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Gar's Gaming Blog (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)

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Author Topic: Gar's Gaming Blog (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)  (Read 6299 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 13 September, 2009, 12:22:03 pm »

New entry: Saturday 12th September Ė Sunday 13th September
I thought I might as well post my experiences in Firionís story thus far, then come back later with my experiences of the end of the story & my character impressions. Basically, this entry is my experiences from yesterday. So, without further adoÖ

Destiny Odyssey II Ė The Unending Dream (Part 1 Ė 12th September)
Thus far (as of stage 3), Firionís story has been pretty good. The odd layout of his levels and placement of enemy encounters makes it difficult to get positive DP counts, so I ended up being more strategic about the level boards than I have been in previous Destiny Odysseys, and started going after the DP bonuses in certain battles. Iíve also found Firion himself to be surprisingly easy to fight with.
The only difficult bit Iíve come across so far was a very aggressive Imaginary Soldier (Cloud copy) in stage 2. Like the Phantasmal Girls in Cloudís story, he only had 1HP, but he was ridiculously good at dodging. He could also Break me in just one combo, and a couple of said combos later, heíd be ready to OHKO me with a Braver. So I was left frantically dodging and blocking as best I could, and firing off Staightarrow attacks (Firionís only current HP attack) as often as possible. He beat me a couple of times, but I eventually managed to hit him full in the face as he dashed towards me after an unsuccessful Braver. Jecht, the boss of stage 2, was easy in comparison.
Stage 3 brought with it a boss fight against Ultimecia, and an optional fight against a Fallacious Tree enemy (Exdeath copy) that was about 7 levels higher than me. He had a lot of HP, so the fight lasted a long time, my health descending into double digits at one nerve-wracking point. It was during this fight that I started truly appreciating Firionís EX Mode bonus: Blood weapons. Whenever I performed a successful HP attack in EX Mode, I would regain health equal to the damage Iíd done. Thanks to a couple of EX Bursts (lots of HP damage there), I was back up to full health by the time I struck the final blow. I even went up two levels for my trouble. Similar to stage 2, the Ultimecia boss fight was easy in comparison. Although that might have also been because I was two levels higher than her, and we were fighting on a stage Iím pretty comfortable on: World of Darkness.

So thatís it so far. The only thing Iím really worried about now is the final boss fight against The Emperor in Pandaemonium. As you may have read in my entry about Tidusís story, I havenít exactly fared well against him in the past. On the other hand, Iíve done pretty well against the various Imitation Despot enemies (Emperor copies) in Firionís levels, but those fights were all in pretty open arenas, making it easier to avoid the traps. Ah well. Iíll just have to wait see how it turns out, I suppose.

Next time: Firionís story concluded! Garís opinions of Tidus and Firion! I'm gonna be king of the pirates!!

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