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31 January, 2023, 02:08:10 pm
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The Something Something Demonic Something Ever

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Author Topic: The Something Something Demonic Something Ever  (Read 11358 times)
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« Reply #435 on: 07 May, 2014, 06:46:07 pm »

Not done yet. Sorry for more procrastination, been watching stuff.

TMEDCE: Oh Very Appealing, P2

The next morning, on FFF, Damien was sitting by a desk, reading when Poison walked in and sat on the edge. “Good morning.”

“A good morning, indeed. So how was your night?”

“Alright, killed some people, blew up stuff…uhh, you know…”

“Yes, yes.”

“How was yours?”

“Well I accompanied the girls to what they would call a slumber party, it was surprisingly entertaining.”

“Those schoolgirls? Should’ve invited me, man.”

As Alice walked across the room with a cup of coffee, Damien said, “I was unaware you were interested in those girls.”

“Are you kidding? I love little girls!” Alice stared at them, and they waved before she kept walking. “So were you still wearing that crap?”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing aside from looking like the phantom of the fucking opera. You should be wearing more suits, man. Bitches love suits.”

“How absurd.” 

Just then, Ivy entered & said, “Hey, the group wants to go destroy Area 57, so one of the others are operating the thing.”

“What about 51-56?”

“It was their choice.”

Rosie, who wore a skimpy black leather outfit & cape, was arguing with Amber in a hallway as the other three passed by.

“What the hell, Rosie!? Why did you eat that guy?” Amber asked.

“The banker?”

“No, the pizza guy!”

“I thought he was cute & I was hungry, I can’t help it.”

“Y’know, ever since you gave into your vampirisms, you’ve acted like a slutty vampire.”

“And pray tell, how exactly would you know what a slutty vampire acts like?”

Poison slid across the floor & remarked, “They probably act like succubi, she would know after all…” He then ran off as Amber tried to burn him.

“Just ask next time you wanna suck the blood of someone I’m interested in.” Amber said.

“What’s the big deal? You were probably gonna just drain away his life force anyway.” Rosie replied.

“Not the ones I like.”

“You could easily just sleep with someone else though, right?”

Poison came back momentarily to remark, “She’ll sleep with dozens.” He then did the splits to avoid a fireball.

They proceeded to the front of the fortress where the rest of the group were doing all sorts of things.

As they entered, Fuka asked, “Do you guys actually agree with them? Do you think this is a good idea?”

“Lighten up.” Leo replied. “You worry too much.”

“You need to be a little more outgoing.” Rosie added.

“But these guys may be a little hard to take down…” Fuka responded.

Dawn laughed. “A little hard? Hah! Let’s see these idiots just try to stop us! They don’t stand a chance!”

“When you think about it, the odds are heavily stacked in our favor.” Damien said with a shrug.

“Besides,” Ivy began. “If you feel you can’t take the gunfire, you could always use Mr. Fun & Games over here as a meat shield.”

“I may be willing to shield and kill girls of all shapes & sizes, but I’ll always hate you.” Poison replied.

“I hate you too.”

“Disgusting.” Dawn commented as she slumped in the corner.

“I hate you more.” Poison said, deciding to continue.

“I hate you the most.” Ivy replied.

“I hate you so much I could rip out your heart & wear it as a necklace.”

“I hate you so much I could cut off your head & use it as my nightlight.” Dawn responded to these comments by puking in a paper bag.

Back on that one planet, the splitting ray had been fully repaired with the help of another Ivy & the other Dawn present.

“Hey, look at this,” Dawn began. “I discovered recently I had the ability to manipulate the blood within my body & all around me, and can even shapeshift using this power. Very fascinating indeed.”

“I thought you already knew this.” Goldia replied.

“Sadly I didn’t, though I can’t help but experiment, just look.” The skin on her left arm tore itself open & the blood from within poured out as it did all kinds of hand signs.

As Ivy & Poison entered the room, Ivy winced. “Could you please put that away, it’s gross.”

“There’s still a lot of scientific discovery to be learned from this.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

“Huh, seems one of the others is a lot smarter than you are.” Poison commented, glancing over at the fixed machine beside the other Ivy.

“So which one are you?” Ivy asked, walking over to her.

“As far as I remember, she’s the perverse one.” Goldia replied.

 “So how did you fix it?”

“It was easy.” She shrugged. “Just insert these poles into slot A & B, jiggle it around a bit, and eventually, satisfaction.”

“That simple, huh?”

“Well there were a few cases where a tool was simply too big to fit, but if you keep pushing, eventually it’s gonna fit in just right.”

As the one personality of Kate woke up on the couch nearby, she said, “Good morning everyone,” then looked around & asked, “Where’s Pan-chan?”

Dawn shrugged. “She said something about needing to vanquish the great evil to bring happiness or something.” 

On the outskirts of a city, something was chasing some kids & kept to the shadows as it pursued them. As they ran down an alleyway & reached a dead end, the figure that approached them turned out to be a naked Kate with only her hair covering certain parts.

She wiped some drool from her mouth as she spoke. “There you are! It’s not nice when you refuse to honor your end of the deal.”

“B-but we don’t even know you!”

She ran right up to him & yelled, “I don’t like liars, Billy!”

“But my name is A-”

“It doesn’t matter. Now then, take your clothes off. Both of you.”


“Don’t make me hurt you…actually, please do.” As they nervously began to undress, she whispered into one’s ear. “Yeah, that’s it. Strip for me, boy.” then started licking his ear. She was then hit by a sniper bullet & was stunned briefly, followed by several more shots & various other gunfire. During this the other two took off as Kate was bombarded with various other weaponry & explosives which finished with a bomb that left a massive crater. This was all courtesy of Pandora who was launching it all from a rooftop several miles away. Kate climbed out of the hole, unscathed, which shocked Pandora. She then looked in Pandora’s direction & like a machine locked-on to her before producing a grin that horrified Pandora & made her flee immediately.

Back at the house, Lolita arrived with two other Damien’s, though only one greeted the others.

“Ahh, such a great mixture of people, how wonderful.” One of them said.

“Where were you guys?” Ivy asked.

“I was experiencing the confounds of the void, supposedly.” The other spoke. “Thank you, Lolita, for coming to my aid after a reckless mistake on my behalf, however long it took for you to actually do something.”

“You’re welcome?”

“Anyway, we’ve fixed the machine.” Ivy said.

“Funny how you wanted the most to fix things yet you’ve been able to fix very little.” Poison commented.

“Y’know, you could try helping instead of belittling me…”

“No thanks, I’m just gonna stand here & take shots at you all day.”

“At least you acknowledge it…”

As they made their way to Ivy’s ship & got in, Goldia asked, “What do we do about that other robot?”


“Nice burn.” Dawn replied. “Clearly he doesn’t matter to you.”

“Seriously, who?”

The ‘good’ pair of Gary & Ruby were putting out a fire covering a building when Ivy called and said, “Hey, we’re making a move now, we’ll arrive sometime later today. How are things there?”

“Still pretty bad.”

“Well try to keep things settled in the meantime.” Ivy then hung up.

May finally got through to Gary. “Hey, are you guys there? Hello?”

“May? Is that you?” Gary asked.

“About time someone responded! What the hell happened to you guys?”

“It’s a really long story, we’ll explain later. Hey, could you possibly track where Fuka’s fortress is right now?”

“Sure, just a sec…it seems to be heading towards those Area 50 bases.”

“Wallowing watermelons, Gary! They‘re planning to kill those people!” Ruby exclaimed.

“Not if we can help it, Ruby.” Gary replied, then pointed in a random direction as he said, “To the Angelmobile!” Courtesy of a spinning screen transition, they were speeding through the streets, smacking inanimate objects out of the way as sound effects played.

Meanwhile, the ‘anti-hero’ Gary was busy chasing a boy in the streets who was leaping over fences, sliding across cars etc. Several times Gary fired electric blasts at nearby things as a warning but he kept running, eventually attempting to escape on a train underground. He ran through the gates as Gary followed closely behind and zapped him with enough force to knock him onto the train tracks & stun him for a few moments. A train was arriving at the station and flattened him as it passed by.

Gary talked to Ruby through his earpiece. “It’s done.”

“You caught the littering scumbag?”

“Yeah, guess you could say,” he put on some shades, “He had a train to catch.” and without a word he left.

Back with the bad guys, they were fast approaching Area 57 & opened the doors at which point over a dozen of them flew out towards the place.

“Is this really a good idea?” Fuka asked.

“Stop your whining, bitch, or I’ll throw your ass in the void.” Dawn responded.

“If you’re scared you can just stay here.” Poison added.

“I’ll come, just…you guys go first. I’ll just catch up.”

“Suit yourself.” Poison shrugged before leaving.

The troops at this base had all kinds of weaponry & machinery at their disposal but it simply was nowhere near enough to combat the superior individuals attacking the base, smashing the machines to bits, blowing up everything in sight & slaughtering many soldiers as they continued their assault. Many of them retreated into the base but the evil squad easily blasted down the many security doors & causally strolled down the hallways, taking out any opposition in their path. They began to send super soldiers & people in bright powered mech suits after them which they at least made a bit of an effort to kill.

During this, one of her group contacted Fuka to say, “Boss, those two angels are heading right towards you guys!”

Ivy sighed. “Those two idiots again? Here I thought they’d know better…”

Fuka nudged Poison and said, “Hey, it may be asking a bit much but if the angel girl shows up, could you not let those two fight each other?”

“Why not?”

“Because they’ll probably have destroyed half the city by the time they’re done.”

“Sounds entertaining to watch.”

“I doubt anyone living in the city would feel the same way.”

The others were under attack from soldiers in powered armor as they talked. A woman wearing one tackled Poison into another room while he was distracted. He somersaulted as he hit the ground & looked for his fedora that fell when he landed. The woman kept attacking while he easily outmaneuvered her & eventually wounded her with a roundhouse kick which knocked her into a wall. He picked up his hat & blew off the dust before putting it on. “That was pretty rude but I’m a nice guy so I’m willing to forgive you. How about being my dance partner? You will?!? Great! Let’s begin.” With a wave of his hand as he slid left, he fired a fast gust of wind that pierced the armor & hit her in the abdomen, drawing blood. He did a high kick, firing yet another gust of wind at a random spot on her body. He then moonwalked for a moment before hopping backwards, spinning and pointed at her as he landed on both feet & used his other hand to hold the fedora in place, firing yet another gust at her. He continued with this, clearly enjoying the cries of pain while he made all sorts of random sounds while attacking.

“Hurry up, dude, there’s some other guys down here to mess with if you just wanna play around.” Leo said, walking into the room.

“Don’t really care for playing around with guys, I’ll be done soon.”

With the others, as they turned a corner, Ruby came flying right towards them, though they all moved aside. Ivy fired a beam of energy as she flew by, which Ruby slapped aside as she spun round. Ruby leapt at her with her double sided spear which Ivy blocked with her scythe, then as Ruby backed up & dropped their weapons clashed twice more then they jumped up diagonally & both did a triple roundhouse as they passed by.

Ivy tossed her hair back as she scoffed. “Inadequate.”

“Stop this right now!”

“We’ll stop when we’re done, so I suggest you leave before you’ve overstayed your welcome.”

“Never! I fight for the good of everyone, and I’ll do what I can to spread justice & protect others from the likes of you!”

“Heh, foolish, though I don’t detest you.”

“Want some help there, Ivy?” Amber asked.

“Though it’s not necessary, it would be welcome. Why not? We happen to have the numbers game on our side, so let’s show this foolish girl just how stupid she really is.”

Damien had gone on far ahead & was already fighting Gary, who was just managing to hold on.

“Move aside, boy, I’ve got no time for these games.” Damien said.

“Then make time.”

Damien summoned 3 stone pillars that ripped through the flooring & launched themselves at Gary who sidestepped the three & charged at him.

In the midst of space, the others were slowly approaching the earth in Ivy’s ship in silence.

Eventually, Goldia said, “So will you be accompanying us to go pursue the PAL 4000, Responsible Ivy?”

“Responsible Ivy, is that what my personality is now?”

“I needed one to separate you from the perverse one.”

“Perhaps you might want to consider contacting your brothers.” Dawn suggested. “You remember them, right?”

“Ahh, yes, it has been quite a while.”

“After this is all over we should get you a real girl’s body.” P. Ivy said.

“That’s pretty unnecessary.” Dawn replied.

“I would actually be okay with that.” Goldia said.

Dawn shrugged. “Fine, fair enough.”

P. Ivy began to take notes. “Yes, we’ll twist those horns around to give you drill hair, gotta get you an assortment of cutesy clothes, give you eyes that would immediately catch the gaze of anyone, oh, we should make you a D cup too.”

“What? That’s stupid, they serve no purpose for her. If it must be there, no more than a B.”

“A D would be better.”

“Not on that tiny frame.”

“But bigger is always better!”

“I highly disagree.” R. Ivy responded. “Big breasts only have like 3 uses, one of those not even being until later in life, and even then its not essential. While there are far more cons about having them. There’s very little good about big breasts.”

“Says Ms. Mightier than thou with her perfect body.”

“My body is not perfect, besides, we have the same body!”

“Doesn’t feel that way…”

“I’m not talking to you anymore.”

In the streets on earth, Gary was now chasing the female Poison in the streets who was able to keep ahead of him while knocking anything in her path out the way. Meanwhile, some goons drove into a petrol station somewhere near the countryside & one of the four got out to fill up the car.

“Hey, anybody wanna rob that store right over there?” One of them asked.

“I’m honestly thinking of laying low for a while.” Said another.

“Is it the whole look-alike weirdness happening?”

“Partially, most people are going nuts over this, but even those two angels are acting much differently.”

“How so?”

The other goon had finished getting petrol & was getting back into the car as another spoke. “Yeah, heard those two aren’t so forgiving anymore, they won’t hesitate to seriously injure you if you don’t do as they say.”

“I heard the same thing, like they don’t care about human rights at all as long as crime is stopped.”

“I know a guy who knew a friend that also knew a friend, he was speeding on a long empty road just yesterday, going 39mph on a 30 street, so those two find him & decide to teach him a lesson for going beyond the speed limit. The guy’s in hospital with bruises all over & 9 broken bones, 1 for every number over the limit.”

“Damn, that’s pretty harsh. How do we even kill these guys?”

“I don’t think anyone’s found an answer to that yet.”

“Keeping them paralyzed through special means would be good too. Then I could at least get a turn with that girl, I’ve always wondered how it would feel sticking it in an angel.”

“I imagine it would be pretty heavenly.” Another replied.

“Hey, don‘t be a smartass.”

Suddenly, Ruby landed on the car & ripped off the car roof before saying, “I’m taking you in.”

“Whoa! Hold on! We haven’t robbed anything today!”

“But you have in the past, and you’ll keep doing so, so I’m putting you away to prevent that.”

“That’s nonsense! You can’t do that!”

“I can, now you’ll either co-operate, or rebel, end up severely wounded & then forcefully co-operate, your choice.” The car began to slow down. “Good choice.”

Back at the Area 50-something base, Dawn was busy swinging around various soldiers using the blood from within her body. She slammed one into the ground beside her & rubbed her heel in his face. “Hehehehahahaha! Weak! Why are they soooooooo weak?!?”

As Poison was busy stomping on Ruby in the background, Ivy shrugged as she replied, “Don’t be too hard on them, they’re humans, they can’t help it.”

“You’re just asking to get your ass kicked by one of those humans when you say things like that.” Blake responded.

Having finished their fun in that area, the group got back onto the flying fortress & left but not before blowing up the island as they were several miles away, though Gary & Ruby were able to make it off the island when they did so.

A little later, the group travelling in Ivy’s ship finally arrived & many of them quickly went their separate ways pretty shortly after while Ivy contacted the two good angelic duo to try & arrange something.

Meanwhile, PAL was aboard a space station & sprouted over a dozen metallic multi-coloured cables from his body to connect to various parts & then contacted the Ivy he was working with. “It’s me, they know.”

“What?!? How?!”

“The one I was keeping an eye on was smarter than I figured, and my knowledge of the robot wasn’t as good as I thought either.”

“What a waste of scrap metal…” Ivy muttered.

“What was that?”

“N-no, I was talking about some machine I’m building.”

“Is that so?”

“Anyway, what are they doing right now?”

“Well I suppose they should be on their way to Earth, in fact they’ll probably be there pretty shortly.”

“What?!? Why the hell did you wait so long to say anything?!”

“I had to fully prepare myself for what’s to come on my end. I’ll be down there soon enough to assist when the time comes.”

“Just don’t wait so long this time.” Ivy hung up, she was walking around on Fuka’s Fortress while everyone else was running around, causing all sorts of their own mischief. “Geez, useless sack of crap!”

“What’s up?” Poison asked.

“It’s none of your damn business, don’t worry about it.”

“Somebody’s certainly a little grumpy, is it that time of the month already?”

“Bite me, asshole.”

“Maybe I will!”

“…Are you into that kind of thing.”

“Well we could give it a try or something I suppose…”

“I know one thing you could still try…”

“I’m not kissing your feet.”

“Why not? You’re perfectly fine kissing any other part of my body.”

“Feet aren’t nice at all.”

“Nonsense, feet are one of the sexiest parts of the body.”

“I can think of at least 5 other parts that are far better.”

“5? Oh shucks, I have a hard time coming up with even 1 for you.”

“Oh you.”

As they turned a corner, one of the schoolgirls ran up to them & said, “Hey, just wanted to let you know the ships you requested are ready to takeoff.”

“Ahh, perfect timing.” Ivy said. “Nice work.”

The two left, then Damien showed up moments later & the girl stopped him to say, “Oh, Damien, you said a while ago you needed some lab rats for something. A few of the others kidnapped some people they weren’t very fond of so you can use those, they’re in the room just down the hall.”

“Intriguing.” He peered into the room & smiled. “Very well then, let the experiments began.”

On a rooftop building, Goldia & Dawn were waiting for Bronze, Silver & Platinum to eventually arrive, the last doing so by flying past on a kunai & dropping down.

“It’s been a while, Gold.” He bowed.

“Konichiwa, Platnum-san.” Goldia replied as she did the same.

“So what’s the word?” Bronze asked.

“We found out who’s behind what’s going on right now.”

“The clone thing?”

“Yeah.” Dawn began. “Figured you guys might be interested in accompanying us.”

“Nice to see you again, master.” Silver said. “I see you straightened out your hair, turning over a new leaf, I presume?”

“I’m not actually the complete Dawn you guys all know & love.”

“Know? Sure, love? Uhh…” Bronze shrugged.

“So what are these details you found out about?” Platinum asked.

“I’ll explain on the way there.” Goldia replied before the group left.

The ‘good’ Gary & Ruby met up with Ivy & Poison around an area that looked like Times Square. As they arrived R. Ivy spoke.

“Okay, good that you guys are still here. We’re actually going to face them head-on now.”

“Last time we fought them we got outnumbered.” Ruby said.

“We have some numbers, they’re just elsewhere at the moment.” Poison replied.

“There’s also the deal with many of your demon brethren & other bad guys piloting mechs and overall destroying all in their path.” Gary commented.

“Pretty sure that’ll be dealt with too soon enough.”

“So you say you have a device that’ll fix this mess, how exactly does it even work?”
“It’s quite simple, really.” P. Ivy began. “Blah blah multiplying atoms, blah a bad case of diabetes, blah blah only on living tissue, blah blah ionic core & 1.97 giga watts, blah blah ultraviolet rays. Make sense?”

“Sure, but if that‘s the case, how come you guys have replicas of the same weapons?”

“Don’t ask stupid questions.” R. Ivy replied.

As if on cue, a majority of the electronic advertisement screens in the city suddenly switched to another camera with the evil Ivy standing 10 feet away, wearing a Nazi uniform along with a black hat. After some whispering & reassurance, she cleared her throat. “Greetings, people of this fine city, and hello again, you…” She thought for a few moments & scratched her head. “Uhh, foolish angels? Whatever, you know who you are.”

“How on earth do they manage to keep doing things like this?” Ruby asked, but was hushed by the others.

“As I speak we’re about to launch a missile carrier, which will serve the purpose of transmitting this wonderful experience to every other city. Better not waste too much time, there’s a lot of them.”

“Love the outfit btw, it suits you well.” Someone commented from offscreen before the screens returned to normal.

“Alright, let’s go storm the fortress.” R. Ivy said.

“But what about those missiles she spoke of?” Ruby asked. As Poison was about to say something, she sighed. “Okay, okay, I get it. So what do we do?”

“You guys are the bait. You run right in & start trouble, we’ll assist from the outskirts.”

“…Are you serious?”

“Relax, Ruby, I doubt it’ll be too bad.” Gary said. “Something like this is just part of the job, because with great power…” He extended his fist towards her.

Ruby smiled & gave him a fist bump. “Comes great responsibility.”

“Excuse me while I leave to puke in the corner.” Poison responded.

“I feel a gag reflex coming on too.” R. Ivy added.

“When things have gotten way too deep.” P. Ivy commented.

Meanwhile, the anti-hero personalities of Gary & Ruby were meeting elsewhere. Gary was walking the dark streets as he monologued. “Just another day dealing with misguided trash once again. Several cases of unreasonable body odour on public transport just this morning, excessive amounts of mascara being applied not long after, despicable. This city needs to be cleansed.” He began running up the side of a building. “I know its secrets, the streets are like breast implants, and the implants are filled with excrement. Then when the implants finally burst, all of them will become infected. The accumulated filth of all their sex & murder will fill up around their waists. Then all the lawbreakers & ignorant masses will look up and shout, “Save us!”” He landed on the roof. “And I’ll whisper, “DIY.” Then they’ll yell, “We can’t hear you, speak up!” And I’ll flip them the bird & walk off silently into the night.”

He walked over to Ruby standing near the edge, who then spoke. “Our counterparts were less than useful.” 

“Seems we can’t completely rely on others. They’ll have one more chance, if they fail we’ll clean up their mess, now that we have one more thing to deal with.” The two of them took off.

On the other side of the city, Lolita & the nicer Damien met up with Lolita’s Shinigami friends in the middle of a park & floated down towards them.

“Hey, Ms. Gloom & Doom, glad you could join us again.” Ricky greeted her.

“**** seems pretty ****ed up in this place. Oh, hey, I guess.” Marie said.

“You too.” Lolita replied. “But what’s with the-”

“Apparently some ****ers are under the impression I swear too much, so now they’re placing a ****ing filter on me to censor half the **** that offends them, can you believe that ****?”

“**** happens.” Lolita shrugged.

“Real ****ing cute.”

“I assume you’re aware of the current situation?” Dwayne asked.

“Very briefly, you may have to inform me.” Lolita replied as they started walking.

“Seems some crazy chick made a cannon that clones people & went wild with that thing. Can’t imagine what kind of nut job would do such a thing.” Ricky said.

“That nut job is my sister-in-law.”

“What? You really know her?” Daniel asked.

“Damien is her brother. Remember, my husband? You were there at the wedding.”

“I don’t remember that ****.” Marie responded.

“You wouldn’t.” Dwayne began. “You were the only one who wasn’t invited.”

“You ****ing me? Real ****ing cool, L, just always leave me out of the loop. I love you & all but you’re a cold hearted *****.”

“Well if you ever feel like meeting him, one of his personalities is standing beside you.”

Marie looked at him as Damien waved. “Oh, this guy?”

“A pleasure to meet you, don’t be too harsh on Lolita, she tends to keep her true feelings hidden a lot.”

“It’s cool, I’m over it.”

“If you don’t mind me saying, I simply love what you’ve done with your hair.”

“The red streaks are the ****, right?”

“Indeed, it’s very distinctive.”

“I like this guy already, what’s your number?”

“Marie…” Lolita turned to look at her.

“So, where do we start killing?” Daniel asked.

“I doubt we’ll be killing today. The people causing the problem are mainly just acting as their personalities decide. We just need to subdue them so the others can revert them back to normal.”

“No killing?!?” Marie was stunned. “What the hell’s the point then?”
“Yeah, this seems rather boring.” Daniel added.

“Marie, I know you have an addiction to killing but Lolita makes a good point.” Dwayne said. “A little self restraint won’t hurt.”

“Addiction? The **** do you know! I ain’t addicted, I can stop whenever I goddamn please!” Marie exclaimed. “I just wanna kill like one guy…maybe two…or like five, that’s fine, right? I DON‘T HAVE A PROBLEM!”

“I can briefly sympathize.” Daniel began. “There’s no other feeling like the feel of a shuriken flying through the air & embedding itself deep into the fleshy interior of my target, watching them tumble over from the sheer force as it wedges itself in their foreheads. It’s…quite satisfying.” Daniel cleared his throat. “Though I suppose it can wait another day.”

“Guess I’m in too.” Ricky shrugged. “If you don’t mind me asking, where’s Pandora?”

“Being stupid.” Lolita replied. “I doubt she’ll come.” 
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