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The Pop Culture Showdown Fights

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Author Topic: The Pop Culture Showdown Fights  (Read 917 times)
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« Reply #30 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:33:39 am »

Samus Aran vs. Shuma Gorath

Round 2 Day 29:

Samus Aran explored the bleak planet that she had set out to explore, her scanners telling her that the entire planet was overflowing with powerful magic energy.
Samus’ scanners suddenly went wild as she strafed away from a shot of magical energy that was sent streaming towards her. The ball creating a massive explosion as it hit the ground behind her. Samus hit the ground with a thump as she looked to the sky to see a tentacled demon completely filling her vision on the horizon as far as she could see.

Shuma-Gorath shrunk until it was close to her size, holding itself up on its tentacles, it screeched in an ancient language before saying, “You have a lot of nerve entering my realm Chozo Warrior. I promise you will not leave alive,”

Samus quickly raised her cannon and fired a Plasma Shot at Shuma, just as he turned his body into a viscous liquid and moved behind her before reforming. The Demon fired another ball of energy into the bounty hunter from a point blank range, creating a massive explosion that forced her into the air.

One of Shuma’s tentacles flew into the air and shape-shifted into a massive hammer that swatted Samus to the ground with enough force to create a crater where she landed.

Samus slowly got to her feet and fired another Plasma Shot at the Demon. Shuma simply re-liquefied, but Samus was ready for him, changing her cannon to it’s Ice Beam, she fired a charged shot at Shuma’s puddle, freezing it solid before launching a missile at it, which caused it to blow and shatter into thousands of pieces.

The pieces of shattered Shuma thawed out and reformed back into the Demon’s normal shape. The blast didn’t kill Shuma, but it had hurt like hell, and Shuma was pissed.

The Demon grew twice its own size and used its tentacles to summon a massive ball of magical energy before it. Shuma released the ball, which took the form of a enormous beam that fired itself at the bounty hunter.

A ring formed around Samus’ cannon which glowed with a blazing blue light before releasing the Zero Laser.

The two beams collided in mid-air, with Samus’ Zero Laser winning out and hitting Shuma-Gorath with its full force, nearly disintegrating every part of his body.

Samus’ suit broke apart, revealing her blue Zero Suit as she took her emergency pistol from its holster and aimed it where Shuma used to be. A small purple mass that managed to survive the blast began growing and spreading until it finally reformed back into Shuma.

Samus fired a charged Paralyzer shot at the demon, but Shuma simply swatted the bolt away with his tentacle. Another tentacle took the form of an axe that slashed into Samus who had barely enough time to dodge the attack, taking a small cut to the side.

Samus realized she didn’t have the defense to fight against her foe and pulled her communicator out of her suit and hit a number of anonymous buttons. The sound of a jet engine filled the battlefield as Samus’ ship appeared on the horizon, its weapons trained on Shuma.

The Chozo Ship opened fire on Shuma, pounding the Chaos Demon with artillery of every type for half a minute before jetting back into orbit. When the ship left, Saumus found herself standing on the edge of a smoking field.

A massive tentacle shot from the smoke and swatted into Samus, sending her flying the ground. A badly damaged Shuma-Gorath emerged from the smoke, bleeding purple ooze from its open wounds.

Two of its tentacles formed into deadly blades and flew into the defenseless hunter.
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« Reply #31 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:34:15 am »

Dizzy vs. Apocalypse

Round 2 Day 30:

The May Ship was bombarded with a series of blasts that blew holes in its hull and caused it to slowly drop from the sky.

Dizzy responded by rushing to the deck of the ship in order to locate the attacker. Looking over the side of the airship, she saw the menacing face of Apocalypse, rushing up to meet the ship head on.

Dizzy’s Angel Wing summoned a massive icicle above the ship and threw it into the oncoming Apocalypse.

Apocalypse charged an energy blast and hit the icicle with it just as it touched him, resulting in an explosion that rocked the injured ship. Apocalypse appeared on the deck of the ship and glared fiercely at Dizzy before firing another energy blast from the palm of his hand.

The blast hit Dizzy full force, knocking her backwards into the ship, creating a twisted wreckage of metal where she hit. Dizzy got to her feet as a small oval appeared from her wings that transformed into a twisted mouth which fired a powerful laser into the mutant.

Apocalypse quickly raised an energy field against the laser to hold it off as Dizzy appeared above him, delivering a powerful kick to the base of his neck that sent him into the wooden flooring of the deck.

Dizzy flew at him with another kick, but Apocalypse simply caught her leg in mid-air and threw her against the rails of the ship that was now quickly losing altitude.

Dizzy summoned a string of explosion that traveled across the ground before crashing into the mutant, causing him to stumble back before catching himself as two more ovals appeared from Dizzy’s wings and fired into the mutant, taking him by surprise and blasting him from the deck of the ship with a red explosion.

When the smoke cleared, the mutant was nowhere in sight. Dizzy looked over the rails where Apocalypse fell off when a massive fist enclosed itself around Dizzy’s entire upper body and pulled her from the airship.

Apocalypse hovered high in the air with Dizzy locked in his grasp as he painfully attempted to squeeze the life out of her, pinning her wings to her back.

A massive worm-like monster with razor sharp teeth appeared in place of Dizzy’s tail and crashed itself into Apocalypse’ abdomen, causing him to reel in pain and release his grip on the Gear. The monster quickly latched its sharp teeth into Apocalypse’ shoulder causing the mutant to scream in pain as Dizzy used her tail fling herself in the air above Apocalypse.

Dizzy’s Angel and Death wings sprouted clearly from her back as they glowed with a brilliant white light, two powerful lasers flying from both of them as they enveloped the distracted Apocalypse, hitting him with full force and ramming him into the ground only to keep going.

Dizzy fell to the ground, landing the fall painfully, but not worse for wear. Apocalypse’ smoking arm appeared on the edge of the crater as the mutant pulled himself from the site of the blast, breathing heavily.

Dizzy quickly got to her feet, charging another blast in her wings, but Apocalypse surrounded her in tight force field that wrapped itself around her, cutting off her air supply and paralyzing her wings.

Apocalypse’ still burning form stood before Dizzy as he coldly crushed the field into a ball before blasting it with a powerful beam of energy, ending the Gear’s existence.

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« Reply #32 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:34:50 am »

Hulk Hogan vs. The Flash

Round 2 Day 31:

Hulk Hogan lifted the defeated Rey Mysterio high above his head tossed him from the ring out into the crowd.

“Is there no one here that can face me?” Hulk shouted as he looked at the other wrestlers at the event, all of whom shied away.

Suddenly a burst of wind followed by a red streak filled the stadium as The Flash ran into the ring opposite Hulk Hogan.

“I’m willing to give it a shot,” The Flash said with a smirk.

“You’re going to regret this Spandex,” Hogan warned as he charged The Speedster, who dodged the blow with ease, quickly running to the other side of the ring.

“Try to keep up puddin’,” The Flash taunted while leaning against the rope with his arms crossed.

Hogan let out a savage scream as he charged The Flash again, who began running past Hulk. But Hogan was ready this time, and quickly raised both of his arms as The Flash ran past, brutally clothes-lining him and sending him painfully to the ground.

Hogan quickly took advantage of the situation and savagely kneed The Flash in the gut with enough form to send him reeling as Hogan lifted him off his feet and threw him onto his knee.

Hulk didn’t to give The Flash enough time to come to his senses and followed up by climbing on top of the corner of the ring and slamming down on the Flash, causing him to spasm briefly.

The Flash recovered and planted his feet into Hogan’s chest, using his speed to send hundreds of kicks into the wrestler in the span of a second, sending Hogan flying against the ropes.

The Flash got to his feet and leaned against the ropes opposite Hogan, cradling his chest and feeling his sore ribs. Hulk tried to think of another way to get The Flash off his feet, but he was too late, The Flash rushed at him with a punch traveling 200 m.p.h. in the abdomen, causing Hogan to crash helplessly into the ropes and back into another of The Flash’s punches, this one hitting him square in the jaw.

Hogan sprawled across the ground as The Flash planted a foot on his back.

“Say ‘Uncle’,” The Flash taunted, as Hogan quickly reached out and grabbed the Flash’s leg and pulled it out from under him, taking him by surprise as he fell over.

Hogan quickly crawled towards The Flash and dropped his elbow into the Speedster’s face, causing a squirt of blood to emerge from his chin.

“That’s it, we’re done here,” The Flash said angrily and he pulled himself to his feet.

The Flash lifted Hogan into the air and spun him around as fast at the speed of light, the wind speeds tearing into the wrestler as The Flash suddenly let go of his grip, sending Hulk flying through the roof of the arena and into the night sky.
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« Reply #33 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:35:25 am »

Scorpion vs. Sho Minamimoto

 Round 2 Day 32:

Scorpion appeared within a vast junkyard, where towers of stereos blared rock music in all directions.

Scorpion stood at the base of a massive pile of garbage that soared hundreds of feet high with a lone figure standing at the top of the mountain of junk.

“Well please excuse my dear Aunt Sally!” Sho shouted through his megaphone from the top of the monument, “What took you so long you stupid hectopascal? I could have spent my time in a decillion better ways,”

A small blade attached to a string shot from Scorpion’s sleeve at Sho, The Reaper smoothly catching the blade in mid-air. Sho pulled the string with all his strength launching Scorpion from the ground and into Sho’s raised foot.

Scorpion disappeared in puff of smoke and reappeared behind Sho, using the momentum to deliver a powerful kick to the back of his head that threw him from his mountain-top into the junkyard below.

Scorpion teleported into the junk basin and scouted the area Sho landed, searching for signs of life when a blast of energy was sent into his back, sending him flying headfirst into a pile of cars that tipped over on top of him.

“Listen Ninja-Punk, you’re out of vector,” Sho taunted as a ball of energy appeared in his hand, “Class is dismissed,” Sho finished as he launched the energy ball into the pile of cars, causing a massive eruption as their gas tanks exploded.

The fires from explosion quickly twisted into a single stream that combined together and flew into Sho, blasting him off his feet and painfully into a wall. Scorpion rose from the wreckage, having suffered nothing more than a few scratches while Sho was covered in burns.

Sho’s six Reaper Wings sprouted from his back before shattering from his own power as his body took on his Leo Cantus form.

“Stupid zero, any lighter can burn garabage, I can torch the frickin’ world,” Sho taunted as he teleported behind Scorpion and sent a powerful kick into his back.

Scorpion teleported in a cloud of smoke, appearing above Sho and once again using his momentum to deliver a powerful strike into the Reaper. But Sho was ready for him, grabbing his arm and twisting Scorpion into the ground before planting his massive foot on top of the Hellspawn, cracking the concrete beneath him.

Scorpion surrounded himself with a powerful flame that burned into Sho’s foot, forcing the Leo Cantus to remove his foot from the heat, but not before punting Scorpion into another pile of garbage.

Scorpion flew from the wreckage, his summoned Ninja Sword in hand as he slashed at Sho who teleported away and released a hail of energy missiles that flew at Scorpion. Scorpion quickly teleported away from the attack and countered by swinging into Sho, who blocked the blade with his powerful forearm.

Scorpion teleported away before Sho had a chance to counter, once again using his built up momentum to send a powerful slash across the Reapers back.

Sho cried out in pain before grabbing the Hell-ninja and hurling him into the ground with enough force for him to bounce upwards, allowing Sho to send a powerful punch into Scorpion’s side that caused him to skid across the concrete ground.

“Brain-dead binomial!” Sho shouted as he felt the gash across his back, “Die radian! LEVEL i FLA-“ was all Sho managed to get out before Scorpion sent a powerful kick into Sho’s gut that that sent him crumpling to the ground.

“Get over here!” Scorpion shouted as he threw his spike that lodged itself into Sho’s chest as he pulled on the string attached to it, sending Sho flying into a roundhouse kick that crashed the Reaper into the ground.

Scorpion pulled off his mask, revealing his flaming skull beneath as Scorpion spewed hellfire from his mouth onto the downed Reaper, the heat of the flames disintegrating the Reaper on contact.
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« Reply #34 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:36:05 am »

Jackie Chan vs. Lucy

Round 2 Day 33:

Jackie Chan stood on the crowded streets of Tokyo when he heard screams of terror coming from down the street. People panicked past Chan from all sides, some covered in blood that wasn’t their own, and some covered in blood that was.

Jackie ran towards the source of the confusion to be confronted by a horrific sight of the dead and mutilated filling the street. Holding back his gag reflex, Jackie found the small form of Lucy standing amidst the carnage.

“Who are you?” Jackie demanded as Lucy simply looked in his direction, “Did you do this? I demand an answer!” Jackie shouted at the girl.

Lucy turned towards Jackie and took a step towards him as a rip suddenly ran across Jackie’s shirt, barely missing the skin as Jackie quickly took a couple steps back from Lucy’s deadly invisible Vectors.

Jackie picked up a small rock and experimentally threw the stone at Lucy only to see it get cut in half and swatted away from the girl by her fast moving vectors 2 meters away from her. Jackie used the test to guess the length of the field and from it, the area he’ll have to avoid.

Lucy took another step towards Jackie who quickly took two steps back and picked up a large staff that he hurled towards the girl. Lucy simply used her lightning fast vectors to catch the pike and throw it back at Jackie while multiplying its force. Jackie barely dodged it as the stick flew past him and shattered through the concrete wall behind him.
Lucy rose from the ground and slowly floated towards Jackie who threw himself through a window into a nearby car mechanic shop to take cover. Jackie quickly pulled a pair of jumper cables from a shelf and kicked over a bucket of soap water, spilling its contents across the floor.

The storefront of the shop tore open as Lucy’s vectors ripped the front to shreds and Lucy touched down on the ground, feeling the soapy water at her feet as she confronted her opponent standing atop a car with its hood up, the jumper cables attached and the engine running. Jackie dropped the cables to the ground as the electricity traveled through the water and into Lucy, delivering a massive shock that almost knocked her out before her vectors managed to lift her off the ground.

While his opponent was stunned, Jackie quickly turned off the car and detached the battery while picking up several wrenches and tools from the ground as Lucy recovered.

Jackie threw the tools with deadly aim at the girl whose vectors cleanly cut through them before they could get anywhere near her. When Chan ran out of tools, he lunged for the battery and hurled it directly at Lucy, who instinctively cut through the massive battery, spilling its acidic contents all over the Diclonius, causing her to scream in pain as the acid worked its magic on her flesh.

The acid hurt, but it wasn’t fatal. Not giving Chan anymore time to react, Lucy charged the martial artist with her vectors spinning wildly, slicing through him before he could think of defending himself.
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« Reply #35 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:36:54 am »

Bruce Lee vs. Deadpool

Round 2 Day 34:

Bruce Lee trained in his dojo, beating his fists against a punching bag while throwing in the occasional kick when a loud explosion blew a hole in the dojo’s wall opposite of him and filled Lee’s view with a temporarily blinding light.

When the dust settled, Lee saw a red and black figure stumble through the smoke as he waved his hand in front of him in order to clear his masked face of the dust.

“Man, they don’t build secret dojo bases in the heart of a volcano surrounded by death-guards like they used to huh?” The figure said as he made his way towards Lee.

Lee pulled half a dozen shurikens from his robe and hurled them with deadly aim into his masked foe, the ninja stars almost completely burying themselves in his flesh as his opponent staggered back.

The masked assassin simply dug the shurikens from his chest and held them against the light.

“Ooooh… Shiny! And they’ve even got a little hole in the middle! These things were made for my Christmas Tree!” Deadpool announced.

Lee was on top of the Mercenary in a second, sending a rib-cracking kick into Deadpools chest that sent him tumbling to the ground. From the ground, Deadpool had a good view of the walls of the dojo that were lined with every martial arts weapon imaginable.

“I think you might be taking your work home with you,” Deadpool chided as he got to his feet.

Bruce took a cautionary step back before asking, “How could you have survived my attacks? Any mortal man would be dead by now!”

“I’m not a mortal then am I?” Deadpool said as his wounds healed before Lee’s eyes.

“What are you?” Lee asked.

Deadpool dropped to the ground and sent a sweeping kick that knocked Lee off his feet and sent him sprawling to the ground as he rolled on top of Lee, his face inches away from his opponent.

“I’m Spiderman,” Deadpool whispered.

Lee kicked Deadpool off of him and ran to a wall holding a wide array of swords, grabbing his personal favorite katana as Deadpool got to his feet.

“Wait, that’s not right! I always get us confused,” Deadpool chuckled, “It’s a funny story actually, one time my own mother-“ was all Deadpool got out before he had to duck a swing from Lee’s sword.

Deadpool immediately unsheathed his duel katanas and blocked a second blow from Lee. Deadpool went on the counter-offensive by sending a powerful hit into Lee that caused him to stumble back a bit as Deadpool entered a ridiculous fighting stance.

“You interrupted my story,” Deadpool seethed, “On my Goldfishes honor, you will pay for that,” Deadpool shouted as he charged towards Lee, sending a flurry of strikes into the martial artist from all sides that Lee struggled to block with his one sword, receiving nicks and scrapes all over his body.

Lee spotted an opening in Deadpool’s offense and quickly launched his knee into the Merc’s abdomen, causing him to stagger back just enough for Lee to swipe into Deadpool diagonally, cutting through Deadpool from shoulder to chest.

The wound healed in a matter of seconds as Deadpool recovered from the blow and sent a quick glare at Lee.

“You really suck at this whole, ‘Kill the badguy’ thing don’t you?” Deadpool taunted.

Lee let out a roar as he launched his sword straight through Deadpool’s heart. Deadpool simply stood there before pulling the sword deeper into himself and lodging it there.

“Well, this has been fun, but I’ve got a 4 o’ clock appointment I have to keep so I’m gonna have to wrap this up. Thanks for the laughs,” Deadpool said as he pulled one of his Uzi’s from his back and unloaded the machine gun into Lee from a point blank range.
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« Reply #36 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:37:27 am »

Darth Vader vs. Luke Cage

Round 2 Day 35:

Luke Cage wandered into the bowels of the Death Star, searching for a starship to return home with before stumbling into a massive lair, a tall man covered in a black suit standing in the middle of the room.

“Who dares to disturb me… during my meditation?” Darth Vader angrily muttered.

“My name’s Luke, now give me a ship or something to get home with before I kick your ass!” Cage shouted in frustration.

“Luke!?” Vader shouted in surprise, “I did not expect you to be here for some time yet my son; you must be powerful in the force indeed.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Luke said in confusion.

“Yes, I cannot even sense your power in the force… In order to hide it from me it must be monumental… Come… let me test your strength,” Vader stated as his lightsaber flew to his hand and sprang to life, filling the room with a red pulsing aura.

“You picked the wrong pissed-off dude to fight with,” Luke shouted as he entered his fighting stance.

“Where is… your lightsaber?” Vader asked.

“Don’t know what that is and I certainly don’t need one!” Cage shouted as he charged into Vader, sending a powerful punch at him.

Vader quickly blocked with his lightsaber, swinging into Cage’s forearm to chop it off. Luke’s arm made contact with the lightsaber and locked in place with it briefly before Cage pulled it back.

“Damn man! What’s that thing made out of!? That hurt!” Cage shouted as he examined his arm for any damage, finding none.

“That’s impossible!” Vader gasped between heavy breaths, “Blocking a lightsaber with flesh! You must be truly great in the force… to attempt such feats,” Vader gaped.

“Whatever,” Cage said as he swung a kick into Vader’s head that sent the Dark Lord of the Sith sprawling to the ground.

“Your lack of tradition is appaling!” Vader roared as he got to his feet and lifted Cage into the air with the Force before slamming him into a wall and grinding him against it until he crashed into a computer terminal.

Through the dust, Vader saw the computer terminal being lifted into the air before flying at Vader. Vader quickly caught it in mid-flight using the Force as Cage used his speed to rush towards him.

“Thanks for handing me a distraction!” Cage bellowed as he delivered an uppercut into Vader’s mask that sent the Sith Lord flying into the air.

“THAT IS ENOUGH!” Vader shouted as he got to feet, “You do not use the traditional lightsaber… and you do not use the force in combat... You are a disgrace to the remnants of the Jedi Order,” Vader announced as he lifted Luke into the air.

“Your punishment for such ignorance… is death,” Vader coldly stated as hurled Luke through the Death Star’s observation window into the vacuum of space as the emergency seal closed behind him.
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« Reply #37 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:38:03 am »

Space Ghost vs. Neo

Round 2 Day 36:

Neo landed roughly in the middle of the streets of New York City, creating a crater where he hit. Stepping from the pit, Neo faced the anomaly he had travelled so far to confront.

Space Ghost was ordering a hotdog from a vendor who didn’t quite speak English when Neo walked up to him behind and tapped him on the shoulder.

“You don’t belong here,” Neo said as Space Ghost turned to face him.

“What are you talking about? I paid for this dog didn’t I? I can at least enjoy it,” Space Ghost said in his defense.

“You know that’s not what I’m talking about,” Neo said coldly taking a step closer towards the officer.

“Oh, you mean that machine I hooked myself up to on that abandoned space ship? Yeah, this place is great isn’t it? It feels just like a real world! It’s a great vacation getaway.”

“Get out before I make you leave,” Neo warned.

“No! I don’t wanna,” Space Ghost said as he folded his arms, closing the matter.

Neo’s fist hit Space Ghost’s face with an incredible amount of force, sending the interstellar officer flying off into the distance.

Neo began walking away from the area when a blast hit him square between the shoulders, knocking him off his feet and painfully throwing him into the concrete. Neo calmly rose to his feet and turned around to see Space Ghost hovering a few feet above the air with his Wrist Band pointing at The One.

“You wanna rumble? Be ready to tumble!” Space Ghost bellowed in an attempt to appear confident.

Neo launched himself from the ground and flew into Space Ghost at the speed of sound, creating a sonic boom followed by a sharp crack as Neo smacked flat against the ground only moments after take-off, having ran straight into an invisible force-field that Space Ghost created directly in front of him.

“That had to hurt,” Space Ghost said simply.

Neo rose to his feet once again, blood trickling from his mouth as he turned to face his foe.

“What are you?” Neo asked.

“I’m just your ordinary super-powered interstellar patrolman and part-time talk show host,” Space Ghost replied, “Now calm down before I have to bust out my Anti-Matter Ray!”

Neo flew underneath Space Ghost’s force field and shot straight up underneath him, dragging the ghostly figure into the air as he slowed his ascent and began flying straight towards the ground, holding Space Ghost beneath him.

A massive explosion erupted as the ground was hit with the force of a small bomb, toppling the nearby skyscrapers of New York. Neo rose from area where he hit, looking for any signs of his opponent’s remains, knowing there probably wouldn’t be any.

“You know, it that had worked, it would have hurt,” Space Ghost stated as he stood on the edge of the crate, “Like… A lot.”

“How?” Neo asked in confusion.

“Teleporter!” Space Ghost announced as he pointed to his wrist band, “Never leave spaceport without one!” The officer finished as he disappeared from view.

“You expect the Teleporter to work twice?” Neo shouted to the air around him, trying to sense Space Ghost within the Matrix code but failing as the intruder wasn’t a natural part of it.

“No… but invisibility does nicely.” Space Ghost chided from the position he disappeared in. A blast emitting from the spot and hitting the unsuspecting One dead on, causing him to become paralyzed.

Neo fought the effects of the Stun Ray as Space Ghost reappeared before him, pressing a number of unlabeled buttons on his wrist band before pointing it at Neo.

“Face it,” Space Ghost chided, “You fought the law. The law won.”

An Anti-Matter Ray shot from the Wrist Band and into Neo, disintegrating every atom in his body simultaneously, leaving a black burn mark where he stood.

“Now where the hell did I put that hotdog…” Space Ghost mumbled as he sought out his victory lunch.
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« Reply #38 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:38:58 am »

Monkey D. Luffy vs. Vampire Hunter D vs. Thor

Round 2 Day 37:

“GUM GUM PISTOL!” Luffy shouted as he sent his rubbery fist flying into D who quickly sidestepped the attack, the rubber fist punching a hole through the wall of the underground cavern.

“Strong arm kid,” D admitted, “But you’re no match for me. Get out of my way before I get annoyed,” the dhampir warned.

“GUM GUM STAMP!” Luffy responded, sending his rubber feet into D’s chest, knocking him painfully against a pillar within the cave.

“So that’s how it’s gonna be then,” D smirked as he drew his longsword from his back and rushed at Luffy head on preparing a powerful slash as Luffy wound up his arm for another blown. Their attacks were interrupted by a bolt of lightning that appeared directly between the two opponents as Thor appeared, floating majestically in the center of the cavern.

“Who dares enter the domain of the God of Thunder! Such disrespect must be punished!” the God bellowed.

A quick glance between Luffy and D was all that was needed for the two to agree with each other. D raised his sword towards Thor in a defensive stance as Luffy launched himself into the air.

“I did,” D calmly said, “You have a problem with that?”

“Watch out,”D’s Left Hand warned, “This guys strong, I’m not even sure of the extent of his power.”

“Gotcha,” D responded as Thor charged a bolt of lightning in his hand and hurled it at the dhampir, D barely dodging the bolt with his vampire reflexes.

“GUM GUM AXE!” Luffy shouted as he brought his leg down on top of the God, his rubbery body making the Thunder God all the more vulnerable to his attacks as Thor was pushed into the floor of the cavern.

Thor responded by hurling another bolt into Luffy, hitting the pirate full force while having no effect.

“You can’t hurt me!” Luffy exclaimed, “Cause I’m a rubber man!”

Thor responded to the claim by slamming Mjolnir into Luffy’s face and sending him crashing through the rock wall of the cavern.

D used his vampiric speed to jump at Thor from behind and deliver a painful slice across the Thunder-God’s back. The slash caused the God to howl in pain before turning and charging a bolt of lightning in his hand when he found his arms and legs wrapped in rubber limbs.

“GUM GUM BELL!” Luffy shouted as his head flew from the hole in the wall on the other side of the cavern he was launched into by Thor, and delivered a powerful headbutt to the back of Thor’s skull that caused the God to fall forward on top of D’s waiting sword, skewering him through the heart.

Thor fell to the ground with a weighted thump as D and Luffy looked over the defeated foe.

“Well that was unusual,” D commented.

“I’ll say!” Luffy shouted.

“Now then, where were we?” D smirked as he pointed his sword back at the Straw Hat Pirate.

“Oh yeah!” Luffy smiled as he readied his arm for a punch, but D was already on top of him, slashing fiercely into the Pirate faster than he could dodge. D finished by using the blunt end of his blade to swing Luffy into the ceiling.

Luffy exploded into a cloud of steam in mid-air as his body took on a pinkish color and landed gracefully on the ground.

“Watch it D, I’m sensing something different about that Straw Hat guy,” Left Hand warned, “He’s suddenly gotten a lot stronger for some reason,”

“Interesting,” D mused.

D launched himself at Luffy as he slashed into the Rubber Man, while Luffy used his amazing speed to seemingly disappear into thin air and reappear behind D, with his fist pulled back.

“GUM GUM GAT-“ but Luffy was cut off when D planted his Left Hand against Luffy’s face.

“You’re good kid,” D admitted, “But like everyone else, you’re just not better, no matter how strong you get,” D finished as Left Hand’s eyes stared into Luffy’s planting a powerful trance that instantly put Luffy to sleep.

“Sweet dreams,” D said as he raised his sword over his unconscious foe.
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« Reply #39 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:39:42 am »

Darth Vader vs. Alucard

Round 3 Day 38:

Alucard lingered sitting calmly at his dining table within his father’s fortress, waiting patiently for the powerful presence that was quickly approaching him. Heavy footsteps along with heavy breathing only served to confirm what his senses told him hours ago.

“You sure took your time getting here,” Alucard said to a closed door at the far end of the hall. The door suddenly blasted itself open as Darth Vader filled its shattered frame. “I hope the minions didn’t give you too much trouble,” Alucard smiled.

“They posed… an interesting threat,” Vader breathed, “But I am here… for you…”

“Come to defeat me in combat?” Alucard asked, “Well that merely reflects your poor decision making skills,” Alucard finished as he drew his sword from his sitting position.

“No… I’ve come to recruit you…” Vader explained, “Come with me… join the Dark Side as my ally… Your strength without The Force… would make you a great assassin.”

“Thanks,” Alucard smiled, “But I’ll pass. So much family business to attend to, I really can’t be bothered with being a henchman. Who would keep the Belmont family on their toes?”

“If you will not join me… then you will face the true power of The Force!” Vader shouted as he hurled a Force Push into the dining table, tearing it to shreds. Just as the Push reached Alucard, the Vampire vanished, appearing to the side of the destroyed table with his blade pointed towards Vader.

“Very, very poor decision making skills,” Alucard commented as he rushed his foe, slamming into Vader with his shoulder, sending the Sith Lord stumbling backwards. The Dark Lord composed himself as he drew his Lightsaber and activated it, filling the room with its red glow.

“Such… a waste…” Vader lamented. The Sith Lord’s Lightsaber swung into Alucard who raised his sword to block the blow, only to find his sword cleanly cut in half. The surprised Alucard ducked the rest of the swing and flew backwards a safe distance.

An army of Medusa Heads appeared around Alucard and quickly flew towards Vader. The Sith Lord calmly sheathed his Saber and aimed both of his hands at the oncoming swarm. Without a moment’s hesitation, the entire Medusa swarm was crushed into debris by a powerful Force Crush, leaving nothing but a bloody mess in the middle of the dining hall.

Vader followed up by raising his hand Alucard and used The Force to lift the vampire into the air.

“Do you see now… the true power of The Force?” Vader shouted as he began crushing Alucard’s throat.

The Vampire suddenly blasted into a shower of mist that flew through the air before reforming behind Darth Vader.

“The Force? Is that what the local clowns are calling their parlor tricks these days? How cute,” Alucard chided as a fireball detonated behind Vader, sending the Lord of the Sith flying forward with his cape in flames.

Vader angrily threw his cloak to the ground as the flames continued eating away it. Drawing his Lightsaber again, Vader charged Alucard who quickly turned to a shower of mist and began floating away, but the Sith Lord was ready, throwing his Lightsaber and using the force to keep it right inside the cloud of mist.

The cloud moved away to dodge the Lightsaber as Vader used The Force to move the Lightsaber along with the cloud.

“It is useless,” Vader laughed, “You can’t reform without getting skewered… You will die once you reform!”

The cloud suddenly reformed into a vampire bat, which reformed higher than where the Saber was swinging.

The bat caught the Lightsaber in its claws as it changed back into Alucard, holding the Saber in his hands.

“You won’t be needing this anymore will you?” Alucard asked as he crushed the Lightsaber in his powerful grip.

Vader gasped in astonishment as Alucard drew Crissagrem.

“I’m sorry you’ve traveled so far only to find you’ve wasted both my time and yours,” Alucard apologized as he pointed his sword at Vader, “But this has been a most sporting bout.”

Alucard suddenly dashed with enough speed to vanish as he sliced into Vader hundreds of times before appearing behind the Sith Lord, sheathing the Crissagrem as Vader fell to the floor in sloppy pieces.

“It’s going to be hell getting the Twins to clean up this mess,” Alucard pined as he left the dining hall to search for better uses of his time, perhaps finding some way of bugging the Belmont family.
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« Reply #40 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:40:13 am »

Apocalypse vs. The Hulk

Round 3 Day 39:

“HULK SMASH!” The voice screamed as it was accompanied by a green fist smashing into Apocalypse’ face at the speed of sound.

“Such impetuousness!” Apocalypse bellowed as he reeled from the blow, sending a bolt of psionic energy into the Hulk that sent the beast stumbling backwards.

The city was quaking with each blow the titans threw at each other as the battle raged on, both opponents showing no signs of tire.

The Hulk leapt into the air and put both of his fists together, bringing them down on top of Apocalypses head and pushing him through several meters of bedrock and sewer system.

Apocalypse countered with a psionic wave that pushed Hulk from the crater and sent the Gamma Monster flying high into the air. Apocalypse teleported above the Hulk in mid-flight and grabbed a hold of his leg, whirling his foe around before releasing his grip, sending the Hulk flying into a skyscraper that quickly collapsed on top of him.

“That should hold him for awhile,” Apocalypse muttered to himself.

A green mass took hold of the mutant from behind as the Hulk used its incredible speed to grab onto the mutant in midair before using his massive weight to slam Apocalypse painfully into the ground.

Hulk sat on top of his mutant foe’s fallen body and began bombarding him with his bestial punches, sending shockwaves through the city with every blow.

“Nothing can stop the Hulk! Hulk strongest!” The green giant yelled as he continued his onslaught.

“Enough!” Apocalypse yelled as another wave of psionic energy pushed the Hulk off of him. Apocalypse got to his feet in the crater of Hulk’s creation as he used his molecular manipulation to remove his wounds.

“You cannot stop me! My strength rivals the Gods them-“ Apocalypse bellowed before the Hulk recovered from the blast and sent another powerful punch into the mutant’s stomach, sending him through a couple of skyscrapers before managing to catch himself in mid-air.

The Hulk flew into Apocalypse with a powerful leap, with his arms ready to deliver their muscular payload when Apocalypse snatched the Hulk out of the air, keeping the beast’s head in his grip. The Mutant channeled energy through his body before blasting it through his arm, sending the full force of the eruption directly into the Hulk’s skull, causing the Gamma Beast to writhe in pain.

Apocalypse raised the Hulk above his head before hurling him into the ground, creating yet another crater.

“You only making Hulk angry!” Hulk shouted as he weakly got to his feet, the signs of his wounds quickly disappearing. The Hulk’s muscles spasmed briefly before doubling in size.

“Don’t worry, I’ll quickly fix that,” Apocalypse said grimly, “You’ll have your peace in Hell.”

The Hulk shouted furiously before running to a nearby skyscraping and ripping it from it’s foundation before tossing the mass of concrete into his foe.

Apocalypse simply teleported behind Hulk and sent a powerful elbow into the back of The Hulk’s neck, causing the beast to crash to the ground.

“I have full control over my body,” Apocalypse bragged, “I can match your muscular growth infinitely,” the mutant finished as his muscles grew in size to match The Hulk’s.

“You can’t beat Hulk’s strength! Hulk strongest!” The beast roared as he quickly got up to deliver a powerful backhand before realizing that his opponent was no longer there.

“Some people never learn,” Apocalypse sighed from behind Hulk as he sent his Energy Empowered Knee to the Hulk’s spine, causing the beast to cry out in pain.

A powerful column of energy crashed down on top of The Hulk from the heavens, devouring him in enough energy to destroy a small country.

The Hulk weakly grunted as the column dispersed, leaving him in a smoking hole in the ground as his flesh slowly began regrowing.

“Hulk… Strongest!” Hulk shouted.

“No,” the mutant said simply, “Apocalypse is,” as another column of energy enveloped The Hulk, finishing the beast off.
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« Reply #41 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:40:46 am »

Space Ghost vs. The Flash

Round 3 Day 40:

Space Ghost strolled through the streets of Metropolis with hotdog in hand as he toured the area.

“You know, I like this city. Fresh air, clear skies, and this delicious completely-not-nutritious hotdog.” Space Ghost chimed as he prepared to take a bite out of the object of his desires.

Suddenly a red-gold blur filled the street as Space Ghost bit flavorlessly into the air. Space Ghost looked along the sidewalk to see similar reactions amongst other citizens who were holding food only moments before. On the opposite side of the street, a man wearing entirely gold-red spandex stood contentedly.

“Stop law-breaker!” Space Ghost shouted at The Flash as he ran across the street, his wrist band pointed at the perpetrator, “Give me back my wiener!”

“Your what?” The Flash asked, his eyes going wide.

“My hotdog damnit! I know you have it,” Space Ghost proclaimed, his wrist band pointing threateningly at the fastest man alive.

“Oh thank God,” The Flash said in relief, “I thought you were talking about, er… nevermind. Anyway, I can’t give it back. I already ate it, that’s the drawback to a hyper-fast metabolism,”

Space Ghost’s eyes narrowed with the pure hatred of a cop deprived of his lunch as he prepared his wrist band, “Then prepare to be prosecuted to the fullest and most ridiculous extent of the law!”

The wrist band glowed briefly before releasing a deadly ray that blasted a decent sized hole in the building.

“Wow,” The Flash said as he leaned on the building’s wall a couple feet away, “Don’t you think this is going a little far?”

“Nah, killing someone over a stolen hotdog is like, five minutes of paperwork tops,” Space Ghost assured as another blast was fired at the Speedster.

The Flash cleanly ducked the blast as he threw his fist into Space Ghost, sending the Officer tumbling through the air before he managed to catch himself mid-flight.

“That’s assaulting an Officer!” Space Ghost shouted as he cast an accusing finger.

“Aren’t you already gonna kill me?” The Flash defended.

“Good point!” A quick volley of blasts flew at the Flash as he dodged the oncoming fire with ease before picking up a rock and hurling it at the airborne Space Ghost, causing him to tumble to the ground.

“Face it! You can’t hit me ‘cause I’m the fastest thing alive! Blue Hedgehog’s got nothin’ on me despite popular belief,” The Flash bragged.

“Oh yeah?” Space Ghost said as he got to his feet, “Well now you see me, now you don’t!” Space Ghost said as he disappeared from view. The Flash glanced around in all directions as he looked for his opponent. His search was interrupted by a blast that hit him square in the back, causing him to fall forward.

“Up here scumbag!” Space Ghost shouted from the top of a nearby building. The Flash quickly got to his feet and ran through the building to the roof in seconds flat. Reaching the top to see Space Ghost on the roof of the building on the opposite side of the street.

“No? Must be over here then!” Space Ghost shouted, giving The Flash a wave. The Flash quickly ran over to the other roof, only to once again find Space Ghost nowhere in sight.

“Where are you now!?” The Flash shouted in annoyance.

“Still here,” Space Ghost whispered from behind as he delivered a blast point-blank to the back of The Flash’s head, causing the Speedster to fall to the floor as Space Ghost deactivated his invisibility.

“Ugh! Can’t… move…” The Flash grunted.

“That’s because of the Kinetic Energy Force Field I covered your sorry ass with you villainous nave!” Space Ghost bragged, trying to use impressive words.

Space Ghost armed his Anti-Matter Ray and aimed it at the entrapped Flash, firing the final shot that ended the hero.

“But alas,” Space Ghost pined, “Though avenged, my hotdog was still lost. I may never again come across such a delicious sight as- hold on, is that a pretzel vendor?”

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« Reply #42 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:41:20 am »

Vampire Hunter D vs. Scorpion

Round 3 Day 41:

The caves sprawled for miles beneath the Earth’s surface, D traveling constantly downwards deeper into the planet’s abyss before finally reaching a dead end.

“Well that’s a bit anticlimactic isn’t it?” A voice murmured nonchalantly.

D examined the dead end closely, finding it to be nothing more than solid bedrock before he was satisfied and turned to leave. The ground beneath his feet crumbled as he fell into a pit-trap falling far enough to kill any mortal man.

D landed harmlessly utilizing his dhampiric grace, barely straining a muscle from the fall as he quickly observed his environment. The world around him appeared to be in the pits of Hell, with lava flowing around the small rocky island he stood on.

From the lava rose a single man clad in black and yellow who jumped from the lava’s surface onto the island, facing D in a battle position, his invitation clear.

“Careful D,” A voice muttered, “This guy is definitely not human. I can sense extreme hatred coming from the remnants of his soul.”

D clenched his left hand into a fist as he drew his sword and pointed it at Scorpion.

“Ready when you are,” D said smoothly.

Scorpion launched himself at the dhampir, sending a powerful flying kick that D barely dodged before hitting the Hellspawn in the kidney with the side of his blade. Scorpion hit the ground and made a sweeping kick, knocking D’s leg out from under him as he followed up by stabbing a kunai at the dhampir’s throat, only to find D blocking the blade with his sword.

D smoothly kicked the ninja off of him before calmly getting to his feet, dusting himself off.

Scorpion flew at his opponent again, sending a low punch that D blocked with his sword’s side as he kicked the Hellspawn away from him and batted the ninja’s head with his sword’s blunt edge.

The two opponent’s stood facing each other on their opposing ends of the small island, D finally breaking the silence.

“I’ll start fighting seriously if you’re prepared to fight seriously.”

Scorpion gave a respectful bow in response as he drew his katana.

D swung at his opponent, his blade ready as Scorpion entered a defensive stance, only to disappear just before the blades struck. D turned around just in time to block Scorpion’s strike from behind as the ninja sent another Kunai attached to a rope flying at the dhampir.

“Get over here!” Scorpion shouted as D calmly sidestepped the flying kunai and severed the rope attached to it with his sword.

“We’re getting there,” D commented, “But I know you’re still holding back. Don’t.”

Scorpion struck from above as he launched a powerful kick downwards on top of D who caught the Hellspawn’s foot on the side of his blade before catapulting the ninja into the river of lava flowing around the rock.

“Consider it punishment for not recognizing my skill,” D told his engulfed opponent.

A stream of fire blasted from the river and dove for D, who barely rolled away from it before another launched itself at the dhampir, forcing him to jump away from the stream and losing ground on the rocky island.

Scorpion rose on a column of fire as his arms surrounded themselves in flames. The Hellspawn pointed both of his arms at D before releasing the blazing streams.

“Impressive,” D noted as he removed the glove on his Left Hand, revealing the face beneath it, “But overall ineffective.”

D struck his Left Hand out against the streams, which absorbed both into the face’s mouth and fed D the stream’s power.

“Looks like you simply can’t be trusted to play with fire,” D said as he stuck his Left Hand into the river of lava, absorbing the intense heat from it as the river turned to rock for miles.

Scorpion launched a last desperate attack and teleported behind D, punching him in the back with the fist that killed the Dragon King the moment D’s blade came to the Hellspawn’s neck. Scorpion looked down to see that D had completely sidestepped the punch.

“Finally get serious huh?” D asked, “Too be honest, I’m not that impressed.”

D’s blade cut through the Hellspawn’s neck, separating the head from the body as the ninja slumped to the ground.
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« Reply #43 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:42:16 am »

Omega Rugal vs. Deadpool

Round 3, Day 42:

Rugal stood waiting in his fortress for the powerful presence he sensed coming towards him.

“Why has my palace been so busy as of late? It’s not like killing unworthy challengers is something I signed up for…” Rugal sighed as he waited, “Maybe it’s time I put a sign out front or something.”

A vent smashed out from the ceiling as Deadpool dropped to the ground quickly looking around the impressive chamber.

“Hey! How’d you get everything so damn shiny?” Deadpool asked.

“By covering everything with solid gold. Now who may I ask are you?”

“Just your perfectly normal psychotic bounty hunter. And boy do you have a pretty penny on your head.” Deadpool announced, “Though I think someone may be ripping me off. Never taken a job for a penny before…”

“Another bounty hunter? Like lambs to the slaughter, they keep coming,” Rugal pined.

Rugal jumped away as a rocket slammed into the area he was standing moments ago, detonating in a fiery explosion.

Deadpool dropped the smoking rocket launcher to the ground as he pulled out two Uzis from behind his back, “Oh yeah!? Well this lambs got fleece!” Deadpool shouted back as he sprayed the bullets into the God.

Rugal quickly dodged the hail of fire as he sent a Reppuken rolling across the floor into the mercenary.

“You know, I’m not even sure what that means,” Rugal admitted.

Deadpool quickly teleported behind Bernstein to dodge the energy wave as he put a combat knife to the God’s throat.

“It means,” Deadpool seethed, “That I’m fluffy.”

Bernstein reached behind his back and grabbed Deadpool by the head as he swiftly threw the mercenary over himself and into a wall.

The Merc painfully scraped himself from the wall as he pulled a small ball from his belt.

“Do you know what this is?” Deadpool asked, holding the ball up.

“A smoke bomb?” Rugal guessed in a bored tone.

“Aha! That’s exactly what I knew you’d think it was cause it is!” Deadpool shouted in glee as he threw the smoke bomb to the ground, detonating it in a cloud of smoke.

“I’m not quite sure how to respond to that,” Bernstein admitted as he held out his hand and instantly snatched a teleporting Deadpool out of thin air, his neck in his grasp.

“This has been fun, but I’m afraid your life’s over,” Rugal sighed as the air around the two began glowing with yellow energy.

“Gigantic Pressu-“ Was all Rugal was able to get out before the grenade dropped at their feet detonated, creating a massive explosion that blasted the two apart as a column of blazing yellow energy blasted down from the heavens onto the spot the two were standing on moments before.

Deadpool’s healing factor quickly recovered his wounds from the explosion as he got to his feet and drew his dual katana and faced Rugal.

Rugal calmly got to his feet, hiding the pain of the shrapnel wounds that covered his body.

“An interesting attack,” Bernstein admitted, “I didn’t even see you drop that grenade. I was too caught up in my own offensive; I didn’t expect you to react to it offensively,”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t rely on trying to read my attacks in a fight. Mostly cause I can’t read myself.” Deadpool retorted.

Bernstein nodded before jumping high into the air, raining dozens of Kaiser Waves down on top of Deadpool and creating a cloud of dust, before turning around in mid-air and sending a powerful Genocide Cutter into the air where he predicted Deadpool would teleport to.

The Cutter hit nothing as Rugal landed on the ground and looked around for where Deadpool teleported to.

Two swords skewered through Rugal’s chest as he gasped in surprise. Rugal turned to see Deadpool standing behind him, his wounds still recovering from the Kaiser Waves.

“Heh, you never teleported at all,” Rugal cackled, “You took ever single wave I threw at you in order to gain the element of surprise. Well played.”

Deadpool removed his swords from Rugal before swiping them at Bernstein’s neck, ending the God’s life.
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« Reply #44 on: 25 July, 2009, 02:42:51 am »

Lucy vs. Shuma Gorath

Round 3 Day 43:

A green liquid oozed into the street from the gutters, sensing a disturbance in the chaos within the city streets. The Ooze combined into the form of Shuma-Gorath.

A crowd of frightened humans ran from the end of the street screaming and waving their arms in all directions before finally laying eyes on the demon in front of them and being temporarily stunned by the thought of being trapped between two horrifying sights before finally deciding to scatter in all directions.

Shuma slid in the direction of the body parts that were sent flying in all directions to catch the site of a young woman in the middle of the carnage.

Lucy finished cutting a man into pieces with her vectors before turning her attention to Shuma-Gorath.

“Leave demon, I have no qualm with you. It is merely these humans that I wish to slaughter.” Lucy said calmly as she continued tearing the surrounding environment to pieces.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that,” Shuma echoed, “When it comes to chaos and destruction against mankind, you are entering my realm little girl.”

Lucy shot a glare at Shuma before quickly sending one of her vectors at the demon. Shuma detected the vector with his magic and quickly moved out of its range before sending a large ball of energy into the Diclonius. Lucy swiftly caught the sphere with one of her vectors before sending it flying harmlessly off into the distance.

“I see you are no normal human opponent,” Shuma noticed.

“People who underestimate me have a nasty habit of losing vital body parts.” Lucy shot back.

“What’s funny is that a truly worthy opponent would be able to clearly see the difference in our level of power and opt not to fight at all. Battle me and you will be crushed,” Shuma warned.

“I was just about to say the same thing!” Lucy shouted as she shot at Shuma in an attempt to engulf the demon into her two-meter radius. The Diclonius quickly caught Shuma with three of her vectors, pulling him further into her radius.

A fourth vector came up on the caught demon almost cutting him in half when Shuma suddenly turned into a pool of liquid, the vectors losing grip on him as he slid across the ground outside of her radius before reforming.

“As entertaining as you have been,” Shuma chided, “I am a very busy overlord with lots of work to do before the end of eternity.”

A massive ball of energy enveloped before Shuma and shot towards Lucy, engulfing her in the flaming ball. Lucy’s vectors managed to keep the energy from entering the radius, but they could not stop the heat, which fried Lucy within seconds.

When the ball dissipated, nothing was left of the Diclonius but ash.

“No matter how far humans evolve,” Shuma roared, “I will always rule them.”
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