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02 July, 2020, 06:02:04 pm
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The Pop Culture Showdown Fights

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Author Topic: The Pop Culture Showdown Fights  (Read 861 times)
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« Reply #30 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:33:39 am »

Samus Aran vs. Shuma Gorath

Round 2 Day 29:

Samus Aran explored the bleak planet that she had set out to explore, her scanners telling her that the entire planet was overflowing with powerful magic energy.
Samus’ scanners suddenly went wild as she strafed away from a shot of magical energy that was sent streaming towards her. The ball creating a massive explosion as it hit the ground behind her. Samus hit the ground with a thump as she looked to the sky to see a tentacled demon completely filling her vision on the horizon as far as she could see.

Shuma-Gorath shrunk until it was close to her size, holding itself up on its tentacles, it screeched in an ancient language before saying, “You have a lot of nerve entering my realm Chozo Warrior. I promise you will not leave alive,”

Samus quickly raised her cannon and fired a Plasma Shot at Shuma, just as he turned his body into a viscous liquid and moved behind her before reforming. The Demon fired another ball of energy into the bounty hunter from a point blank range, creating a massive explosion that forced her into the air.

One of Shuma’s tentacles flew into the air and shape-shifted into a massive hammer that swatted Samus to the ground with enough force to create a crater where she landed.

Samus slowly got to her feet and fired another Plasma Shot at the Demon. Shuma simply re-liquefied, but Samus was ready for him, changing her cannon to it’s Ice Beam, she fired a charged shot at Shuma’s puddle, freezing it solid before launching a missile at it, which caused it to blow and shatter into thousands of pieces.

The pieces of shattered Shuma thawed out and reformed back into the Demon’s normal shape. The blast didn’t kill Shuma, but it had hurt like hell, and Shuma was pissed.

The Demon grew twice its own size and used its tentacles to summon a massive ball of magical energy before it. Shuma released the ball, which took the form of a enormous beam that fired itself at the bounty hunter.

A ring formed around Samus’ cannon which glowed with a blazing blue light before releasing the Zero Laser.

The two beams collided in mid-air, with Samus’ Zero Laser winning out and hitting Shuma-Gorath with its full force, nearly disintegrating every part of his body.

Samus’ suit broke apart, revealing her blue Zero Suit as she took her emergency pistol from its holster and aimed it where Shuma used to be. A small purple mass that managed to survive the blast began growing and spreading until it finally reformed back into Shuma.

Samus fired a charged Paralyzer shot at the demon, but Shuma simply swatted the bolt away with his tentacle. Another tentacle took the form of an axe that slashed into Samus who had barely enough time to dodge the attack, taking a small cut to the side.

Samus realized she didn’t have the defense to fight against her foe and pulled her communicator out of her suit and hit a number of anonymous buttons. The sound of a jet engine filled the battlefield as Samus’ ship appeared on the horizon, its weapons trained on Shuma.

The Chozo Ship opened fire on Shuma, pounding the Chaos Demon with artillery of every type for half a minute before jetting back into orbit. When the ship left, Saumus found herself standing on the edge of a smoking field.

A massive tentacle shot from the smoke and swatted into Samus, sending her flying the ground. A badly damaged Shuma-Gorath emerged from the smoke, bleeding purple ooze from its open wounds.

Two of its tentacles formed into deadly blades and flew into the defenseless hunter.
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