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02 July, 2020, 04:46:06 pm
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The Pop Culture Showdown Fights

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Author Topic: The Pop Culture Showdown Fights  (Read 861 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:26:34 am »

Naruto vs. Akuma

Round 1 Day 19:

Naruto had been practicing his ninjitsu when he heard something coming from the trees surrounding the dojo where he’d been training.

A rustle was all it took for Naruto to leap out of the way of a fist that created a massive crater in the field.

“SHORYUKEN!” The man shouted as a spiraling uppercut took Naruto by surprise and sent him rocketing skyward.

Naruto managed to land on his feet, ready for battle. Looking across the battlefield, Naruto saw his opponent, Akuma.

“What do you think you’re doing!?” Naruto shouted obnoxiously.

“I have heard that you are an opponent worthy of challenge. I have decided to seek you out and test your might for myself,” Akuma said respectfully.

Akuma barely finished his message before charging at Naruto with a flurry of deadly punches. The young ninja jumped away from the punches while a shadow clone sent its foot into the back of Akuma’s head, causing him to topple forward.

A hoard of shadow clones in the hundreds converged on Akuma, pummeling him from every angle possible.

“HADOKEN!” Akuma shouted as his palms released a massive blast that blew the hundreds of shadow clones to shreds. When the smoke cleared, Shin Akuma stood within the center of his massive crater.

Akuma shot at the real Naruto and unleashed a deadly Tornado Air Kick that slammed into Naruto five times before he hit the ground. Shin Akuma quickly followed up by launching himself into the air and firing two powerful Hadokens at the fallen Ninja.

Naruto reacted just in time to dodge the twin blasts and launched a shadow clone at Akuma that sent a flying kick into the Martial Master. Shin Akuma caught the clone mid-kick and spun it around before releasing it, sending it crashing into the Ninja along with another Hadoken.

Naruto threw the force of a Rasengan into the bombardment, resulting in a massive explosion. When the smoke cleared, Naruto was covered in a red chakra energy field, with one tail sprouting from it after having unleashed the Nine Tails Fox spirit.

Naruto darted into Shin Akuma, penetrating his defenses and sending a powerful stream of punches into his foes gut that fell to his knees, shell-shocked before his opponent.

“I’ll admit… You’re more powerful than I expected…” Shin Akuma admitted, “But you’re not powerful enough. It ends here,” Shin Akuma finished as his muscles began rapidly expanding and a purple glow surrounded him. Akuma called upon the power that he had stolen from Bernstein, and the power of a God.

Shin Akuma got to his feet and looked at his Ninja Opponent, who now sported 4 tails and looked as savage as possible.

Shin Akuma put his palms together, a massive ball of purple energy emerging between them which created a crater by simply existing.

Two clones appeared around the Four-Tailed Naruto. One began channeling the chakra for the Rasengan as the other began channeling wind energy into it, forming a massive ball of pure white light.

Naruto charged his opponent head on, the ball of light pulled back as Akuma struggled to finish his.



The two forces of energy clashed into each other, resulting in a massive eruption of power that leveled the nearby dojo.

When the smoke cleared, the two opponents stood before each other.

“Huh. You have fought well,” Akuma admitted as he fell to the ground, knowing that he wasn’t getting back you.

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