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10 December, 2023, 06:46:19 am
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The Something Something Demonic Something Ever

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Author Topic: The Something Something Demonic Something Ever  (Read 12717 times)
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post. may contain strong language and limited vocabulary

TMEDCE: Original Vintage Add-on

As is the norm of having typical chapter settings, we join our demonic protagonists on the planet “Hell”, supposedly. In Poison’s room, he was reading a comic beside a desk in complete silence. From out of nowhere, Ivy burst into the room yelling, “Dramatic Entry!” as she fly kicked the door open. Poison moved back as she flew in and Ivy landed on the bed further back.

“So what’s up?” Poison asked, closing the comic.

Ivy smiled confidently, as if she was explaining an evil scheme. “You may be happy to know that I have received some tickets to invite anyone of my choosing to a special amusement park for the day. So…” She pointed at him. “Come my loyal servant! Let us ride the go-karts, experience the loop-de-loops of the rollercoaster, the consistent spiralling teacups, get extremely wet on the water rides, and eat a whole assortment of junk foods until we puke!”

There was silence for a few moments, then Poison turned away from her, opened his comic again and replied with a simple, “Nah.”

Ivy smile faded and she was felt confused. “Nah? What do you mean, “Nah?”

“No thank you, not interested, do not want, nope.avi. Nah.”

“…But why?”

“Well it sounds like a cliché harem anime kinda situation.”

“You always say that.”

“Well it’s true a lot of the time. Besides I‘m gonna be doing stuff with Damien later so I can‘t go. Couldn‘t you just ask Rosie and Amber?” 

“What stuff is this?”

“Y’know, stuff.”

Ivy got down from the bed, walked over to him and stared while Poison avoided eye contact, this went on for five minutes before she stopped. “Fine, I’ll just go ask them then.”

And so Ivy travelled from her house to Amber’s villa-like house which shall be exempt from explanation and she kicked in the front door then began looking around. “Hey, Amber, Rosie, you here? You’re not sleeping naked again, are you?” Ivy kicked open the door and found out they were sleeping rather naked, but she was in no way shocked by this, so this must be a normal thing they do. “Wake up, guys.” She walked over to Rosie’s side and lightly slapped her. “Get up.”

“Stop slapping me.” Rosie replied softly, shoeing her away with her eyes still closed.

“I’m gonna keep slapping you till you get up.” Ivy said as she proceeded to do so.

Rosie was up within moments, still tired and rather annoyed. She punched Amber’s arm as she said, “Hey, Ivy is here.”

Amber yawned as she slowly sat up, having clearly gotten a good night’s sleep compared to Rosie. “Good morning, Ivy. What brings you here?”

“Yeah, morning. Anyway, hurry and get dressed, guys. I got some tickets so we’re going to an amusement park.”

“Where did you get the tickets from?” Rosie asked.

Ivy went silent for a moment. “Uhh…Katie.”

Amber shook her head in disappointment. “Not Krazy Katie, Ivy, you know you shouldn’t be talking to her.”

“Hey, she’s not ‘Krazy’, alright? She may have a few screws loose but she still means well.”

“She’s caused a lot of problems in a past, unintentional or not, like that whole body swapping fiasco.”

“Are you honestly saying that wasn’t at least a little funny?”

“Maybe for you, not for everyone else.”

“Anyway…” Rosie spoke up, getting their attention. “What’s the name of this place?”

Ivy looked at the tickets. “Says its called “Tentacle Land.”

“This isn’t sounding very good.” Rosie replied.

Ivy looked closer at the tickets. “Wait, a word’s been scribbled out here after tentacle, can’t read it but I think it begins with ‘R’.”

“This is sounding kinda bad.”

“So how many people are coming?” Amber asked.

“It’s just us three today.” Ivy replied.

“Now it’s sounding even worse!” Rosie exclaimed.

“Stop being so worried, Rosie, we’ll be fine.” Amber said.

“Yeah,” Ivy agreed. “It’s just for today. We’ll be fine, what’s the worst that could happen?”

“Not much until you just said that.” Rosie replied. “I can tell today is going to be a disaster…”

And so, Ivy waited outside while Rosie and Amber got ready to go. She parked her ship near the entrance and awaited their arrival. Rosie came out in her usual attire of a spider themed tank top and blue jeans, while Amber wore a red woolly buttoned jumper and a black skirt.

“That outfit,” Ivy began. “It’s surprisingly-”

“Rather fashionable?” Amber said with a smile.

“-Not slutty.”

“I thought so too.” Rosie added.

“Oh, screw you guys.” Amber said before getting on the ship.

As they were ready to go, someone tapped Ivy on the shoulder. She turned to see Gold, the black and gold patterned robot who chose to live with them after Dawn had ‘vacated’ their dimension. “May I come?”

“Oh, Gold, I almost forgot you live with us now.”

“Yes, I did too.”

After a few moments of silence, Ivy let her on and then she got in too and shut the door before taking off towards Earth. The inside was rather spacious as you would expect, and had neon green lighting to brighten up the area. They were all silent for a short while, at one point Rosie stared at Gold who stared back in response. Rosie then turned away and asked, “So how many tickets do you actually have, Ivy?”

“Like eight of them.”

“If that was the case I could have brought one of my other demon lord friends.” Amber said.

“Well you most likely would’ve invited that one polite chick who always has her eyes closed. She creeps me the fuck out and once said, “She expects great things from me.” I have no idea what the hell that means.”

Amber shrugged. “Yeah, guess I’d agree, she is a little weird.”

Gold raised her hand. “Is it okay for me to have a personality on this trip?”

“Yeah, whatever.” Ivy replied.

Gold turned to Rosie. “May I ask a question? Alright. Why did you two take so long to get ready?”

“They were sleeping naked.” Ivy replied again. “And together as well. I don‘t really get it.”

“I’m just used to sleeping naked, okay.” Amber said. “Been going it since I was a kid.”

“Amber’s place is just naturally rather humid, so I get sweaty if I sleep with my clothes on when I’m there.” Rosie explained.

“So are they like Bert & Ernie?” Gold asked.

“Exactly.” Ivy nodded.

“No!” Rosie yelled. “’Exactly.’ nothing, that’s completely untrue and I’m totally straight!”

“I’m sure I could find something on my cameras to disprove that.”


“Yep. All over my house, had them for ages. In almost every room, expect my parents room.”

“…Does that include the bathroom?”


“So yesterday morning in the shower, did you-”

“Yeah, I saw it.”

After a few moments of silence, she then asked, “So what did you think?”

“I was sceptical at first but it ended up being surprisingly entertaining.”

“…I can take another shower at your place tomorrow if you want.”

“I look forward to it then.”

After another few moments of silence, Rosie then added, “Still totally straight though.”

“Y-yeah, same here. No homo tendencies.”

The rest of the way there was in silence. A little later they arrived at the car park right outside the theme park, which just like the tickets, had a word in-between ‘Tentacle’ & ‘Land’ that was removed by paint, as well as a dozen blow-up balloons flowing about in the wind to act as tentacles. As they left the ship, Ivy locked it and said, “Okay, remember where we parked, guys.”

Gold tapped her on the shoulder as they walked. “Ivy, have you told the others about the upgrades?”

Ivy gasped. “Oh right, I almost forgot!” She turned to Rosie and Amber. “Hey guys, hold on, check this out!”

Ivy stepped aside and nodded to Gold. Gold’s left arm then slowly transformed into a neon blue proton cannon. She fired out small yellow energy balls as Ivy spoke, “What you see here is a proton cannon I built into her arm, it can fire generic energy bullets, as well-” Gold charged the cannon until she began glowing black & blue, then fired a large blue energy ball into the sky, “As that. I find it to be rather nostalgic. There‘s also the standard assault rifle, sniper rifle and shotgun all built in due to extra capacity.” Ivy said as Gold quickly alternated between the three.

Following that she displayed swords inside the metal arms which were retractable, mini rocket launchers from compartments inside her left and right shoulders, and a built-in iPod with surround sound speakers. This obviously went on for quite a while.

“While you two may want to spend all day talking about all this stuff, can it wait another time?” Amber asked.

“Very well.” Gold replied.

Since they already had tickets they were able to go straight in. The theme park inside looked relatively normal, aside from the many tentacled monsters roaming around, though there were many other humans around who didn’t act like anything was unusual. While in Rosie’s case, she felt rather nervous from the many monsters wondering around.

“You seem a little ‘tense’, want me to help with that?” Amber asked as she stared at Rosie.

“No thanks, I’m fine. It’s just that the atmosphere of this place creeps me out. So many of those ’things’ wondering around makes me uneasy. The look of them is so weird. Like, they have a hard circular pink creamy centre, covered by thin layers of pink and purple of spaghetti, covered further by bigger strings of spaghetti with two big tentacles on each side to act as ‘arms’, and some eyes and a mouth thrown in there somewhere.”

“Sounds like a food.” Ivy commented. “But what do you expect them to do? Take the forms of moe anime girls so they won’t creep you out? Also, what you said was quite racist.”

“I had no idea she was such a racist.” Amber shook her head in disgust.

“I always had my suspicions.” Gold added.

“I don’t mean it like that, guys.” Rosie said, then turned to Gold and added, “And you barely even know me. Still, you gotta remember I‘m not like you guys. I was actually human once, and I started at level 1 as a vampire and had to spend ages working my way up the ladder to eventually be known as a tyrant vampire.”

“Tyrant vampire?” Amber asked.

“Yes, I was a much different person back then. I had many followers, I regularly had vampire hunters show up, some weak, some strong, some I had on-and-off relationships with. I was evil, cunning-”

“Were you slutty?” Gold asked.

“Of course. Being a strong female vampire normally requires you to wear rather revealing clothing. You know, the type that Amber usually wears.” Ivy and Gold nodded, fully understanding what she meant.

“That’s not funny.” Amber said, glaring at her.

“Anyway, that’s how things were, then I eventually met you guys, got beaten up by Poison and we became friends. Also as a result I became nicer, and gained common sense.”

“I know the feeling.” Amber replied. “I wasn’t always like this. I used to be a "slutty bitch", basically. The bad kind of succubus, with many minions at my beck and call…then I got beat up by Damien and decided to change my ways.”

“Huh.” Ivy said, thinking about it. “Maybe I could beat up someone in the future and make them a nicer person as a result. Anyway, back to the previous topic, you gotta suck it up, Rosie. These guys are like bullies, they’re more likely to come after you if they know you’re afraid of them.”

“Speaking from experience?” Amber asked.

“No, I just know people. Also, you never wanna get grabbed by one of those four big tentacles they have. Especially around the leg, if you do just reach around and cut it off quick, it’s a lot harder to get away if more than one grabs you.”

“Speaking from ex-”

“No. No experience, damnit! I’ve just seen movies about this stuff. Mock it all you want but its good to know.”

“Were these “cartoon movies” by any chance?”


“You don’t even know what their species is called, do you?” Rosie questioned her.

“Of course I do, they’re called Aterlilics.”

“I don’t even know whether that’s BS or not…”

“So what are we going to do?” Gold asked, referring to rides.

Moving on from endless amounts of text to small amounts of plot, they decided to first try out one of the more important rides: The rollercoaster, which I have not given a name, because I didn’t think that far ahead. As they waited in the queue, Gold turned to Rosie and said, “Is it alright if I ask you a few questions? Alright, here I go…”

“Would be nice of you waited fo-”

“Since vampires are technically undead and all, naturally certain bodily functions would stop working. In that case, can vampires give birth?”

Rosie backed up, stunned that she would ask that. “Wo-woah! Where the hell did that come from?”

“Is it too personal?”

“Well, I guess not, and yes, it is actually possible, though rather difficult due to many factors.”

“Alright, say that someone was turned into a vampire as a kid, could they eventually develop as they got older?”

“Well, normally you can’t, but there are ways around that.”

“Going back to my original question on bodily functions, are vampires still able to get ‘wet’?”

“…I’m not answering any more questions.”

“But why?”

“They’re too personal now. Also, I have a question for you, Gold, was it?”

“Call me Goldia.”


“It’s more feminine. I’ll quickly change it so you don’t forget.” Goldia said as she did so.

“So yeah, before we even got to this place, Ivy was really eager to show off a whole bunch of upgrades she gave you, but I can’t help but notice that she kinda treats you like some dress up doll. Like, “Pimp my Robot Friend" type stuff.”

“I prefer Transformations action figure myself, besides, she hasn’t done anything I didn’t want her too. I gave her a blueprint of my interior design, and it was me who actually gave her most of the ideas. She wanted to try including most of those things, and she was surprisingly gentle while working on me too. Plus all those upgrades felt really good when they were inserted into my systems.” Goldia looked away as if she were blushing.

“Well sorry I asked.”

So after a 20 minute long wait they finally got to the front of the queue. After that ride they went on a water ride where pictures were taken right before the big drop at the end, which Ivy actually bought later on in a shop right outside the exit. This was followed by another water ride, except with bubbles, and another which was basically a rail shooter.

Afterwards they took a break to eat and sat at a table outside a shop. Unlike some of the other places, this area was mostly filled with Aterlilics, most of which were watching them, but Ivy didn’t seem to notice. Ivy left for a moment and walked past all the tables to the shop, which also had a Aterlilic behind the till. She came back a minute later with 3 red ice lollies which of course were rather phallic. She handed one each to Amber, Goldia and then Rosie.

“What about you?” Rosie asked. 

“Nah, I’ve sucked off like over half a dozen of them today and my mouth’s kinda sore at the moment.”

“To this day I still wonder whether or not you’re intentionally doing that.”

“Doing what?”


There was silence for a short while until Amber randomly said, “Y’know, I don’t really like how lesbians are treated in anime sometimes.”

“Yeah.” Ivy began. “They don’t really act like lesbians. Just girls who have one friend they like a little too much and hate anyone who comes between them.”

“Its always played out like they’re just going through a phase.”

“Totally. It’s like, “I love this chick but as soon as some dick shows up, this bitch can sit and spin. I need to get some dicks in my mouth ASAP.”

“While I agree, I don’t think that last part usually happens.”

“Maybe it doesn’t, but its implied.”

Rosie looked around nervously. “Uhh, Ivy, you probably shouldn’t be talking about that kind of stuff.”

“What? Don’t try and stifle me!” Ivy replied, getting louder. “All I’m saying is that if some bitch is a lesbian, she shouldn’t suddenly turn around and start sucking dick!”

“I’m gonna leave in a second.”

“Just saying, lesbians have no reason to suck dick.”

“I’m out.” Rosie said as she quickly left the table and walked off. After a little while of silence, Goldia simply nodded to Ivy and took off after Rosie.

Amber and Ivy got up and started walking around a bit later. Ivy was talking about nonsense as usual.

“I’m tired of these stupid circumstances I usually find myself in. I don’t like having to fight ‘Final bosses’, y’know? I’d rather be a final boss.”

“Final boss?” Amber said, raising an eyebrow.

“Y’know, the guy behind all the bad stuff. That dude you beat to stop the ultra death ray 3000, that one **** who’s castle starts crumbling down after you beat him. I had more fun playing the villain, especially against that foolish angel. Now I just wanna enjoy time with the people I know, settle down-”

“Have a baby.” Amber added.

“Whoa…” Ivy replied, backing up slightly.

“What? That’s what it sounded like you were saying. So anyway, why isn’t Ruby here today?”

“Doing her stupid ‘superhero’ crap as usual. Not that I care or anything.”

“Huh. Anyway, the villain thing isn’t really you. You seem to genuinely like helping people, and you don’t really hurt others for no reason so I think the whole good thing is totally you.”

Ivy gave her a blank stare while she talked and then simply said, “I’ve killed people you know.”

“Well I didn’t say you were all good, lets not kid ourselves now.”

At that moment, as if right on cue, Goldia ran over to them and said, “Rosie seems to have been kidnapped.”

Not to be fazed by this news, Amber said, “What happen?”

“Someone set her up the something…I didn’t see it myself. Anyway, come, look at this.” She said, opening a small digital screen on her arm. Ivy and Amber crowded around, and were shown a Nyan cat video.

“Uhh, Gold, do you have any info about Rosie by any chance?” Ivy asked.

“Yes, I can track her, so lets go.” She said before running off. As they ran around, Amber asked how she was able to track her, to which she replied, “I took a sample of her blood earlier today just in case.” They didn’t bother to ask whether she did the same to them.

They stopped around the back of a shop in the far left corner of the theme park, where the shop owner was currently on break. Goldia tapped on three random tiles around the back and a trapdoor opened up, how she knew this was unknown but they followed right behind her. The inside was dark, rather damp and looked like the remains of an underground mining area. They walked through these hollow hallways, and walked, and then walked some more.

Suddenly, more walking ensued, and then a large group of Aterlilics appeared from across the gaping pit in the front of them. Speaking in their own language which others wouldn’t understand, but Ivy knew the language. “They’ve apparently kidnapped a lot of people here. They wanna hand over some of them to this ‘collector’ guy, whoever the hell that is.”

“You can understand them?” Amber asked.

“Of course, I lived with one. Nookie, remember?”

“Oh right.”

One of the rocks Ivy was hiding behind tipped over slightly, which got the attention of one of them, who alerted the others to their location. They pulled out laser blasters and started firing. Goldia turned to them and ask, “Is it alright if I go FPS mode?”

“Fine, whatever.” Ivy shrugged. “Just don’t get killed.” Ivy and Amber ran on ahead, charging through half of them just with brute force while Goldia was gunning the others down.

One Aterlilic wearing a generic green hat was standing in a big room by a steel door with a walkie-talkie in his hand. It suddenly started going off as massive amounts of destruction was heard in the background, “Holy fucking shit, sarge!”

“What? What’s going on down there?!”

“There’s these two bitches, came right the fuck out of nowhere! One of ‘em’s riding this big fuckin’ horse and it’s on fire! Tentacles pass right through that shit. The fuck? Now there’s some, big-ass motherfucking fiery bodybuilding monster with big fucking horns fucking shit up! Fuck it, game over, man. I’m done. Now they’re splitting up. That horse is clearing out sectors A1-A4 and is already speeding right through the B sectors. That other bitch is tearing through the main gates, she’s coming for you, sarge, she’s coming for you!” After some explosions in the background the connection cut out.

“It’s just as I figured, the raging demon.” Moments later, all the lights in the room went out. From across the room, the monster could only see two glowing red eyes, which slid towards him as if that person was wearing rollerskates. The figure inflicted 33 swift strikes upon him within the span of 4 seconds, leaving the monster as a pile of blood and organs when the lights came back on. Ivy turned to the steel door and just blasted it open.

Inside most of the walls were covered with massive amounts of blood and there were piles of bodies all over the place. A little ahead she spotted Rosie who was busy sucking the blood out of an Aterlilic, and quickly dropped the monster as she noticed Ivy. “Oh, you guys came to get me?”

“Well of course, after all, we’re friends.” As Rosie smiled at her, she then said, “Besides, I still haven’t seen your special ‘thing’ in the shower yet.” As they laughed for a few moments, Ivy abruptly stopped to say, “No homo, by the way.”

“Uh-huh.” Rosie replied, suddenly stopping too. “Since you’re here, you can help me save the others further in.” She said as she dragged Ivy along.

“Aww, can’t we come back next month or something?”

“Don’t be an asshole, Ivy. We’re already here, so let’s wrap it up.”

“Fair enough.” Ivy shrugged and then leaped onto Rosie’s back and pointed ahead. “Alright, let’s go!” Rosie decided not to say anything and simply moved on. She ran along the narrow passages up ahead while Ivy blasted any tentacled monsters in their path like it was something out of a shmup, as well as rescuing any people they came across.

“So you still haven’t explained why you ended up down here…” Ivy said.

“Well I was hungry and this guy said he knew a good place to eat, and he looked suspicious but I gave him the benefit of a doubt and trusted him.”

“Even though you were going down a trapdoor?”

“Well you never know…

“And do you mean hungry hungry or blood hungry?”

“What’s the difference?”

“One’s messier than the other.”

The long string of destruction in their path was quickly picked up upon by the other Aterlilics up ahead, who began to appear more in waves riding things such as small ships and helicopters with guns attached, which were easily dispatched like the others before them. The path ahead began to get less rocky and more constructed from machinery as they progressed. Up ahead Rosie noticed a large cannon set up with half a dozen Aterlilics standing around it. It was preparing to fire as they approached the area.

“So what’s the plan?” Rosie asked.

“Just brute force it, these guys are like 2 story arcs too weak.” And with that, Ivy covered them in flames as Rosie sped up. When the cannon fired a massive blue energy beam, Rosie charged straight through it with ease, jumped and punched right through the cannon itself, making it explode and knocking down the monsters.  As she landed and ran off, Ivy turned around and gave them the middle finger as Rosie turned a corner. A little further along, more monsters riding flying bikes began to emerge from various doors on the side. While Rosie was evading their fire and Ivy continued to blast them, she got a phone call. “Hello?”

“Hey, Amber here, I got Gold too, you found her yet?”

“Yeah, we’re going a bit further in.”

“How far in are you, I see some destroyed cannon just further up ahead here.”

“Well you’re not far behind then, guess I’ll be seeing you soon.”

Rosie approached one of the flying bikes further ahead, the monster swinging its arms at her as she got close, but missed as Rosie jumped and hit it with a roundhouse kick, knocking it off the bike. Another drove up beside her and attempted to stab her with a sword but dropped it as Rosie clawed his face. Ivy quickly picked it up as it was dropped and threw it at one monster behind them, hitting its eye. Rosie grabbed the wobbling bike beside her, Ivy lit it on fire and then Rosie threw it ahead at another bike which made it explode.

As if following video game rules, 3 large Octopus shaped ships showed up along with several more Aterlilics riding bikes. Conveniently, Amber arrived at the scene on her flaming horse and Goldia flew up right beside her. Gold sniped several of the monsters off their bikes while Amber pulled out a large battleaxe and scraped it along the inside of one ship as she passed it, and then Gold sniped the driver once she got a clear shot.

One of the Aterlilics on a ship ahead took out a rocket launcher, aimed at Rosie and fired. Rosie dodged the first shot with a Pete Townshend slide, leaped into the air and knocked back the second shot with a kick, which blew up as it flew back, and then punched a hole through the driver as they landed on the ship. Rosie upped the speed of the ship and jumped off as another Aterlilic on the opposite ship took out a rocket launcher as well. Rosie grabbed onto the bottom of the other ship and ran along it, with Ivy firing a large energy wave which tore the ship in half as they leaped off it. They moved on as the previous ship crashed into a wall when a turn came up and blew up just like the rest.

After many more sections, they made it to the final room which was rather empty expect for some reinforced glass covering a room where one Aterlilic sat in complete darkness. As the four of them stopped, Goldia brought out a small fire extinguisher and sprayed it over Ivy and Rosie since they were still on fire. Rosie threw Ivy off her back and pointed at the monster. “You’re behind this, aren’t you? What’s the deal?”

“You people wouldn’t understand. Hell, I don’t even know who you people are to come barging in here.”

“Just tag them as I once did.” Goldia said. “The Succubus, the Vampire and the Demon Princess. Or as some demons call them, the Slut, the Straight Man and the Tsundere Loli.”

“That’s not true at all!” Ivy and Amber exclaimed in unison.

“Though I’m not actually a man, I’m fine with what I got, since I’m straight and all.” Rosie shrugged.

“You’re still on about that?” Amber asked.

“So what are you?” Ivy demanded, poking Goldia.


“You can’t just ‘N/A.’”

“But I did.”

“Why you little…”

“Enough!” Said the Aterlilic behind the glass, drawing their attention back. “We are not privileged in any way, the recession has been hard on us, so if we had to kidnap girls to make ends meet, so be it.”

“That’s a pretty lame excuse.” Rosie replied.

“Perhaps but it won’t matter in a minute. You see, the room you’re standing is a special one. Any moment now, an aphrodisiac substance will begin to fill the room, so enjoy your last moments of freedom.” As he finished he then proceeded to do so. After laughing for about 20 seconds, he stopped when he heard Ivy say, “Smells like the cheap stuff, that’s rather insulting in a way.” He was stunned.

“Why are you people unaffected?” He asked.

“I’ve been experimenting with the effects of aphrodisiacs for years. Its amazing the fascinating shit you can know about them such as the side effects, not to mention there’s over 20 different types. This mediocre crap is the bottom of the barrel stuff, seriously.”

He couldn’t believe it. “Just what are you?”

“A former Villain Protagonist.”

Amber then added, “Being a succubus, I already have somewhat of a resistance to that kind of thing, plus I’ve had some experiences with it in the past which I’d rather not talk about.”

As the monster stared at Goldia, she said, “I’m a robot, dude.”

“What about you?” He asked, staring at Rosie.

She shrugged. “I dunno, I’m kinda dead I guess. Maybe your thing’s a bit faulty too.”

“Can we fuck him up now?” Ivy asked.

The monster suddenly went on a rant. “Fuck this, fuck that, fuck him, fuck her. I’d like a fucking large fuck with an extra helping of fuck, keep the fuck. Fuckidy fuck fuck fuck! Do you ever not swear?”

“I’ll swear if I wanna fucking swear, asshole.”

The monster sighed. “Fuck it, you leave me no choice.” He pressed a button, and moments later a massive Aterlilic creature, at least 4 times the size of the others came in right through the wall. They decided not to wait around and simply took off back the way they came. It was no different from the way in, apart from that monster busting through walls unexpectedly whenever it lost them. As they jumped up across an area of rocks, the monster managed to grab Rosie’s leg, but she quickly cut it off as it dragged her down and hit the monster with a dropkick, making it fall before she caught up with the others. They soon made it out onto the surface again. As soon as they thought it was over, the monster burst right through the floor, suddenly appearing to be Godzilla sized now.

The creature roared and began to destroy a carousel, as well as many shops while it looked for them. Goldia turned to Ivy and asked, “Should I summon it?” Ivy sighed, then replied with a nod. From all parts of the galaxy, various large mechanical parts were summoned to one location. Two arms and a left leg from the vacuum of space, the right leg from Ivy’s back yard, the torso from the desert on Earth, the head from the planet Mars, and 3 large scythe parts from the planet Saturn. Those many parts connected to each other on the way over to the theme park and it formed the metallic scythe just as it landed, the mech appearing to be a gigantic robotic version of Ivy.

As Rosie and Amber stared at it, Ivy said, “I call it the I.V-X.”

“What does it stand for?” Rosie asked.

“Nothing, I didn’t think that far ahead.” Ivy flew up and inside a hatch which opened from the top. She had already gotten the monster’s attention, as well as half the people in the park. The monster charged at her while she did the same. As they got close, Ivy moved left a few feet and hit the monster with a clothesline, followed by a leg drop as it fell. Its tentacles grabbed her and threw her off. It then hit her with a beam fired from its large yellow eye, knocking the robot off its feet.

Rosie noticed that Amber had taken off during all this and just went back to watching. Once again, the monster charged at the giant robot. As it got close, Ivy raised its right arm and blinded it with a bright light from its armpit, at which point she hit it with an uppercut. Ivy then noticed a meteor up above heading right towards the area, with Amber standing right on it. She jumped off as it crashed into the monster. Ivy then hit the meteor which was right on top of the monster with a flying elbow, making it roar in pain.

As the monster got up, Ivy lifted the robot’s dress which caught the monster off guard, then fired an energy beam from beneath which sent the monster flying, allowing her to get a juggle combo with her metallic scythe as if it were Tekken. Eventually after getting its ass beat constantly, it decided to unleash a giant energy beam from its mouth, Ivy countered with a beam from the crotch.

Amber stared at Rosie while this went on. “You haven’t even said a word yet.”

“This is too stupid to comment on. I just want it to end.”

And so, Ivy’s crotch beam overpowered the monster’s and caused it to explode from energy overload, splattering blood and guts all over the place. During this, Goldia took the time to drag along the Aterlilic who released the monster that looked like the others as Ivy got rid of her giant mech.

“Anything you’d like to say?” Amber asked him.

“Yes. You bitches talk too much. That’s apparently the joke. You talk way too much.”

They then wrapped him up and threw him in the back of Ivy’s ship as they were going. Rosie looked behind her and asked, “Do we really need to bring him?”

“He needs to be punished, the cruel way.” Ivy replied. “Plus he forced me to do good things, and I hate being forced into doing that.”

“Yeah, these kinds of things always happen.” Amber added.

“Today was fun though.” Rosie said. “We should come back soon.” The others agreed in some way or another, ignoring the colossal amounts of damage and destruction caused to the place as they left.
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