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Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame

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Author Topic: Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame  (Read 779 times)
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« on: 17 April, 2009, 11:10:06 am »

[Blue begins his search through town for another outlet of info about the Iblis. Along the way, he spots several knights stationed around town, a rather unusual sight]

~~Nandor City, Streets~~

Blue: Hm...well that's odd. I wouldn't think any Knights would bother coming all the way out to a border town like this. Could they really be here to "defend the public order"...or is there something more to it than that? ...Eh, whatever. It's none of my business. It's best if I just keep going on my own way.

[Blue continues on, and meanwhile, Jawo' follows far behind, tailing him through the crowded city streets. Though his efforts are slowly futilized, as he becomes bewildered by the large influx of busy civilians]

Jawo': Damnit, where did he go? *looks around*

Man: Sample my goods, sir!

Jawo': What are you talking about!?

[A passing civilian uninitentionally bumps into Jawo']


Jawo': ...Hey, quit pushing!!


Jawo': Umph! Why you...!!


Jawo': ...Hey, who just hit me? I'm gonna remember that!!

[As the crowd thickens, Jawo' begins to lose sight of Blue]

Jawo': (Damn! At this rate, I'll never catch up to him! ...Oh, that's it! I'm shoving through!)

[Having grown frustrated, Jawo' takes matters into his own hands and begins to indiscriminately charge through the crowd, pushing any and everyone out of his path]

Jawo': You're in my way!!

Man: Hey!

Jawo': Move it!!

Woman: Ah, how rude!

Jawo': Make way!!

Man2: Hey, watch it!

Jawo': You're not getting far, Blue!!

[After an excessive amount of bumpin and shouldering, Jawo' finally escapes from the crowd into a less populated area of the city]

Jawo': *dusts off hands* Hah, now that's how you take care of business! Now to find that punk Blue. ...Wherever he's gotten off to.

[Jawo' continues through the city streets, searching for any traces of Blue. After looking through every corner and alleyway he could find, he stops to take a much needed breather]

Jawo': *panting Hah...ha...Damnit, Blue! Where are you!? Agh, this is hopeless!

??: Hmm...lost him already, huh? Ohh, tough luck...

Jawo': ...?!

[Jawo' turns his head to see the shady Old Man from earlier standing directly behind him. This time dressed in a brown hooded cloak]

Old Man: Hello. *waves*

Jawo': *surprised* Waaaah!!

[Startled, Jawo' leaps a fair distance backwards]

Old Man: Ohh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you... *rubs head*

[Infuriated, although still shooken up, Jawo' points an incriminating finger at the man]

Jawo': A-All right, spill it! Wh-Who are you!?

Old Man: Huh? Ah, right... I'm just an old weary traveler. My name isn't important...for now.

Jawo': Tsch. For now, huh? Well old man, you'd do well not to sneak up on people like that. You may give someone the wrong impression.

Old Man: Haha, I meant nothing by it. I merely wanted to approach you was all.

Jawo': Humph, is that right? Well I'd say your tactics are in need of some fine tuning. What do you want with me anyway?

Old Man: Ohh, nothing in particular...

Jawo': Huh, well in that case, it's been lovely. Now buzz off.

Old Man: Aw, come on. ...Oh! Hey! You're chasing after that Blue fellow, right?

Jawo': Huh? How did you--? I don't remember telling anyone about that. Especially not you, old timer.

Old Man: Aha ha. I have my ways...

Jawo': *skeptically* Mmm... (Something's off about this guy...)

Old Man: Say, why are you trailing him anyway? A grudge, perhaps? Or maybe it's something else...

Jawo': I don't think that's any of your business, old man.

Old Man: *shrugs* If you insist. But just a word to the wise...

Jawo': Huh?

Old Man: You won't last long...if you go blindly pursuing that which you cannot fully comprehend.

Jawo': What...? What are you babbling about!?

Old Man: *cryptically* Hmhmhm. You'll see... *smirks*

Jawo': Ah! Hey, wait!

[Another sudden gale picks up, blowing a sandy gust inbetween Jawo' and the old man. Jawo' covers his eyes, and upon reopening them, the man had disappeared from sight]

Jawo': What the--!? He's...He's gone!? ...Just who the hell was that creep?

[Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Blue enters the confines of a rather inconspicuous tent]


Blue: *cautiously* Hello? Is there anyone...here...?

[Blue slowly approaches a table with a crystal ball placed on top. He leans in to examine it when a voice calls out from within the tent]

??: *gasp* Could it be!?

Blue: Huh?

[From the darkness in the back of the tent, a girl clothed in a cloak appears before Blue. Though appearing somewhat dubious, she speaks with a certain familiar cheerfulness in her voice]

Hooded Girl: Hey, it's my first customer! All right!!

Blue: Then I assume you're the keeper of this place?

Hooded Girl: Heehee, you got it! And you're Blue, am I right?

Blue: I am. But how did you know that? I never told you my name.

Hooded Girl: Why, it's because I'm a Fortune Teller, of course! We know everything!

Blue: What? Really?

Hooded Girl: Well, no. Not really. While I AM an all-knowing Fortune Teller, the real reason I know you, Blue, is...

Blue: ...?

[The hooded girl throws off her cloak, revealing herself to be none other than...]

Zeldafan: Tada!

Blue: Ah, it's--!

Zeldafan: That's right, it's me! Zeldafan! Heehee, did I surprise you? <3 *winks*

Blue: ...*blank stare*

Zeldafan: I'll take that as a yes!

Blue: *cough* No, you didn't.

Zeldafan: *angrily* Oh poo! You're such a wet blanket, Blue! Tell you what, since you're my new friend and all, I'll read your fortune for free! How does that sound?

Blue: I'll skip out on that, thanks. To be honest, I didn't really come here for a fortune.

Zeldafan: Oh?

Blue: Yeah. I came here to get some info.

Zeldafan: Hmm...what kind of info, Blue?

Blue: I want to know...about The Iblis.

Zeldafan: The Iblis? You mean that terrible monster that's always making a mess of things on the surface world? Why on Earth would you want anything to do with that guy?

Blue: That's...none of your business.

Zeldafan: Aah! *angrily* Well gee, you don't have to get so stuffy about it! So what did you need to know about him anyway?

Blue: I need to know where he resides.

Zeldafan: Oh, well that's an easy one! The Iblis dwells deep in the forbidden lands of Jahannam.

Blue: Ja...hannam?

Zeldafan: Yeah. Jahannam is a fiery abyss that exists on a plane parallel to Earth. It's a vile place where all sorts of nasty tricky spirits abide. And Iblis, being the most powerful of the spirits, is the ruler of it all. Or at least, that's what the stories tell.

Blue: Great. So how do I get to this Jahannam?

Zeldafan: Wait a minute...you actually want to go to Jahannam? After everything I just told you about it!? Are you insane!?

Blue: Save your concern for someone else. I don't need anyone advising me on what is and isn't safe.

Zeldafan: But Blue...I--! *sigh* Fine. I might know of a way to get to Jahannam...

Blue: You do?

Zeldafan: Yes. But it requires the recital of a very specific gate-opening incantation. And I'll only give it to you...under one condition...

Blue: What? Condition?

Zeldafan: That's right. I'll only impart this knowledge to you, if you complete a task for me first.

Blue: Hmph. What kind of task is it?

Zeldafan: Ohh, nothing too fancy. I just need you to help a few civilians here or there...

Blue: Help civilians? What does that have to do with anything!?

Zeldafan: Heehee, wouldn't you like to know...?

Blue: Huh?

Zeldafan: Never you mind, Blue. So will you do it or not?

Blue: Tsch. *crosses arms* I'm not exactly keen about the idea, but you're not leaving me much of a choice. If I want to continue with my journey, I have to have that incantation.

Zeldafan: So does that mean you'll do it?

Blue: *reluctantly* ...Yes.

Zeldafan: Woohoo!! Great! And according to my crystal ball, the civilian in question is laying in waiting at the local inn.

Blue: The inn, huh?

Zeldafan: Mhm! Once you're done helping the civilian, report back here to me and I'll give you your prize!

Blue: That should be easy enough. Well then, I guess I'm off.

[As Blue begins to walk out of the tent, Zeldafan addresses him one final time]

Zeldafan: Oh, and Blue!

Blue: ?

Zeldafan: Should you try to skip out on your task by cheating, I'll know it. The crystal ball...reveals all. Heeheehee...

Blue: *annoyed* Whatever...

[Blue exits the vicinity of the tent. Not long after, a voice calls out to Zeldafan]

??: Well well, if it isn't the Junior Fortune Teller, open for business.

Zeldafan: Huh? Who was that?

[The man behind the voice is none other than the Old Man, peeking his head in before entering the tent]

Old Man: Hello...Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: Ohh! It's just you, boss! Phew, you had me going for a second there. What brings you back here so soon anyway?

Old Man: ...Just dropping in to check up on things. No doubt our little entrepreneur is making the big bucks. The disquieting emptiness of this drab establishment can only be attested to by that fact that everyone in town has already had their fortunes read!

Zeldafan: *angrily* Ugh! Don't make fun of me! ...Running a business is harder than it looks. *sigh* And here I thought I could cash in on the whole "fortune telling" craze...

Old Man: Now now, Zeldafan. Life is all about learning from one's own mistakes.

Zeldafan: Yeah yeah... But what am I going to do with all these boxes of Fortune Cookies!?

Old Man: Hmm...*shrugs* Maybe you could start own chain of Chinese Food restaurants?

Zeldafan: ...Nah. I think I'll just plant my feet and weather the storm. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right!? You never know, business could start to pick up anytime now! It might just be because of the economy or something.

Old Man: *patronizingly* Ohh, yeah, sure. Blame everything on the economy like everyone else...

Zeldafan: *angrily* Ugh, are you just about done!?

Old Man: Settle down, Zeldafan. I'm only teasing. Anywho, I trust you've already taken care of the arrangements we discussed earlier?

Zeldafan: Ohh, you mean with Blue, right? Yeah, everything's going just as planned. I just sent him off not too long ago.

Old Man: Hmm, is that so? Excellent work, Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: No prob! So what's with the sudden interest in Blue anyway? Is it because he's after The Iblis too?

Old Man: Hmm...perhaps, but that's not all. I...sense potential within him...

Zeldafan: Potential?

Old Man: Yes. This much is certain, but we still don't know everything about him. While he may be after The Iblis, his true motives are still clouded in ambivalence. It is for this reason that I want you to continue to keep an eye on his progress, Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: *salutes* You got it! But what will you do, boss?

Old Man: I will continue our investigation of the disappearances.

Zeldafan: Huh? But I thought we already figured out that The Iblis was behind all of it?

Old Man: Not necessarily, Zeldafan...

Zeldafan: Wha?

Old Man: While there is no doubt that The Iblis is indeed connected to all of this, he may or may not be directly responsible for the disappearances themselves.

Zeldafan: What's that supposed to mean?

Old Man: I don't know... But in order to be certain, I will have to find more leads. There's no time to waste, so I suggest we both get started.

Zeldafan: Right!

Old Man: All right, then. I will report back if I find anything, and you do the same.

Zeldafan: Okay. See you then.

[As the old man prepares to leave the tent, he gives Zeldafan one last word of advice]

Old Man: Ohh, and one last thing...

Zeldafan: Huh?

Old Man: There's a rather...tenacious individual lurking around town in pursuit of Blue. If we want this to go smoothly, we'll have to keep him off his trail at all costs.

Zeldafan: What? That's crazy! Why would someone be after Blue?

Old Man: I don't know... But still, you needn't worry. The boy, while undaunted, is rather slow-witted. So any potential threat is minimal at best.

Zeldafan: I'm on it!

Old Man: Now...with that said, we'll each be going our own way for now. Good luck, Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: Same to you, boss.

[The old man throws on his brown cloak and disappears into the city streets. Meanwhile, Blue enters the local inn, averse, yet determined to carry out the charge set upon him]

~~Nandor City, Inn~~

Blue: *to himself* All right, now where's this civilian that Zeldafan said I had to meet up with...?

[Blue looks around the inn, until noticing a young boy across the room, staring at a small locked chest meditatively]

Blue: *to himself* Could that be him? ...Mmm, it has to be. The only other person here is the innkeeper.

[Blue thereby walks up to the boy, who's still concentrated closely on the chest, and addresses him]

Boy: ...

Blue: You can't open that without a key.

Boy: I know.

[Frustrated, the boy grabs the chest and repeatedly slams it on the ground]

Boy: Rrrrrgh! Open open open!!

Blue: That's not going work.

Boy: I knoooooow! Aaagh! Stupid box!

Blue: Don't you think it'd be smarter to, you know, find the key first?

Boy: Don't you think I would have already if I could?

Blue: Huh?

Boy: I have no idea where the key is. I found this box out by the oasis, so it's probably long gone by now.

[The boy lets out a long infuriated groan]

Boy: I think maybe I'll just throw it back in there!

Blue: Are you really going to return it?

Boy: Yes. I am. You got a problem with that?

Blue: Nope...

Boy: Well good!

[Blue walks over and takes a seat next to the boy]

Blue: But if you'd give up that easily, there's a good chance that you'll never achieve anything in life.

Boy: What!?

Blue: You can't give up now. Don't you still want to open that chest?

Boy: Yes, if I can...

Blue: If you can?

Boy: I tried opening it, but...I can't...

Blue: Sure you can, if you want to.

Boy: ...

Blue: Just watch.

Boy: Huh?

[Blue stands to his feet and gets into a stance. Seconds later, a glowing red glyph appears below him]

Boy: Wha!? What's he--!?

Blue: ...Now! Fireball!!

[Blue sends a single fireball towards the chest. It collides, blowing the top off and revealing the contents inside]

Blue: There, that should do it.

Boy: Whoa!! Wh-Wh-What was that!?

Blue: ...Magic.

Boy: Wow, really!? I've never seen anyone use magic before! That's amazing!

Blue: Huh? You mean...you're not frightened?

Boy: What? You're kidding, right!? That power is totally awesome!

[Blue shoots the young boy a concerned look, confused by his enthusiasm]

Blue: ... (That's strange. I thought everyone feared mages like myself...)

Boy: Ohh ohh! Teach me how to do that! Come on, pretty please!?

Blue: Can't do that.

Boy: What!? Why not!?

Blue: Because, it's not something that everybody can do. You have to be born with it.

Boy: Awww...

Blue: Don't pout. See, look here. I've got something for you.

Boy: Huh...?

[Blue hands the boy a majestic clear blue crystal]

Boy: Aah! Was this--!?

Blue: Yeah. That's what was inside the chest. It's yours now.

Boy: Gee, thanks!!

Blue: Don't mention it. Just remember: Never stop trying, not matter what.

Boy: *nods* Okay!

Blue: It's time I got going. Take care of yourself, and stay out of trouble.

Boy: Bye mister!

[With his task complete, Blue returns to Zeldafan's tent, eager to receive his reward]

~~Zeldafan's Tent~~

Zeldafan: Ohh, Blue! Back already, huh?

Blue: Yeah, and I helped that kid just like you asked. Now it's time you held up your end of the bargain.

Zeldafan: Well...okay! A deal's a deal, afterall. Hang on just a sec...

[Zeldafan rummages around through her belongings, until pulling out a large and archaic tome]

Zeldafan: Okay! Let's see...

[Zeldafan opens the tome and begins flipping through the various pages in search of a specific passage]

Zeldafan: Hmm...Necromancy...Pudding Creation...Alchemy...no...

??: Stop it! Let go!

Blue: Hn!?

Zeldafan: Wh-What was that!?

Blue: Zeldafan, stay here!

Zeldafan: What?

[Without delay, Blue dashes out of the tent and out into the streets]

Zeldafan: Ahh! But, Blue! Wait!!

[Meanwhile, outside, the boy from the inn is being confronted by two Knights]

Knight1: Bad boys and girls that break curfew must be punished...

Knight2: And I think this pretty little rock of yours will make a fine compensation! Heheheh...

Boy: No! Give that back! It's mine!

Knight2: Not anymore!

[The Knight pushes the boy the ground]

Boy: Ouch!

Knight2: Ha ha ha! Lousy kid! That'll teach you to mess with grownups.

Knight1: ...Hey! Someone's coming!

Knight2: What!? Well what are we waiting for!?

Knight1: Run...!

[The two knights quickly hop into their wagon and take off, with the boy's stolen crystal in tow]

Boy: Agh! Hey! Get back here!

[Moments later, Blue arrives on the scene, though all too late]

Blue: What's going on?

Boy: Huh? Ohh, Blue, it's you.

Blue: Yeah, I thought I heard you yelling before. What happened out here?

Boy: Ohhhh, it was those damn Knights!!

Blue: What? Knights?

Boy: Yeah! They ambushed me from out of nowhere and made off with my crystal!

Blue: *disquietly* Hrmm...(Damn. I should've known those bastard Knights were up to no good. They were only in town to abuse their authority and smuggle everyone's stuff)

Boy: *sigh* I feel like my whole world is crashing down on me.

Blue: ...Sometimes you have to have shadow where there's light, I guess.

Boy: Aargh! I...I wish I could just go stop them myself! But...I can't. I-I'm powerless...

Blue: Well, you don't need to worry about those guys. Just keep living your life the way you know is right.

Boy: I suppose...

Blue: Now then, good luck.

Boy: Oh, y-yeah, sure.

[Blue begins to walk back towards the tent, when the boy reapproaches him, grabbing hold of his arm]

Boy: Blue, wait!!

Blue: Huh? What is it now...?

Boy: Blue...you can help me get my crystal back!

Blue: What!?

Boy: Yeah! I...I may be powerless...but you're not! You can cook those Knights with your magic!

Blue: ...No can do.

Boy: Ah! B-But Blue, I--!

Blue: It's your problem, so you handle it. I'm done babysitting you. Now let go of me.

Boy: *sadly* Mmmn...

[The boy releases Blue's arm as he continues on his way towards the tent]

Boy: ...Well...well I'm not giving up!!

Blue: ?

Boy: You told me yourself, Blue! You told me...that if I give up, that I'll never achieve anything in life!

Blue: !!

Boy: So that's why...I'm going to go after them! I-I might not succeed...but I'm at least going to try!

[The boy charges off in the other direction, intent on going after the thieving Knights]

Blue: Tsch. What do I care?

[Blue continues on his way, but a sudden feeling of unease takes hold of his mind]

Blue: ...

Blue: ...Just keep living your life the way you know is right...

Blue: Mmmn...

[His own words echo in his head, as he begins to have second thoughts about his actions]

Blue: ...Aaagh! Stupid kid!!

[Blue tears off after the boy. He catches up with him, and stops him from advancing further]

Blue: Damnit, you! Wait!

Boy: Huh? *annoyed*...Hmph, Blue. What do you want?

Blue: Are you sure you're dead set on this?

Boy: I am.

Blue: Then if we're going to head out to look for those Knights...we should do it together.

Boy: *surprised* Aaah!! You...you mean--!?

Blue: Yes, I'll go with you. But only because you're my client, got that?

Boy: Okay! I don't know what you mean by client, but thanks anyway!

Blue: Sure. Now which way did those Knights run off to? If we're going to catch them, we'll have to act fast.

Boy: Oh, right! I thought I saw them heading towards the desert.

Blue: The desert, hm? ...That could be dangerous. We oughta be well-prepared before going out there...

Zeldafan: No problem, Blue!!

Blue: Huh?

[Blue glances over at the tent to see Zeldafan standing just outside of it]

Blue: Zeldafan, what are you--?

Zeldafan: I heard everything, Blue! Here, catch!

[Zeldafan reaches into her bag and takes out an object. She then chucks it at Blue, who catches it flawlessly]

Blue: Hn? What's this?

Zeldafan: It's a water canteen. If you're going journeying through the desert, you'll be needing it for sure.

Blue: Hmm...

Zeldafan: Also, you should be able to get more water from certain types of cacti growing there. If you use them to fill up your canteen whenever you need more water, you should be fine.

Boy: Wow, thanks!

Blue: Yeah.

Zeldafan: Aw, don't mention it! It's the least I could do! ...You know, Blue, you can be a really nice guy when you want to be. Heehee.

Blue: Hmph...*blushes*

Boy: Hey, Blue! You're blushing!

Blue: Rrrgh, quiet!!

Boy: *frightened* Gah!

Zeldafan: Heehee. Now now, Blue. Be nice...

Blue: Hmph, anyway, I think we're ready to go.

Boy: Right.

Zeldafan: Be careful, you two! And come back safely!

Blue: No worries. We'll be back in no time.
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