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02 July, 2020, 02:26:26 pm
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The Pop Culture Showdown Fights

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Author Topic: The Pop Culture Showdown Fights  (Read 861 times)
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« on: 25 July, 2009, 02:15:23 am »

Wolverine vs. The Flash

Round 1 Day 3:

In an empty Metropolis, Wolverine and the Flash stare each other down.

“Is that really your costume? Man, all that yellow and blue, you look like a 60’s band.”

“Listen Bub, keep that up and I’ll do worse than tear you in two.”

“Really? I’d like to see you try.” The Flash taunted.

Wolverine ran at The Flash claws extended, swiping at him as The Flash calmly dodged every offense. The Flash quickly countered the barrage by sending a punch easily going the speed of light into the Wolverine’s chest, the resulting explosion of guts leaving a massive hole in Wolverine’s chest who fell to the ground in pain.

“Well that was a fast fight. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised all things considered.” The Flash commented.

Wolverine quickly kicked into the Flash’s leg, causing him to trip to the ground, the hole in Wolverine’s was chest completely gone. The Feral Fighter followed up by pouncing on his opponent with his claws extended, but the Flash had recovered and was already at the other end of the street when Wolverine slashed pavement.

“Hey! This fight might be more fun than I thought!” The Flash said as he charged towards Wolverine, quickly making circles around him. A red and yellow vortex appeared around the two, creating a small hurricane with Wolverine in the middle.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing Bub?” Wolverine asked, unphased by the hurricane.

“I’m creating a vacuum in order to suck the air-“, was all the Flash managed to get out before Wolverine stuck out his arm and clotheslined him. The Flash was sent flying into a wall as Wolverine quickly popped his shoulder back into place from the force of the impact.

“Listen Bub”, Wolverine said as he picked up the near-unconscious Flash, “You’re good, I’ll give you that, but you’re just too cocky,” Wolverine finished as he dropped the Flash onto his adamantium knee. The Flash let out a cry of pain as Wolverine followed up by swinging his opponent around and slamming him into a lamppost. Wolverine unsheathed his adamantium claws slashed at the fastest man alive to finish him off.

The Flash quickly came to his senses as the claws came towards him. Hyper-energizing his atoms, The Flash’s chest phased through the claws as he quickly dodged to the left. As soon as he stopped energizing his atoms, the Flash felt like his organs had been hit by a ton of bricks and simply slumped to the ground weakly.

“Now that was just plain stupid,” Wolverine commented, “You can’t phase through adamantium without some risky side-effects, it’s just too dense.”

Wolverine picked up his collapsed opponent by his costume and was about to end him when he felt something rumbling. Looking around he realized that Metropolis seemed to be melting around him. “What the hell is going on?” Wolverine barked at his combatant.

“We’re taking a little trip to the land before time,” The Flash said, smiling weakly.

The world erupted around the two as Wolverine quickly realized he was in prehistoric Metropolis. Slashing at his opponent he realized that the Flash was no longer in his grip.

“Say ‘Hi’ to Barney the dinosaur for me will ya?” The Flash shouted from the top of a nearby cliff, “I’m a big fan of his work!”

The Flash seemed to fizzle for a bit before disappearing completely, leaving Wolverine alone in the past. Wolverine looked to the sky to see a massive meteor heading straight for him.

“If I get outta this,” Wolverine said, sheathing his claws, “I’m gonna kill that guy.”
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