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06 December, 2021, 10:45:01 am
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Shinobi's Art Stuffs

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Author Topic: Shinobi's Art Stuffs  (Read 7251 times)
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« Reply #375 on: 05 May, 2013, 01:32:32 am »

*blows dust off topic*

Its been nearly a year since Ive posted anything...wow. Well, here's something I actually drew today.

Character's from "Tuff the Tuatara". Here, we have:

Tuff, the youngest member of the Tuatara Tribe. The Tuatara maintain control over "time" in this world. Rebellious and a loner, Tuff cared nothing of the teachings and responsibilites of his Tribe. When the Macaw suddenly attacked his village and captured the Elder, Tuff accidently bonded with his Tribe's Relic in a desperate effort to protect it from the Macaw. Now aware of the Macaw's plan, Tuff sets out to stop them and save the Elder, although his Tribe isnt exactly sure about all this. Tuff has the power to literally eat time, aging himself into different stages with different strengths. With this power, Tuff can also age or reverse time with other interactables.

Malice the Macaw, a strange black-colored Macaw who was found as an egg and raised by the Macaw Tribe's Elder. Macaw maintain control and stability of "space" in this world. What allows Macaw to alter space is their tongue; with this they chant babbling spells that bend space to their will. Malice posseses great power and intellect, winning the favor of nearly all of his Tribe. When the Macaw find that their powers are starting to gradually weaken, the Tribe is thrown into panic. Some blamed the Tribe's old history of evil deeds, while few others blamed the new and mysterious Malice. When even the Macaw Elder had no answers, the Tribe started to lose all hope. In the Macaw's darkest hour, Malice stepped up to offer his solution...to steal the Relic of another Tribe. Malice blamed the Relic itself, claiming that the energy of another Relic will restore its power. The Elder was against this plan, but the Tribe wouldnt listen; they were taken by Malice's confidence, charisma and power. The Eder was overthrown, and Malice's plan was set into motion. After failing to secure the Tuatara Relic, the Macaw target the Hydrozoa, the third and final Tribe.

Hyman the Hydrozoa, Tribe Elder of the immortal jellyfish. Hydrozoa maintain control and balance of "life and death" in this world. Hydrozoa rarely leave the ocean floor, and thus hardly ever seen. They posses strong psychic ability, enabling them to move objects with their mind and speak telepathically, ect. If they need to travel outside the ocean, they wrap themselves in a bubble of water. Hyman claims to have been around since the begining of time, even before his Tribe's Relic chose his species. He reveals that Malice was/is actually a Raven, part of the shape-shifting Raven Tribe that existed just before the Macaw. He claims that the Raven were destroyed in a war long forgotten for the very thing that the Macaw are doing...and was lead by Malice then, just as he leads the Macaw now. Hyman has knowlege of what the Relics really are and what happens if they are ever gathered again. He aids Tuff in his effort to stop Malice for good.
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