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06 December, 2021, 06:41:17 am
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ILS' topic of blog type thingies and stuff!

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Author Topic: ILS' topic of blog type thingies and stuff!  (Read 3264 times)
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« Reply #300 on: 24 April, 2011, 06:50:52 pm »

25th of April, 2011

So today, I saw an ad for a free online MMORPG, Grand Fantasia. I don't know why, but as I downloaded it and started it up, it occured to me that I should take screenshots and take notes, to share with everyone. Will I do this every time? History says no, as I'll get too lazy and caught up in the game to do so, but we shall see. So lets get started on my adventures in the world of... ellipses...

Lovely. As you can immediately see, it's deliciously animoo. Because I can't resist delicious animoo to save my life. First of all, character creation. This massive and exciting adventure (if the game is even any good) will revolve around... ellipses... fucking lead ups getting repetitive now... Cylvia the necromancer!

If anyone has eagle eyes, they can see her name is actually Cyllvia. Some **** took the name Cylvia, so I had to insert an extra l. For the purpose of this though, she's Cylvia. **** the double l. So, characters start out as novices, with no true class yet. And apparently, novice girls wear very revealing skirts and shirts.

durrhurr panties

As far as I've read, sprites (little pets or something like that) play a huge role in the game. They gather crafting materials for you, craft, and can support you in combat, I think. I made my little sprite, and named him Nara. He's green, and has rastafari hair. No picture of him yet, but you'll see him later. Anyway.

First things first: Talking with the old sage Babama. After talking to him, he gave me a workstation for Nara. Damn, not even beginning the game properly yet and I'm already preparing to commit Nara to slavery. After giving me a slave station, he asked me to kill Jelly Rabbits. Just as the name suggests, they're cute little critters. Don't know, I guess I'm killing them to prevent massive outbreaks of diabetes? I don't know. After dealing with them, Cylvia is given the first tool on her way to become a necromancer... Big burly gloves!

Not very necromancer-y, but it gives more defense, so it'll do.

During that quest, Cylvia advanced to level 2, and was then told to go to the main village on noob island Siwa island, Siwa village. On the way, she stopped to talk to Efe, a sprite. Basically, his purpose is to teach you to the mechanics of using your sprite to collect materials. I picked the mining practice quest, except I discovered Nara can't mine, just hunt and forage. FUCK

After abandoning the quest, and picking one that Nara could actually complete, everything was good. Seems like it's a pretty cool mechanic, on first glance. Nara came back, with the items I sent him out to gather after a minute or two, and was quite pleased.

If only the pictures weren't of such shitty quality. May have to work on that. You can chat to your sprite, and Nara told me there are crabs on the beach, and adviced me to crack 'em. Solid advice, I guess. He also starts smiling when he thinks of Cylvia, apparently. D'AAAAAAAW

In the process, she reached level 3 and went off to Siwa village where she saw OH JESUS

I do not want to buy any of her armor. Ever.

Cylvia met with the village elder, Luadaman. He gave her a new skirt, same design just a different color. Why does an old man have skirts lying around? I have my theories.

The village is in dire need of starlight algae, guarded by laughing and smiling crabs. I guess it's time to crack 'em.

I don't see why they're called laughing crabs. At all.


What's with all the smiley crabs?

After that, I made Nara craft some boots. The crafting system seems really neat, but I can see it being a **** later on with more rare gear. I also feel bad, I'm working the poor guy really hard now. After talking to the village defender, Muha(haha), Cylvia was told to go talk to Bill the guard back in the forest. Attaining level 4, she was told to go back to Babama. He told her about the day of destiny, which is like the anime apocalype, and that I needed one more level to pick my first class. She quickly went on to talk to Bill the guard, and learned of a missing little girl. His instincts tell him to suspect the local fauna, namely the deer. Ooooooookay, I think he's not fit to be a guard.

On the other hand, they look quite sinister.

Cylvia reached level 5. Fuck Bill's deer, time to go pick a class o boy o boy o boy. Muha(haha) who gave me the choice of different classes, thinks her choice of spellcaster fits her, and believes she get pleasure out of zapping things. And dear lord is he correct. After that, a few magic spells were aquired: Magic rocket, Blunting blade and Magic star cannon. **** yes. Also, I made the mistake of reading Blunting blade's description. "After casting, players can let the single enemy target's damage from every regular attack to reduce by 30 points." WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. Most everything else in this game is in good english, were they drunk when they translated that?

After that, she went back and raped all the deers in the forest with newly found magic. Holy **** this does a lot of damage. Also looks like a proper kamehameha when she casts magic rocket.

After taking care of the local fauna, Bill asks Cylvia to rescue the little girl, Jasmine, from a bunch of baby dragons. WHAT THE HELL I JUST WENT FROM KILLING DEER TO DRAGONS WAT. Anyway, the baby dragons are pussies, easily dying to Cylvia's NECROMANTIC MAGICNESS even though no necromancy is involved but fuck it. Damn, Jasmine looks like Tsugumi Halberd from Soul Eater Not!

I swear, look her up on google.

To save her, Cylvia needed to kill a giant stone golem. It's a party quest but fuck that, Cylvia is an antisocial necromancer, she needs NO HELP.

On the other hand...

But it just took a few magical spells to down him. EASIEST. PARTY QUEST. EVER. Cylvia turned the quest in, and was given a speech about the importance of teamwork. Lulz were had. Got a nice staff though, much more necromancer-y. That was pretty much the end of it, Cylvia is now ready to leave noob-island and get into the main area of the game. Nara has gained the ability to craft a bit more advanced gear, giving me bonus intelligence! Which, of course, I made him craft. Behold, THE NECROPANTS!

Could also make a pair new gloves and boots, but will do that tomorrow.

And that's it for today. The game seems quite good for a free MMORPG, the art style is delicious animoo, so that's win in my eyes, and...  that's about it. It's nothing new, or revolutionary, but I'm having fun. If it's like the other free MMORPG's I've played, it will devolve into grinding very soon, so look forward to that.

If I continue this, of course. Will I overcome my laziness? Increase picture quality? WHO KNOWS?

is sad that the panties are now hidden by pants
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