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The Pop Culture Showdown Fights

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Author Topic: The Pop Culture Showdown Fights  (Read 861 times)
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« Reply #45 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:43:32 am »

Apocalypse vs. Shuma Gorath vs. Deadpool

Round 4, Day 44:

Within the dark hell-stained pit of Earth, Shuma-Gorath bided his time in his lair as he concocted further plans to cause chaos amongst humanity.

Shuma stood over his globe replica in concentration when a bright purple flash filled the lair. Apocalypse’s being lit the room like a roaring flame as he marched towards the Lord of Chaos.

“I see you have come at last,” Shuma noted, his gaze remaining on the globe.

“We have business that needs attending to,” Apocalypse stated simply.

“Indeed, but truly there is nothing to discuss. Mankind belongs to me and that is that.”

“You are wrong!” Apocalypse shouted, “Mankind has evolved! We have grown too big for your fist to contain! I shall free us from your rule, and in doing so, secure humankind’s future under my own supervision.”

“Most amusing,” Shuma chuckled, “You wish to liberate your species from me only to rule it yourself. Humans are so contradictory, but that’s a good thing. It adds to the chaos that is my power.”

“Your power is meaningless now that we have evolved. It is impossible for you to hold us,” Apocalypse warned grimly.

“Is it?” Shuma asked honestly as he turned his attention to mutant, “Well then, why don’t you give us a demonstration?”

“Of course,” Apocalypse agreed, “This confrontation was only inevitable.

The aura’s around the two god-like beings flared fiercely as they prepared for battle, both unleashing their true power when a massive explosion set the ceiling of the lair ablaze, choking it with smoke and debris as it collapsed.

Deadpool stood in the center of the fallen debris, his hand still holding the detonator.

“I followed the map and I am not seeing any half-naked chicks with swords. If Weasel was lying to me I’m gonna take his leg-benders off.” Deadpool muttered.

The two Godly forces stared down Deadpool for interrupting their confrontation as he continued muttering to himself incoherently. Apocalypse finally clearing his throat in order to get the Merc’s attention.

“Oh sorry, I’m not interrupting your tea party am I? And here I left my dress at home…” Deadpool apologized.

“Such benightedness,” Shuma growled as a small eyeball detached from his tentacle and flew towards Deadpool.

“Wow… that’s really gross, so do you still have to put eye drops on that or…” Deadpool sputtered as the eye exploded on top of him, sending the Merc flying into the wall while still smoking from the flames.

“Where were we?” Shuma asked as he turned his attention back to where Apocalypse was supposed to be only to find a distinct emptiness.

A massive beam of energy pierced through Shuma from behind, leaving a smoking hole as it cut through the demon like butter. The demon closed his eye in pain as it concentrated on the wound, forcing it to close up and heal over.

“A cheap shot. Somewhat telling of mankind as a whole wouldn’t you say?” Shuma asked as he turned around towards the source of the beam, only to find nothing there either. Another beam came down on top of Shuma, crushing him into the ground as he was forced between the beam and the bedrock beneath him.

After the energy subsided, Apocalypse marched towards the newly created crater only to find a green liquid left at the bottom.

“I didn’t intend to liquidize him, but it is a nice enough end I suppose.” Apocalypse muttered.

A dozen tentacles suddenly shot from puddle and quickly wrapped themselves around Apocalypse before twisting and crushing him with their surprising strength. The mutant roared in pain as he teleported a few feet away to a safe location. Shuma-Gorath slithered out from the crater showing no damage as Apocalypse’s wounds healed over as well.

“I see, so I’ll merely have to summon a beam of energy large enough to disintegrate you, an easy enough-“ Was all Apocalypse managed to say before a Katana struck him through the skull and dove deeply into his body.

“Surprise!” Deadpool shouted as he removed the sword and showingly swept to ground between the two.

The wound cleanly closed up as Apocalypse refocused his attention on Deadpool.

“A healer eh? Well I can fix that,” Apocalypse grimly spoke as he placed his massive hand on Deadpool’s shoulder, both disappearing in a flash of purple light a second later.

The two reappeared in space, orbiting around the Earth as Deadpool quickly began having a seizure as he attempted to reach for the teleporter at his belt. The Merc finally became still as he fell into the Earth’s atmosphere.

“That solves that problem,” Apocalypse proudly said into the vacuum as he dusted off his hands.

A green orb of mass appeared before him, stretching and lashing out in all directions until it reformed back into Shuma-Gorath.

“We shall continue our fight then?” Shuma suggested.

“I can’t think of a better place to hold the battle that will decide the ruler of this world,” Apocalypse confirmed.

“Then perhaps it’s time to get serious,” Shuma said as his body began rapidly expanding until his massive size ruled over Apocalypse’ frame; the demon’s full form stretching out into the horizon from Earth’s viewpoint.

“You consider this to be problematic?” Apocalypse said as he charged a ball of pure energy in his palms, “This will rob your entire body of its potential and kinetic energy, rendering your mass into nothingness. Prepare yourself for the end demon!”

“I will not let that happen!” Shuma shrieked as his massive tendrils formed into enormous blades and soared into the mutant.

The two collided instantaneously. Neither of the Godly figures moved a molecule for seconds before the ball of energy in Apocalypse’ hand slowly faded and dimmed into nothingness, hundreds of slash marks appearing all over the mutant’s body.

Apocalypse slowly drifted into thousands of pieces as Earth’s gravity pulled the pieces into its atmosphere, consuming them in flames.

Shuma let out a roar of laughter as its tentacles stretched around the planet.

“Evolve as far as you wish dear planet. But you will always belong to me!”
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