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08 December, 2022, 04:44:43 pm
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Gar's Gaming Blog (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)

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Author Topic: Gar's Gaming Blog (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)  (Read 8283 times)
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Do the Hitmontop!

« Reply #990 on: 09 July, 2011, 05:49:03 pm »

Saturday 9th July

Next two.

Distant Glory XII – Redemption of the Warrior (Part 7)

I’m very proud of my Warrior of Antiquity victory this time. This time when I entered EX Mode to counter one of his combos, instead of going straight for the EX Burst, I decided to fight normally a bit longer, so as to do extra damage with my Brave attacks. Unfortunately I got a little careless and was hit by one of his HP attacks, but the moment I recovered I rushed in and hit him with Goblin Punch, which is even faster than Zidane’s Free Energy move. I broke him and gained about 4500 extra BP from the stage BP, as it happened to be at a time when it was at a high point, and also caused some Wall Rush damage. When I actually started my EX Burst, he only had 1HP left. He never stood a chance. I’d also like to mention that I think I’ve finally mastered Bartz’s EX Burst. I used to do just fine up until the third or last pair of inputs, but I think the problem was that I rushed it and therefore pressed the wrong command. That’s not to say I always failed it, but it was one I pretty regularly messed up on.

Oh, and Bartz is now officially the first Dissidia character I built up to level 100.

Probably my favourite moment in this playthrough came right at the end of the battle with the Emperor copy. I killed him with Grand Cross just before his Flare hit me. Seriously, it hit me in the slow-motion footage that accompanies the “The Final Blow” screen at the end of a battle, just before the winning character poses, gloats and gets bonuses. It wouldn’t have killed me, far from it, but it was still damn close.
The battle against the Lady of Antiquity went surprisingly well. Especially after I realised I could block the BP damage potions of her HP attacks and use them to launch one of Exdeath’s counterattacks, provided I acted fast enough, which I did, which meant I didn’t have to rely on countering her Brave attacks. Grand Cross was useful too, as she seemed to be very bad at avoiding it after using one of her HP attacks.
Rather unexpectedly, I pretty much kicked the Warrior of Antiquity’s ass. I Broke him early on, did almost 7000 damage with a following HP attack-EX Burst, hit him multiple times with Grand Cross while he was charging his EX gauge… The only real downside to the fight was when he reduced me to about 1600 HP after using his Ultima Weapon summon to Break me while the stage BP was high. Still, by that point he only had about 500 HP left, so all I had to do was hit him with Grand Cross again while he was busy using Innocence. All in all, I expected Exdeath’s playtrough to go a lot worse. Now the only characters I’m worried about are Terra and Kefka…
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