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01 December, 2021, 09:17:54 pm
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The Pluses, the Minuses, and the Lulz

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Author Topic: The Pluses, the Minuses, and the Lulz  (Read 1862 times)
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« Reply #105 on: 22 October, 2009, 03:40:47 pm »

Well, if something is going to attack you, given the number of round these spells last at your level, someone isn't doing his (only) job. Plus, if you've casted both of these spells, you may end up useless 10 minutes later because you have no other spell ready.

About the different damage type, know that fire is the most resisted type of all, while few are weak to it.
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« Reply #106 on: 22 October, 2009, 03:42:05 pm »

Level 7, I'm joining an existing campaign...

Ah, ok.

In that case, acid or sonic orb?
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« Reply #107 on: 22 October, 2009, 03:45:07 pm »

Also, animate rope looked useful.
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« Reply #108 on: 22 October, 2009, 03:48:59 pm »

I would say sonic. It has better impact on most objects and it's neglected by most.

And if you're level 7, disregard everything I said about polyvalence, you're already a god.

If you really really want to **** your GM, google "pun pun" (warning : reading this will break every almightiness rules known so far, even the CoS ones.)
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I'm: Hawk
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« Reply #109 on: 22 October, 2009, 03:53:07 pm »

I'll take sonic instead of fire then, but what for my last 1st level spell? I'm likely to be underground a fair bit, but not always.

Also, for finding out what a magic item is, can only Identify do the job?
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Back as soon as I CAN SEE IT, CAN'T SEE 3D!

« Reply #110 on: 22 October, 2009, 03:59:31 pm »

It's enough, but if you know what you're doing, just trying the item out will do. History, knowledge and other skills an help, some spells can read an Item, backstory but it's costly as far as I remember.

Underground? Hmm... Open is a 1st level spell if I recall correctly. You're bound to find a locked door from some Drow at your level.

Animate rope is fun, but not really useful if you have enough rank in the revelant skill.

And try to complete your group, they will repay you for this!

Going to bed, bye!
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I'm: Hawk
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« Reply #111 on: 22 October, 2009, 04:02:28 pm »

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I'm: Hawk
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« Reply #112 on: 23 October, 2009, 02:45:52 pm »

Can I bounce a list of spells I want off you, then?
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« Reply #113 on: 23 October, 2009, 02:58:30 pm »

Sure, why not? I'm not the greatest expert (I tend to play Fighter/Rogue/Sorcerer/Psionics), but I may be of some help, yes.
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I'm: Hawk
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« Reply #114 on: 23 October, 2009, 03:00:32 pm »

'k. I'll show you my (incomplete) list of what I want.
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« Reply #115 on: 23 October, 2009, 03:30:22 pm »

Abjur Resistance: Subject gains +1 on saving throws.
Conj Acid Splash: Orb deals 1d3 acid damage.
Div Detect Poison: Detects poison in one creature or small
Detect Magic: Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.
Read Magic: Read scrolls and spellbooks.
Ench Daze: Humanoid creature of 4 HD or less loses next action.
Evoc Dancing Lights: Creates torches or other lights.
Flare: Dazzles one creature (–1 on attack rolls).
Light: Object shines like a torch.
Ray of Frost: Ray deals 1d3 cold damage.
Illus Ghost Sound: Figment sounds.
Necro Disrupt Undead: Deals 1d6 damage to one undead.
Touch of Fatigue: Touch attack fatigues target.
Trans Mage Hand: 5-pound telekinesis.
Mending: Makes minor repairs on an object.
Message: Whispered conversation at distance.
Open/Close: Opens or closes small or light things.
Univ Arcane Mark: Inscribes a personal rune (visible or invisible).
Prestidigitation: Performs minor tricks.
Conj Caltrops: Creates caltrops in 5-ft.-by-5-ft. square, +
5-ft. square/2 levels beyond 1st (max 5).
Evoc Electric Jolt: Ranged touch attack deals 1d3
electricity damage.
Sonic Snap: Subject takes 1 point of sonic damage
and is deafened 1 round.
Illus Silent Portal: Negates sound from door or
Trans Amanuensis: Copy nonmagical text.
Launch Bolt: Launches a crossbow bolt up to 80 ft.
Launch Item: Hurls Fine item up to Medium
Repair Minor Damage: Repairs 1 point of
damage to any construct.
Stick: Glues an object weighing 5 pounds or less to
another object.

Abjur Alarm: Wards an area for 2 hours/level.
Endure Elements: Exist comfortably in hot or cold environments.
Hold Portal: Holds door shut.
Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/Law: +2 to AC and
saves, counter mind control, hedge out elementals and
Shield: Invisible disc gives +4 to AC, blocks magic missiles.
Conj Grease: Makes 10-ft. square or one object slippery.
Mage Armor: Gives subject +4 armor bonus.
Mount: Summons riding horse for 2 hours/level.
Obscuring Mist: Fog surrounds you.
Summon Monster I: Calls extraplanar creature to fight for
Unseen Servant: Invisible force obeys your commands.
Div Comprehend Languages: You understand all spoken and
written languages.
Detect Secret Doors: Reveals hidden doors within 60 ft.
Detect Undead: Reveals undead within 60 ft.
Identify M: Determines properties of magic item.
True Strike: +20 on your next attack roll.
Ench Charm Person: Makes one person your friend.
Hypnotism: Fascinates 2d4 HD of creatures.
Sleep: Puts 4 HD of creatures into magical slumber.
Evoc Burning Hands: 1d4/level fire damage (max 5d4).
Magic Missile: 1d4+1 damage; +1 missile per two levels
above 1st (max 5).

Shocking Grasp: Touch delivers 1d6/level electricity
damage (max 5d6).
Tenser’s Floating Disk: Creates 3-ft.-diameter horizontal
disk that holds 100 lb./level.
Illus Color Spray: Knocks unconscious, blinds, and/or stuns 1d6
weak creatures.
Disguise Self: Changes your appearance.
Nystul’s Magic Aura: Alters object’s magic aura.
Silent Image: Creates minor illusion of your design.
Ventriloquism: Throws voice for 1 min./level.
Necro Cause Fear: One creature of 5 HD or less flees for 1d4
Chill Touch: One touch/level deals 1d6 damage and
possibly 1 Str damage.
Ray of Enfeeblement: Ray deals 1d6 +1 per two levels Str
Trans Animate Rope: Makes a rope move at your command.
Enlarge Person: Humanoid creature doubles in size.
Erase: Mundane or magical writing vanishes.
Expeditious Retreat: Your speed increases by 30 ft.
Feather Fall: Objects or creatures fall slowly.
Jump: Subject gets bonus on Jump checks.
Magic Weapon: Weapon gains +1 bonus.
Reduce Person: Humanoid creature halves in size.
Abjur Dispel Ward: As dispel magic, but affects only wards.
Ectoplasmic Armor: Gain armor bonus against
incorporeal touch attacks.
Ironguts: Subject gains +5 bonus on saving throws
against poison.
Nightshield: You gain resistance bonus on saves,
and spell absorbs magic missile damage.
Resist Planar Alignment: Subject can resist
penalties for being of an opposed alignment on
an aligned Outer Plane.
Conj Benign Transposition: Two willing subjects
switch places.
Blades of Fire: Your melee weapons deal +1d8 fire
damage for 1 round.
Buzzing Bee: Bee gives subject –10 penalty on
Move Silently and hinders Concentration
Corrosive Grasp: 1 touch/level deals 1d8 acid
Deep Breath: Your lungs are filled with air.
Hail of StoneM: Stones deal 1d4 points of damage/
level to creatures in the area (max 5d4).
Orb of Acid, Lesser: Ranged touch attack deals
1d8 acid damage + 1d8/2 levels beyond 1st
(max 5d8).
Orb of Cold, Lesser: Ranged touch attack deals
1d8 cold damage + 1d8/2 levels beyond 1st
(max 5d8).
Orb of Electricity, Lesser: Ranged touch attack
deals 1d8 electricity damage + 1d8/2 levels
beyond 1st (max 5d8).

Orb of Fire, Lesser: Ranged touch attack deals
1d8 fire damage + 1d8/2 levels beyond 1st
(max 5d8).
Orb of Sound, Lesser: Ranged touch attack deals
1d6 sonic damage + 1d6/2 levels beyond 1st
(max 5d6).

Summon Undead I: Summons undead to fight for
Wall of Smoke: Wall of black smoke obscures
vision and nauseates those who pass through.
Div Appraising Touch: Gain +10 bonus on Appraise
Arrow Mind: You threaten nearby squares with
your bow and fire without provoking attacks of
Critical Strike: For 1 round you gain +1d6
damage, doubled threat range, and +4 on attack
rolls to confirm critical threats.
Golem Strike: You can sneak attack constructs for
1 round.
Guided Shot: You ignore distance, cover,
concealment penalties with your ranged attacks
for 1 round.
Insightful Feint: Gain +10 on your next Bluff
check to feint in combat.
Instant Locksmith: Make Disable Device or
Open Lock check at +2 as free action.
Instant Search: Make Search check at +2 as free
Master’s Touch: You gain proficiency in a weapon
or shield touched for 1 minute/level.
Sniper’s Shot: No range limit on next ranged
sneak attack.
Spontaneous Search: Instantly Search area as if
having taken 10.
Targeting Ray: You and allies are +1 to hit/3 levels
against subject.
Ench Distract: Subjects take –4 on Concentration,
Listen, Search, and Spot.
Distract Assailant: One creature is flat-footed for
1 round.
Incite: Subjects can’t ready actions or delay.
Inhibit: Subject delays until next round.
Shock and Awe: Flat-footed creatures get –10 on
Evoc Blood Wind: Subject uses natural weapons at range.
Guiding Light: +2 on ranged attacks against
creatures in illuminated area.
Ice Dagger: Grenadelike weapon deals subject
1d4/level cold damage, plus area damage.
Light of Lunia: You radiate silvery light, which
you can expend as 2 bolts that deal 1d6 damage.
Luminous Gaze: Your eyes emit light, dazzle
Persistent Blade: Blade of force attacks subject,
automatically flanks.
Ray of Flame: Ray deals 1d6/2 levels fire damage,
ignites subject.
Sonic Blast: Subject takes 1d4/2 levels sonic
damage plus deafness.
Thunderhead: Small lightning bolts deal 1
Illus Dead End: Removes spoor of one creature/level.
Net of Shadows: Ordinary shadows that provide
concealment to all in the area.
Serene Visage: Gain insight bonus on Bluff
checks equal to half your level.
Necro Backbiter: Weapon strikes wielder.
Spirit Worm: Subject takes 1 point Con damage
every round for 1 round/level.
Trans Accelerated Movement: Balance, Climb, or Move
Silently at normal speed with no penalty on
skill check.
Babau Slime: Secrete a body-covering acid that
damages attacking foes.
Breath Flare: Your breath weapon dazzles subjects.
Cheat: Caster rerolls when determining the
success of a game of chance.
Cutting Hand: Your hand gains a +2 enhancement
bonus and deals 1d6 damage.
Ebon Eyes: Subject can see through magical

Expeditious Retreat, Swift: Your speed increases
by 30 ft. for 1 round.
Fist of Stone: Gain +6 Str and natural slam attack.
Horrible Taste: Touched creature or object
nauseates biting or swallowing foes.
Low-Light Vision: See twice as far as a human in
poor illumination.
Mage Hand, Greater: As mage hand, but medium
range and up to 40 lb.
Nerveskitter: Subject gains +5 bonus on initiative
Portal Beacon: You grant others knowledge of a
magic portal’s location.
Raging Flame: Fires burn twice as hot, half as
Ray of Clumsiness: Victim takes 1d6 Dexterity
penalty +1/2 levels.
Remove Scent: Hides touched creature’s scent.
Repair Light Damage: Repairs 1d8 damage +1/
level (max +5) to any construct.
Scatterspray: Group of small objects flies apart in
a burst.
Shieldbearer: Shield floats near subject to offer
Slide: Move subject 5 feet.
Slow Burn: Fires burn twice as long.
Spell Flower: Hold the charge on one touch spell
per forelimb.
Weapon Shift: Touched weapon changes form.
Wings of the Sea: +30 ft. to subject’s swim speed.
Univ Familiar Pocket: Garment or container becomes
extradimensional safe haven for your familiar.

Abjur Arcane Lock M: Magically locks a portal or chest.
Obscure Object: Masks object against scrying.
Protection from Arrows: Subject immune to most ranged
Resist Energy: Ignores first 10 (or more) points of
damage/attack from specified energy type.
Conj Fog Cloud: Fog obscures vision.
Glitterdust: Blinds creatures, outlines invisible creatures.
Melf’s Acid Arrow: Ranged touch attack; 2d4 damage for 1
round +1 round/three levels.
Summon Monster II: Calls extraplanar creature to fight
for you.
Summon Swarm: Summons swarm of bats, rats, or spiders.
Web: Fills 20-ft.-radius spread with sticky spiderwebs.
Div Detect Thoughts: Allows “listening” to surface thoughts.
Locate Object: Senses direction toward object (specific or
See Invisibility: Reveals invisible creatures or objects.
Ench Daze Monster: Living creature of 6 HD or less loses next
Tasha’s Hideous Laughter: Subject loses actions for 1

Touch of Idiocy: Subject takes 1d6 points of Int, Wis, and
Cha damage.
Evoc Continual Flame M: Makes a permanent, heatless torch.
Darkness: 20-ft. radius of supernatural shadow.
Flaming Sphere: Creates rolling ball of fire, 2d6 damage,
lasts 1 round/level.
Gust of Wind: Blows away or knocks down smaller creatures.
Scorching Ray: Ranged touch attack deals 4d6 fire damage,
+1 ray/four levels (max 3).
Shatter: Sonic vibration damages objects or crystalline
Illus Blur: Attacks miss subject 20% of the time.
Hypnotic Pattern: Fascinates (2d4 + level) HD of creatures.
Invisibility: Subject is invisible for 1 min./level or until it
Leomund’s Trap M: Makes item seem trapped.
Magic Mouth M: Speaks once when triggered.
Minor Image: As silent image, plus some sound.
Mirror Image: Creates decoy duplicates of you (1d4 +1 per
three levels, max 8).

Misdirection: Misleads divinations for one creature or
Necro Blindness/Deafness: Makes subject blinded or deafened.
Command Undead: Undead creature obeys your commands.
False Life: Gain 1d10 temporary hp +1/level (max +10).
Ghoul Touch: Paralyzes one subject, which exudes stench
that makes those nearby sickened.
Scare: Panics creatures of less than 6 HD.
Spectral Hand: Creates disembodied glowing hand to
deliver touch attacks.
Trans Alter Self: Assume form of a similar creature.
Bear’s Endurance: Subject gains +4 to Con for 1 min./level.
Bull’s Strength: Subject gains +4 to Str for 1 min./level.
Cat’s Grace: Subject gains +4 to Dex for 1 min./level.
Darkvision: See 60 ft. in total darkness.
Eagle’s Splendor: Subject gains +4 to Cha for 1 min./level.
Fox’s Cunning: Subject gains +4 Int for 1 min./level.
Knock: Opens locked or magically sealed door.
Levitate: Subject moves up and down at your direction.
Owl’s Wisdom: Subject gains +4 to Wis for 1 min./level.
Pyrotechnics: Turns fire into blinding light or choking
Rope Trick: As many as eight creatures hide in extradimensional

Spider Climb: Grants ability to walk on walls and ceilings.
Whispering Wind: Sends a short message 1 mile/level.
Abjur Aiming at the Target: +10 bonus on
Concentration checks for previously cast spell.
Alarm, GreaterF: As alarm, and it works on
coexistent planes.
Daggerspell Stance: You gain +2 insight bonus on
attack rolls and damage rolls if you make a full
attack, SR 5 + caster level if you fight defensively,
and DR 5/magic if you use the total defense
Dissonant Chant: Concentration checks more
difficult within area of spell.
Distracting Ray: Ray forces spellcaster to make
Concentration check.
Earth LockM: Constricts tunnel, preventing
Ectoplasmic Feedback: Incorporeal attackers
take 1d6 damage + 1/level.
Portal Alarm: You are alerted when a creature
passes through a warded portal.
Scintillating Scales: Your natural armor bonus
turns into a deflection bonus.
Conj Baleful Transposition: Two subjects switch

Cloud of Bewilderment: Generates a nauseating
10-ft. cube.
Create Magic TattooM: Subject receives a magic
tattoo with various effects.
Ice Knife: Magical shard of ice deals 2d8 cold
damage plus 2 Dex damage, or deals 1d8 cold
damage in 10-ft.-radius burst.
Inky Cloud: Obscures sight underwater beyond
5 ft.
Malevolent Miasma: Cloud of fog deals 1d4
nonlethal damage/level.
Summon Undead II: Summons undead to fight
for you.
Div Balancing Lorecall: You gain a +4 bonus on
Balance checks and can balance on difficult
surfaces if you have 5 or more ranks in Balance.
Chain of Eyes: See through other creatures’ eyes.
Discern ShapechangerM: Penetrates disguises
and identifies shapechanging creatures.
Marked Object: You gain bonus to track a specific
Ench Entice Gift: Subject gives caster what it’s holding.
Mechanus Mind: Reformat subject’s mind to be
coldly calculating.
Mindless Rage: Subject compelled to attack you
physically for 1 round/level.
Ray of Stupidity: Victim takes 1d4+1 Intelligence
Rebuke: Subject is dazed 1 round, then shaken.
Sting Ray: Subject of ray can take only standard
or move action, has –2 AC, and must make
Concentration checks to cast spells.
Evoc Battering Ram: Deals 1d6 damage plus bull rush.
Blast of Force: Attack deals 1d6 damage/2 levels
(max 5d6).
Burning Sword: Weapon gains flaming burst
special ability.
Combust: Subject takes 1d8/level fire damage and
might catch fire.
Electric Loop: Deals 1d6/2 levels electricity
damage plus stunning to a single creature.
Ethereal Chamber: You entrap an ethereal subject
in a chamber of force.
Fireburst: Creatures within 10 feet take 1d8/level
fire damage.
Flame Dagger: Beam of fire deals 1d4 damage +1/
Force LadderF: Creates an immobile ladder of force.
Frost Breath: Icy breath deals 1d4 damage/2 levels.
Light of Mercuria: You radiate golden light,
which you can expend as 2 bolts that deal 1d6
damage, 2d6 against undead and evil outsiders.
Rainbow BeamF: Ray dazzles and deals 1d12
damage/3 levels of random type.
Ray of Ice: Ray deals 1d6 cold damage/2 levels.
Scorch: Jet of flame deals 1d8/2 levels (max 5d8).
Slapping Hand: Hand makes creature provoke
attacks of opportunity.
Snowball Swarm: Snowballs deal 2d6 points of
cold damage in 10-ft. burst.
Veil of Shadow: Darkness grants you
Illus Bladeweave: Your melee attack dazes your
Cloak Pool: Hide a color pool on the Astral Plane
from view.
Dark Way: Creates temporary unbreakable bridge
supporting up to 200 lb./level.
Delusions of Grandeur: Subject thinks it is better
than it is.
Discolor Pool: Change the color of a color pool on
the Astral Plane.
Disguise Undead: Change appearance of one
corporeal undead.
Phantasmal Assailants: Nightmare creatures
strike subject for 8 Wis damage, 8 Dex damage.
Phantom FoeM: Subject is always flanked by one
Reflective Disguise: Viewers see you as their own
species and gender.
Shadow Mask: Grants +4 on saves against light
spells, protection from gaze attacks.
Shadow Radiance: Area filled with intense light
that grows brighter.
Shadow Spray: Deals 4 points of Str damage and
Wall of Gloom: Shadow barrier obscures vision.
Necro BonefiddleF: Spectral fiddle bow deals 3d6

Curse of Impending Blades: Subject takes –2
penalty to AC.
Death ArmorF: Black aura damages creatures
attacking you.
Desiccating Bubble: Globe of air damages by
evaporating moisture from subject.
Ghoul Glyph: Glyph wards area, paralyzes victims.
Life Bolt: 1 ray/2 levels draws 1 hp from you to
deal 1d12 damage to undead.
Ray of Sickness: Subject becomes sickened.
Ray of Weakness: Subject takes –2 on attacks,
–10 ft. speed.
Shroud of Undeath: Negative energy shroud
makes undead perceive you as undead.
Spawn Screen: Subject resists being transformed
into an undead spawn if slain.
Stolen Breath: Subject has wind knocked out
of it.
Wracking Touch: Deal 1d6 damage +1/level; you
also deal sneak attack damage if you have any.
Trans Augment Familiar: Your familiar becomes more
Balor Nimbus: Your flaming body damages foes in
Belker Claws: Touch attack deals 2d12 damage
and lingers +1 round/3 levels.
Body of the Sun: Your body emanates fire, dealing
1d4 fire damage/2 levels.
Bristle: Armor spikes attack with wearer.
Earthbind: Subject creature can’t fly.
Earthen Grasp: Arm made of earth and soil
grapples foes.
Extend Tentacles: +5 ft. to reach of tentacle attack.
Fearsome Grapple: You grow tentacles that help
you grapple.
Fins to Feet: Transforms tails and fins into legs
and feet.
Fly, Swift: Gain fly speed of 60 ft. for 1 round.
Fuse Arms: Multiple arms/tentacles become one
pair of stronger limbs.
Ghost Touch Armor: Armor works normally
against incorporeal attacks.
Heroics: Fighter gains one fighter bonus feat.
Hurl: Thrown weapon returns to thrower.
Infernal Wound: Weapon deals persistent,
bleeding wounds.
Ironthunder Horn: Intense vibrations trip those
in area.
Lively Step: You and allies gain +10 increase to
Mountain Stance: Subject becomes hard to move.
Quick Potion: Creates a potion that must be used
within 1 hour/level.
Razorfangs: Your bite or claw attack threatens a
critical hit on a 19 or 20.
Repair Moderate Damage: Repairs 2d8 damage
+1/level (max +10) to any construct.
Scale Weakening: Subject’s natural armor
Slide, Greater: Move subject 20 feet.
Snake’s Swiftness: Subject immediately makes
one attack.
Sonic Weapon: Weapon touched deals +1d6 sonic
damage with each hit.
Speak to Allies: Subjects can converse at distance
without moving lips.
Stone Bones: Corporeal undead gains +3 natural
armor bonus.
Surefooted Stride: You can move over rubble as
easily as you can over open ground.
Swim: Subject gains swim speed, +8 bonus on
Swim checks.
Whirling Blade: Hurled slashing weapon
magically attacks all foes in 60-ft. line.
Wings of Air: Subject’s flight maneuverability
improves by one step.
Wraithstrike: Your melee attacks strike as touch
attacks for 1 round.

Abjur Dispel Magic: Cancels magical spells and effects.
Explosive Runes: Deals 6d6 damage when read.

Magic Circle against Chaos/Evil/Good/Law: As protection
spells, but 10-ft. radius and 10 min./level.
Nondetection M: Hides subject from divination, scrying.
Protection from Energy: Absorb 12 points/level of damage
from one kind of energy.
Conj Phantom Steed: Magic horse appears for 1 hour/level.
Sepia Snake Sigil M: Creates text symbol that immobilizes
Sleet Storm: Hampers vision and movement.
Stinking Cloud: Nauseating vapors, 1 round/level.
Summon Monster III: Calls extraplanar creature to fight
for you.
Div Arcane Sight: Magical auras become visible to you.
Clairaudience/Clairvoyance: Hear or see at a distance for
1 min./level.
Tongues: Speak any language.
Ench Deep Slumber: Puts 10 HD of creatures to sleep.
Heroism: Gives +2 bonus on attack rolls, saves, skill checks.
Hold Person: Paralyzes one humanoid for 1 round/level.
Rage: Subjects gains +2 to Str and Con, +1 on Will saves, –2
to AC.
Suggestion: Compels subject to follow stated course of
Evoc Daylight: 60-ft. radius of bright light.
Fireball: 1d6 damage per level, 20-ft. radius.
Leomund’s Tiny Hut: Creates shelter for ten creatures.
Lightning Bolt: Electricity deals 1d6/level damage.
Wind Wall: Deflects arrows, smaller creatures, and gases.
Illus Displacement: Attacks miss subject 50%.
Illusory Script M: Only intended reader can decipher.
Invisibility Sphere: Makes everyone within 10 ft. invisible.
Major Image: As silent image, plus sound, smell and thermal
Necro Gentle Repose: Preserves one corpse.
Halt Undead: Immobilizes undead for 1 round/level.
Ray of Exhaustion: Ray makes subject exhausted.
Vampiric Touch: Touch deals 1d6/two levels damage;
caster gains damage as hp.

Trans Blink: You randomly vanish and reappear for 1 round/level.
Flame Arrow: Arrows deal +1d6 fire damage.
Fly: Subject flies at speed of 60 ft.
Gaseous Form: Subject becomes insubstantial and can fly
Haste: One creature/level moves faster, +1 on attack rolls,
AC, and Reflex saves.
Keen Edge: Doubles normal weapon’s threat range.
Magic Weapon, Greater: +1/four levels (max +5).
Secret Page: Changes one page to hide its real content.
Shrink Item: Object shrinks to one-sixteenth size.
Slow: One subject/level takes only one action/round, –2 to
AC, –2 on attack rolls.
Water Breathing: Subjects can breathe underwater.
Abjur Anticipate TeleportationF: Predict and delay the
arrival of creatures teleporting into range by 1
Antidragon AuraM: Allies gain bonus to AC and
saves against dragons.
Avoid Planar Effects: Provides temporary
protection against overtly damaging planar
Earthen Grace: Subject takes only nonlethal
damage from stone and earth.
Eradicate Earth: Deals 1d8 points of damage/level
to earth creatures (max 10d8).
Reverse Arrows: As protection from arrows, but
negated arrows turn back upon their source.
Sign of SealingM: Magical sigil protects door or
chest, deals 1d4/level damage (max 10d4) if
Conj Acid Breath: Cone of acid deals 1d6 damage/level
(max 10d6).
Bands of Steel: Metallic bands immobilize or
entangle subject for 1 round/level.
Contagious Fog: 20-ft.-radius cloud of fog inflicts
Corpse Candle: Ghostly hand and candle sheds
light, affects incorporeal creatures.
IcelanceF: Changes ice into lance, which attacks
subject for 6d6 damage and stuns for 1d4 rounds.
Mage Armor, Greater: Gives subject +6 armor

Mage Armor, Mass: As mage armor, but one
Nauseating Breath: Exhale a cone of nauseating
Regal Procession: As mount, but you summon
several mounts.
Servant Horde: Create 2d6 unseen servants +1/
level (max +15).
Summon Undead III: Summons undead to fight
for you.
Vipergout: You spit forth celestial or fiendish
vipers that attack your foes.
Div Analyze Portal: Find a nearby portal and discover
its properties.
Circle Dance: Indicates direction to known
Telepathic Bond, Lesser: Link with subject
within 30 ft. for 10 minutes/level.
Unluck: Subject remakes all rolls, uses worse
result for 1 round/level.
Ench Mesmerizing Glare: Your gaze fascinates
Miser’s Envy: Subject jealously covets nearby
Ray of Dizziness: Subject can take only move or
standard actions.
Suppress Breath Weapon: Subject can’t use its
breath weapon.
Evoc Blacklight: Create an area of total darkness.
Blade of Pain and Fear: Creates blade of gnashing
Capricious Zephyr: Gale-force winds push
Chain Missile: Multiple missiles deal 1d4+1
damage each, then strike secondary targets.
Flashburst: Flash of light dazzles and blinds
creatures in area.
Glowing OrbF: Creates permanent magical light;
you control brightness.
Great Thunderclap: Loud noise causes stunning,
deafness, and knocks prone in a large area.
Hailstones: Frigid globes deal 5d6 cold damage.
Light of Venya: You radiate pearly light, which
you can expend as 2 bolts that deal 2d6 damage,
4d6 against undead and evil outsiders.
Manyjaws: One set of jaws/level attacks enemies
for 1d6 damage.
Rainbow BlastF: Line deals 1d6 damage of each
energy type.
Resonating Bolt: Sonic energy deals 1d4 damage/
level (max 10d4).
Scintillating Sphere: 20-ft.-radius burst deals 1d6
Shatterfloor: Deals 1d4 sonic/level plus damages
floor surface.
Sonorous Hum: Removes need to concentrate to
maintain next spell cast.
Sound Lance: Sonic energy deals 1d8/level
Wall of Light: Creates wall of light, can dazzle
Illus Claws of Darkness: Claws deal 1d8 cold damage
and have reach.
Cone of Dimness: Subjects believe they are
engulfed in magical darkness.
Shadow Binding: Ribbonlike shadows entangle
creatures in 10-ft.-radius burst.
Shadow Cache: You open a small portal to the
Plane of Shadow through which you can put an
item for later retrieval.
Spectral Weapon: Use quasi-real weapon to make
touch attacks.
Suspended SilenceM: Object becomes
programmed to create an area of silence at your
Necro Curse of Impending Blades, Mass: Enemies
take –2 penalty to AC.

Disrupt Undead, Greater: As disrupt undead, but
1d8 damage/level.
Healing Touch: Heal subject 1d6/2 levels, but take
damage equal to half.
Incorporeal Enhancement: Grant bonuses to
incorporeal undead.
Junglerazer: Fey, vermin, plants, and animals take
1d10 damage/level.
Mind Poison: Your poisonous touch deals Wis
Skull Watch: Skull shrieks when creature enters
warded area.
Spider Poison: Touch deals 1d6 Str damage,
repeats in 1 minute.
Undead Lieutenant: Chosen undead can give
orders to undead in your control.
Undead Torch: Undead creature gains blue aura
that gives +2d6 damage against living creatures.
Trans Air Breathing: Subjects can breathe air freely.
Amorphous Form: Subject becomes puddlelike
and can slip through cracks quickly.
Bite of the Wererat: You gain the Dexterity and
attacks of a wererat.
Deeper Darkvision: Subject can see 90 ft. in
magical darkness.
Demon Dirge: Demons are stunned and take 3d6
damage/round for 1d4 rounds.
Devil Blight: Damage and stun baatezu; damage
other lawful and evil creatures.
DiamondsteelM: Metal armor provides damage
Dolorous Blow: Weapon’s threat range is doubled
and threats are automatically confirmed.
Dragonskin: You gain a bonus to natural armor
plus energy resistance 10.
False Gravity: Travel on a solid surface as if that
surface had its own gravity.
Giant’s Wrath: Pebbles you throw become
Girallon’s Blessing: Subject gains one additional
pair of arms.
Hamatula Barbs: Subjects grow barbs, which
damage foes that attack subject in melee.
Primal Form: You change into elemental, gain
some abilities.
Repair Serious Damage: Repairs 3d8 damage +1/
level (max +15) to any construct.
Rust Ray: Metal objects take 2d6 damage +1/2
Shadow Phase: Subject becomes partially
Snake’s Swiftness, Mass: Allies each
immediately make one attack.
Spell Vulnerability: Reduce creature’s spell
resistance by 1/caster level (max reduction 15).
Spiderskin: Subject gains increasing bonus to
natural armor, saves against poison, and Hide
Steeldance: Blades hover around you and attack
Stony Grasp: Arm made of soil and rock grapples
Tremorsense: Grants tremor sense to a range of 30
Weapon of Energy: Weapon deals extra energy
Weapon of Impact: As keen edge, but aids
bludgeoning weapons.
Univ Enhance Familiar: Your familiar receives +2
bonus on saves, combat rolls, and AC for 1
Fortify Familiar: Your familiar gains 2d8
temporary hp, +2 to armor, 25% chance to avoid
extra sneak attack and critical hit damage.

Abjur Dimensional Anchor: Bars extradimensional movement.
Fire Trap M: Opened object deals 1d4 damage +1/level.
Globe of Invulnerability, Lesser: Stops 1st- through 3rdlevel
spell effects.

Remove Curse: Frees object or person from curse.
Stoneskin M: Ignore 10 points of damage per attack.
Conj Dimension Door: Teleports you short distance.
Evard’s Black Tentacles: Tentacles grapple all within 15 ft.

Leomund’s Secure Shelter: Creates sturdy cottage.
Minor Creation: Creates one cloth or wood object.
Solid Fog: Blocks vision and slows movement.
Summon Monster IV: Calls extraplanar creature to fight
for you.
Div Arcane Eye: Invisible floating eye moves 30 ft./round.

Detect Scrying: Alerts you of magical eavesdropping.
Locate Creature: Indicates direction to familiar creature.
Scrying F: Spies on subject from a distance.
Ench Charm Monster: Makes monster believe it is your ally.
Confusion: Subjects behave oddly for 1 round/level.
Crushing Despair: Subjects take –2 on attack rolls, damage
rolls, saves, and checks.

Geas, Lesser: Commands subject of 7 HD or less.
Evoc Fire Shield: Creatures attacking you take fire damage;
you’re protected from heat or cold.
Ice Storm: Hail deals 5d6 damage in cylinder 40 ft. across.
Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere: Force globe protects but traps
one subject.
Shout: Deafens all within cone and deals 5d6 sonic damage.
Wall of Fire: Deals 2d4 fire damage out to 10 ft. and 1d4 out
to 20 ft. Passing through wall deals 2d6 damage +1/level.
Wall of Ice: Ice plane creates wall with 15 hp +1/level, or
hemisphere can trap creatures inside.
Illus Hallucinatory Terrain: Makes one type of terrain appear
like another (field into forest, or the like).
Illusory Wall: Wall, floor, or ceiling looks real, but
anything can pass through.
Invisibility, Greater: As invisibility, but subject can attack
and stay invisible.
Phantasmal Killer: Fearsome illusion kills subject or deals
3d6 damage.

Rainbow Pattern: Lights fascinate 24 HD of creatures.
Shadow Conjuration: Mimics conjuration below 4th level,
but only 20% real.
Necro Animate Dead M: Creates undead skeletons and zombies.
Bestow Curse: –6 to an ability score; –4 on attack rolls,
saves, and checks; or 50% chance of losing each action.
Contagion: Infects subject with chosen disease.
Enervation: Subject gains 1d4 negative levels.
Fear: Subjects within cone flee for 1 round/level.
Trans Enlarge Person, Mass: Enlarges several creatures.
Polymorph: Gives one willing subject a new form.
Rary’s Mnemonic Enhancer F: Wizard only. Prepares extra
spells or retains one just cast.
Reduce Person, Mass: Reduces several creatures.
Stone Shape: Sculpts stone into any shape.
Abjur Dispelling Screen: Targeted dispel magic on any
creatures and unattended items, +10 max on
caster level check.
Forceward: Creates a sphere of force that protects
against force effects and keeps out incorporeal
Portal Alarm, Improved: Warded portal alerts
you or a creature designated by you to creatures
passing through it.
Ray Deflection: Ray attacks are reflected away.
Ray of Deanimation: Ray deals 1d6 damage/level
to constructs.
Resistance, Greater: Subject gains +3 on saving
Resist Energy, Mass: Creatures ignore damage
from specified energy type.
Wall of Chaos/Evil/Good/LawM: Wall blocks
creatures of opposite alignment.
Conj Blast of Flame: 60-ft. cone of fire (1d6/level damage).
BloodstarF: Hovering construct does Con damage
each time foe is damaged.
Ethereal Mount: You conjure swift mounts on the
Ethereal Plane.
Orb of Acid: Ranged touch, 1d6/level acid damage
and subject might be sickened.
Orb of Cold: Ranged touch, 1d6/level cold damage
and subject might be blinded.
Orb of Electricity: Ranged touch, 1d6/level
electricity damage and subject might be
Orb of Fire: Ranged touch, 1d6/level fire damage
and subject might be dazed.
Orb of Force: Globe of force deals 1d6/level
damage (max 10d6).
Orb of Sound: Ranged touch, 1d4/level sonic
damage and subject might be deafened.
Summon Undead IV: Summons undead to fight
for you.
Translocation Trick: You and subject switch
places and appear as each other.
Wall of Sand: Swirling sand blocks ranged attacks,
slows movement through.
Wall of Water: Creates shapeable transparent wall
of water.
Div Assay Spell Resistance: +10 bonus on caster level
checks to defeat one creature’s spell resistance.
Know Vulnerabilities: Determine subject’s
vulnerabilities and resistances.
Treasure Scent: You detect valuable metals and
Ench Battle Hymn: Allies can reroll one Will save/
Rebuke, Greater: Subject cowers for 1d4 rounds.
Evoc Blistering Radiance: Light dazzles creatures,
deals 2d6 fire damage in 50-ft.-radius spread.
Defenestrating SphereF: Cloudy gray sphere
knocks enemies prone, hurls them upward for
subsequent falling damage.
Dragon Breath: You choose a dragon type and
mimic its breath weapon.
Energy Spheres: Five colored spheres attack with
or negate acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic
Explosive Cascade: Bouncing flame ball deals
1d6/level fire damage.
Floating Disk, Greater: As floating disk, but you
can ride it.
Force Chest: 2-ft-cube chest made of force.
Force Claw: Claw of force guards an area, making
opportunity attacks.
Force Missiles: Unerring missiles of force strike
for 2d6 damage and explode in a burst.
Forcewave: Bull rushes all creatures within 10 ft.
Stone Sphere: 3-ft.-diameter stone sphere rolls
over your enemies.
Sword of Deception: Blade of energy attacks
independently, deals 1d4 damage, penalizes
subsequent save.
Thunderlance: Lance of force deals 3d6 damage
and might dispel force effects.
Vortex of Teeth: 3d8 points of damage due to force
per round to all creatures in the area.

Wingbind: A net of force entangles the subject,
causing it to fall from the sky.
Illus Sensory Deprivation: All of subject’s senses are
Shadow Well: Subject enters gloomy pocket plane
and emerges frightened.
Necro Burning Blood: Subject takes 1d8 acid damage
plus 1d8 fire damage/round.

Rebuking Breath: Your breath weapon rebukes
Trans Attune Form: Grant creature temporary
protection against overtly damaging planar
Backlash: Subject takes damage if it uses spells
against another creature.
Bite of the Werewolf: You gain the Strength and
attacks of a werewolf.
Blinding Breath: Your breath weapon blinds
Corporeal Instability: Transform a creature into
an amorphous mass.
Darkvision, Mass: As darkvision, but affects one/
level subjects.
Displacer Form: You change into displacer beast,
gain some abilities.
Entangling Staff: Quarterstaff can grapple and
constrict foes.
Fire Stride: Teleport from one fire to another.
Flame Whips: Your forelimbs deal 6d6 fire
Flight of the Dragon: You grow dragon wings.
Iron Bones: Corporeal undead gains +6 natural
armor bonus.
Metal Melt: Melts metal object without heat.
Perinarch: Gain greater control over Limbo’s
morphic essence.
Raise from the Deep: Creature or sunken ship
made buoyant.
Repair Critical Damage: Repairs 4d8 damage +1/
level (max +20) to any construct.
Ruin Delver’s Fortune: Cast on another creature’s
turn and choose one of several benefits.
Scramble Portal: You randomize the destination
of a magic portal.
Sharptooth: One of your natural weapons deals
damage as if you were one size larger.
Spell Enhancer: Lets you cast another spell in the
same round at +2 caster level.
Voice of the Dragon: +10 on Bluff, Diplomacy,
and Intimidate checks; can use one suggestion.
Wings of Air, Greater: Subject’s flight
maneuverability improves by two steps.

I can have 8 1st level, 4 2nd and 3rd and 2 4th. The highlighted ones are ones I'm interested in, but need to be whittled down/looked at.
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Back as soon as I CAN SEE IT, CAN'T SEE 3D!

« Reply #116 on: 23 October, 2009, 03:50:09 pm »

Vampiric touch is the only bad choice here. As a Wizard, being in position to make a touch attack is like saying "Kill me please", as your AC isn't going to be really good (save AC boost and such for other, more able to defend you, teammate whenever possible. Especially a monk, as mage armor is a armor type bonus they lack)
I would suggest Fly or it's quicker version if you lack mobility and Haste is a must have most of the case.
Depending of your team, anything that would raise your saves would help, but that's the cleric's job. And as soon as possible, takes metamagics feats like quickened spell (obvious choice) or eschew component (so no need of your equipment, allow you to cast spells in tight situation)
I would need more time and info about who is with you and who you are (class / race), it can help.
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« Reply #117 on: 23 October, 2009, 04:01:49 pm »

Already have eschew, but didn't take metamagic, too few spell slots already.
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Back as soon as I CAN SEE IT, CAN'T SEE 3D!

« Reply #118 on: 23 October, 2009, 04:08:40 pm »

Since you're going to be underground a lot, as you said, a quickened light spell (level 4 total) can save your life, depending of the case your opponent is cunning enough to dispel the previous one and blow out your torches before using some dark vision to attack you.
... I sound like a sadistic DM, heh?
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« Reply #119 on: 23 October, 2009, 04:10:50 pm »

Well, that's why I have a Ebon Eyes

And a Darkness spell. If he's going to blind us, I'll blind him.
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