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05 December, 2023, 01:47:25 am
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The Something Something Demonic Something Ever

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Author Topic: The Something Something Demonic Something Ever  (Read 12426 times)
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« Reply #405 on: 03 September, 2012, 03:49:23 pm »

I had no idea this was gonna be anywhere near this long, but apparently it was.

TMEDCE: Orange Vindictive Aroma, P1

It was a bright and lukewarm morning, but since this was the planet “Hell”, that’s considered the norm. Damien was walking with Lolita alongside a beach looking area, as much as you could get to an area looking like one.

“Y’know, we never take the time to admire the scenery around this place, listen to the soothing sounds of kool-aid moving back and forth, and experience that annoying feeling of getting sand in your underwear when its time to go.” Damien said.

“Yes, those things are nice. Except the last one.” Lolita replied.

Damien heard a familiar voice yell his name, which brought a smile to his face as he carried on. “So do you ever miss living in the Underworld?”

“Not particularly. As long as we’re together I’m perfectly fine.”

“Oh you.”

Suddenly, Ivy appeared in the air, attempting to fly kick someone as she yelled, “Dynamic-” She dropped down a few feet away as she paused, turned to her left and punched a boulder as she said, “Entry.” She then turned and pointed at Damien. “You!”

“Yes, me.” Damien replied.

“You ate my strawberry cake that was in the fridge, didn’t you? Don’t you dare deny it!”

“I did, but I can assure it was an honest mistake.” Damien said as he and Lolita carried on walking while Ivy trailed behind as they started walking through crowded areas.

“Lies! Just the other week, I got those sherbet covered muffins which I left on the counter since I had to go do something, and you ate like ¾’s of them.”

“I was hungry. That’s what you get for leaving them there with no note.”

“What about last month when Katie had that party and she had a bunch of goodie bags, and you took like 2/3’s of the sweets in the goodie bag.”

“You’re still mad about that?”

“I wanted that stuff! It had like the old chocolate M&M’s, and those Wonka chocolate bars, you just don’t see that shit much nowadays.”

Damien shrugged. “Meh. Half the stuff wasn’t that great.”

“Not great? That’s it!” Ivy pointed at him. “Damien, I declare war on you!” Damien stopped in his tracks while many demons around gasped at what they heard. One girl leaned towards another and quietly said, “Whisper, whisper, whisper.” The second one then leaned over to a third and whispered, “Rabble, rabble, rabble.”

“Ivy,” Damien began as he slowly turned around. “You realize what this means, do you not?”

“Of course, and just for added measure, if I win, you’re going to crossdress and act like a loving big sister for a whole week.” Many people gasped and turned to Damien.

“Very well, but, if you lose, I shall be allowed to tickle you for 5 minutes, in front of everyone. Do we have a deal?”

Damien held out his hand to shake Ivy’s. After a bit of hesitation, she then did so, glaring at him while he smirked in response. “We’ll discuss the details later today.” They then left in opposite directions.

“Uh, Damien,” Lolita began. “Not that I’m questioning your goal or anything but why did you agree to the terms on just tickling her?”

“I have my reasons, that is all.”

Later on that day, Damien managed to gather a massive crowd of other demons in a spacious area, with the crowd talking amongst themselves as Damien prepared to speak to them, with Ivy standing beside him. Damien cleared his throat as he began. “Good evening, my fellow demons. I have called you here today to notify you that there shall be another war later this week for those who wish to participate.” A lot of demons seemed to be pleased about this news.

“The rules are the same as usual, 500 each side, and it’ll run for 3 days, between the hours 1pm-8pm, any other time you’re free to do as you wish. Unlike a game of team death match, if you die twice, you’re out. For first timers, don’t worry, when you die you’ll come back, might take minutes, hours, possibly a whole day but rest assured you’ll be back. Oh, and if you die, that shit’s gonna hurt so prepare yourself by say, chopping off an arm or impaling yourself with swords or maybe hitting yourself in the nuts repeatedly. My sister and I here shall be the leaders of this particular war. The battlefield has not yet been chosen, but I will keep you updated on the preparations. Good day.” Damien bowed and took his leave.

The other demons promptly left as well. Ivy was walking back home when she heard Rosie call out to her, who was with Goldia. “Ivy, is that true?” Rosie asked. “You seriously declared war on your brother?”

“What of it?”

“You’re going to lose, y’know.”

“No. I. Am. Not! He isn’t so tough, I know I can beat him if I put my mind to it.”

“I believe in you, Ivy.” Goldia replied. “You can do it.”

Ivy hugged her. “Thanks Gold…ia, you’re such a good friend.” She then glared at Rosie. “Why can’t you be more supportive like her?”

Rosie shrugged. “I would be acting out of character.”

“Well it would be a nice change every once in a while. Anyway, you’ll have to excuse me for the moment.” Ivy said before running off.

Damien was walking with Lolita who held a notepad. “They’ve just found a suitable location for the event.” Lolita said.

“Excellent. That was surprisingly fast. I’ll have to leave the other details to you for a little while, excuse me.” Damien said as he took a left turn.

Poison and Leo were walking down a straight path which looked like something out of a haunted forest.

“So did you finish that game yet?” Poison asked.

“Nah, I think I’m halfway done. Just finished that abrupt car chase segment.”

“Isn’t that shitty sewer level next?”

“And why do you think it’s shitty?”

“Because it’s a sewer level, they’re created to suck the fun out of anything.”

“What about the sewer level in that old TMNT arcade game? Are you saying that sucked too?”

“Well that’s hardly fair, they were surfing. It could have been on the beach and there would have been little difference.”

“So sewer levels suck because most don‘t have any surfing?”

“Well yeah if you wanna go there.”

As they walked they came across someone in a pink bunny costume, sitting on a bench. The person unzipped the top, and revealed herself to be Ivy, who then said, “Wanna do it?”

“Please don’t remind me of that.” Poison replied, cringing. “Can’t believe I actually read the whole thing.”

“Seriously? You’re crazy, man.” Leo said.

Ivy hopped off the bench. “Anyway, enough jokes. I’m here because I need you to join my side and help me beat Damien.”

“You might have to elaborate.” Poison said, clearly confused.

“My sister has never been one to keep things simple.” All three of them turned to their right to see Damien slowly walking down a nearby hill towards them. “What she’s referring to are the current war games that will be starting soon enough.”

“And for that purpose I need Poison to join my team.” Ivy replied.

“Nonsense, he belongs by my side. We’re good friends, are we not?” Damien asked, looking at Poison.

“Well yeah-”

“What about me? You’re my loyal servant, right? We take trips and do all kinds of fun stuff together, don’t we?” Ivy asked.

“I guess that’s true.” He shrugged.

“Do not believe that foolish woman. She is a liar and a whore.” Damien exclaimed.

“That’s kinda harsh, dude.” Poison replied.

“Yeah!” Ivy added.

“Bros before Hoes, Harry, bros before hoes.”

“Damien just wants you to join him to spite me.” Ivy said. “He doesn’t care about you at all.”

“As if you can talk.” Damien replied. “Miss “He’s my personal servant so I can treat him like a dog”, and she sees nothing wrong with this.”

“W-well, I don’t really mean it, it’s just…” Ivy trailed off as she mumbled things under her breath.

“Poison would feel more welcomed on my side.”

“No! He would like my side better!”

Poison and Leo walked off quietly as they continued to agree for a pretty long time. After several minutes of arguing they finally noticed the two had left, and so they left as well.

A little later on, Leo met with Rosie and Goldia asked, “So what’s this war business about?”

“Well, as far as I understand these demons sometimes have these “war games”, which is kinda like team deathmatch, but everyone gets only two lifes. It’s really a long story.” Rosie replied.

“Huh, alright. That sounds interesting, I guess.”

Just then, Ivy showed up. She saw Leo talking with Rosie, then looked around and asked, “Where’s Poison? Is he with you?”

“He said he had to take care of a few things.”

“Huh. Well I gotta make a quick stop somewhere, you guys are free to join me if you wish.” Ivy said, walking towards her ship. The others followed her in and they took off. Ivy informed them that they would be visiting the planet where the Aterlilics actually live for a short period of time.

As they landed on the planet which looked like an apocalyptic wasteland, Ivy said, “Try not to touch anything alien-like. That’s how half those horror things start, people go touching shit they don’t know and how it works.”

“And the other half?” Leo asked.

“People who cause trouble because they’re assholes.”

After a short while of walking, they came across a big village of Aterlilics. One immediately noticed them and pointed as it exclaimed, “Blaaaaaaah!” Which would only be understood in their native language. A bunch of the creatures crowded around the four of them. Ivy held her hands up and simply replied, “Blah.”

“Blah blaaah?”

“Blah. Blah, bu bu, blah.”

“Ahh, blah blah blah.”

They continued to speak to each other as everyone else just stood around and eventually seemed to come to some form of agreement. From out of nowhere, they then heard a familiar voice yell, “Blaaaaaaaah!” at the top of its lungs. Ivy turned to her right to see Nookie charging right at her. The creature tackled her and began to hug her tightly as Ivy pet him. “Yes, yes, I missed you too, Nookie. Just settle down a little.” Nookie got off her and then picked her up with its tentacles and set her down.

“Blah, blaaaah, bla?” Nookie began.

“Blah, blu, blah.” Ivy replied.

“Blah blah blah, blue, bla, bee blah.”

“Blah.” Ivy nodded.

This went on for half a minute before another Aterlilic with big red lips along with two smaller Aterlilics showed up and ran over to Nookie. Ivy turned to her friends and said, “Oh, this is Nookie’s new family, you guys.”

“He’s got a wife and kids?” Rosie asked. “Umm, how do they, umm…actually, never mind.”

Long story short, Ivy cut some kind of a deal with a number of the species and then they left and got back in her ship. As Ivy drove back to her planet, Rosie asked, “So, exactly how did you and Nookie meet?”

With a completely blank expression, Ivy turned and she answered, “He tried to molest me, so I beat him up and took him home.”

After a lengthy period of silence, Rosie then replied, “I should stop asking questions.”

“It’s for the best.”

The next morning, in an unknown area, Damien had visited an area which looked like a church. The inside was rather dusty, and there were rotting corpses scattered along the walls and ceilings. Damien took notice of this, as well as the few heads on spiked poles as he walked along the centre. Entering another room, he encountered Willard sitting at a table eating something. He turned towards Damien as he entered. “Ahh, Damien, what a pleasant surprise.”

“Yeah, nice place you got here.”

“Isn’t it? So what brings you here?”

“Well it’s a bit of a long story, but I may need your assistance for a little while.”

“Very well, I’m assuming this is some personal business?”

“Yeah, I guess you could say that.”

Back on his home planet, Ivy was standing near a stand where volunteers would come to take part on either side. Along with her were Rosie, Leo and Goldia.

“Alright guys, so what’s the word?” Ivy asked.

“We’re closer to the 500 mark. There’s 313 people helping so far. A majority of them seeming to be people you’ve helped once or so in the past.” Goldia replied.

“Good. So has anyone seen Poison yet?”

Rosie shook her head while Leo replied, “Not since yesterday when we split up.”

Moments later, a teenage boy with unruly turquoise hair, who wore a zipped up red jacket, with matching pants and shoes that had three white stripes going across them, walked up to Ivy. “Hey, I heard about the war, so I figured I would lend a hand, it’s the least I could do.” Ivy looked at him in utter confusion. “It’s me, Jack, remember?” Ivy scratched her head. “You helped me get together with my girlfriend, Jill?” Ivy still looked puzzled. “…Chapter 41?”

“Ooooooh.” Ivy slowly nodded. “I remember now. So how are you two?”

“We’re engaged.”

“Well good for you guys.”

“Yeah, thanks.” He then immediately took off.

“By the way,” Rosie began. “Did you actually read the rules on these war games? There’s some crucial details in there from what I remember.”

“Yes, I did read it, even though it was long unnecessary BS like those terms and conditions which go on for several pages. I find it hard to believe anyone actually reads that crap.”

Goldia turned to Rosie and said, “Remember this moment. Its most likely going to be brought up at some point later on.”

“Well duh.”

“Oh, and Leo,” Ivy said as she finished rambling. “What happened to your whole macho man gimmick?”

“A character shouldn't be defined by a stereotypical gimmick. It limits people, and it can annoy others. People grow, and they develop both mentally and physically. You can’t be tied down to one behavioural attitude forever. What you might think was suitable in the past, you may look back on years later and display disgust at something so different from today. The short version: I just wanna act normal now, that’s all.”

“Hmm…that’s given me quite a bit to think about…”

And at that moment, two figures approached the group from behind. The two were Amber, who was dressed as Black Rock Shooter even down to the flaming blue eye, and another woman beside her who was dressed as Double, the nun from Skullgirls. “Hey guys, what’s up?” Amber asked. As the others greeted them, she then said, “For those who are somewhat new here and haven’t met my friend yet, this is Alice.” Alice took a bow.

“Nice to meet you.” Goldia said, offering a handshake.

“Likewise.” Alice replied, shaking her hand.

“Nice blue flame there.” Ivy said.

“Thanks, I produced it myself.” Amber replied.

“That outfit though, it’s rather-”

“Slutty, right?”

Ivy shrugged. “Well I was gonna say fashionable, but if that’s how you feel…”

“I just don’t get you sometimes…”

“Anyway, just where were you guys?”

“We went on vacation in Miami, then went to a Halloween party. Didn’t you see the pics I sent?”

“There weren’t any orgies in those pics were there?”

“No, not this time.” Amber rolled her eyes.

“Well some stuff happened, so I’ll try to explain it fast.” A minute later, Ivy was done explaining.

Alice clapped her hands. “Sibling rivalry, how wonderful.”

“Huh. We haven’t had a good war game in ages.” Amber replied. She then turned to Alice. “Hey, remember the great Anti-Moe war of 1869?”

“Yes, that one was extremely chaotic, even for me.”

“Anyway,” Ivy began. “I gotta take care of a few things, I’ll see you guys later.” Ivy said as she ran off.

Meanwhile, Damien was currently inside an old dark building where the other Demon Lords were located. He entered a large room where five individuals were sitting round a large table. The first was a long black spiky haired bishounen male, who wore a white buttoned shirt with a popped collar, with a black jacket and pants. Another was a big burly red demon who looked as you would expect demons to look, who wore just a black shirt with beige jeans. The third was a young woman with black hair and long pigtails, who wore a pink shirt with a matching short skirt. The fourth was a young boy with blond hair who wore a standard blue jumper and black jeans. The fifth simply were a light brown teddy bear suit.

The first was reading off a list as Damien entered. “So Tyron has the extra large meat feast,” He said, looking towards the demon-like demon lord. “Two medium pepperoni pizzas, one for myself and one which Toby and Sakura will be sharing.” He continued, looking at the young boy and girl to his side. “And Brian will have a medium mozzarella pizza.”

The man in the teddy bear costume heard up a sign saying, “With anchovies.”

“Yes, with anchovies, if they even do such a thing.”

“Well now,” Damien began. “Didn’t know the demon lords met up just to order pizza.” He got the attention of them, and most of them weren’t pleased to see him.

“State your reason for this visit, Damien, otherwise I may have to kindly ask you to leave.”

“You’ve always been a stubborn one, Blake. Very well, another war games will be going on shortly, and I figured I would need some assistance. What better assistance than some of the demon lords?”

“And why the hell would we bother to help you?” Tyron replied.

“Yeah!” Sakura added. “A smug bastard like you doesn’t deserve our help, and you can’t make us even by force. Besides, you couldn’t take us all on at once anyway.”

“While I would be willing to challenge that opinion, I don’t have the time. My opposition right now is my sister.”

“I personally have no interest in your personal family squabbles, Damien.” Blake said.

“Isn’t that the bitch with the pink hair who thinks she’s so much better than everyone else?” Sakura asked. “She pisses me off. Regularly says nice shit to me, but I know behind that fake smile she’s laughing at me. I just wanna stomp her face into the mud. The same with that stupid green haired asshole too. I’ll kill him next time I see him.”

“T-there’s no need to do that!” Toby replied, shaking his head.

“Hey, isn’t he the same guy who beat you with wrestling moves?” Tyron said before he started laughing.

S-shut up!” She exclaimed. “I was just off-guard, is all. That won’t work on me twice!”

“You should calm down, Sakura. You don’t always need to resort to violence.” Toby said.

“I agree with the boy,” Blake added. “And if you haven’t realized, we’re not interested in whatever it is you’re doing, Damien.”

“Do you simply get off pushing others away, Blake?” Damien asked. “Is this because I’ve beaten most of you guys in the past? Must you hold grudges? Since I hold no personal vendetta towards any of you.” Willard walked in as he talked and took a seat to the left. The others stared at him suspiciously as Damien carried on. “What happened to when war games were about enjoying the experience, regardless of either side? Isn’t that enough?”

“Not for me.” Sakura replied. “One side is led by a total dick, and the other by a complete asshole.” Toby quietly chuckled to himself.

“Which one is which?” Tyron asked, making Toby snort for some reason.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll let you have whatever you want if you choose to help me out.” Damien said. “As long as its within reason.”

“I’m fine with that.” Tyron shrugged. Brain, who still hadn’t said a word, gave him a thumbs up.

Blake got up and walked past Damien as he said, “Fair enough, I’ll put any personal feelings aside for now, but only for others enjoyment.”

Toby raised his hand before saying, “Um, will Harry be there?”

“Yes but I feel he’s unlikely to be on our side.”

“Oh.” Toby uttered, clearly saddened by this as he walked out.

Sakura leaned in close to Damien and whispered, “Can I really ask for anything?”

“Is it within reason?” She then whispered something into his ear, which generally confused him. “I have no time for your jokes, woman.”

“It’s not a joke! Can you do it or not?”

“Very well, I’ll see what I can do.” He looked over at Willard who simply smiled back at him.

Meanwhile in a somewhat deserted area, Ivy was standing with Goldia who had a notebook in her hand.

“Alright, Gold, I’ll be meeting someone in a bit, so lets hear what you found out.”

“Goldia, anyway, it seems Lolita is arranging most things right now so you might wanna keep tabs on her. Damien has been making even more trips than you have, to where exactly is unknown. Also, word has gotten out about you being unaffected by aphrodisiacs and has been met with amazement, encouragement, confusion, and a bit of anger at those writing fan fiction as this ruins their ideas.”

“I don’t know what that last one had to do with anything but okay…”

“Is it alright if I ask something?”

“Ask away.”

“Am I cute?”



“Goldia, this isn’t th-”

Goldia placed a small pink hat on her head. “How about now?”

“Alright, yes, whatever.”

“Thank you, master.”

“There’s no need to call me that.”


“Don’t call me that one either.”

“My lady?”

“…That one’s okay. So have you thought of a good team name?”

“I’ll read out the list and you tell me what you think of them. First, The Less Evil side.”

“That’s just stupid. True, but stupid.”

“The Anti-Moe alliance.”

“…How does that relate to this?”

“The Assholes.”

Ivy smiled. “I’ll admit, it’s funny, but not what we’re looking for.”

“Ivy and the rest.”

“That’s going a bit too far.”

At that moment, a white ship which looked like a small bat mobile with angel wings flew by and landed. Ruby hopped out in her all black superhero outfit. She waved as she approached the two. “Hey guys, it’s been a while.”

“Indeed it has, foolish angel.” Ivy smiled.

“You still doing that?”

“It ain’t stopping anytime soon.”

“Oh, btw, I took care of that collector guy. Thanks for the tip, you seem to find out about this stuff even though you weren’t interested, weird.”

“It’s just bad luck. It wasn’t hard, was it?”

“Nah. Had to creep around the house a bit and disarm any traps before I confronted him just in case. Never know if these guys have aphrodisiac serums or some crap like that. He was just like those other tentacle dudes. He was all, “Ohh, cute blonde girls are totally my type.” and I was like, “Sorry, big tentacled monsters are totally NOT my type.” even though I dyed my hair black at the time so that’s totally a plothole. Anyway, he tried pulling some kind of trap on me and when he realized I disarmed them all, he called out his goons. I had to go a bit Arkham Asylum on them after that. Ever since that one time I got careless I’ve always been extra careful now when I go after these guys.”

“You ever gonna tell me what happened that one time you fucked up?”

“No, because its embarrassing and no-one must know. You really should join our hero group y’know, you’d fit in well.”

“I already told you I’m not a hero. Nor am I interested in your club where stupid girls do stupid things.”

“I take offence to that. We only have teatime on Wednesdays, and movie night + slumber party on Saturdays. The rest is strictly business.”

“It’s still childish.”

“Yeah, yeah. So what‘s up with you?”

“She started a war.” Goldia replied.


“I declared war on my brother. The war games start in 2 days.” Ivy explained.

“That war games crap again? Can’t you just talk to each other about this?”

“Talking? Fuck that! We’re demons, we solve our problems through violence!”

“You were always pretty stubborn…” Ruby rolled her eyes. “Well, you might wanna try a different outfit for this, right? One of these all black outfits with a cape would be a great fit for you. I happen to have some spares which I haven’t worn so you can take one.” She said, handing her a bag.

Ivy reached into the bag, pulled out the stockings and handed them to her. “Here.”

“What are you doing? The stockings are part of the costume.”

“I don’t need them.”

“But you gotta wear the stockings!”

“You really should, my lady.” Goldia added.

“Quiet you. I don’t want the stockings.”

“You’re so tsun~. Suit yourself but I’m not taking them back.” Ruby noticed Poison from afar walking towards the area while Goldia walked off. “So I guess I should be making my way. Got a call recently that Loli Rainbow came back once again to start trouble.”

“Loli Rainbow?”

“Long story, she kinda died somehow, then came back as Undead Rainbow and made this robotic evil clone of me who was apparently a hermaphrodite. I beat it in a fight, then it challenged me to a race and I won. Gary took care of Undead Rainbow but it seems she’s back again, so we’re gonna go deal with it.”

“You two still work together?”

“Yeah, we’re still partners. It’s been quite different since the whole Pandora’s box fiasco, in a good way, I mean.”

“Ever figure you guys could be more than just partners?”

“You lost me.”


Poison reached them moments later, nodded towards Ruby and said, “Hey.”

“Hi.” She replied, waving back. “Well, I’ve now had my cameo, and I’ve got some stuff to do, so I’ll just leave you two alone. Later.” She ran and jumped in her ship which flew off moments later.

“She’s changed a lot.” Ivy said as she left.

“Yeah, that’s not necessarily a bad thing though.”

“So where’s your boyfriend, Damien?” Ivy asked, turning to Poison.

“It didn’t work out. We’re just friends with benefits now.”


“It’s a joke. You sarcastically said we were gay, so I played along. Then again, Damien already has Lolita, who isn‘t exactly a pushover, so it wouldn‘t be fair for me to help them too.”

“You sure? I don’t want you to feel like you have to help me?”

“Yeah, I’m sure I wanna help you. It’s always been my job.”

“But I don’t want you to think of it as just a job…” Ivy leaned in to kiss him but Poison backed up slightly which annoyed her. “Okay seriously, what’s your deal? Are you in the closet? Is it because I haven’t, umm, “matured” yet? Is it because my dad might find out? Is it because this isn’t a hentai and can’t happen on screen? Is it because of what people might think of you? Or do you just really not like me?”

“Somewhere in the middle, ignoring the first and last one.”

“It’ll happen soon enough, my future self told me when.”


“Yeah, 4 months, 17 days, 9 hours and 38 minutes.”

“What about seconds?”

“That’s asking a bit much of me, geez.”

“You sure nobody will know?”

“Nobody, not my dad, my mom, my brother, not Lolita, not Ruby…” She glanced in a specific direction. “Nobody. And it just so happens there‘s an empty house right here.” Pointing at a blue house to her right.

“I don’t recall that house being there a minute ago…”

“Well its conveniently there now so lets go.” She replied, pushing him into the house which was pretty dark. “Nobody should be able to bother us now.”

Just at that moment, Goldia came crashing right through the window rolled into a ball, landed on her feet and slid for a few seconds before stopping. She turned to the two and asked, “Am I interrupting?”

“Well yes, actua-”

“I have something to show you, my lady.” Goldia said, grabbing her hand and dragging her outside.

“Can’t it wait till later?”

“It’s really important.” She replied as they left.

Meanwhile, Lolita was standing somewhere in the middle of a city with two girls and one boy lined up, the appearance of which is unimportant. She had a microphone and a skeleton cameraman who gave her a signal before she spoke. “This is your host as usual, Lolita, reporting on the recent war games that will be starting in two days from now. I have here lined up is three followers of one side, just to get their views on the matter.” She moved her mic to the first girl. “Why do you support Ivy?”

“She helped me move some stuff into my new apartment last month.”

Lolita moved on to the next girl. “You?”

“She pimped my ship.”

She then moved on to the boy. “And you?”

“She keeps it real.”

“Uh-huh.” Lolita looked at the camera. “And there you have it. Three stupid and utterly pointless opinions.”

Damien and Willard were walking around the area at the time as Damien talked. “You’re not exactly willing to participate in this, are you?”

“Well it would have been nice to inform me of the situation before hand. I’ll see what help I can provide.”

“Sorry about this, a lot of people are just…unreliable.”

“Yes, I’m sure I could tell from just meeting the “Demon Lords”. They seem like a bizarre bunch of misfits.”

Damien received a phone call and as he answered, he immediately asked, “Is it all set up?”

“Yeah, boss, it’s all up and running.”

“You got “those” too?”

“Yep, wasn’t easy but we got them.”

“Good work, I’ll be there soon.” Damien hung up. “I got business.”

“As always.” The two went their separate ways.

The next day, everybody who already wanted to be involved had signed up so both sides were already full. Rosie and Leo were talking by a fountain in the middle of town when Poison met up with them.

“Hey.” Rosie greeted him. “So you finally decided to join us?”

“I always was going to, just had to look into a few things first. Besides, I wouldn’t want to miss this anyway.”

“You just wanna fight Damien yourself, huh?”

“Partially. This will probably be quite chaotic in general, and I’m Chaotic Neutral. This is my shit.”

Amber and Alice were the next to arrive, Alice now wearing her usual long black gothic Victorian style dress. “Ahh, Mr. Johnson,” She began, offering a handshake. “I believe this is my first time meeting you.”

“Oh, nice to meet you, uhh…” He shook her hand.

“Alice.” She finished his sentence. “Alice Moonlight. And the pleasure is all mine.” She finally opened her eyes, which were a dark shade of red and her iris’ were several spiralled black ovals.

“Uhh, you’ve got a bit of  ‘crazy’ in your eye.”

“You’re gonna hurt a maiden’s feelings if you keep saying mean things like that.”

“I’m sorry?”

“You should be, Harry, you should be.” She stopped shaking his hand and walked off.

“She seems nice.” Poison replied, turning to Amber.

Just then, Ivy arrived along with Goldia in the all black outfit which Ruby had given her, complete with the stockings. “Okay guys, here’s the plan for tomorrow morning, first thing we should do is immediately take out Damien. He won’t see it coming.”

“Uhh, you didn’t read the rules, did you?” Amber asked.

“Yeah, of course I did, why?”

“There’s a big flaw in your plan.”

“Which is?”

“Leaders can’t participate until the 3rd day.”

Ivy was stunned. “What?! Are you serious?!”

Rosie turned to Goldia and asked, “Is this that moment?”

“No, it happens much later.” She replied.

“There you fools are!” The group heard a voice cry out. Looking in the direction of the voice they saw Sakura. “If it isn’t that bitch, Ivy and that lame green haired asshole.”

“I’m not lame.” Poison replied. “Who is that anyway?” Poison asked Ivy.

Ivy shrugged. “I wish I knew.”

This naturally made Sakura mad. “Very funny, just for that remark I’m not gonna go easy on you guys!”

“Seriously, do we know her?” Poison asked.

Ivy shrugged. “Don’t think so.”

Sakura chose not to say anything back and instead angrily stormed off. Goldia nudged Amber and then asked, “Would it be alright if you could inform me about the other demon lords & their abilities?”

“Sure, you already know my friend, Alice Moonlight. Her element is Darkness, kinda hard to explain more than that, but how fitting that she’d be somewhat of a goth. A perky one, who puts the S in BDSM. While he’s not here at the moment, there’s another demon lord I know called Richard Rider. Wears a full red suit, dark brown hair, has a short beard, black cape, etc. Quite the gentleman, oh, he’s also gay. You probably wouldn’t know unless he told you though, it’s not so obvious. Blake Skyline, the nonchalant looking guy there, he’s a pretty no nonsense guy, being more lawful than most. His element is Light, and yes, Blake and Alice normally don’t see eye to eye on things. The big muscular dude is Tyron Silverlake, acts like your typical black man at times and is the first one to normally start a fight. He doesn’t really have much going for him besides his strength and tanking abilities, which aren’t even that great.

The guy in the teddy bear costume is Brian Jenkins, but a lot of people call him BJ. He’s all about magic spells are such, and wears different costumes every week, doesn’t talk much either. The girl from a minute ago, talking with the boy over there? She’s Sakura Summers, and she’s the “childhood friend” of that boy. She’s not as strong or versatile as other demons so she makes up for this through traps and inventions she devices. She’s more of a “with prep time” kind of person, still not a very good one despite that. And the boy she’s with is Toby Tiddles, he’s insecure, really friendly and tends to avoid fights unless people he likes are threatened or hurt, kinda like a harem protagonist, not to mention a lot of girls like him too. He’s unusual since he doesn’t have an element, but instead copies abilities from others upon seeing them. We dated a while back but we’re now just friends with benefits.”

“I.E. You molest him and he’s too nice to tell you to stop.”

“It’s not like that. Well, Sakura doesn’t like it when I talk to Toby, so I make sure to flirt with him regularly. Oh, btw, he’s an incubus and has a 12 inch-” She then noticed Goldia was standing across the street with Ivy who was talking about her.

“So she’s like a total slut, will just fuck anyone and she always swallows on the first date. She’s also into rim jobs.”

“I didn’t know she was like that.” Goldia said.

“I’m not.” Amber replied. “Ivy has just always had somewhat of a grudge against me for some reason.”

Somewhere close by, Lolita was interviewing three other girls in school uniform. One in red pigtails, one with a blond ponytail, and one with long black hair and glasses who carried some books.

“I’m here once again with a group called the ‘Harem Candidate Squad’  who have joined Damien’s side during these war games, I shall be asking them on what their reasons were for doing so.” Lolita positioned her mic under the one with pigtails. “What’s your reason?”

“He made me realize my ex-boyfriend wasn’t the right person for me.”

Lolita moved on to the glasses girl. “He once got a book off the top shelf for me.”

She moved onto the third with the ponytail. “I think he’s hot.” Lolita’s somewhat friendly demeanour immediately faded as the girl backed away and tried to correct herself. “I-I mean, he’s cool! Yeah! It’s just admiration.”

“That’s not what cool means.”

“I got the words mixed up, I swear! Just please don’t kill me! Please don’t team kill me either!”

Later that afternoon, Damien had gathered all the people who were in his group outside and was about to make a speech on a stand. Toby and Sakura were in the crowd and Toby began whispering to Sakura. “Hey, I found out Damien and Ivy had a bet over this.”


“Yeah, if Ivy wins, Damien has to crossdress for a week.”

“That’s a big bet. So what does Damien get?”

“To tickle her for 5 minutes in front of everyone, apparently.”

“Huh? Is he one of those ‘siscon’s’ or something?”

“I don’t know, you ask him.”

“I’m too afraid to ask him…

“Yeah, me too…”

Damien finally got onto the stand and cleared his throat. “Now, I’m not gonna go into some bullshit about how I love war and all that crap. I just want to say that we may all be here for different reasons, but we overall have the same goal: Winning, so lets do that, and lets have fun while doing it. I also want to say, regardless of any past issues, I believe in you guys, because we’re a team. Sorry to disappoint you, but this is all for now.”

Meanwhile, Ivy was doing her own thing in a somewhat deserted location too. “Uhh, it’s my first time doing this, so be gentle.” After some laughs from the crowd, she went on. “So anyway, I know many of you guys are here for different reasons: You just wanna kill people, some guy on the other side stole your dog, you’re having an argument with your best friend and you’re gonna settle it by killing each other, whatever. I appreciate your assistance, none the less. I know many people, even here, aren’t very fond of me. I’ve been a hard person to deal with over the years, egotistical, arrogant, hot-tempered, selfish, vain, and overall an **** to a whole lot of people. I don’t know whether those people deserved that treatment, but my behaviour is not justified, so what I’m trying to say here is, I’m sorry.”

Those two words stunned almost everyone in the audience. People sat out their drinks, someone choked on their hotdog, one mother even dropped her baby out of shock. Goldia placed a fan beside Ivy during this so her cape bellowed in the wind. “Yes, I said it. I’m just one demon, I make mistakes, and I know I can’t win this war alone, but together we can. If you think I’m still the scum of the universe then fair enough, you’re welcome to that opinion, but just this once, let us work together, not as individuals, but as comrades, as brothers-in-arms, as a team.”

Skipping ahead to the next day, it was finally time for the war games to start. Lolita, dressed in a skimpy school uniform, was reporting once again at the battlefield which looked like a typical high school in the middle of a thunderstorm. “Hello ladies and gentlemen, your host once again, Lolita, covering the war games. In just under two hours the games will finally start. As you can see, the type of arena chosen today is a high school, but you better chuck those desks out the window and throw your homework in the trash because things are about to heat up! We’ll be right back after this commercial break…”
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