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Gar's Gaming Blog (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)

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Author Topic: Gar's Gaming Blog (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)  (Read 6048 times)
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Do the Hitmontop!

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Day 10
After looking up what Pikmin types were required for the upcoming cave (which contained fire, electricity and buried treasure), I decided to take out 10 Whites, 15 Purples, 45 Reds and 30 Yellows and headed over to the hole. It's very close to the landing site and the Yellow Wollywog on the path hadn't respawned yet, so there wasn't any trouble. Upon entering the first floor I saw that we were back to the regular tunnel style. In fact it was even more tunnel-y than previous caves as there were lots of roots about, which was fitting given that the hole is right under a stump. Anyway, the only enemies about were some Shearwigs and Skitter Leafs so I quickly dispatched them and gathered my first treasure: the "Love Nugget" (40 pokos). Or a tomato as we would call it. I've no idea how a tomato ended up underground without being eaten by any wildlife, though. Presumeably the same way that a tangerine could be found intact underground in the Emergence Cave. Which is in an area seemingly in permanent winter, and thus not an ideal growing location for tangerines.
Floor two was where things started to get tricky. It consisted of a fairly large square area connected to the smaller Research Pod site and a passage connecting another side of the Pod site with the another side of the other area. There were a number of fire geysers around the larger area, including one in each of the entrances, and it was inhabited by three Yellow Wollywogs and a number of red spider-like creatures with small bodies and four long legs called Fiery Dweevils. There was also a pair of walls, a black one in the Research Pod area (which had nothing behind it) and a white one in the enemy area. Now, the first step would have to be to get rid of the geysers, which was simple enough, but one of the Wollywogs was unnervingly close to one of the entrance geysers, so I first had to send Louie with some Purples through the side passage to lure the Wollywog through the entrance and away from the geyser so it could be knocked out from the other side. I then killed the Wollywog with the Purples by waiting for it to jump and throwing them onto it as soon as it landed. Each of the other two Wollywogs was taken out in the same way (though at different times as I spent quite a long time in this floor being careful and taking out one enemy at a time so as not to lose any Pikmin by blundering in). The biggest complication came from the unfamiliar Dweevils, which steal treasure by carrying it on their bodies (so I was subjected to the rather surreal sight of a tube of lipstick with spider legs skittering around the place), can shoot fire (meaning I could only attack them with Reds) and couldn't be swarmed so I had to throw Pikmin on top of them. And if they were carrying something then they couldn't be damaged until I'd thrown a few Pikmin at them and knocked it off, leaving them bare. Eventually the floor was cleared of enemies and geysers and I could set about salvaging the Lip Service (50 pokos), the Activity Arouser (30 pokos) which had been coughed up by one of the Wollywogs, and a partially buried treasure that had been behind the white wall called the "Paradoxical Enigma", which was valued at 80 pokos.
The third floor was even more troublesome, as it was filled with more new creatures called Anode Beetles, which could shoot jolts of electricity between them, and a few Swooping Snitchbugs. As long as I only took Yellows into the enemy areas then none of my Pikmin could actually be killed, but it was still very irritating as not only did I have to worry about my Pikmin being snatched (and thrown down and re-planted, which is what Snitchbugs do if not forced to drop their captives), but the Beetles can only be swarmed if you first throw a Pikmin on top of them to flip them over. So doing this while also trying to get the Snitchbugs to drop your 'Min, and also stop any thrown ones that missed their targets from gathering the corpses or digging up a partially-buried treasure and decreasing your force while they head back to the Research Pod and also plucking any that the Snitchbugs re-planted... It was pretty annoying. Eventually I was able to take everything down and claim the two treasures, one of which was completely buried (Memorial Shell, 100 pokos) and one, as I said earlier, was only partially so (Open Architecture, 130). Oh, and I was ambushed by a third Snitchbug as I went into an alcove with a nectar egg to re-mature the Pikmin that had been re-planted, as they also lose their flowers when that happens.
The fourth floor was a nice breather, even if it brought two previously-unknown enemies. The first was a kind of, blue slug-like thing called a Water Dumple which could be easily swarmed (and is apparently a relative of the Bulborb, though I see no resemblance at all), and the second was a Hermit Crawmad, which are basically large hermit crabs that hang in burrows instead of shells and shoot out to grab Pikmin and drag them back into its hole. It was a simple matter to just lure them out and swarm them as they tried to get back home. I was gathering up the three treasures on the floor, two of which were only worth a piddly 10 and 15 pokos (the Flame of Tomorrow and King of Sweets, respectively. Actually the sweet was inside the Crawmad so I'm not sure how appetising it is anymore...) when I also came across a White Candypop Bud, so I threw some Reds in and got five more Whites. Oh, and while I'm on the subject, in another alcove up on the third floor a Queen Candypop Bud suddenly dropped down. A Queen Candypop is a white flower with polka-dots that cycle through red, yellow and blue, but since I had no need for any of those Pikmin types I just let it be.
On the final floor I could easily have completely avoided the boss fight, as the exit geyser was down a separate passage, but I wanted to get its treasure so I left all my Pikmin apart from my 30 Yellows by the Research Pod and headed into the arena. The rest of the floor was pretty dim so I'm glad the boss room was lighter so I could properly see what I was doing. I could also see the shadow of a large spiderweb on the floor, so apparently this room had an open ceiling, from which dropped a huge creature called a Beady Long Legs. Basically a ball with four great big spindly legs. I'm guessing this, along with the Dweevils earlier on are the "spiders" mentioned in the cave's name. Anyway, I know it's only the third boss I've fought, but it was a surprisingly easy fight. The BLL's "attack pattern", if it can really be called that, is just to stomp around a bit and then lower its body a bit as if trying to catch its breath. The idea is to throw your Pikmin onto its body when it lowers (so the extra height Yellows get are particularly useful) and then call them off before it shakes them off. The only danger came from the feet which could squash any stray Pikmin if you're not careful, so you have to keep an eye out for any Pikmin that start to try and attack the feet and call them back before it's too late, as well as keeping your squad out of harm's way. The latter point means that it's generally a good idea to go into the fight with a relatively small force rather than the full 100. After the last of its health was depleted, which took a surprisingly short time, the BLL's body cracked into two halves like a party ball and dropped the treasure it had been keeping ("The Key", 100 pokos) and then the creature seemed to crumble into dust, leaving no remains. The Key was carried back to the Research Pod, whereupon it got a special fanfare and the Ship said it had suddenly detected "a massive dimensional shift at a distant location" and picked up an interdimensional message that said "Challenge Mode can now be accessed from the title screen", but proclaimed it to be gibberish. I wasn't finished yet, though, as the Treasure Gauge hadn't powered down. It detected something up on a low ledge so I threw my Whites up and they excavated a rather pretty diamond (Regal Diamond, 100 pokos). BTW, have I mentioned how insanely fast a group of White Pikmin travel when no other types are slowing them down? They had that treasure to the Pod in seconds. Anyway, with the 11th(!) and final treasure of the cave salvaged, there was nothing left to do but jump into the exit geyser and get blasted out. Oh, and I waited a few minutes on the "Cave Completed" screen so that I could hear Totaka's Song.
The first order of business after landing back at the Ship and Onions (sounds like a Pikmin-themed pub) was to finally get that treasure by the two purple Spiderworts, so I headed straight over there, pausing only to beat up some Shearwigs that got in my way, clear up the ground mold so the Spiderworts could sprout, and kill a Snitchbug that was buzzing around nearby. There were some odd pools of water in and around that group of stone blocks, but I was able to carefully navigate a small group of Yellows around to the treasure (Gherkin Gate, 100 pokos) and finally salvage it. The next stop was to get some more Yellows out (putting away some Reds, Whites and Purples in the process) and take them over to a place near the see-saw blocks where there was an electric fence blocking the way into a hollow stump and the next cave I'd be tackling, so I sent Olimar over there with them and set to work, killing another Snitchbug on the way, while Louie harvested some more berries and took the corpses & pellets left by the Shearwigs back to the Red Onion. Once the fence was knocked down I investigated the hole, which caused the Ship's odour detectors to sense a strong scent wafting from underground that, according to its observation of Olimar's face, was something delicious. After this I threw the Yellows back up onto the higher area where Louie and the others had been, but forgot that the only way up there from this side for a captain was the see-saw blocks, so Olimar had to go the long way around to collect them. I then had the Snitchbug corpses (and some Whiskerpillars) taken back to the Yellow Onion, harvested some more berries and called it a day. Oh, and by the way, in addition to "unlocking" Challenge Mode (it was already accessible to me thanks to an old file) and having a special fanfare, The Key also brought me up to 4,000 pokos so when I reached the surface I got the "40% DEBT CLEARED" sign. I'm nearly halfway there!

Next time: What's cooking in the Glutton's Kitchen?

Day Summary
Love Nugget (tomato) - 40
Activity Arouser ("Sinalco" bottle cap) - 30
Lip Service (tube of lipstick) - 50
Paradoxical Enigma (rubber duck head) - 80
Memorial Shell (half a scallop shell) - 100
Open Architecture (can of salmon) - 130
Time Capsule (locket with a dog photo) - 70
King of Sweets (dark chocolate truffle) - 15
Flame of Tomorrow ("Bowser Breath" box of matches) - 10
The Key (golden key) - 100
Regal Diamond (clear diamond) - 100
Gherkin Gate ("Vlasic" pickle jar lid) - 100
Day Total: 825 pokos
Overall Total: 4,200/10,000 pokos

Red Pikmin
Sprouted: 10
Converted: 5
Killed: 0
Day Total: 5
Overall Total: 262

Purple Pikmin
Sprouted: 0
Killed: 0
Day Total: 0
Overall Total: 33

White Pikmin
Sprouted: 5
Killed: 0
Day Total: 5
Overall Total: 34

Yellow Pikmin
Sprouted: 36
Killed: 0
Day Total: 36
Overall Total: 147

Total Pikmin: 476
Total Deaths: 9
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