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Gar's Gaming Blog (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)

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Author Topic: Gar's Gaming Blog (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)  (Read 6048 times)
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Do the Hitmontop!

« Reply #990 on: 06 July, 2011, 01:44:37 pm »

Wednesday 6th July

Next two.

Distant Glory XII – Redemption of the Warrior (Part 5)

Ah, Squall… By far one of my favourite characters to use, mainly due to his high rate of BP accumulation, as I’ve mentioned many times before.
I found myself using his Rough Divide quite a bit more than I have in the past. Most notably I used it in the battles against the Emperor and his Copy on level 1 to pass straight through their Flare attacks (which the copy  in particular spams a lot) and rebound them so they start going after the enemy instead. And if I managed to hit my opponent with my attack in the process, well that’s just gravy.
The battle against the Lady of Antiquity marked the first time I’ve managed to break her, that I remember anyway. In previous playthroughs I had to try and land several weak HP attacks with my base BP and gradually wear her down, but this time I could build up my BP properly and hit her hard. Provided I could hit her at all with Squall’s HP attacks, as I think they’re his Achilles’ heel, if he has one at all. I should mention, though, that I actually managed to hit LoA with Squall’s Revolver Drive attack at one point, which is a rare occurrence for me, so I was rather pleased with that.
The Warrior of Antiquity on level 5 was surprisingly easy, mainly due, again, to Squall’s Brave game. I broke WoA early on and the following HP attack caused Wall Rush damage, bringing him down to just 1HP. After that it was just a matter of evading his attacks until my BP built up again (the more damage your HP attack does, the longer your BP takes to recover) and I could try and land the finishing blow.

I’ll be honest, I don’t really like playing as Ultimecia, and I think this is primarily due to her HP attacks. I find that hitting with them is more a case of luck than anything else, so when I want to deal HP damage I tend to start a Chase Sequence with Knight’s Axe and try and land an HP attack then instead. And when I want to start an EX Burst, I tend to rely on her Time Crush ability to freeze the enemy in place long enough for me to hit them with Great Attractor, which is her fastest-moving HP attack once it’s charged. Two of her HP attacks have pretty long wind-up times (Shockwave Pulsar and Great Attractor) and two of them are pretty hard to aim with (Shockwave Pulsar and Apocalypse. Yeah, Shockwave Pulsar basically sucks). Apocalypse also leaves her pretty much a sitting duck during its use. So yeah, not a great batch, but I guess that makes them more satisfying when you actually manage to hit your opponent. A good example of this was during the Golbez boss fight on level 3, where I managed to hit him with Great Attractor in the middle of his Genesis Rock attack. I also got some amusing hits in with Apocalypse when the enemy also used attacks that freeze them in place, like Kefka’s Forsaken Null or Hyperdrive, or Sephiroth’s Black Materia.
I managed to defeat the Lady of Antiquity after a couple of false starts. I had to keep dodging her HP attacks and  taking advantage of her standing still during casting to launch a Knight’s Axe attack and start a Chase Sequence, as Knight’s Axe is faster and more reliable than Ultimecia’s normal HP attacks, and in a fight like this I couldn‘t afford to take any chances.
I defeated both the Ultimecia boss and copy with Great Attractor while they were both busy using Apocalypse (or spamming it, in the copy’s case). With the boss I managed to win the match with Great Attracter just before her attack hit me.
Considering my dislike and unease using Ultimecia, the battle against the level 5 Warrior of Antiquity went surprisingly well. I retried a number of times, as I’ve started expecting by now, but overall it went better than expected. It certainly helped a lot that in every single Chase Sequence he dodged too soon to avoid my HP attacks. It was just a matter of gradually whittling down his health and using an EX Burst whenever possible. One time I even managed to hit him with Great Attractor while he was using Innocence (a pretty nasty long-range HP attack that sends out four fast shockwaves from his swords). I must have been just out of his range, but he certainly wasn’t out of mine. I was also surprised at how easy it was to activate Time Crush, given its long wind-up time. Still, no complaints here about that…
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