault]

Blue: Ngh...gah...

[Blue clutches his wound as it drips with blood, obviously in great pain]

Bob: Blue, you're injured...

Blue: I-It's nothing...! I'll be fine, really.

Bob: If you insist. But you must stay on guard. The Iblis lives still and his desire for a feast is not yet sated. From here on, he'll only grow more powerful.

[Iblis' new form ascends once more, issuing a taunt towards Blue]

Iblis: Hurhurhuuuuuuurrr...! How did you like that, Bluuuue? You thought you could defeat me so easily? Once I'm finished with you, your entire body will be torn to shreds!

Blue: Grr...!

[The Iblis swims through the lava pit, picking up speed for his attack. He lunges yet again, threatening to impale the duo]

Iblis: I will make mincemeat out of the both of yooooooou!

Bob: He's coming, Blue! Watch yourself!

Blue: I got it!

[Bob and Blue both successfully parry the Iblis' attempt. He returns to the lava pit and circles around the platform continuously, maintaining a menacing presence]

Bob: Blue, do you have any ideas on how best to combat the Iblis' new form?

Blue: I can't say for sure. He has the advantage in this terrain, so it's going to be a difficult fight. Though I have noticed that he's got himself a new set of armor.

Bob: Might I suggest the redux of our ice and fire maneuver then?

Blue: That won't do us any good here. He's traveling much too fast to use the effects of weathering against him. But perhaps...we can turn that velocity to our advantage!

Bob: Hmm... I'm intrigued. Go on, Blue.

Blue: At the rate of speed the Iblis is going, his kinetic energy must be massive! At the very least it's enough to shatter his armor upon impact with a sufficient solid.

Bob: Are you sure that'll work...? Drawing him in could prove to be arduous.

Blue: No worries. As long as Iblis can't resist his urge to attack head on, we'll have him right where we want him. All we need is something big and sturdy enough to throw in his path!

Bob: Big and sturdy, hmm...? *snaps fingers* I know the perfect slab for the job!

Blue: Do you really?

Bob: Of course. Leave this to me!

[Bob gets into a stance and begins a summoning chant]

Bob: *chants* Earth-minded soul, protect us! I call forth the Earthen Wall: Golem!

[From the ground beneath their feet rises a vaguely humanoid creature made purely of stone, mildly adorned in green foliage]

Iblis: Is that the best you can dooooo? Go ahead... Call all the beasts you want! I shall devour them aaaaaand yoooouu!! Rrraaaaaah!

[The Iblis tears through the lava pit, closing in for another attack]

Blue: Here he comes, Bob. Do your stuff!

Bob: I'm counting on you, Golem! Wall of Earth, prevent all harm!

[Following Bob's command, Golem positions himself in front of the two with arms folded across, steeling himself for impact. Meanwhile, Iblis bursts from the lava pit, rushing headlong towards Golem]

Iblis: Raaaaaagh! Face my might, you worthless creatuuuure!

Golem: ...

[Underestimating Golem's stout strength, Iblis slams headfirst into the immovable stalwart. His rock armor shatters upon impact, leaving him in a daze while Golem remains unbudged]

Iblis: Gruungh...uuuhg...

Bob: Excellent work, Golem!

Blue: There! His third eye is exposed!

Bob: This is your chance, Golem! Attack while the Iblis is vulnerable! Now!

[Complying with Bob's command, Golem winds up his stoned fist and throws a massive punch to the Iblis' third eye, the sheer force of the impact sending him sailing backwards into the lava pit]

Iblis: Goooooaaauughh...!


[Drained of his strength, the Iblis silently sinks to the depths of the lava]

Blue: Phew... And round two goes to us.

[Blue falls to one knee, his injury from earlier beginning to take its toll on his well-being]

Blue: *panting* Hah...haa...ha...

Bob: Blue...? You've lost a lot of blood... That shoulder wound is sapping your energy, you'll be in no condition to carry on if it's not tended to soon.

[Bob reaches into a coat and pulls out a nearly empty bottle]

Bob: Here, there's still some Panacea left from the last batch. It might not be enough to fully heal your wound, but it'll help.

[Bob applies the last bit of Panacea to Blue's injury, getting him back in fighting shape]

Blue: Aaah... Much better. So what now, huh? The Iblis has gotta be kaput this time, right? There's no surviving a blow like that.

Bob: ...Perhaps. At the very least, I can no longer sense his life energy.

Blue: Well that's as good an answer as any, I guess. Only thing left to do is claim my reward!

[But just as the dust begins to settle on the battlefield, a massive arm emerges from the lava pit, reaching out towards Blue with the intent to crush him]

Blue: Aaah!

Bob: Blue! Get away from there!

[Acting on his protective instincts, Golem rushes in and pushes Blue out of the way, taking his place instead. The hand slams down on Golem and slowly drags him into the burning lava, sealing his fate while securing Blue's]

Blue: G-Golem...!

[A monstrous head bursts from the lava, revealing itself to be Iblis, returning once again in a new giant-sized form. He glares at Blue with all three eyes, delivering an insidious toothy grin]

Blue: I-Iblis! But how...!? We killed you!

Iblis: Hurhurhuuuuuuur...! What's the matter, Blue? Scaaaaaared? But why should you be? The fun has only just begun!!!
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