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Gar's Gaming Blog (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)

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Author Topic: Gar's Gaming Blog (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)  (Read 6048 times)
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Do the Hitmontop!

« Reply #990 on: 12 July, 2011, 06:46:45 am »

Saturday 9th July

Next two.

Distant Glory XII – Redemption of the Warrior (Part 9)

Terra ended up having a brief conversation with Kefka at the beginning of his boss fight. His opening quote was “Come on home to Papa!” (a reference to when Terra was under his control), and the first attack the first attack I used, right after the fight started, was Blizzara, for which her quote is “Get away!”. Pretty fitting, right?
The battle against the Lady of Antiquity was pretty easy. I just had to dodge each of her HP attacks and use Meltdown right afterwards, as she wouldn’t have time to recover.
Similarly, the battle against the Warrior of Antiquity was surprisingly easy, especially considering I’m not a great Terra player. I lost most of my HP at one point during the match (around 8500 down to about 2900), but doing so allowed me to dash in close and Break him with Blizzard Combo, giving me enough BP to finish the job, as an earlier EX Burst roughly halved his HP, bringing him down to just over 3700 (Holy/Holy Combo becomes much more useful in EX Mode). All I had to do was catch him, as he’s frustratingly good at dodging when not in EX Mode. But I finally managed to hit him with a couple of low-power Tornadoes (between his EX Modes) and finish him off with a Meltdown. Sorted.

The battle against the Lady of Antiquity was rather… awkward. Thanks to her ridiculously good dodging skills, a trait she shares with the Warrior of Antiquity on level 5, and fast movement, none of Kefka’s normal HP attacks had much hope of hitting her. Well, unless I used Havoc Wing after blocking (which I unfortunately didn’t think of until writing this up *sweatdrop*). So instead I focused my efforts on Breaking her and building up my BP, which Kefka can be pretty good at, then hitting her HP in a Chase Sequence after blocking her staff-throwing attack. I did this twice, then decided to finish her off in EX Mode. Kefka in EX Mode is a beast with, I think, a BP game rivalling Squall’s. Normally when in EX Mode I like to activate Kefka’s EX Burst with Forsaken Null, which actually homes in on the enemy while in EX Mode. Unfortunately, LoA’s stupid dodging meant she could avoid it for a surprisingly long time. Still, I caught up with her in the end, just before my EX gauge ran out.
The battles against Sephiroth, Ultimecia and their copies were very annoying. Kefka really is pretty **** in the air. He just falls too quickly to be of any real use, so on stages with comparatively little solid ground, like Planet’s Core and Ultimecia’s Castle, I find it especially difficult to win.
Well, congratulations to Kefka for having the fastest victory over the Warrior of Antiquity so far (except maybe for Tidus, as I can’t remember exactly how long his took). Seriously, it only took about a minute, maybe even less. See, what WoA tends to do is use a simple Brave attack on you at the beginning of the fight, and activate EX Mode as soon as you block it. But what I did was use Extra-Crispy Firaga (a fast spell that usually causes a Chase Sequence. It was the attack I mostly used post-block on Lady of Antiquity earlier in the playthrough, as it happens) immediately after blocking, Breaking him and sending us into a Chase Sequence. I failed to hit him with an HP attack, so I made do with knocking him away with a Brave attack, further building up my BP, and retreating to get an EX Core that had just spawned. I then EX-blocked his next attack on me and used Havoc Wing to start my EX Burst. I Broke him again during the Burst and took care of the last of his HP. And this was just on my second attempt. I really didn’t expect to do so well with Kefka here, so it was a pleasant surprise.
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