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30 November, 2021, 10:45:42 am
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The Something Something Demonic Something Ever

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Author Topic: The Something Something Demonic Something Ever  (Read 9436 times)
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« Reply #435 on: 04 December, 2013, 01:12:41 am »

Didn't even notice it cut it off.
Next they went to an arcade, where out of the many games they played, Ivy won the most, and of course she rubbed her victory in his face to the point of annoyance. While Poison briefly left to go to the bathroom, Ivy played a crane game numerous times and failed to grab a stuffed bear, to the point that she nearly punched through the glass. As Poison came back, he quickly noticed the problem.

“You want the bear, huh?”

“No,” She crossed her arms and turned away. “I don’t need it. It’s just some dumb doll which I'll get bored of in a day or so, no big deal, besides I'll find something much better later on."

"Here you go." Poison said, handing her the bear.


"Don't ask."

Ivy turned her back to him as she said, "I appreciate your efforts of going through such lengths to get this item."

"A 'thank you' would've been enough."

Kate keeled over and said, “Your story, it’s so…so…hhhhhnnnnnnnggggggggg.” She clutched her chest as she fell on her back and started spazzing out while foaming at the mouth.

“Shouldn’t we get her to a hospital?” Daisy asked.

Most of them shrugged while Poison replied, “Eh, she’ll be fine.”

As they walked around, Ivy’s foot somehow got caught in a crack in the street and bent it back somewhat. The pain made her fall down and exclaim, “Oww! Stupid fucking heels! Why the hell did I wear this shit?! God fucking dammit!”

“Can you walk?” Poison asked.

“I dunno but it still hurts.”

“Alright, guess I’ll carry you.”


“Like a prin-”

“I know what you mean! It’s unnecessary, I’ll be-” He picked her up and started carrying her in his arms as he walked. “Wait! Put me down, ****! This is embarrassing!”

“All the more reason to do it.”

Ivy took out a paper bag and covered her head. “I’m not gonna let everyone see me like this.”

“Don’t make me force it off.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

And so Poison tugged at the bag while Ivy kept pulling it down till they eventually fell over.

Goldia was in the middle of rebooting while Dawn seemed disgusted. “Oh man, everything I eat will be tasting like vanilla for days…”

“More!” Toby exclaimed.

Fastforwarding past a few more scenes for the benefit of peoples health, they were walking through the streets once more.

“Hey, let’s go eat.” Ivy said.

“Where you wanna go? There’s WcDonalds, Sandwich King, DFC, Whitneys…”

“Doesn’t really matter which.”

“Alright, well I’ll pay for it either way.”

“It’s okay, I got money this time so I’ll buy it myself.”

“I insist that I pay for your meal.”

“No! I’m paying for my own meal and that’s final!”

“I really don't min-”

"I'm buying my meal, dammit, and I'm buying your meal too!"



Skipping the next bit, after getting their meals they decided to eat in a park. The one part of the park they were planning to go to was crowded with couples that were having sex out in the open. In complete silence, they turned around and went to the other side of the park and sat on a bench.

“So how do you even make money anyway?” Ivy asked as she began eating.

“Doing dirty jobs like a GTA protagonist.”

Ivy shrugged. “Fair enough.”

“Enjoying your date?” Poison asked, taking a sip from his drink.

“Ye-it’s not a date!”

“Well I enjoyed myself a lot today.”

“Yeah, I did too.” Ivy smiled. “Still think you look like a dork trying too hard.”

“What, this isn’t cool?”

“No. Do you own a motorcycle too because you thought it would be cool?”

“…Yeah, actually.”

After an awkward silence, Ivy laughed. “That’s so lame, dude…I’d still like a ride though.”

“Are you always such an ****?”

“You always seem to be a dick for some reason.”

“Pretty sure you were an **** long before me. Fine, I’ll stop being a dick if you stop being an ****.”

“Okay, you can be a pussy instead.” Ivy picked up one of the drinks as she talked. “So if you’re not stalking me, why do you care so much?”

“Huh? Beyond you just being a cute girl, I feel I owe Damien and I felt you could use the help.”

“Harry only helps girls, after all.” Damien commented.

“That’s so not true!” Poison replied.

“Just for the record,” Ivy began. “If you cheated on me with one of your harem bitches, I’m allowed to do the same.”

“I don’t even have a harem…”


“What reason would I have to do that anyway?”

“I know, right? None at all, I am the best girl, after all.”

“The most obnoxious too…”

“Best girl is debatable.” Ruby said, glaring at Ivy.

“I agree.” Kate added as she got up.

Shifty-eyed, Ivy replied, “Wanna take this outside?”

“Guys, the time?” Rosie commented.

“Oh right.”

“So you’re just taking pity on me, huh?” Ivy asked.

“No, I actually like you, and I like to help people.”

“You ever thought that you care too much about helping others but can’t truly help yourself?”

“…I can totally understand that feeling. By the way…”


“That drink was mine.”

Ivy stopped for a moment, shrugged and kept drinking anyway. Moving on a little later, Poison dropped Ivy off at her house as it was getting dark.

“Thanks for today, it was…enjoyable.” Ivy said.

“Good to know you enjoyed the date.”

“Yeah, I really d-it wasn’t a date!”

Poison laughed before leaving. “You take care now, work on your act a little.”

“Die in a fire, ****!”

“Goodnight to you too!”

And so they went on other date visits such as going to Sea World, which was a little boring, going to a theme park for a weekend, which was awesome, and watching the fireworks on a hill someday after that.

“Isn’t this view just awesome?” Ivy asked.

“Yeah, do you regularly come up here?”

“Nah, found it a long while ago though…hey, you wanna fuck?”

After a long period of silence, Poison asked, “Are you a slut?”

“I’m a pervert, not a slut. There’s a difference. We should go round your place since your parents aren’t home.”

“While that’s true, how do you know this? Are you spying on me or something?”

“Doesn’t matter, let’s go.” Ivy said, dragging him back.

When they reached Poison’s room, Ivy began undressing.

“I’m not sure I can do this.” Poison said.


“Numerous reasons.”

“Such as?”

“Well, first of all you’re Damien’s younger sister so that makes it awkward, you look like a little kid which is somewhat off-putting-”

“Stop there. I’m more than just Damien’s sister. I’m old enough to make my own decisions, whatever they may be. Second, you think that doesn’t bother me? Half the people I know got older but I have yet to get my growth spurt, besides nobody is here so what difference does it make what two people do behind closed doors.”

“Guess you make a good point, but a major issue is that I’m not physically attracted to you.”



“So you don’t like me?”

“I do, you’re fun, and cute and I enjoy your company these days, I’m just not sexually attracted to you.”

“So...this is it then?"

“Not necessarily. I may not be attracted to little girls...but I'm willing to make an exception."

Dawn shook her head. "What a pedo."

“I believe I still have a list of preferred traits.” Ivy said, taking out a note. “Somewhere between shoulder length & waist length hair, any eye color besides green & orange, 5’3” or above, cup size somewhere between B to DD range and no more than 3 tattoos.”

“Half of those are untrue.” Poison replied.


“Well I’m not gonna totally lie.”

“I believe that a true breast lover should love breasts of all sizes, what’s most important is the shape.” Damien commented.

After a period of silence, Lolita removed Pandora from her lap and got up. “Damien, I feel it may be best that you really do leave.”

He sighed. “Fine, I’ll bake a cake or something.”

“I’ll do that.”

“It’s alright, you stay here-”

“No! I’m going to bake the cake & you’re going to genuinely like it!”

“I suppose I will.”

Poison then whispered to Pandora, "Is Lolita a bad cook?"

"No, just average, but doesn't like to be told hers is 'the best', due to being self-conscious and will likely spend half an hour in the bathroom if told so, and won't come out unless you say the right things."

"I'm guessing this actually happened."

"What tipped you off?"

“Are you sure this won’t hurt you?” Poison asked.

“Relax, I’ve prepared myself for this. I stuck my tail up there on many occasions to see how far I can stretch it. It hurt the first time when I removed this thin wad of chewing gum or something that was up there, but I should be fine now. It’s not like yours is 15 inches or something…it’s not, is it? Because I don’t think you’d fit in more than half at best.”

“It’s not. Though it wasn’t technically my idea, I’ve got protection.”

“Protection from what?”

After a short explanation, Ivy gasped.

“Sex makes babies?!?” She asked in shock. “The fuck is this?!”

“Let me just say your idiocy is adorable.”

“A-are you sure? You’re not bullshitting me?”

“See previous comment.”

“B-but they do this in the comics and movies all the time and it’s no big deal for them!”

“What comics & movies are these? Anyway, relax, nothing bad will happen.”

“How can I relax? What would I do if I got pregnant in this body? I know, I’ll heat up my body temperature, burn the fetus and pull it out.”

“While I can understand your problem, that’s a pretty morbid thing to say.”

“Wait a sec, I’ll just melt the gooey stuff! Okay, it’s best you pull out afterwards so I don’t heat up your thingy too.”

“Fine. Whatever.”

“I’m going to stop there because I’d rather not go into detail about what happened.” Ivy said.

Goldia suddenly sat up and said, “But I really want to hear this part.”

“Same here.” Pandora added.

Dawn shrugged. “Been listening the whole way through, I’d like to hear the rest.”

“I’d like to know too.” Ruby said. “For, uhh…research, yeah.”

“I’m curious as well what went down that night.” Gary added.

Most of the others were in full agreement about this.

“I’m not telling.” Ivy said, prompting others to voice their disappointment and boo her & Kate to throw things at her. “Fine, I’ll tell you.”

“C’mon, you’re seriously doing this?” Poison asked.

“It was a long time ago; I’ll just mention the main details briefly. The first 10-15 minutes was really awkward since we didn’t really know what we were doing that well. Also since my body wasn’t as big, it took a little while to become accustomed to the size. We then put a movie on and copied the things shown on screen, though acting it out & using similar dialogue just felt dumb. So we just did our own thing and it was much better. We did it for around six hours, I think.”

“Six hours?” Rosie asked. “That’s a joke, right?”

Lolita poked her head out to say, “I’m sure she’s quite serious.”

“You’re not gonna go into detail?” Dawn asked. “This part sounds hilarious.”

“No. Go draw a doujinshi if you wanna imagine it.”

“I’ll draw it!” Toby raised his hand.

“I was kidding, don’t do it. But I will go over one last part.”

Ivy and Poison were covered up to their necks by the sheets on the bed.

“Well that was pretty fun.” Ivy said.

“I’d assume so, considering what time it is.”

“You didn’t have to be as gentle as that, I’m not a twig, y’know.”

“Sorry for not knowing your limit.”

“My limit? Ha! I could handle more than you could dish out, boy.”

“With that body? I might accidently break you in two.”

After a period of silence, Ivy turned to her side to face him. “For the record, I don’t hate you.”

“I don’t hate you either.” And then they cuddled.

The midget who watched this muttered, “I wish I had a significant other to cuddle with in bed.”

They both stared at him then Ivy asked, “Who the hell is that?”

“I wish I knew.”

“And that’s that.” Ivy said.

Toby was cheering while Dawn puked in a bag. Goldia gave her a thumbs up.

Sakura shrugged. “I felt it needed a bit of NTR.”

“NOOOOOOO!” Toby yelled as he punched her through the window, then realized what he had done. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it!”

Leo shrugged. “Still a better love story than-“

Rosie placed her hand on his shoulder. “Better not finish that sentence.”

“Back on my planet, love was a pretty small necessity…”

As Lolita came into the room with a big cake, Pandora randomly looked over at Poison as she said, “You looked.”

“What? No I didn’t.”

“You did. If only for a split second but I saw you look at my shirt.”

“Can I wear your shirt?” Kate asked.

“No, besides I haven’t washed this one in a while and I’ve been sweating a bit recently so it probably smells somewhat.”

“Pandora, please.”

“Sorry, that’s not really something anyone wants to hear.”

“No, please continue.”

Pandora sighed. “Why do you want the shirt anyway?”

“I want your scent.”

“Excuse me?”

“I need to know what your scent is. I strive to find out things about all the people I know, given the chance. What their pee tastes like, how many times they turn when sleeping, all specific sizes, what parts of a person’s body are the softest, firmest or most grab-able areas, as well as the sensitive areas.”

“The more I know about you, the more you scare me.”

Kate took out her phone. “Just the other day I was recording people on the toilet when I noticed something. After you went, you did this little wiggle movement as you finished.”

“What?! I do no such thing!”

“I thought I was seeing things too, but after zooming in it was clear you were doing a little wiggle and it was so adorable I nearly died when I played it on a loop. In fact this needs to be shared with everyone, they must learn of the wiggle!”

“Don’t you dare!”

Pandora threw several swords which jumped over, slid to the left and hopped over another. Clearly annoyed, Pandora activated Shinigami Overdrive and yelled, “Give me that phone!” As she launched her black hands at her. Kate ducked under one, rolled to the left as another came for her then leaped into the air as several came after her. She grabbed and swung across one, landed on another hand and ran along it while evading two others. She jumped 180 degrees sideways as one hand attacked and bounced herself off it with her feet, then bounced off another above it to her left, propelling her to the ground where she flash stepped three more hands that came after her. As Ruby watched from the other side of the room, Kate yelled, “The people have the right to know!”
“Wish my reflexes were that good…” Ruby commented.

“Your reflexes are good enough, I should know.” Ivy said.

“Don’t remind me.”

“Why? I enjoy fighting you.”

“I hate fighting you but I enjoy punching your face in.”

“Never would I have thought an angel who I once considered my arch-enemy would now be one of my closest friends.”

Ruby picked up a piece of pizza nearby as she talked. “Stranger things have happened.”

“Yeah but it’s really-Hey! You just ate my pizza!” Ivy exclaimed.

“Huh? This? Sorry, I didn’t know it was yours.” Clearly mad, Ivy grabbed Ruby’s piece of cake & ate it, making her gasp. “You just ate my cake!”

Ivy shrugged while speaking heavily sarcastically. “Sorry Ruby, I had no idea it was yours.”

“Why you!” Ruby tackled her & they rolled around punching each other.
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