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02 July, 2020, 06:40:00 pm
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The Pop Culture Showdown Fights

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Author Topic: The Pop Culture Showdown Fights  (Read 861 times)
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« Reply #30 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:41:20 am »

Vampire Hunter D vs. Scorpion

Round 3 Day 41:

The caves sprawled for miles beneath the Earth’s surface, D traveling constantly downwards deeper into the planet’s abyss before finally reaching a dead end.

“Well that’s a bit anticlimactic isn’t it?” A voice murmured nonchalantly.

D examined the dead end closely, finding it to be nothing more than solid bedrock before he was satisfied and turned to leave. The ground beneath his feet crumbled as he fell into a pit-trap falling far enough to kill any mortal man.

D landed harmlessly utilizing his dhampiric grace, barely straining a muscle from the fall as he quickly observed his environment. The world around him appeared to be in the pits of Hell, with lava flowing around the small rocky island he stood on.

From the lava rose a single man clad in black and yellow who jumped from the lava’s surface onto the island, facing D in a battle position, his invitation clear.

“Careful D,” A voice muttered, “This guy is definitely not human. I can sense extreme hatred coming from the remnants of his soul.”

D clenched his left hand into a fist as he drew his sword and pointed it at Scorpion.

“Ready when you are,” D said smoothly.

Scorpion launched himself at the dhampir, sending a powerful flying kick that D barely dodged before hitting the Hellspawn in the kidney with the side of his blade. Scorpion hit the ground and made a sweeping kick, knocking D’s leg out from under him as he followed up by stabbing a kunai at the dhampir’s throat, only to find D blocking the blade with his sword.

D smoothly kicked the ninja off of him before calmly getting to his feet, dusting himself off.

Scorpion flew at his opponent again, sending a low punch that D blocked with his sword’s side as he kicked the Hellspawn away from him and batted the ninja’s head with his sword’s blunt edge.

The two opponent’s stood facing each other on their opposing ends of the small island, D finally breaking the silence.

“I’ll start fighting seriously if you’re prepared to fight seriously.”

Scorpion gave a respectful bow in response as he drew his katana.

D swung at his opponent, his blade ready as Scorpion entered a defensive stance, only to disappear just before the blades struck. D turned around just in time to block Scorpion’s strike from behind as the ninja sent another Kunai attached to a rope flying at the dhampir.

“Get over here!” Scorpion shouted as D calmly sidestepped the flying kunai and severed the rope attached to it with his sword.

“We’re getting there,” D commented, “But I know you’re still holding back. Don’t.”

Scorpion struck from above as he launched a powerful kick downwards on top of D who caught the Hellspawn’s foot on the side of his blade before catapulting the ninja into the river of lava flowing around the rock.

“Consider it punishment for not recognizing my skill,” D told his engulfed opponent.

A stream of fire blasted from the river and dove for D, who barely rolled away from it before another launched itself at the dhampir, forcing him to jump away from the stream and losing ground on the rocky island.

Scorpion rose on a column of fire as his arms surrounded themselves in flames. The Hellspawn pointed both of his arms at D before releasing the blazing streams.

“Impressive,” D noted as he removed the glove on his Left Hand, revealing the face beneath it, “But overall ineffective.”

D struck his Left Hand out against the streams, which absorbed both into the face’s mouth and fed D the stream’s power.

“Looks like you simply can’t be trusted to play with fire,” D said as he stuck his Left Hand into the river of lava, absorbing the intense heat from it as the river turned to rock for miles.

Scorpion launched a last desperate attack and teleported behind D, punching him in the back with the fist that killed the Dragon King the moment D’s blade came to the Hellspawn’s neck. Scorpion looked down to see that D had completely sidestepped the punch.

“Finally get serious huh?” D asked, “Too be honest, I’m not that impressed.”

D’s blade cut through the Hellspawn’s neck, separating the head from the body as the ninja slumped to the ground.
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