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03 February, 2023, 12:58:31 pm
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Gar's Gaming Blog (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)

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Author Topic: Gar's Gaming Blog (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)  (Read 8286 times)
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Do the Hitmontop!

« Reply #1005 on: 28 June, 2013, 02:47:13 pm »

Two days for the price of one, you lucky ducks. You'll find out why later on. I meant to post these yesterday but things got way too late.

Day 5
Same beginning as always, took out my Pikmin (20 Purples & 75 Reds), harvested pellets & berries and headed for the hole. There were no enemies again, so I jumped straight in. And what a difference from the Hole of Beasts! Instead of a typical tunnel-like area, I seemed to be on a rusty platform hovering in mid-air inside an enormous underground cavern. There were only sheargrubs and one treasure (the Nutrient Silo, worth 130 pokos) on this floor, but I discovered that the Treasure Gauge handily gives off a very obvious powering-down noise when there are no more treasures left on a floor. Also, the Pikmin start humming the title screen theme, so that's very cute. Moving on to the second floor, a large ring-like area with two treasures on shelf-like platforms in the middle, and I encountered a new enemy: two Fiery Blowhogs. Potentially quite nasty, but easy as hell if you take them on with a large swarm of just Reds. I picked up the two new treasures (the Drought Ender and the Petrified Heart, worth 100 pokos each) and fell down to the next floor.
There were no enemies here, unless you count two Honeywisps, and apparently no treasures though the Gauge did sense something. The main attraction here was three White Candypop Buds, into which I immediately threw 15 Reds and recieved my first 15 White Pikmin! The Ship gave Olimar sass here for neglecting to mention them in the report from his previous adventure, but I was too busy admiring their adorableness (even when belching poison) and speed. Seriously, leaf Whites could keep up with flower Reds with little difficulty. And unfortunately they stayed leaves because one of the Honeywisp eggs contained a Mitite swarm and the other gave me a free dose of Spicy Spray, so no nectar. I got over this small disappointment soon after, however, as I was heading over to the hole when the Whites stopped and starting digging up a completely buried treasure (the Superstick Textile, 80 pokos), apparently what the Gauge had sensed earlier. So that's pretty cool.
The fourth floor brought another use for the Whites as it was filled with poison gas spouts, which had to be knocked out before any other Pikmin could advance like the fire geysers in the Hole of Beasts. There weren't any enemies but two treasures (Toxic Toadstool, 30 pokos, and Container of Sea Bounty, 130 pokos). Although, given that one was a mushroom that had to be dug up a little and was only worth 30 pokos, I wonder a bit if it really was a treasure. BTW, the fourth floor was back to the typical tunnel style of scenery, with the transition happening in the third floor. Apparently that was the bottom of the massive cavern.
So that was it for the main dungeon, now there was just the boss. And honestly, this was the part I've been most dreading about this playthrough. I know there are going to be much tougher things later on, but I could never bring myself to get much further than this so it was still a very nasty enemy from my perspective. It was a short walk from the Research Pod to the nest-like arena, and off to the side were some eggs I could crack open and finally use the nectar to mature my Whites. I also got another free Spicy Spray. I went back to the starting area, a nice long distance away from the battlefield, and just took my Purples with me, as I've heard it's sensible to bring a small squad for this creature. I walked into the nest and it sprang out of the ground: the Burrowing Snagret. Imagine a snake with a bird's head and you've got it exactly right. Now, I've heard that the best way to damage it is to wait until it gets stuck emerging from the ground, so only its head is visible, but it does this for such a short time that I gave up and looked for a new strategy. It also didn't help that I ended up losing my first 6 Pikmin. Instead I waited for it to fully emerge, moved around behind it and started throwing 'Min on the the back and sides of its head. This seemed to work much better and a few rounds later it gave a chicken-like exclamation and died, leaving only its head and a glove (Five-man Napsack, 100 pokos) behind, which I can only assume was tightly rolled up inside it or something, otherwise I've no idea how it fit. At least the Empress Bulblax was massive enough to hold such a large thing inside herself. The Ship apparently used the glove to make the Napsack, so I'll make sure to try that out later. Briefly mourning the loss of those brave six Purples, I jumped onto the geyser and blasted out.
Since, again, there was plenty of time left in the day, I decided (after harvesting a few more pellets and berries) to head back into the Hole of Beasts to replenish my supply of Purples, so I jumped in, blazed through and got 15 new ones (as well as another free spray). I also noticed, not that it was difficult, that the Empress Bulblax had reappeared on the final floor, but it was a simple matter to just sneak past her and reach the geyser since she only wakes up if Pikmin start attacking her. I only had to kill her the first time to get the treasure. I just hope it's as easy to sneak past the Snagret if I need to boost my White Pikmin ranks... Anyway, upon blasting out again I immediately set about breaking down the wall by the White Flower Garden hole, which took a very long time even with a Spicy Spray as only my 15 Whites could work due to the poison spouts right underneath it. Immediately after the wall was broken and the spouts disabled I had Olimar take the Whites over to the other poison wall near the Hole of Beasts (as well as the Reds due to a suspicious-looking "flower" right behind the wall), while Louie explored the new area with the Purples. He came across a pair of see-saw platforms that could be used to reach the low ledge, a single Burgeoning Spiderwort that had some purple berries (immediately harvested and carried back to the Ship, which was very near to this new area), an electrified fence with another hole behind it, and a die treasure (Chance Totem, 100 pokos) which was also carried back to the Ship. Meanwhile, back with Olimar, as soon as the poison spouts were disabled I set about killing the Creeping Chrysanthemum that was fooling nobody and made a few more discoveries: a pile of sticks that could be fashioned into a bridge that would open up another shortcut to the landing site, a new pathway that led to a water-filled area, and another globe hemisphere treasure. Unfortunately, even though my Pikmin were able to finish the bridge, I wasn't able to get any Purples over to help carry the very heavy treasure in time to beat the sunset, so I had to abandon it in order to gather my Pikmin back up before time ran out. There was a brief heart-stopping moment when I thought I'd left 5 of them roaming around somewhere, but then I remembered that those 5 were just the wild ones I'd been detecting all this time. So I blasted off in the Ship but made sure to return the following day.

Day Summary
Nutrient Silo (jar of peanut butter) - 130
Drought Ender (Dr. Pepper bottle cap) - 100
Petrified Heart (heart-shaped ruby) - 100
Superstick Textile (roll of sticky tape) - 80
Toxic Toadstool (mushroom) - 30
Container of Sea Bounty (can of herrings) - 130
Five-man Napsack (glove) - 100
Chance Totem (six-sided die) - 100
Day Total: 770 pokos
Overall Total: 2970/10,000 pokos

Red Pikmin
Sprouted: 48
Converted: 30
Killed: 0
Day Total: 18
Overall Total: 173

Purple Pikmin
Sprouted: 15
Killed: 6
Day Total: 9
Overall Total: 34

White Pikmin
Sprouted: 15
Killed: 0
Day Total: 15
Overall Total: 15

Total Pikmin: 222
Total Deaths: 6

Day 6
I'm afraid some more Pikmin deaths followed today. After taking out my Pikmin and harvesting some pellets and berries I noticed that the two Dwarf Red Bulborbs had respawned not far from the landing site. I approached and tried to throw a Purple to squash it because I find that funny... but it fell just short and was eaten before I could get it to safety. It was quickly avenged but that's the first Pikmin death due to my own stupidity. Anyway, after this I headed over the new bridge to salvage the hemisphere treasure (Geographic Projection, 200 pokos). As the Pikmin were carrying it back to the Ship (and pushing my debt clearance over 30% in one happy go) I decided to explore the water area I found yesterday with Olimar and Louie, finding some bridges and a pair of yellow froglike-enemies (called Yellow Wollywogs) and it was here that I remembered that the captains can walk through water with no ill-effects, which gave me an idea. I returned to the landing site to retrieve the Pikmin and headed over to that low ledge between the Hole of Beasts and White Flower Garden. I threw my army up onto it and then walked around to the side where there was a pool of water and a slope the captains could go up to meet the Pikmin, finding an electrified fence and a Cloaking Burrow-nit. I was just starting to swarm the Burrow-nit when suddenly the Ship butted in and drew attention to the other side of the fence where there was a large pool of water, an Onion and a small group of Blue Pikmin that were attacking some tadpole-like creatures. This would have been very interesting if it hadn't happened in the middle of a battle, but when the Ship finally stopped blathering on attention was suddenly drawn back to the Burrow-nit which was now dead. I was relieved for a moment until the Ship observed that it had been poisoned after consuming a White Pikmin. Thankfully it was the only one that died (they can only catch/eat one Pikmin at a time), but unlike the Purple earlier on I felt confident that this one wasn't my fault. Bloody Ship... Still, I at least now know where those five wild Pikmin are.
Since there's nothing I can do about electric fences right now I headed back to the landing site, where I remembered that the Treasure Gauge had previously reacted to something unseen on a high flowerpot. Well, I now had Pikmin that could sense and dig things up so I walked up the nearby slope and threw my Whites up there. Sure enough they dug up a plant bulb (which, like the Toxic Toadstool yesterday, I'm not really sure counts as a "treasure") which was then carried back to the Ship, named "Pilgrim Bulb" and valued at 55 pokos. I also came across a curious green beetle-like thing which the Pikmin seemed very eager to attack even though it seemed to pose no immediate threat. Then after I managed to land a hit on it with a thrown Pikmin it spat out a pellet, so maybe that's what they wanted. The only other important thing that happened today was that I harvested five more purple berries which the ship then turned into an "Ultra-Bitter Spray". I look forward to seeing its effects.

So yeah, that was it for today. Just tying up some loose ends before moving on to the new area that the Geographic Projection unlocked.

Next time: Dipping a toe into the Perplexing Pool.

Geographic Projection (southern hemisphere of a globe) - 200
Pilgrim Bulb (plant bulb) - 55
Day Total: 255 pokos
Overall Total: 3,225/10,000 pokos

Red Pikmin
Sprouted: 56
Killed: 0
Day Total: 56
Overall Total: 229

Purple Pikmin
Sprouted: 0
Killed: 1
Day Total: -1
Overall Total: 33

White Pikmin
Sprouted: 0
Killed: 1
Day Total: -1
Overall Total: 14

Total Pikmin: 276
Total Deaths: 8
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