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The Pop Culture Showdown Fights

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Author Topic: The Pop Culture Showdown Fights  (Read 861 times)
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Shuma Gorath vs. Alucard


A bright flash appeared at the top of Dracula’s castle, on the balcony that leads to the vampire’s lair. From the flash stepped a tall pale man, with black dyed hair and wearing a modern business suit.

“Who could possibly wish to resurrect my father again?” Alucard muttered as he looked around the resummoned castle, appearing exactly the same as it had almost 300 years ago when Alucard had destroyed it last.

“What mortal would dare interrupt my plans?” A deep gurgling voice uttered from the darkness within Dracula’s chamber. The creature stepped into the light to reveal the tentacled figure of Shuma-Gorath.

“If you think me to be a ‘mere mortal’ then you’re about to be in for a surprise,” Alucard coolly responded as he analyzed his opponent.

“Ah, I sense your cursed blood,” Shuma noticed, “You must be his son! Am I not mistaken Alucard?”

“It’s been almost a hundred years since someone’s addressed me with that name, but you’re right. That’s my father you’re trying to bring back, and I’m afraid I can’t allow you to do that.”

“Ah, but you’re part vampire yourself!” Shuma responded, “You should be helping me, even thanking me for my efforts here! When my plans are complete, your kind shall usher in an era of absolute rule!”

“And how do you intend to do that?” Alucard asked.

“Being the ruler of Mankind is a hobby of mine, but I’m afraid I’ve grown tired of this pitifully weak species that serves me no purpose. But vampires on the other hand, are powerful creatures that can live forever! That is something I can use! Imagine it, an entire planet of such beasts under my command. I’d be all powerful!” Shuma shouted.

“And what of the humans?” Alucard asked simply.

Shuma’s eye glint deviously as he replied, “They will finally serve a purpose. An army must be fed after all.”

“Unacceptable,” Alucard said while drawing his blade, “You will not resurrect my father and such harm will not come to these humans. That is simply that.”

“You honestly think you can defeat me?” Shuma gasped in genuine surprise, “The difference in power between the two of us is beyond your comprehension!”

“Others have said that much to me before,” Alucard smiled as he rushed towards the Lord of Chaos and swung his Crissaegrim into the demon. Shuma cackled as his body turned to liquid, rendering the swipes entirely ineffective.

Multiple razor-sharp tentacles erupted from the puddle and shot into Alucard, who barely had time to block them with his Alucard Shield. The demon slowly reformed from the puddle, appearing far more daunting than before.

“Do you see now how useless it is to fight against me? Give it up! Nothing will work,” Shuma taunted.

“You think all I have is sword and shield?” Alucard asked as he teleported through Shuma’s defenses and slashed into it again, with Shuma simply turning into liquid to dodge his blows. As tentacles were springing from the puddle once again, a Demon Familiar was summoned from the thin air as it charged at the puddle from behind.

“Ice Spear!” The demon shouted as it propelled its spear deep into the puddle of ooze, freezing it over completely and causing the room to fall silent.

A long crack appeared in the puddle, followed by hundreds more, eventually shattering the puddle as Shuma Gorath turned his body back into liquid before reforming, roaring with fury.

“You think it would be that easy to defeat me!?” Shuma shouted, as dozens of his tentacles shot into the son of Dracula. Alucard charged into the demon’s tentacles, allowing himself be impaled by them while wielding a blood red sword, different from before.

Alucard weakly plunged the sword into Shuma, who turned to liquid to dodge the blade while Alucard continued swinging. The demon suddenly felt a burning pain in the liquid around the sword as he realized his soul was being sucked into it.

“The Mourneblade,” Alucard clarified with a smile, “It drains your soul in order to heal my wounds. Meaning the more I’m hurt, the more of your soul it takes,” The half-vampire finished as his wounds from being impaled healed over.

Shuma quickly smashed into Alucard with a massive tentacle, sending him and his sword flying off of him as he weakly got back on his tentacles. The Demon charged a massive ball of energy in front of him before unleashing it on Alucard, who stood in front of the onslaught patiently.

The explosion that followed demolished the lair, sending wood and stone flying for miles and filling the area with a thick cloud of dust.

“You put up an interesting fight vampire,” Shuma muttered, “But my plans cannot be halted by someone as insignificant as-“ but the Demon was interrupted by the outline of Alucard calmly walking towards him through the dust cloud.

“Was that your finishing attack? I’m sorry but I was prepared for something far more powerful,” Alucard taunted as he exited the dust cloud, revealing his business suit that had been torn to shreds, and the yellow armor that was beneath it.

“How?” Was all Shuma was able to stutter.

Alucard pounded on his yellow armor proudly, “The Walk Armor,” he explained, “It raises my defense the more I travel. After exploring about 1 square mile, no mortal can possibly harm me, and I’ve been walking for 300 years.”

Shuma-Gorath angrily threw a razor-sharp tentacle at Alucard, only to have it harmlessly bounce off of the half-vampire. Next several eyeballs flew from the demon’s body and detonated at Alucards feet without even phasing him.

“Give it up,” Alucard shrugged, “You can’t defeat me. How did you put it? ‘The difference in power between the two of us is beyond your comprehension’?” Alucard smirked.

“NO!” Shuma shrieked, “I cannot be defeated so easily! Prepare yourself mortal, for my true might!”

Shuma floated into the air, eventually rising into the heavens themselves as his body quickly began expanding and growing at a rapid rate, filling the horizon in a matter of seconds.

“How do you intend to defeat me now that I’m in this form!?” Shuma boomed as he looked down upon Alucard’s small frame.

Alucard’s response only took one second. From his equipment, Alucard pulled out a watch, an orb, a helmet and a dull blade, placing the four items in front of him and addressing the Demon Lord.

“I intend to defeat you with these,” Alucard simply replied gesturing at the equipment.

Shuma-Gorath let out a roar of laughter that shook the Earth as he looked back down at the son of Dracula, “Very well, we shall see!”

A massive ball of energy the size of Dracula’s castle began charging in front of Shuma as he prepared to fire down upon Alucard when the Half-Vampire swiftly picked up the dull blade before disappearing in a flash of red light.

Alucard reappeared high up in the Earth’s atmosphere, his lack of need for oxygen allowing him to safely stand on top of Shuma-Gorath’s massive form as he struck the dull blade deep into the Demon’s flesh before teleporting back to the balcony where his items lay.

From the balcony, Alucard watched as Shuma began writhing in pain.

“The Stone Sword,” Alucard said while the ball of energy Shuma was charging dissipated, as the Lord of Chaos quickly turned to rock.

“Normally, the effects only last 30 seconds,” Alucard continued as he picked up the watch, “Which isn’t nearly long enough, which is why I brought this,” He motioned to the watch and clicked it.

“That’ll slow down the stone effect, allowing it to last about 3 minutes. Usually, you’d simply stay where you were frozen at for three minutes,” Alucard said as he placed the Dragon Helmet atop his head, “But with your massive body, you’ll be sucked into Earth’s atmosphere. But don’t worry, as a mass, you’re far too big to be completely engulfed in it.”

Suddenly cracks began appearing all over Shuma’s stoned body, spreading until they completely covered the demon.

“Which is why I’m wearing this helmet that will make your body too weak to hold itself together,” Alucard finished as he picked up the orb and used it to summon the Sword Familiar.

The floating sword nodded at Alucard before flying up into the heavens to meet the falling Shuma, splitting into dozens of identical swords along the way. There was a bright flash as the swords made contact, piercing through the Demon’s statue, which stood perfectly intact for a few moments before crumbling apart into smaller pieces that burned up as they entered the atmosphere.

“I’m not entirely sure what you were,” Alucard said to the flaming pieces of rock, “But I know that you will no longer be a threat to the human race.

With that, Alucard disappeared in a bright flash of blood red light while Dracula’s castle collapsed on top of itself.
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