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01 February, 2023, 09:37:17 am
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ILS' topic of blog type thingies and stuff!

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Author Topic: ILS' topic of blog type thingies and stuff!  (Read 4555 times)
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« Reply #270 on: 24 January, 2010, 04:01:58 pm »

January 24th - 2010

The beginning of something new, and the beginning of titles

So, I started playing a game that I, for some reason, stopped playing a while ago, named Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard. Playing Etrian Odyssey 1 and loving it, it's strange I didn't continue on with the second one. However, I started playing it, and an hour or so in, I remembered how Gar chronicled his adventures with FF: Dissidia. And I thought to myself "That's an idea worthy of stealing is that." So that's what I'll do. However, I'll not chronicle MY adventures through this RPG... but my characters. Why? You'll see.

The game:
It's an old school style, first person, dungeon crawler RPG. True to form, it's balls-to-the-wall hard. Screw up once, and you can kiss your game over. If you know what you're doing, it'll be hard but you can manage it, for the most part. The game features no main characters, but is class based. You create your own characters from 12 different classes, each with 4 different "characters", two female and two male. Your party can consist of 5 characters, divided into the standard back row and front row. Front row takes more damage more frequently, but deals more damage with melee weapons. Back row deals crap damage with melee weapons, but normal damage with ranged weapons and magic, and takes less damage. You walk around the dungeon, drawing the map on the bottom screen of your DS. You encounter random battles, fight in first person, and find treasures. Simple as that, much much harder than it sounds.

The story:
From good old wiki: "Within the Grand Duchy of High Lagaard, a crisis has suddenly caused renewed interest in a floating castle which resides high in the clouds overhead. According to the available research, it can be reached by traversing a forested maze, the Yggdrasil Labyrinth, composed of many levels. In an effort to obtain the mythical "Grail of Kings" said to be kept in the floating palace, the Duke of High Lagaard is now recruiting adventurers in order to explore the labyrinth and discover exactly how to reach the castle. The player takes the role of the leader of one such guild of adventurers." There is essentially very little story. It's all gameplay. Now, with the game explained, and the story explained, lets move on to the meat of things...

The party:

Name: Cylvia
Class: Protector
A paladin-in-training, she's the leader of the group. Loyal, responsible, mature and level headed, she's what keeps the group going through tough times. Being a protector, she specializes in shielding her friends from harm, even being able to nullify elemental damage.
Role: Tank.

Name: Cara
Class: Dark hunter
Enjoys exploring, having fun and dominating monsters, she's the group's second in command. Teasing, taunting but friendly, she's a valuable asset for the group in terms of damage. Being a Dark hunter, she specializes in whipping enemies, keeping them from moving and reducing their attack power, her whip even capable of insta-killing enemies low on HP.
Role: Damage dealer (DPS)

Name: Nara
Class: Gunner
A master of all things firearms, he's known to never miss and fires faster than anyone else. Charming, friendly and outgoing, his long ranged attack power and ability to cure status effects serves the group very well. Being a Gunner, he specializes in hitting enemies at long range, even adding elemental damage to his shots, and being able to cure any status effect on all party members.
Role: Secondary damage dealer (DPS), support.

Name: Rita
Class: War magus
A healer who has learned the art of the sword, she's capable of holding her own both in hand to hand, and magic. Quick to anger, skeptical but well meaning, she's a vital part of the group as both a healer and damage dealer. Being a War magus, she specializes in healing, buffing and dealing damage. Working together with a hexer can make her quite powerful.
Role: Healer, tertiary damage dealer.

Name: Karin
Class: Hexer
A witch experimenting with the way of curses, monsters will regret going against her. Appears cold, scary, but quite funny and friendly inside, she's a prime example of looks being decieving. Being a Hexer, she specializes in debuffing the enemies through curses, or afflicting them with status effects. Hurt her too much, and she can deal massive damage with her revenge curse.
Role: Debuffer

With the introductions done, it's time to get to the REAL meat of stuff... LETS GO CAPS!

The beginning
The group assembled in the explorer's guild temple, ready to head into the Yggdrasil labyrinth. Going to the Duke's palace, they learned that to go anywhere in the labyrinth, they needed a proof card. They took on a mission in order to recieve the proof card: Make a map of the first floor of the labyrinth. Gearing up in Sitoth Trading with the limited money they had, they went into the labyrinth. They looked around, marvelling at the beautiful serene forest they found themeselves in. Walking forward, they encountered a guard who learned of their mission. Taking them deeper in the forest, they had to find their way back to the entrance, mapping the floor as they went. Taking off, things went mostly without a hitch. On the way, they encountered a rock water spring. Not knowing what to do with it, they continued on. Making it back to the entrance quickly, they were given the proof card, thus allowed full entrance into the labyrinth.

After gearing up more, and resting at the Flaus inn, they took a mission from the Stickleback bar. "Find some mineral rock water." Remembering the spring they found, they made their way to the spring and quickly gathered the water, easily clearing the mission. Deciding to explore the floor further, they continued deeper into the labyrinth. After a while, they reached a large room, with a giant fearful monster in the middle. Even when injured, the monster was clearly way out of their league, so they quickly moved on, eventually finding the stairs up to the next floor. Deciding to stay on the current floor to practice their skills on monsters to gain levels, they managed to get quite a bit better than they were at first. During their training, they discovered a jewel in a tree. Cara reached and grabbed it, but they were jumped by three giant caterpillar monsters. The group was quickly demolished, but through the power of plotholes (and loading the last save) they appeared back in Lagaard. After some more training, they went back to try again, this banishing the caterpillars. Karin's poison ability and Cara's Viper ability, both of which cause the poison affliction helped greatly. Now, they rest in the inn, preparing for the challenge on the upper floors...

I have no idea how much I'll do this. I'd prefer to do it everytime I play the game, but it's not always very interesting, or I'm not always in the mood. And yes, when they were demolished, I died. Not my fault, those **** caterpillars have 90 HP each, and at the time Cara only dealt 30 or so damage WITH her special skills. 'twas just an example of how much the game can **** you over. try to be greedy and get the gem, and you just might die horribly.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go do.. something. I have nothing clever to end this with.

God damn this is going to be a biiiiig task
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