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27 January, 2022, 12:43:16 am
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ILS' topic of blog type thingies and stuff!

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Author Topic: ILS' topic of blog type thingies and stuff!  (Read 3281 times)
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That guy

« Reply #240 on: 18 October, 2009, 03:57:50 pm »

I can be your stalker!

*stalks ILS*
Yay, stalker!

*is jealous of your blog*
How come?

October 19th - 2009

First, let me get one thing straight: Nothing interesting happened to me today. I will be totally winging it now. ONE TWO THREE GO!

So this blog was supposed to be a thing that was updated daily, or bi-daily. As any astute person can ascertain, this did not work out. I am simply too lazy, and way too absorbed in playing teh gamez and watching teh videoz. Letz just add a z to every wordz I can, to make myselfz coolz.

Yesterday, I came up with a subject for my study project. At my college (high school), on your third and final year, you have to write an assignment, about 10-15 pages, about a subject of your choosing. It could be anything. The subject I've chosen is the Vietnam war, with focus on the media coverage, and how it influenced the american society's opinion of the war, and how badly the Vietnam war veterans were treated when they got back, by both the government and the military.

Yes, I am actually interested in that stuff, leave me alone.

Now it's all about waiting. After choosing a subject, we'll be assigned a teacher that we can consult and ask for advice, which is what I'm waiting for now.

That was wholly unentertaining, so lets get to some fun stuff. (or, as fun as stuff can BE when I'm doing it.)

Who the hell am I kidding, there IS no fun stuff. I have nothing to write about, yet here I am, writing. I've written two paragraphs, FIVE entire lines of stuff related to my SCHOOL. To my SCHOOL. It could not be more boring if I tried.

I suppose I could write about my experiences at the comparty I was at this week. To all kids reading this, **** off, you're not allowed in here. To all teenagers or adults reading this, FOOD IS IMPORTANT.

Random, but I'll get to the point soon.

Now, at comparty, the automatic doors stop being automatic at around 4-5pm. They stop being automatic so much, that they lock themeselves, meaning you have to get someone from the inside to open them. Now, being the loveable idiot that I am, I forgot to go buy myself dinner before 4-5pm. This would not be a problem, had any of my friends been present. But they weren't. I was unable to go outside to buy myself food. Having only eaten a couple of hotdogs at around 11 am, I was **** hungry.

Yes, kind of disgusting to eat hotdogs that early, but damn it, it's an easy food to eat while gaming.

Turns out, my friends didn't come back until 11 pm. By that time, I didn't want to go outside to buy something to eat. It was dark, it was cold, it was out of the question. And here is where the point comes in. Say hello to him, his name is Billy.

That was the sound of a bad joke crashing through to the center of the earth.

As I sat there in front of my PC, playing TF2, I experienced a decrease in skill and concentration. My uber-leet Scout reaction time disappeared, my medic ubering became worse, my sniper aiming disappeared, and my heavy got **** backstabbed.

Spy prick.

As I turned my attention to my stomach, I suddenly felt something. A hunger. A very strong hunger. Now, I know that humans can go for weeks without food. But if you're used to eating like a freaking pig, you're gonna get hungry extremely fast. It felt like a giant maw had opened inside my stomach, threatening to devour my entire being if I did not give it a sacrifice.

Ignoring the satanic growls erupting from my stomach, I watched anime, trying to forget it. Then other people brought food in. Which I could smell.

It was pretty **** horrifying. My stomach was like "GIVE ME FLESH" and I was like "No, it's dark." and it was like "NOW" and I was like "No" and it was like "**** YOU" and I was like "Your mom!" and it was like "I DID YOUR MOM" and I was like "DON'T TALK ABOUT MY MOM ****" and then the person who was sitting next to me left for some reason.

Can't imagine why.

How I survived my hunger, I have no idea. But I got home safe, and satisfied the satanic maw in my stomach. I was suffering from sleep deprivation, but that's normal at comparty. It's really hard to sleep with ALL YOUR BASE and "I can break these cuffs! You can't break those cuffs! NNUUUUOOOAAAAAARGH" running in the background on the big screen.

We've reached the point where I'm mentioning interwebz memes, so I think it's time to stop now. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go make myself some food. The maw hungers.


the maw is all devouring the maw will eat your soul
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