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21 June, 2024, 08:01:40 pm
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ILS' topic of blog type thingies and stuff!

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Author Topic: ILS' topic of blog type thingies and stuff!  (Read 7661 times)
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« Reply #315 on: 27 April, 2011, 07:58:39 pm »

28th of April 2011

No intro, lets get straight in there.

Wandered around the magic city of Ilya. Quite a nice place, though very crystal...ly. Crystally.

Chocobos and crystals... this is like Final Fantasy XIV, only less buggy

Cylvia is only level 14, still need to get to 15 to be able to upgrade from spellcaster to mage. So heading back to Zaga village, it's time to gather some quests and kill some animals. One partciular quest had the text "'Let me think of a solution. Speaking of spiders, I am an expert.' Fuleyla showed an unnatural smile." Is it just me, or does that imply spider sex? Is it me? Is it?

Probably is.

Nara the sprite tried to craft Sprite's fantasia gloves, in which one of the ingredients were my original fantasia gloves. It failed, and now Cylvia has no gloves. I can remake them, but... the dickery of the crafting system presents itself. More on that at the end. Also learned that a giant lizard, Ananahahalaya or something, didn't write it's name down, is fucking up the moonlight forest. Time to go solo another party quest. Not been hard so far, what's the worst that could happen.

Oh, and new outfit!


Another quest involved killing goblins... indeed, we're not killing wildlife anymore, we're killing humanoids.

Cylvia is moving up the ranks

Fighting goblins has also shown a pretty clear thing: Mana consumption is a **** in this game. I need to sit down and rest quite often.

LEVEL 15! CLASS CHANGE YEAH YEAH YEAH. Getting to the upgrade, the magic academy dean, Edward, says he knows where Cylvia lives, so she shouldn't use magic for evil. I thought she was a traveling adventurer? She doesn't live in one particular area... One of the new available skills is "Prison of Dancing Blades". Oh **** yes.

Doing another quest chain, this one for a proper coward. First, he wanted Cylvia to kill some wolves for him. Then her wanted her to talk to a girl he has a crush on for him. Then she had to go fetch his dropped weapons from some goblins. IT JUST NEVER ENDS, DO IT YOURSELF YOU COWARD.


But before that, time to fight the giant lizard! It got summoned and.... Cylvia got creamed. Bad. Really ****ing bad. Like, totally owned. Oh dear, what a giant failure. Ooohhh dear... And on that note, I had to stop for the day. On a sad, dead note. Conclusion: Can probably not solo party monsters anymore. Damn it.

ADDENDUM: On another character I'm doing (one that isn't documented here), the crafting system has seriously proved it's dickery. Currently working towards making a pretty nice early level armor set (I assume Cylvia will get access to the mage version of the set soon). The gloves require earlier tier gloves, which require earlier tier gloves. And it's really hard to succeed in making the armor set pieces... which leads to LOTS of frustration. I mean it's no loss, I can remake the earlier gloves somewhat easily, but... damn. The crafting system is pretty cool, and I like it, but son of a.... it's a true dick of a system.

Now if you'll excuse me I need SLEEP. NOW.

God damn crafting system
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