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The Something Something Demonic Something Ever

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Author Topic: The Something Something Demonic Something Ever  (Read 12677 times)
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« Reply #405 on: 06 February, 2011, 04:10:28 pm »

In another dark dimension somewhere, Pandora and Dawn were flung towards the rocky ground in the middle of a prison and separated shortly afterwards. Dawn got to her feet first and looked around at the barren wasteland, complete with a purple misty sky and flashes of lightning. “Man, that was pretty embarrassing.”

“Indeed.” Pandora replied, too unmotivated to even get up.

Just then, a large crowd of tentacled monsters noticed the individuals who had recently arrived. One of them pointing the two out as it said, “Hey guys, fresh meat! Time to get our raep on!”

Pandora slowly got to her feet, as if **** had just gotten real. “Pathetic.” This sudden reply got even more monsters attention. Pandora laughed for a moment. “All of you are weak! You’re no threat to me at all! I could crush every one of you without breaking a sweat. My name is Pandora, and from today, you all serve me. I will make you submit, and you will be my ****. If you think you stand even the slightest chance…” She drew her umbrella. “Come at me…bro.” And so they attacked, and just as she had said, was quickly dispatching every one which attacked her within seconds using 1 or 2 hits while Dawn decided to look around while this went on.

Back on earth, a small portal opened up and Crystal flew the ship out of it, stopping 20 feet away from it as it closed. “That was awesome!” Ruby exclaimed as she leaped out the ship. “But it shouldn’t happen again, because it wouldn’t be so great a second time.”

“Damn straight it wouldn’t!” Ivy replied, also leaping out. “Had to waste my time coming here and hel-I mean, doing stuff when I could have been home watching TV, and the other demons didn’t do jack ****. And you stole my thunder, I mean, I’m the main character after all.”

“Its tough being a main character.” Poison sighed.

The random credits began rolling again, which they chose to ignore as most of them got off the ship. Ruby turned to Ivy and said, “And just so you know, I still kinda hate your guts, because you seem to make my life better, and yet worse at the same time.”

“You just stole my line too. Well I hate your guts more, so there!”

“By the way, Poison.” Crystal began. “When are you gonna move past that crossdressing hobby of yours?”

Poison facepalmed. “You know what, **** you guys. **** all of you. I know you all secretly hate me and look for any opportunity to take jabs at me.”

“Don’t you do that as well?” Rosie asked.

“That’s besides the point. I just feel like the buttmonkey who isn’t really the buttmonkey. But you know what? You’re all just jealous that I can look good in a dress and you can’t, so **** you guys, I’m going home and wearing normal clothes.” He stormed off.

“You tell ‘em, Poison!” Amber yelled. “Work those legs! Shake what yo mama gave ya!”

“So by the way…” Ruby began. “If that gold belt was fuelled by hate and similar emotions, what’s that white belt powered up?”

“Oh, Omar said it was powered by frustration. I’m not sure what he meant but it felt overwhelmingly good. Like a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders.”


And so, the day was saved, thanks to a bunch of people who come from other planets, but that’s not important. Adol, Nookie, Masterman and few others didn’t take part. Adol because he was still teaching his daughter who harass people who visited his town, Nookie because he was busy eating dinner with his wife and kids, and Masterman because he was making a music video at the time and his new album “Beast-Masterful” is said to release in July. Cherry did not appear in this season, because there was no excuse to throw her in, but I’m assuming she survived. Leo continued to hang out with the others despite no longer needing training, discarding his manly persona when Rosie told him he didn’t need to act like the other Leo anymore.

After dealing with the hordes of monsters, Willard left Spring and Floyd, saying that while the brief partnership was fun, they were still enemies as usual. While saving people, the Loli Rangers encountered Loli Pink, who said that her family’s house got destroyed so she was moving back and could join the team again. The four robot minions of Dawn, seeing how they no longer had to put up with her, no longer had a purpose. Platinum decided to go study ninjutsu to improve his skills, Silver got a job as a voice actor working for Sega, and Bronze decided to become a crappy stand-up comedian. Gold, feeling guilty, apologized to Poison for the insults and for fighting Dawn, and decided to become his servant, which Poison wasn’t too keen on, but Ivy forced the idea anyway.

And so most things went back to normal, expect for a small things which didn’t.

In an office building, one ninja was speaking to another, talking endlessly. “That was great, now lets do a 4th season and have 10 more. I already have a bunch of ideas we can use, but you gotta come up with the-”

“No, damnit!” The second ninja slammed his hand on the table. “Its long enough already, it doesn’t need anymore. We should’ve stopped after season 2. It was finished. There was no need to add any more. This just felt too packed. I’m sorry, man, but I’m done with this.”

“But this is a gold mine! We ca-”

The other ninja pulled a gun and shot him. “I said no, damnit!” He walked slowly to the exit and turned off the lights as he left.

The ninja sat up moments later, exclaiming, “Ow! That hurt!” as he did so.

In the other dimension, Pandora and Dawn currently sat within a group circle, being new members of this group as one tentacled monster was speaking. “So I was showering, just minding my damn business, when suddenly this chick walks in. **** didn’t even knock! And yet she slaps me! Well excuse me for exposing yourself freely to me. **** had no common sense, I should be the one slapping her!”

One monster with a clipboard replied with, “Alright, we understand, **** didn’t know ****.”

“But how can she slap?!”

“Mr. Matthews-”


“Anyway, we have two new members who’ve joined our group today. After a big misunderstanding, everything sort of worked out.”

“My name is Dawn. My hobbies are torturing others, trolling, and ****. As you can tell, I‘m a complete monster. Almost literally. ”

“And now for you, Pandora.”

She sighed. “This is bullshit. I refuse to participate in it.”

“Now, now, Pandora, you need to be more open with us. People have been complaining that you’ve been incredibly hostile, even though we no longer mean any harm. C’mon, give us a smile.”


“She’s only dere for her beloved Lolita.” Dawn said. “And occasionally for me when I tease her enough, moreso in the bedroom.”

“Stop making up ****.” Pandora replied.

“She was quite depressed until she discovered Lolita had given Pandora her email address, whereupon Pandora squeed like a little girl when she found a computer.”

“Knowing that she cared enough to tell me is enough to keep me happy.”

The monster nodded as he continued writing things down.
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