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18 January, 2021, 08:33:17 pm
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Gar's Gaming Blog (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)

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Author Topic: Gar's Gaming Blog (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)  (Read 6048 times)
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Do the Hitmontop!

« Reply #1020 on: 10 July, 2013, 07:12:02 pm »

Okay, I've figured out how to tackle the next few days, so now I'm back on the road.

Day 13
I had a fair amount to do today, so I tried to waste as little time as possible. I started by taking out 30 Blues and setting them to work on breaking a stone in the bottom of the small pool near the landing site that had a white wall in it, thus draining the pool and allowing other Pikmin types to break the wall down, so I put away most of my Blues, took out 50 Reds and 20 Purples and their high attack strength meant the wall was demolished in a few minutes. So now I have a shortcut between the landing site and the only Spiderwort in the area that produces purple berries. Result! Next I took my attack force, leaving Louie with a small force of Reds for berry harvesting (I want to build up my Bitter Sprays), and used them to kill the sleeping Red Bulborb a short distance from the landing site and two Creeping Chrysanthemums further down the usual path. I unfortunately lost a Blue to one of the Chrysanthemums, but I was able to harvest all three corpses. My next objective required Blues and Whites, so I put away all of my Reds and Purples, except those helping Louie or transporting carcasses, took out 15 Whites and a small party of Blues and headed out to the pool where I had found the Blue Onion yesterday. I threw the Whites up onto the ledge, went around to the side ramp with the Blues and took them into the pool so they could obtain the treasure that had been behind the Onion: the Decorative Goo. I probably ought to have got this yesterday, but I was too focused on sprouting as many Pikmin as I could. There's now only one treasure left above ground in the Awakening Wood, but no way am I going to try and work my way through that final area today. Anyway, I had the Blues carry the treasure through the pond and onto the ledge, where I then called them back and threw my Whites onto it so it would be transported extra quickly. Moving onto the next goal, I put away all available Pikmin and called out a force of 70 Yellows. I took them through the new path I had opened earlier and up a narrow bridge made out of a hollow log, gave them a spicy spray and made them demolish an electric fence that blocked the way to the next cave, from which the Ship could apparently sense tremors. And that was it. No other info at all. Very helpful.
Anyway, by the time they'd finished the sun was beginning to set. I was planning on harvesting those giant pellets again, but they didn't seem to have grown today, which was a disappointment. Instead I collected a batch of red berries and called it a day. A modest increase in treasure and Pikmin today, but I anticipate a big haul tomorrow, and probably a few more casualties...

Next time: Invading the Bulblax Kingdom.

Day Summary
Decorative Goo (tube of blue "Mario Paint" paint) - 80
Day Total: 80 pokos
Overall Total: 5,550/10,000 pokos

Red Pikmin
Sprouted: 0
Killed: 0
Day Total: 0
Overall Total: 262

Purple Pikmin
Sprouted: 0
Killed: 0
Day Total: 0
Overall Total: 36

White Pikmin
Sprouted: 0
Killed: 0
Day Total: 0
Overall Total: 34

Yellow Pikmin
Sprouted: 0
Killed: 0
Day Total: 0
Overall Total: 145

Blue Pikmin
Sprouted: 36
Killed: 1
Day Total: 35
Overall Total: 83

Total Pikmin: 636
Total Deaths: 27
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