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ILS' topic of blog type thingies and stuff!

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Author Topic: ILS' topic of blog type thingies and stuff!  (Read 7618 times)
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« Reply #315 on: 25 April, 2011, 04:30:41 pm »

Yup, always try to model my characters after Cara somewhat. I didnt name her Cara, mainly because that name is never available, unless I'm part of the beta testers or something. And yeah, she does have some damn nice hips.

26th of April 2011

Holy crap, I actually bothered continuing! This is unprecedented, unprecedented I say.

Last time, Cylvia had just finished killing innocent jelly rabbits and evil, conspiring deer amongst other local fauna, and had since then become a spellcaster. I did some off-screen grinding (how can one grind off-screen in a text-based playthrough/blogthingie?) of sorts, and made Cylvia some fancy necro-boots and necro-gloves, in addition to her necro-pants.

You should notice a theme by now, and yes, it WILL continue throughout this entire thing.

So the first of all, Cylvia talked to the captain of a nearby ship, and was taken to the mainland to start the real adventure. ADVENTURE HO! She got the choice between Kaslow the capital, Illya the magical city or Jale the mechanical. There will be no internet cookies for guessing which one was picked.

Upon arriving, she was tasked with killing more wildlife, and also collect worm venom. Not sure it was venom though, since the quest title said mucus. Even worse, this was apparently to help repair ships. Worm mucus. Huh.

Also they were bullworms apparently. Oh look, small descriptive text! Getting fancy now.

A few quest chains later, she was tasked with killing a lot of pigs up in the northwestern pig nest, as revenge by a guy named Ali who lost his son to them. Lost his son. To pigs. Really? I mean.... I could understand boars, but..... pigs? Also, Cylvia keeps finding items called "Lost power of the forest". **** can't be that lost, there are hundreds of them apparently, as they drop from every mob here. More quests involving crackin' crabs, though of them as interesting as XD or : ) crabs. Nara was trained a bit in making mage armor, and was then able to create two new pieces: Fantasia gloves and leggings. DO WANT. Also, Ali had this insightful thing to say: "Next, itís time the wild pig should dieĒ Ali looked at the sky sadly. Classic line, right up there with Shakespear I think.

Also, a book that I had with me since I became a spellcaster but I hadnt checked out, gave me a ring for becoming level 10 in the meantime. A book gave me a ring. Well ****, this doesnt just look like anime, it IS anime.

Having gathered the materials, Nara made Cylvia Fantasia leggings!

...Except it's more like camouflaged indian leggings if you ask me.

Cylvia took off towards the wild pig den to the northwest, to kill the giant boar "Duchess". Oh look, first aggressive mob in the game and OH SHIT IT'S PUMBAA!

(Would totally have a pic if I hadn't been an idiot and forgot to take pictures of the whole pig-den expedition)

Cylvia finally reached the Duchess' lair. But the quest had bugged, leaving her without the meat she needed to summon her. FUUUUUUUUUU back to Ali again. Finally with everything in place, it was time to kill the giant boar. It was the first challenge of the game, given she actually had to try. Had to drink TWO entire health potions (of like 17 total). With all the quests in the area done, Cylvia was rewarded with the thing every mage needs.... a mage robe!!

Doing the happy necro-dance of joy

More like a... necrobe, M I RIGHT?

She moved on to the next zone, the moonlit forest and HOLY SHIT, CHOCOBO!

*Chocobo theme*

She went to the local village, Zaga village, and was tasked with killing local wildlife. Gee, does this sound familiar? Oh well, more dead things to resurrect later. During the slaughter of wolves, a dark box fell out from one of them. She opened it and OH CRAP A ZOMBIE FUCK FUCK FUCK OW OW (Would have pic, if it wasn't for the zombie surprising me and nearly killing me)

For taking care of the local fauna, the village elder rewarded me with a choice between... a sword and a shield. Thanks you old bastard, for those very un-necromancer rewards. Further in the forest, she found an altar. Apparently, the lost power of the forest things can be exchanged to gain favor with a sprite god. Huh. Oh well, less clutter in the filled to the brim inventory. Another black box fell out of an animal. Oh well, time to kill the zomb- OH HELL WHAT IS THIS, I'M A ZOMBIE NO!


After that unpleasant experience, and some more quests, she reached level 14, at which point a voice in her head (I guess) told her to go seek out the class master in Illya, the main capital of mages. CLASS UPGRADE O BOY O BOY O BOY. Upon closer inspection, it's a pretty nice gate they have there.

Pretty nice, except... you know, I would have used a normal door, not a giant portal. Each to their own I guess

Aaaaand.... that's it. Next time, we shall upgrade from a spellcaster to a mage! Probably with a slew of new means to slaughter the local wildlife, who will tremble in fear before Cylvia. One step closer to that great necromantic dream now, one step closer...

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go listen to this song that has got nothing to do with this game, but it's stuck in my head.

i wonder how many animals i will kill next time
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