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15 January, 2021, 06:16:15 pm
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Gar's Gaming Blog (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)

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Author Topic: Gar's Gaming Blog (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)  (Read 6048 times)
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Do the Hitmontop!

« Reply #1005 on: 24 June, 2013, 05:07:46 pm »

Day 3
Okay, day 3. The adventure begins properly.

Since there's nowhere left I can go in the Valley of Repose (the first available area for those who don't know), I touched down in the second area of the game: the Awakening Wood. Immediately I called out all of my Pikmin and set about exploring the large opening section. It wasn't long before I spotted some Pellet Posies and Bulborbs I could victimise to build up my army, but I was rather rudely interrupted by another tutorial message from the Ship. It's a good thing the gameplay pauses during these otherwise the Dwarf Red Bulborbs I was attacking could've chomped down on about 15 of my Pikmin while the Ship was nattering on. _ Anyway, I killed the creatures, as well as their full-sized friend whom I was very careful to approach from behind, without losing any Pikmin and set some of my troops to transport their carcasses back to the Red Onion. Right near where the Red Bulborb had been viciously snoozing before I set my army of inch-high terrors on it in self-defense, on a low ledge, was my next treasure: the Sunseed Berry. Just as some Pikmin started carrying it to the Ship I got an alert from it, saying that the Onion had stopped producing seeds but was still creating new Pikmin inside. I looked at the counter and saw that there were now 95 Pikmin in the field out of a possible 100, so there must be five wild ones out there somewhere. Shortly afterwards, the Sunseed Berry arrived at the Ship and was valued at 170 pokos, bringing me up to 1,100 and clearing 10% of the debt! Just 8,900 pokos left to go!
After this I explored the area some more, killing some harmless Female Sheargrubs for more Pikmin fodder (again in self-defense) as I went along, when I encountered a floating creature called a Honeywisp. Naturally I threw a Pikmin at it (good friend of nature, me) and its egg fell to the ground and cracked open, revealing some nectar. Some of my Pikmin drank it and instantly matured into flowers, increasing their speed and attack power, so that's handy. I found some more nectar after the Pikmin plucked some grass so it wasn't long before all 95 Pikmin under my control had flowers. Rock on.
With the only two other pathways blocked off by pools of water, I followed the central route and encountered a pair of red berry-producing plants called Burgeoning Spiderworts. I swarmed some Pikmin around them and they climbed the stems and started knocking the berries down and carrying them back to the Ship. I set my remaining Pikmin to the grueling task of breaking down the nearby black wall. This was sped up soon afterwards, however, as after the tenth berry was brought to the Ship I got an alert telling me about the creation of an Ultra-Spicy Spray. I recalled my Pikmin to try out the spray and it supercharged them, making their flowers glow pink/purple and greatly increasing their power so they could knock down the rest of the wall much faster. Almost immediately after this was done I stumbled upon another enemy called a Cloaking Burrow-nit half-buried in the ground, but my supercharged swarm managed to finish it off within about a second.
I had to be careful next, as I walked into a patch of flowers called "Margarets". Why did I need to be worried about some flowers? Because on the Planet of the Pikmin potential death waits around every corner, and this particular breed of Pikmin-mulcher, known as a Creeping Chrysanthemum, disguises itself as one of these Margaret flowers and jumps out when you get too near. But there's a trick to distinguishing one from real flowers: it has no leaves. So dismiss your Pikmin, approach the suspicious flower with the captain(s) (but don't get too close so you don't get knocked back) and wait for it to take a bite. If it misses you it will overbalance and give you an opening to swarm it with your adorable army. While some Pikmin were carrying the Chrysanthemum and Burrow-nit corpses back to the Onion I looked around this new area a bit more, finding a low ledge I can't get onto yet, a paper bag obstacle that required 200 Pikmin to squash, a wall guarded by some poison gas spouts which prevented me from knocking it down, and a yellow bottle cap on a high ledge that I can't currently reach. The only route open to me lead to a new cave, which the Ship ominously described as containing "hostile roars" and a "beast of unknown power". Now, "unkown power" could easily mean something really pathetic, but I didn't feel like taking any chances just yet, especially as sunset was fast approaching, so I instead decided to collect a few more berries to make some more spicy spray, and then call it a day.

So there we are. A slow day for treasure, but a good one for exploration and Pikmin propogation. I've passed my first money milestone and still no deaths. So far so good.

Next time: Taming the Hole of Beasts!

Day Summary
Sunseed Berry (strawberry) - 170
Day Total: 170 pokos
Overall Total: 1,100/10,000 pokos

Red Pikmin
Sprouted: 60
Killed: 0
Day Total: 60
Overall Total: 120

Purple Pikmin
Sprouted: 0
Killed: 0
Day Total: 0
Overall Total: 10

Total Pikmin: 130
Total Deaths: 0
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