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26 January, 2023, 11:46:47 pm
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The Something Something Demonic Something Ever

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Author Topic: The Something Something Demonic Something Ever  (Read 11358 times)
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« Reply #435 on: 03 April, 2014, 01:52:40 am »

Sorry for taking so long, decided to split it up since it's too long, and add the other part much later.


TMEDCE: Outstanding Visual Aesthetic, P1

It was a normal day on that one planet I keep going back to, but that was normal. It was the night before Christmas eve & Ivy and Ruby were in the same room from last time, playing a game on that one console.

“So you and that other guy hooked up yet?” Ivy randomly asked.

“Huh? You mean Gary? For the longest time he’s never liked me, and he’s not very nice.”


“What do you mean, ‘so’? Those are legitimate complaints!”

“Talk things out or something. Then you guys could come over & we’ll do some  kind of swingers thing or something.”

“I…huh? Btw, if you kill about 20 more guys with those whip grabs, you‘ll unlock the dominatrix costume.”

“Oh, cool. Do you get that as well?”

“Nah, just you.”

“Alri-hey, wait a minute! The hell does that mean?! You trying to say I’m a natural dominatrix?!?”

“Hey, I didn’t make it that way…”

Ivy calmed down. “So whatcha doing on Christmas?”

“Probably fighting crime, I’d expect. You coming up with some present nonsense again?”

“It’s not nonsense. I’ve been working on a special present recently. It’s nearly done & I’m gonna test it. I’ll have to include a memory wipe so he doesn’t remember it.”

“Whatever. I don’t even wanna know what goes on in your head half the time.”

Later that night, Goldia was in a basement tampering with a red, blue & grey multi-colored laser cannon the size of a widescreen television. When she heard footsteps, she hid as Ivy arrived. “Nearly done, just a few tweaks to make.” Shortly after, she took the cannon out of the basement to make use of it.

The next morning, Ivy was sitting on a couch, watching the television when Rosie knocked on the door, then entered as Poison opened the door. She waved as she sat near her.

“Here’s your drink.” Poison said, placing it beside Ivy on a table.

“Why thank you.”

“Oh, here’s a pillow too.”

“You’re simply too kind.” Ivy replied, laying down. Just then, a girl with green hair,  wearing Poison’s normal clothing passed by on roller-skates.

As Rosie seemed puzzled, Poison asked, “Would you like one too?”

“N-no, no, I’m fine.” As he left, Rosie asked. “What did you do?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s always something weird with you, so what happened?”

Ivy sighed. “Well, this machine I had kinda malfunctioned or something and split Harry’s subconscious into about 5 bodies with 5 separate personalities. I categorized them too: The five were the White Knight, the Snark Knight, the Blood Knight, the Cool Knight & the Dark Knight. I could have sworn I had the calculations on that cannon right.”

“I don’t wanna know what its true purpose was.”

“Regardless of its purpose,” Poison began, leaning on a wall to the right of Rosie. “Testing it on the person you plan to give it to is pretty stupid.”

“Is this the Snark Knight?” Rosie asked, Ivy nodded in response.

“This isn’t very funny, Ivy. You said it was an accident, so you should be fixing it, not laying on your ass like a slob.”

“Pfft, you know you loved this ass.”

“TMI.” Rosie said with a stone-faced expression. “But he’s right, you need to fix this.”

“Oh fine, I will tonight. Then I can use it on myself.”

“Btw, why is one of these personalities a girl?”

“That’s the ’Cool’ Knight, I’m not entirely sure why that one is different but she’s not all girl, if you know what I mean…I mean-”

“I got it.”

“The Blood Knight is kind of an **** though. Thank goodness that attitude isn’t the standard personality.”

Later that night, one of the Poison personalities was conversing with Goldia in the basement when Ivy came down the steps. As she searched for the laser cannon which had been moved from its spot, Poison charged up the cannon from behind her. 

Meanwhile, Damien was currently taking a bubble bath, and Pandora happened to be on the other end of that tub, talking about her day.

“So it was awful as usual, nobody ever has the courtesy to let those more unfortunate people with less items, such as myself, go ahead of them in a queue. I got hit on again for the 37th time by people I think were hillbillies. I dropped my ice cream cone while on stupid nasty public transport-”

“Pandora.” Damien said, interrupting her.


“Not that I don’t love hearing you talk about tedious things which don’t concern me, but did you really need to talk to me about this?”

“Yes, it was late so other people were sleeping.”

“And you had to join me in the bath?”

“It was urgent.”

“I’m sure it was.”

Pandora moved over to his side and rested on his chest as she continued. “So then I lost my wallet and no-one was kind enough to hand it in. Plus the stupid jerk, Mr. Wind was really annoying today, he kept blowing up my dress & hair.”

“Why must you do this?”

“Do what?”

“It stopped being funny a long time ago.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, what am I doing, Damien?” 

“Would you please just go?”

Pandora sighed. “Very well.” She slowly stood up and got out of the bath as she said, “Feel free to gaze in astonishment as I leave.”

“Don’t flatter yourself.”

Shortly after she left, there was a knock on the bathroom window. He ignored it for a short while till he faintly heard Ivy and Poison’s voices outside and so he got out to check.

Early the next day, Ivy had called over Rosie, Amber, Leo, Lolita, Daisy, Katie, and the other demon lords, to warn them about what was going on, and they were waiting for the other demon lords to arrive. Soon enough, they did through dynamic ways like unnecessary combat rolls through a window, jump kicking down the door, and creating holes in windows.

“Ignoring your attempts to be a bother,” Ivy began. “I’ve called you all here for something really urgent & important.”

“Did you not fix the problem yesterday?” Rosie asked.

“It’s actually much worse.” Poison replied.

“Snark Knight?”

“Snark Knight.”

“He’s right.” Ivy said. “Unfortunately, a laser cannon which one part of my brain thought was a good idea to create was tampered with. I’m unsure of the true purpose, but when I used it on Harry it split his mind into 5 different bodies with their own personalities. I was planning to fix this, although one of those personalities thought it would be amusing to use the cannon on myself.”

“You only have yourself to blame.” Poison replied.

“So which personality are you?” Amber asked.

“I haven’t exactly labelled myself.”

“Well I have.” Goldia responded, hovering into the room. “From the behaviour I’ve examined recently, I’ve called one Pervert Ivy, another Tsundere Ivy, and I shall call the third moe-moe Ivy.”

“Huh. Anyway, the part of me who designed that cannon also took off with it as well. I’ll refer to her as Mad Scientist Ivy. I don’t think I should have to go over why its bad to let them run around using that cannon as they please. Everyone has many sides to them, just as there’s good there’s also bad.”

“Not to mention 5 exact people running about will cause big cases of mistaken identity.” Blake replied.


“This sounds pretty fucking awesome.” Kate said, while Lolita was thinking about something.

“I agree.” Alice smirked. “I find this oddly amusing.”

“I kinda want to know what splitting into five of me feels like.” Daisy added.

Brian whispered to Tyson, “Yo, think of the bitches we’d get with that cannon.”

“I was thinking the same thing. Hell, we could find bitches that are 9’s & 10’s and just duplicate them. 2 to 3 bitches each.”

“We gotta help find this thing, man. Shit sounds amazing.”

Lolita gasped and suddenly exclaimed, “I could have several!” As it went quiet, she said, “Sorry about that.”

“Just don’t get too excited.” Poison replied.

“You guys don’t understand.” Ivy began. “I haven’t gone over the full effects, but becoming affected by this won’t be a good thing in the long term.”

“So we should actually get to work & find our bad halves.”

In a secluded location somewhere, the bad sides of Ivy, Poison and Damien were there with Ivy explaining how the cannon works.

“So it’s just that simple, huh?” Damien began. “And what is it you plan to do with this?”

“We’ll use it on everyone else, obviously. Add more people to our forces, and cause as much havoc as possible.”

“Not that I don’t love the idea, but why would you do something like this?”

“You could say I’m interested in seeing just how chaotic this universe could possibly become when utilized well.”

The two stared at Poison who shrugged and said, “I figure it would be pretty fun.”

Damien smirked. “Very well then. It won’t be long before our counterparts begin to resolve this, so we should proceed quickly and plan accordingly.”

Back in less shady places, Pandora came round Damien’s house again and knocked before opening the door herself anyway. “Hey, just thought I’d come by, been having a miserable day again. Are you here?” She eventually encountered him sitting by a counter in the kitchen, reading a book.

“Ahh, good morning, Pandora. How are you feeling?”

“Like a damp bag of shit.”

“Oh? Sounds like someone needs a hug.”

“I don’t need any stupid hug.”

“You sure? It’s here if you want it, I won’t make fun of you, we all need a little TLC once in a while.”

“You still make fun of me for the farting thing…”

“It was only a few jabs here or there, I meant no ill will behind them.”

“Are you really not gonna make fun of me?”

“I give you my word.”

Pandora looked around, then quickly hugged him for a few moments before Damien moved back. “Umm, could I have another?”

“Sorry, only the first is free. At the moment I have a deal going on, unlimited hugs for a month for $29.95.”

“But I can’t afford that much right now!”

“Then no hugs for you.” 

Back with the others discussing the situation, one personality of Damien walked into the room wearing a business suit & glasses. “While you people were busy lollygagging, I took the initiative & investigated this unfortunate circumstance myself.” He said, handing out papers to everyone. “According to my research, I’ve estimated my IQ & my other counterparts will slowly decease after about a week, then it will rapidly decrease everyday afterwards. We need to have everyone who was affected by this predicament restored to their complete body in about two weeks at the most.”

“Two weeks, huh?” Tyson said. “That’s plenty of time to find these guys.”

“Don’t be so sure. A part of me is with them as well, they’re unlikely to carry anything that can be traced back to them, and unwilling to show themselves unless they have something planned. Lolita, is your soul sense still fully functional?”

“Well ye-”

“Alright, let’s get started.” Damien said, grabbing her hand as he walked past. “We may not have much time to waste.” They quickly left the room.

“We should get searching too.” Blake said, with the other demon lords nodding in agreement.

Meanwhile, the bad sides of Ivy, Poison & Damien happened to be in a large blue lightened up spaceship, standing around the middle area of the ship.

“So while you guys do whatever, I’m gonna work on making this ray more powerful, duplicating it, as well as making fakes for our would-be meddlers.” Ivy said.

“Do hurry with that, you won’t have all week.” Goldia said as she slowly hovered to the ground.

“So are you another member of this group?” Damien asked.

“It’s cool, D, she’s with us.” Poison replied. “Or is it a he? Whatever.”

“They’ve recently started their search.” Goldia turned to Damien. “One of yours in particular may be a problem soon enough.”

“Don’t worry yourself, we know what we’re doing, or at least I know what I’m doing.” Damien walked off.

On earth, it was the middle of the afternoon when there was a random bank robbery going on. The goons all wore brightly colored baggy outfits with smiling sun masks and with them were a happily married couple, along with their elementary son & daughter accompanying them. There were many hostages and they were emptying a vault.

One goon pointed a gun at some of the hostages and said, “Now none of you better something stupid if you know what’s good for ya.”

The wife motioned for him to put away the gun as she said, “Now now, we don’t need to always resort to violence.”

“Yeah, you’re right Mrs. S, sorry about that.”

As they carried money out of the vault, the father said, “We’re terribly sorry to have inconvenienced you this afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Normally we would’ve come in the morning but I had a doctors appointment.”

The hostages and staff were rather forgiving of this for some weird reason. The son ran up to the father and exclaimed, “Papa, the good guys are coming to stop us!”

“Oh! How lovely! How long has it been since we last met?” The wife asked.

“I believe it’s been a little under 2 months. We have quite a lot to catch up on.” The father replied, then turned to a goon & said. “Would you be a dear & escort these bags of money to the car?”

“Sure thing.”

Just then, Gary & Ruby flew through the front doors and landed in the middle of the room. Ruby became rather friendly as she realized who it was while Gary sighed.

“Ruby! It’s so nice to see you again!” The wife exclaimed.

“Sandra!” Ruby hugged her. “You got out early? Why didn’t you say anything!”

“We were just so busy finding new jobs & making ends meet.” In the background, the daughter tugged at Gary’s cape and when he turned to her, she handed him a permanent marker and a gun, he shrugged & signed it. “So have you found a nice boy to settle down with yet?”

“I don’t really have time for that in my line of work.”

“I’ll have none of that, you don’t want to end up old and alone, do you?”

“Excuse me.” Gary began. “Though I don’t consider you truly awful people, must you rob banks & such?”

“We need the money to pay off the mortgage.” Sandra replied.

The father passed by and gasped. “Oh! Gary! Ruby! So nice to see you again!”

“Robbing banks as usual, Simon.” Gary replied.

“Oho! You know how we are!”

“You do know we need to arrest you guys again, right?” Just then, one of the goons drove through the front doors & the group hopped in as Simon replied, “We’re always in the mood for a race.” The group took off while Gary and Ruby quickly ran outside & hopped into their angelmobile. They closely followed the bank robbers through the streets, at the national speed limit and making sure not to overtake other vehicles, of course.

The son tried to shoot them with an AK through the window then turned to his parents & said, “Papa! Mama! I think I hit something!”

“That’s my boy!” Simon said, hugging him.

As they stopped at a traffic light, the police came around the corner & cut them off. Moving a little further along, the Sunshine family & the hired goons were handcuffed and escorted into the back of a police truck.

“I’m so terribly sorry you boys have to also suffer the same fate for our screw-up.” Sandra said.

“Don’t worry about it, Mrs. S, we’ll break out soon enough. Besides, I couldn’t possibly stay mad at you.” One goon replied.

“Yeah, you’re the nicest lady I know.” Another goon added, several others also nodded.

As the doors closed & they drove off with the rest of the police, Gary sighed. “I hate having to run into that family.”

“Why is that?” Ruby asked.

“They’re so nice that I feel like a jerk for putting them away.”

“You are a jerk.”

“I believe that’s opinion. I liked you better when you were naïve & innocent.”

“Contrary to popular belief, I wasn’t very innocent, you never liked me very much anyway.”

“That much is true.”

May suddenly started talking to them through their earpieces. “Guys, Raging Rachel seems to be causing a ruckus down at some school. Might wanna sort that out before it gets outta hand.”

Ruby turned to Gary. “Uhh, Gary, could you-”



“Never again.”

“Oh come on, she’s not that bad.”

“That’s easy for you to say, you’re not a guy.”

“What’s that got to do with anything?”

“It has everything to do with it! I‘d rather get kicked in the nuts a dozen times.”

“That could be arranged…”

“Could you do it? She won’t go berserk if it’s you.”

“Fine, but you have to do the rest of The Puzzlers stuff.”

“You don’t like puzzles?”

“They’re fine as a quick distraction, but when there’s one around every street corner it begins to get annoying. Like, does he do anything in his spare time aside from come up with stupid puzzles?” 

“We may never know…”

Moving on, Ruby quickly flew over to where Rachel and her group was outside the building and landed nearby before asking, “What’s the problem this time, Rachel?”

Rachel looked around then asked, “Where’s the other guy?”

“He won’t be coming today.”

“Oh.” Rachel replied, clearly disappointed, then pulled out a list. “I mean, I had a bunch of stuff to say to him about how his kind are a plague on society, and how he should never lay a hand on me under any circumstance, and-”

“Rachel? The problem?”

“Right! I think its obscene that girls have to wear skirts! Why is this part of a schools uniform?!”

“No idea, it’s not really a big deal though.”

“No big deal? What if their knees get cold? Why can’t they wear pants? This is sexism at its finest! Look at you, Ruby, you‘re a woman but you wear a skirt, why?”

Ruby shrugged. “It looks good on me.”

“But don’t you get tried of the scum that ogle you on a regular basis because of that disgustingly short skirt?”

“It’s not that short…is it? Look, I can try to talk to them about…whatever it is you want.”

“Alright, also,” Rachel handed her a piece of paper. “It’s my number, can you give it to that **** friend of yours?”

“I’m not sure he has a working mobile at the moment.”

“Well my email is on there too, tell him to email me or something so I can insult him more.”

“Sure thing.” As Ruby left, she contacted Gary. “Hey, just met up with a friend of mine that wants your number.”

“Huh? Who’s that?”

“One of your fangirls, trust me, you’ll love her. No sarcasm.”

Back on the planet called whatever, Damien & Lolita were still looking for any traces of his other self.

“Lolita, is your soul searching ability still working accurately?” Damien asked.

“I’m not entirely sure, I haven’t felt a similar signature energy yet.”

“I see.”

Just then, another Damien who happened to be giving Pandora a piggyback ride passed by them. Lolita quickly walked backwards and stopped in front of them. “What’s going on here?”

“Just a casual stroll, my dear.” He replied.

“Hi, Lolita.” Pandora greeted her. 

“Do you even know what’s going on?” Lolita asked.

“I’m willing to listen.” Lolita quickly explained the situation while the other Damien moved on ahead. “I see, that explains things. So which Damien are you, Damien?” Pandora asked.

“I’m unaware myself.”

Lolita grabbed one of Damien’s arms, making him drop Pandora. “Either way, additional help to get this problem sorted will be most welcome.”

“Wait a minute,” Pandora responded, standing up, then grabbed his other arm. “This one is mine!”

“You’re behaving like a child.” Lolita replied, pulling Damien towards her.

“I’m younger than you so its okay.” Pandora said, pulling Damien towards her.

“You can’t always use a stupid excuse like that.”

“You already have the others so I want this one.”

“It’s quite rude to talk like that.”

“Ladies, please.” Damien said, interrupting. “Let’s get along here.”

“Damien, what do you think of Pandora?” Lolita asked. “What is she to you?”

“What do I think of her?” Damien looked at Pandora who was rather nervous. “I believe that she can be quite selfish while also being as cute as a button. I see her more as like an adoptive daughter.”

“A daughter, huh?” Pandora said, completely monotone.

“Is there a problem?”

“No. I suppose not.”

“I thought you said you didn’t like me?”

“I don’t, but do you not find me attractive?”

“You can’t have your cake & eat it too.”

“I haven’t seen a cake in ages.”

“It’s a saying.”

“It’s a dumb saying. I wouldn‘t want you for an adoptive father anyway, old man.”

Lolita opened her mouth to say something but was cut off as they continued. “I’m still fairly young for a demon. But you‘re like a baby in comparison.”

“How dare you! I’m a healthy grown woman!”

“Perhaps grown in a few areas, but mentally not so much. Though I can‘t help but find you amusing. You remind me of an abandoned kitten, yes, that would be most accurate.”

“A kitten, huh?”

“Are kittens not adorable?”

“I’m NOT an animal!”

Damien grabbed her cheeks and began pulling at them as he said, “Aren’t you just the cutest thing. Yes you are! I could just gobble you up…but I wouldn‘t because that would be cannibalism.”

Pandora slapped his hands away. “Stop that, you ****! We’re no longer friends!”

“Oh come on, don’t be like that.”

“No! You can keep all your stealth insults, my stupid friendship bracelet and the stupid friendship lingerie, I’m done!” Pandora walked off.

Lolita shook her head and slowly floated away without moving her feet. At this point, the previous Damien had met with his darker side in the middle of a forest overlooking a river, who now wore a magenta cape over his clothing, as well as a purple vest under it.

“Hope I haven’t kept you waiting.” The one with glasses said.

“On the contrary,” The other spun round. “You’re right on time, though you‘re a little too late to stop the chaos, it has already begun.”

“You’re bluffing.”

“Normally I would be, but the other members of my crusade have progressed faster than I expected them to. As we speak my dear sister is freeing these miserable demons from their primitive inhibitions and awakening them to a whole new way of living. To truly act as they see fit.”

“It disgusts me that we’re part of the same mind.”

“I agree, strange minds ought to think alike after all.”

“Whatever you’re planning for me, you know it isn’t guaranteed to think.”

“Yes, strange minds may think alike, but allies of those minds do not.” A puddle of dark matter opened beneath the other and very slowly began to consume him. “Fortunately I’ve made recent friends in high places.” Dawn waved from far off in the distance from behind a tree, now wearing a hooded red cape with the MK Dragon logo on the back over her normal clothing. “You were taken care of the moment you found me. No use struggling, when it does target someone, it’s pull is stronger than that of a black hole.”

“You don’t know what you’re doing, if we don’t fix this within two weeks even you will be left with no brain cells to speak of.”

“That sounds pretty bad, I’ll have to do something about that. Thanks for the tip. I’m unsure of what’s in that void, it pains me to say it won’t keep you out of our hair completely, merely restrain you for some time, but the time will come in handy for us to prepare for the party. Until then, farewell.” Damien walked off as the other was consumed by the hole.

Hearing word from Poison of what their eviler counterparts were doing at the time, the Ivy who was currently trying to replicate the laser cannon sighed. “This gets more troublesome by the minute…”

“Now they have new members for their little evil club.” Poison replied.

“You could really help, y’know?”

“Once you make that machine, perhaps, but not before.”

On the ship, the evil halves had gathered many more of their kind. Ivy was laughing after having fired a large proton cannon set up at many locations and creating an even bigger problem. Dawn sat nearby eating a banana when Poison approached them, dressed in a black suit with a white collar shirt, black vest over the shirt & a black fedora. “So how do I look, ladies?”

“Like a faggot.” Dawn replied.

“You look stupid.” Ivy added.

“Pfft, I know I look good. The look suits me well. So how‘s the progress?”

“Excellent.” Ivy replied. “Everything’s in working order. Now it’s time we paid a visit to an old home of ours as well.”

“Cool. Damien already went on ahead anyway.”

Meanwhile, in Fuka’s flying fortress, she was watching the skies when she suddenly spotted a familiar man in a slay. She locked on & opened fire with dozens of cannons as he approached the area. The reindeers ducked & weaved through the gun fire & flew off to the side while Santa leaped out towards one of the cannons. He flew through it & ended up on one of the floors within the ship, with numerous laser guns pointed right at him. They opened fire but he easily avoided being hit as he punched out them all out then dashed around a horizontal-like path & punched through a wall. He leapt through the gap with numerous lasers firing at him as he fell but all not coming close to hitting him. He landed in a dark room & on the other side an evil robotic Santa Claus appeared. They leapt at each other, then it suddenly cut to Fuka sitting beside a control panel & several screens. Santa eventually burst through a wall, with his top seemingly burnt off, and walked up to Fuka then placed a lump of coal on the console. “Merry Christmas.” He punched another hole and jumped out where the reindeer came back to get him.

“What an ****.” Fuka said moments later.

“I suppose that was uncalled for.” Fuka spun round to see Damien. “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“The hell are you doing here?”

“I’m simply here for some golly good co-operation.”


“I’ve decided to take up that offer of taking over the world, so I’m willing to give it another chance, what do you say?”

“Uhh, I don’t know…”

“Now I know we’ve had other differences, but this time will be different.” He placed a hand on her shoulder & smiled. “Trust me.”

Fuka looked at him suspiciously. “Alright, what’s your plan?”

A little later, The Collector was breaking into a priceless antique museum with dozens of goons & waltzed into one of the rooms with a woman painted gold on each side, along with over a dozen goons while several were told to wait outside the room where they began talking.

“So any of you guys worked under this guy before?” One of them asked.

“Once or twice,” Another replied. “There’s been some rumors going round that if you really impress him he’ll get your mortgage & insurance covered, among other things.”

“Sounds like a pretty good deal.”

“On the other hand, I heard some people have lost their lives working with this guy.” Another responded. “Stuff like being trapped underground during a cave-in or not having enough parachutes on board a burning plane.”

“Guess we’d better watch our backs then.” said a fourth.

“The perks are nice & all but I’d rather work for people like the Sunshine family. I can’t help but smile when I’m around those guys.”

“Hell yeah! I love those two, I have a lot of respect for Simon & all but I would kill him first chance if it meant being able to hook up with his wife. I normally don’t like bitches but that one is special.”

“What bitches do you even like, dude? I‘m beginning to think you‘re not telling us something…”

“Hey, not like that, man.”

“When you think about it there isn’t much choice.” Another said.

“Gonna need more detail.”

“I’m talking chicks to work for. There’s, what, that Rachel chick who’s pretty much insane, that obnoxious idol bitch, that defrosting teenage chick in the cold form-fitting suit, and that undead middle school girl with her army of girls.”

“Huh, you’re right. Speaking of, heard that Rachel chick killed some guy by snapping his head with her crotch.”

“How does that work?” Asked another.

“No idea, insanity gives you strength, apparently, also the bitch hates men, so yeah, fuck that. Another thing, you guys are kinda missing out if you haven‘t worked for Valerie.”


“The ice chick, she’s actually quite nice despite ironically being so cold.”

“Y’know what’s weird? All these chicks to work for, and not one is really worth fucking.” The others stared at him. “Hear me out quick. Like you said, that Rachel chick is nuts & could easily snap you in two.”

“The hatesex might be worth it though.” One commented, while many of them either agreed or disagreed.

“There’s that idol, thinks she’s better than everyone & so obnoxious to boot.”

“Heard she has mind control powers too, that could be kinky.” Once again, many opinions on both sides were had.

“That ice chick, while nice, is covered up half the time! There’s no excuse for a healthy young woman to cover her body! Besides, her body’s temperature is so low your dick would fall off just trying to put it in.”

“You could always wear a rubber…” Again, they debated on whether that could even work.

“That school girl doesn’t seem that bad, but would you wanna fuck an undead one? She’s probably got all sorts of cobwebs down there or really flaky skin or something.”

“Ugh, dude, too much.”

“Plus aren’t those bitches like 12? Can’t get it up for chicks that young.”

“A majority of them are at least 14 now.” The others stared. “Not that I’m looking it up or anything. Besides, some of those chicks are really developed for their age.”

“Always did love me some jailbait.” Another said.

“Hey, what about that pink haired chick a while back. She was apparently an alien or whatever.”

“I think she’s too young also, loved her laugh & enthusiasm though.”

“She ain’t really young anymore. Last I heard, she grew up like the two other kids, they say she’s smoking now.”

“Ehh, whatever. When this is all over, I just-”

He was interrupted when another goon yelled, “It’s the brats!” As Gary and Ruby arrived. They attempted to fire but Gary & Ruby quickly went into freeflow mode the moment they raised their guns & tied them up. By this point, The Collector was aware of their arrival & snuck out a back exit as they gave chase. May contacted the two as they followed his vehicle. “Guys, there’s something big you guys really need to check out on the other side of the city.”

“Can it wait?” Gary asked.

“I think you’d best hurry, it’s approaching the town centre.”

On the horizon of the town centre, Fuka’s Flying Fortress was steadily approaching the town centre where tons of people were running around, doing last minute Christmas shopping. Some of the citizens began to notice the massive ship in the distance shortly before it stopped. Some of the ships exterior changed as it slowly spawned a large cannon.

Within the ship, Leo was looking over some things when he turned and called out to the others. “It’s ready.”

“It’s now or never.” Poison said, leaning against a wall.

Fuka was standing across the area with Damien, confused by what was going on when Damien turned to her & said, “Calm yourself, everything will go just fine, Fayla.”

“It’s Fuka.” 

Ivy, who was sitting in a chair suspended up above & controlling the cannon behind a large device, prepared to fire & smirked before doing so. As a massive violet beam headed towards the streets below, the blast suddenly hit a wall & was launched into space, then with a flash of lightning the cannon was cut off & exploded in mid-air before Gary & Ruby showed up, hovering in mid-air near the town centre.

“What’s Fuka up to this time?” Ruby asked.

“This seems a little too direct for someone like Fuka…” Gary replied.

On the ship, Ivy nearly broke the console as she punched it. “C’mon! Why must these fools get in my way?! The hell do we do now?!”

“Rest easy, dear sister, we can simply try again.” Damien said, walking towards the others.

“There’s no second chance, they blew up the cannon, remember?”

“I do have eyes, fortunately, I’d already prepared something ahead of time.” Damien nodded to Poison who nodded back then stretched before leaving.

He left the ship, getting the attention of Gary & Ruby who flew towards him while he did a slow clap. “Bravo, you two, you’re a real pain in the ass.”

Ruby looked confused. “Harry? Is that you? What are you doing?”

“Just having a little fun.”


“Hey, we’ve all got our hobbies, don’t judge me. Sadly, I haven’t got time to chat, we have a few errands to run so you’ll have to excuse me.” He bowed a moment before the giant fortress teleported.

Up in space a satellite was charging up a beam which was aimed right where they previously were & fired moments later. In one of the other rooms, Fuka was explaining the situation to her squad.

“So isn’t this a good thing?” One asked. “You always said you wanted to take over the world or whatever, we can do that now, right?”

“Yeah but he’s acting differently than I remember, I just don’t think he can be trusted.”

“Different how?”


Damien suddenly placed a hand on her shoulder as he appeared. “Good evening, ladies, just passing through, hope I didn’t interrupt anything.” He left as quickly as he entered.

“Well he seems nice.” One of them said.

“Yeah, he may be a bad guy & all but I’d totally suck his dick.”

“Do you know how big it is?”

Fuka sighed. “I think you guys should start thinking more with your brains & less with your hormones.”

Back with Ivy, she was still working on fixing the cannon when Goldia hovered in with a phone. “Excuse me, milady, there’s an urgent phone call for you.”

“Fine, give me the phone, I'll talk to her.”

“I never said what gender-”

“I can already tell.”

“Ivy! Things are terrible here!” Ruby exclaimed. “I’ve somehow got multiple copies of myself or something running around, and so does everyone else! What’s going on?!?”

“It’s a long story but I’m fixing it.”

“She’s taking her sweet time too.” Poison commented.

“How long’s this gonna take?” Ruby asked.

“A few hours or so, I guess, maybe tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? The city is in panic!”

I’m doing what I can, just try to sort things out in the meantime.”

“Fine, please just hurry.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, what personality are you?”

“Uhh…one who fights for the good of the people?”

“The Justice one, huh, fair enough.”

Pandora, who was sitting on the lap of one of Kate’s personalities that wore a bright yellow frilly dress, asked, “So what’s it like splitting up into five identical people?” Kate was feeding her cake during this.

“It’s a bad experience, I wouldn’t recommend it.” Ivy replied.

“Sounds like it could be rather interesting…”

As Pandora got up, Kate said, “Be careful, Pan-chan, I’ve heard that there’s another person who looks like me going around, molesting others. I don’t know how someone could do something so horrible!”

“I’m not surprised, actually.”

“So is it really bad down there?” Poison asked.

“She said something about the city being in panic, so it must be pretty chaotic.” Ivy replied.

“Chaotic, you say?” The female Poison asked, poking her head out from another room. “Sounds like my kinda place, besides, that other you really needs more material, I don’t mind perverted jokes but she’s gotta mix it up.” She walked towards the exit.

“You’re not seriously going there, are you?” The other Poison asked.

“Hell yeah, I am! It’s gotta be all kinds of fun, and this place is boring! Cya!” She slammed the door on her way out.

“Such a troublesome person…”

“I should inform my parents in a bit & let them know about the situation.” Ivy said. “It’s rather unfortunate that they happen to be on an overseas business trip at the moment.”

“How typical.” Poison replied.

Meanwhile, the evil squad forced their way into a building where they were in the middle of talking about the weather & Damien simply threw her offscreen & several others in the group took care of the cameramen.

“Greetings, ladies & gentlemen.” Damien began. “I briefly interrupt tomorrow’s weather schedule to bring you some more important news. My name is unimportant, but from now on our group will be the ones enforcing our own laws here. Our laws are pretty simple, do what you feel like. Wanna rob that store? Go ahead. Wanna blow up that hospital? By all means. Wanna rape that girl that turned you down last week? Have fun. Those who have a problem with this simply have two options: Willingly join us, or end up 6 feet under, the choice is quite simple honestly. That’s all for now.”

Sakura, who was leaning against a wall with Blake asked, “So why are we just letting Damien do all this?”

“You could lend a hand if you want.”

“Nah, can’t be bothered.”

Meanwhile, Gary & Ruby were flying through the air, overlooking all the riots, panic & crazy behaviour happening in the streets as a result of multiple identical people wondering around.

Oswald called Ruby during this & said, “Ruby, we need to talk.” as she picked up.

“Osward? How did you get this number?”

“That’s unimportant. What is though is that I saw someone who looked identical to you at some sleazy club surrounded by uncivilized gorillas. Something seemed quite off about this, so I knocked her out & got her away from there for her own good. I assume you know something about what’s going on here?”

“It’s a long story but I’ve basically split into 5 bodies each with a different personality, fixing this problem may take a bit, I suppose I should thank you for stopping that personality before she did icky things with part of my body. But you’d better not do dirty things to her yourself or I swear-”

“You insult me, I would never touch such a person. Though now you say this, there must be one personality out there I’d be most interested in, but I respect you enough to honor your request. Then again, I will require a future favor.”

“I’m not doing those things.”

“Yet you say I’m the one with dirty thoughts. It’s nothing like that, it’s not even illegal, I’ll let you know when I need that favor.” He hung up while Ruby sighed.

“Guess we’ll be working overtime.” Gary commented.

“Hopefully our other selves are doing their part…” Ruby replied as they flew lower.

Back in Fuka’s Flying Fortress, the evil squad was flying around, overlooking what was happening in the city.

Toby then said, “Hey, we should go takeover that one house people talk about a lot.”

“The blue house?” Dawn asked.

“Not that one.”

“The red house?” Asked Brian, wearing a green T-Rex costume.

“Not that either.”

“The yellow house?” asked Sakura.

“Whatever, let’s just do one of them.”

“In due time, Toby.” Blake replied.

They instead spent that night causing more chaos & commotion than half the other people on the streets, going through with senseless murder & vandalism for their own selfish wants & for the hell of it. While some of the others were busy breaking into stores, burning down buildings and destroying anything that opposed them, Leo, Tyson & Brian were sitting at a bar.

Tyson turned to Leo & said, “So the age limit here is-”

“Yeah, 18, until then it’s illegal.”

“So like, the boyfriend has been 18 for a few months, and the chick turns 18 like next week-”

“It’s still illegal.”

“Even if it’s like an hour before her birthday?” Brian asked.

“No touch.”

“But as soon as that clock hits 12...”

“It’s perfectly fine.”

“That’s messed up.” Tyson replied, shaking his head.

“Yeah, I thought so too.”

One part of Gary & Ruby were busy around the secluded sections of the town, enforcing the law with no leniency as they regularly broke people’s bones & knocked them unconscious for committing crimes, and seemed to barely acknowledge the people they were helping during this. Gary blew down a wall in a building where The Collector was sitting behind a desk, smoking a cigar.

Gary flew in, landed on the desk & grabbed the cigar from his mouth. “Where are they?”

“Could you be a little more specific?”

Gary grabbed him by the throat  and lifted him up while smacking his helpers that tried to stop him. “Don’t make me ask again.” The Collector conceded & told him where the antiques were before Gary knocked him out & went on his way.

Nearby, Ruby had taken care of a biker gang who were causing a commotion outside a family’s house by braking arms, legs, and backs of their bodies at the very least, then paid a visit to Osward by blasting down a wall & slowly floating in.

“Ahh, good evening, were you the one I spoke to over the phone?” Oswald asked.

“Why have you got this girl here? Release her, now.”

“I see you’re not. There’s a misunderstanding, I didn’t kidnap her for anything bad, I’ve discussed the issue with ano-”

Ruby placed a taser to his forehead and said, “Release her.”

“I’m willing to agree to your demands. Though I must say, you’re beautiful when you’re angry.”

“Make it quick.”

“Yes, mistress.”

Meanwhile, Valerie was having some henchmen break into a supermarket, take all the ice & cold drinks and stuff them in the back of a van.

“Good work, guys, keep it up.” She said.

Gary touched down moments later. “I see you’re up to no good again.”

“Just getting by, how about you cool off for a while?” She fired waves of ice as he ran around taking out the henchmen then kicked her in the stomach & punched her in the face.

She fell to the ground, covering the areas where he hit her. “Ow! What’s gotten into you? You’re not usually so rough, you should be gentler with girls.”

“Those who break the law have no right to speak of treatment.”

“I’m just trying to survive. I may do a few bad things, but I’m not a bad person.”

“The law is the one who decides that, and the law is genderless.” He cuffed her & dragged her off.

Back with the good Ivy, Goldia entered the room as Ivy picked up a phone & asked, “What are you doing, milady?”

“Just calling my parents to let them know what’s happening.”

Goldia’s right arm morphed into a sharp black blade as she replied, “ I see.”

“Is there a problem with that?”


Suddenly, another Goldia blasted a hole through a wall & leapt in then pointed at the other. “My lady, that robot there is an impostor!”

“I figured as much.”

“I believe she’s the impostor!” said the other robot.

“No need to deny it, I could tell because you called me ‘milady’. Plus you don’t seem as quirky as she usually is.”

“You’re going to make me blush, my lady. If I was capable of such a feeling, of course.” Goldia replied.

“Uh-huh.” Ivy turned to the other robot. “So who are you really?”

The mysterious robot began to morph as if it were melting but it simply appeared to be metallic & converting its shape, “I suppose it would be asking a bit much to recognize one of your own creations, mother.”

“Pretty sure I don’t have any kids…” She turned to Poison. “Do I?” He shrugged.

“I am the PAL 4000.” He exclaimed, now in a sleeker, thinner body.

“So what’s the deal with helping the others?” Poison asked.

“We merely have similar interests.”

“I assume you’re the one who tampered with my device & started this?” Ivy asked.

“You would be correct.”

“So it really is your fault after all…” Poison commented.

“For the moment, I believe a retreat is in order.” PAL said, flying out the window & into the sky.

“I think I can track him.” Goldia said.

“Good, feel free to do that.” Ivy replied.

One of Dawn’s personalities walked in through the hole during this & said, “Don’t mind me, I’m just accompanying Goldia.”

“You must be one of the good ones since you have straight hair.”

“’Good’ might be pushing it a bit.”
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