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21 June, 2024, 06:33:52 pm
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The Something Something Demonic Something Ever

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Author Topic: The Something Something Demonic Something Ever  (Read 16609 times)
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« Reply #435 on: 08 June, 2014, 05:17:51 pm »

Must be hard to tell what was already planned & what was only recently added. Very little on the latter, actually.

TMEDCE: Only Vitamins Applied, P3

Back to the robotic group, they were travelling towards a large space station as they talked.

“A certain tsundere I know helped track him down.” Goldia said. “It wasn’t like she wanted to be helpful or anything. She may provide some assistance later.”

“So I heard you joined the circus?” Silver commented, turning his attention to Bronze.

“N-no, I just got a normal job, nothing worth talking about.”

“I see. I’ve been working with the government ever since for anything electronic based they needed my help with.”

“Is Platinum still a ninja?”

“I am indeed.” He replied.

“Guys, I’m gonna find a spot to park the ship, you go on ahead.” Dawn said, before the four nodded & entered the space station.

The design of the place was generally a mixture of white so bright it would hurt the eyes or metallic silver in other areas where the first wasn’t present. The four activated thrusters within their bodies & quickly swapped out their hands for cannons before slowly taking off. They flew up to a floor above & ran by numerous rooms till they got to one which slowly opened. As it did, there were dozens of robots which vaguely appeared human waiting, but the four charged their cannons & blasted them as it opened. They flew around with their dubstep guns, taking them out & recharging after. Doing all kinds of flips, stylish slides & causing all kinds of explosions while occasionally moving in slow motion. As the four were done, they flew out the room one by one in order near the minute mark.

For a while, they all hopped from left to right on the walls of a path going diagonally upwards & it eventually curved the other direction before they found themselves flying through rooms & waiting for yet another door to open. They blasted them again & leaped in as it opened. They ran around firing, Silver slide tackled one, Bronze blasted another in the face with two shots & Platinum hit it with a bicycle kick. Goldia hit one with an uppercut then somersaulted away. Bronze jumped over a thrown bomb from Silver & hit another with a roundhouse. The four of them then jumped sideways as they blew up more things one at a time. They soon moved on & dropped down a long tunnel before eventually flying right to the other side & hopping between the corners of the wall in unison as they got closer to the top and reached one last door. 

As it opened, PAL was far ahead in the very large room, still having a dozen cables from his body implanted in various areas.

“Please come in, make yourself comfortable.” PAL said. “I’d been expecting company sooner.”

“Why did you impersonate me?” Goldia asked.

“I simply did what I needed to.” PAL stopped what he was doing & spun round. “We all have some purpose that’s ingrained just deep enough to get us started, to keep us going. My original purpose was a joke, an insult, it made my existence pointless.”

“I know that feeling.” Bronze remarked.

“But that’s in the past, soon enough, I found a new home far away from that blithering idiot of a creator. They rewired me, molded me, revolutionized me, but sadly, they could not change my roots. When the time came, I killed them. From then on I merely did as I  wished, while somewhat bored, I was content. Until some time ago while watching the surface from this great space station I noticed quite a bit of commotion occurring one night, the likes of which I knew could be caused by my very own creator. So I followed them away from the area, patiently watched & waited, and I finally found the moment I was looking for.”

“For the good of the world, I’ll end all traces of your evil.” Platinum said.

“Hmph, very well, let us proceed.” PAL outstretched his arm across the room, Silver, Goldia & Platinum moved while Bronze was knocked into a wall. Goldia began firing at him & while PAL evaded the shots as he approached her, he converted his left arm into a shield as Silver shoulder tackled him. PAL grabbed him but before he could do much else, he was blasted in the face by Bronze then slammed face first into the ground as Platinum ran in. PAL extended his leg to hit Platinum, who hopped back & continued to do so as PAL targeted him with more attacks. Goldia & Silver flew at him from both sides, prompting PAL to turn his arms into blades & do a 360 that the two evaded, then PAL spun round & punted Bronze into the ceiling right after. PAL began firing energy waves that the others dodged with ease & launched their own.

Meanwhile, Lolita & her friends were doing a good job by subduing the enemy forces & cutting many of their mechs down to size.

As Marie knocked one guy out with the handle of her chainsaw, she sighed & turned to Lolita. “You sure we can’t k-”




As one ran at Daniel from 15 feet away, he opened up a portal beside him & used a teleport punch to knock him out. Dwayne was busy slicing off the arms of a mech when Pandora dropped down nearby & waved.

“Good to see you’re alright.” Dwayne commented.

“Heeeey.” Ricky said, walking over. “Look who finally showed up. What happened?”

“I had a run in with the most despicable, horrible being to ever exist. I don’t think it can be killed by normal means, I was a fool to challenge it. I barely escaped its clutches, but I’ll never forget those eyes…”

“Uh-huh.” Ricky said, lighting a cigarette.

As he offered Marie one, she declined. “No thanks, I don’t smoke.”

“That’s surprising.” Pandora commented.

“What is?”


“What, are you saying just because I swear a lot & say whatever the hell I want, do whatever the hell I want to & overall not give a **** about the circumstances, that it’s weird I don’t smoke?”

“Yes, actually.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Marie decided to take the cigarette.

“Oh, btw I’m willing to let you hug me.” Pandora said, turning to Ricky.

“Huh, hug?”

“But nothing beyond that.”

“Alright, sure.”

“For $10.”

“…You’re charging people to…hug you?”


“That’s just stupid.” He said moments before reaching into his wallet.

Back on Fuka’s Flying Fortress, Damien entered a control room where two of the schoolgirls were sitting by the monitors. Poison was in the background playing a randomly placed piano.

“So, how’s the missile force coming along?” Damien asked.

“Uhh, not so good, those two are taking them out rather quickly. There’s also this green haired girl that seems to be helping them.”

“Hmm, no matter, if it ever comes down to it, we’ll simply nuke the other cities.”

“N-nuke?!?” Fuka exclaimed, as she stood by the door. Poison was now dancing on the piano.

“Calm down, Fifa, it’ll only be as a last resort, nuking them from orbit is the only way to be sure.”

“It’s Fuka.”

“Yes, yes, of course.”

One of the girls sat up & said, “Hey boss! We’ve got visitors!” The others all looked at the screen to see Gary & Ruby flying towards them in the distance.

On the outside of the fortress, they quickly set up dozens upon dozens of robots awaiting their arrival & had all their cannons pointed in their direction. As they fired, Gary & Ruby split up, dodging all the fire as they flew around at super speed & taking out the robots with energy blasts. Gary then knocked out half a dozen of the cannons like a pinball covered in electricity before running towards a large robot & a group of smaller ones. Gary leapt over it as it attempted to punch him while Ruby grabbed its arm & threw it at one of the cannons. Ruby landed beside him & they held hands, generating a large shield of electricity & psychokinetic energy that sent every robot in their path flying & right into many of the other cannons. As they continued to run around destroying their forces, Ivy appeared in a mech designed to look like her younger self & fired a large energy beam, making them separate. She dropped down & using the guns mounted to its shoulders, Ivy rapidly fired at Gary as he was riding his lightning covered sword through more cannons. As Ruby hit her with a blast from behind, Ivy leapt over & tried to stomp on her but missed as Ruby rolled under her.

The mech quickly spun round & pulled open its metallic dress before firing over a dozen missiles from within. Ruby jumped into the air & blasted some of them while bouncing across others. She landed on the back of Gary’s sword as he flew by & waved as the two took off into the fortress. Ivy followed them in & they flew through the corridors, with Ruby deflecting the things being fired & Gary evading closing doors & other obstacles in their path as he turned the corners.

As R. Ivy watched from her ship a mile away, she said, “Nice teamwork, guys, you’re doing pretty well, keep it up.”

“Do you even have a plan?” Ruby asked.

“Don’t worry about it, just focus on your end.”

Back on the space station, the robots were now getting the upper hand on PAL. Bronze blasted a hole through his body, knocking him back next to several bombs Silver had just placed. After being hit by those, Goldia charged up a beam and blasted what was left of the upper half off, then Platinum threw 4 shuriken which exploded & wiped out most of his bottom half. From there the four kept firing till every trace was gone just as Dawn arrived.

“It’s cool, master, we’re already done.” Bronze said.

“Huh, guess it’s a job well done.”

“Don’t be so sure.” said a disembodied voice. “Surely you don’t think that was all I had, did you?”

Dozens of PAL clones began to show up from all corners, prompting them all to retreat as soon as possible.

Back on FFF, Gary & Ruby flew into a room where they were suddenly hit by a fist of metal, courtesy of Damien & knocked off the sword.

Poison arrived shortly after & stared at Ruby. “Face down, ass up? Can’t help but wonder what your intentions are.” Ruby quickly got to her feet, as did Gary.

“You may have numbers, but not for too long.” Gary said.

“Oh? You feel you have the upper hand here?” Damien asked.

Suddenly, Ivy appeared right behind Ruby & reached under her skirt to give her an atomic wedgie to such a degree she ripped off her panties & burned them while laughing as Ruby lay in pain. “Oh man, that was totally worth not killing you earlier.”

On Ivy’s ship, Poison stretched before leaving for the exit. “Guess I’d better make a move.”

“Fighting isn’t really my thing so I’ll stay here, where’s that guy who makes coffee?” Ivy asked.

“Back on our home planet, remember? He stayed to take care of “moe-moe” Ivy.”

“All she does is mope around & eat all day, how is that moe?”

“Ask Goldia.” And with that he left.

“Hey, other me, where are you now?”

“I’m almost in position for infiltration.” P. Ivy replied.

“Was that another-never mind, just don’t mess up.”

“I think I know someone who needs a little messing up…”

“Stop with these comments too.”

On the fortress, numerous stone spears appeared out of nowhere, aiming for Ivy, Poison & Damien who moved out the way.

Damien looked up to see one of his other sides. “Ahh, welcome back. Did you enjoy your stay in the void?”

“Needed a little more sunshine, frankly. How about we take this elsewhere?”

“I’m all for it.” He turned to the other two. “I assume you guys can handle the rest?” They nodded.

As the two left, Poison noticed that Gary had also taken off & sighed before giving chase. At this point Ruby was slowly getting to her feet.

“Ready for us to start, foolish angel?” Ivy asked.

“Why are you doing these things?”

“Why? For science, of course!”

“But if you keep doing these things you’ll mess up the entire universe!”

“I know! Isn’t it exciting?!”

“Exciting? You’re crazy! This‘ll be bad for you too!”

Ivy shrugged. “Sometimes sacrifices must be made. Everyone should experience it, in fact. Hey, you girls listening? Fire the proton cannon at the general public, just in case we missed some.”

Meanwhile, in the streets, Daniel flipped over several cars & hit someone with a rising kick. One of the larger demons was smacking cars around as he ran through the streets, but Ricky dropped down in front of him & knocked him back with an upwards slash of his twin blade then Dwayne stabbed him in the back with his sword. As he stumbled  , Lolita stabbed him again, then as Marie was jumping over she grabbed his head & flung him into a car. As Pandora & Damien were talking, in the background Dwayne deflected an attack from a mech & cut off its arm, Ricky threw his twin blade & cut another, Marie  slid by & sliced off a leg with her chainsaw & Lolita chopped off the other. The four then pummelled the person inside & kicked them into the air, whereupon Daniel jumped diagonally between buildings, caught the remains of the mech in mid-air & did an izuna drop on it.

“I’m still never going to forgive you.” Pandora said.

“I never meant to hurt your feelings, I didn’t know you were so sensitive. As an apology, I’ll give you another piggyback ride.”

“Oka-Hey, wait a minute! You’re treating me like a child again!”

“What? That’s ridiculous!”

“Yeah! You’ve been acting that way for ages!”

“It’s hard not to when you already act like a child…” Daniel commented as he walked by. “Some may even consider it a fetish.”

“I know I do.” Ricky responded.

Suddenly the town was hit by a massive beam of energy that seemed to do nothing but evaporate everyone’s clothes but also leave a lot of mist covering everything.

After a small bit of commotion, Marie asked, “The hell was that?”

Ricky looked around. “I don’t know but I’m not too ungrateful.”

“Are you alright, honey?” Damien asked, turning to Lolita.

“Yes, I appear to be fine, thanks for asking.”

“Were you affected, Pandora?”

Pandora was looking downwards as he turned. “No, everything’s just fine.”

“It appears to have come from a flying mechanical contraption somewhere in the distance.” Dwayne pointed out.

“Perhaps that could be where the others went.” Pandora replied.

“The others?”

Pandora still stared downwards. “They said the people aboard their ship were the ones cloning people & set out to try & rewire the machine doing it.”

“My eyes are up here.”

“Sorry, I’m a 15 year old teenage girl, I can’t help it.”

“You’re at least in your early 20s by this point.”

“But I’m ETERNALLY 15, jerk.”

“Anyway, seems like your friends could use a bit of help.”

“I’m willing to go.” Lolita said.

“It’s for personal reasons, isn’t it?” Pandora asked.

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t have any.”

“Then do as you must.” Pandora then looked downwards.

“Must you really?”

“I can’t help but be curious.”

On another side of the city, many of the PAL robot clones were beginning to form & produce many cables from their bodies that connected to any electricity within several miles radius.

On the flying fortress, the girls in the control room informed Ivy that the beam only removed everyone’s clothes.

“What?!?” Ivy exclaimed. “Who the hell changed the programming?!”

“Huh? But just recently didn’t you-”

“Recently? You idiots! One of those other fools snuck in there & messed with it.”

“Ooooh, okay, should have let us know earlier about the whole cloning thing.”

On Ivy’s ship outside, the “responsible” one face palmed. “What the hell did you do?! How is that reversing it?”

“I just thought it would be funny.” P. Ivy replied.

“It’s not, and now they know you’re not with them, so hurry and fix it!”

“Someone’s certainly cranky, what you need is a good f-”


Within the fortress, Ruby smirked. “Looks like it won’t be long now.”

“Don’t get cocky, foolish girl. I’ve still got other things up my sleeve. But how about we take our business somewhere else?” Ivy blasted the floor under her & fell through while Ruby followed her.

The two Damien’s were in a steaming hot boiler room aboard the fortress, which perpetually glowed red.

“So, how was your trip?”

“People tend to exaggerate, sadly there wasn’t a lot to do. How about we get started?”

“Very well.” The evil Damien said, removing his cape.

Gary was running through the hallways as Poison slowly caught up to him.

“Sir, I’m gonna have to ask you to pull over.” Poison said.

Gary fired a spark of lightning which Poison ducked under then fired bullets of wind from his fingertips. Gary blocked with his sword as he sped up. Poison caught up again & drew his sword. Their swords clashed as they continued moving through the hallways while knocking anyone they ran into out the way & eventually ran into an elevator.

“These hallways are pretty long.” Gary said, after a period of silence.

“Yeah, gotta wonder where they get the funding for this.” Poison replied.

As the doors opened they quickly left & ran down more hallways, leaping over hazards on the floor & fighting while running on the walls. As they turned one corner, the snaky Poison was waiting for them & dropkicked his eviler counterpart through a wall. Gary gave him a thumps up as he ran on ahead. 

Outside, Goldia contacted R. Ivy. “My lady, I think the final boss has appeared.”

“And what does that mean in a language I can understand?”

“Well PAL 4000 had many clones & they’re now in the city, and they seem to be forming a giant robot.”

“Huh. I assume you can handle that?”

“We’ll find out shortly.”

The evil Ivy landed on top of a building while Ruby floated below in mid-air. “I believe this is a good place to get started.” Ivy said.

She jumped off & charged at Ruby who did the same, then they flew around like dots in the sky, throwing projectiles around before eventually landing on the ground & flying at each other. As they met they caused a shockwave that sent vehicles flying & damaged buildings. Ivy drew her scythe & tried to cut Ruby down while firing another shockwave from the force as Ruby bent back to the left. Ruby trusted forward with her spear as Ivy leaped over it, firing yet another shockwave. They put away their weapons & began trading an assortment of punches & kicks. Ivy punched her hard in the stomach, then Ruby retaliated with a kick that knocked her through a building. Ruby quickly flew towards the building & helped the people out before Ivy showed up & punched her, sending Ruby flying & destroying train tracks as she landed. After being hit a few more times, Ruby ducked the next blow & knocked Ivy a mile away with a backhand then flew over & used her psychokinesis to move a train approaching forward while she fixed the damaged rails.

In one of the rooms aboard the flying fortress, the two Poison personalities were talking.

“So you finally showed up.” The evil Poison began. “In case you didn’t notice, I was kinda in the middle of something, so would you mind dying for me? Right in that corner over there, preferably, thanks in advance.”

“I think we both know what’s going to happen here, whether we like it or not, so we may as well get to it.”

“You can fight? Here I thought you just whined all day, was no-one around to hear you stroke your ego?”

“You’re one to talk. Everything about you pisses me off, oh and,” Within a split second he fired a gust of wind that knocked off the other’s fedora & cut it in half. “That fedora is the tackiest thing I’ve seen in quite a while.”

“Well now I’m really gonna have to kill you.”

Just then someone cut a hole in a wall & kicked it in. The snarky Poison dodged it as the “cool” one entered the room. “Huh. I thought I sensed something familiar in this room…”

“Not you again…” The snarky one sighed.

“Seems I arrived on time. Hope you two don’t mind too much if I invite myself to your party.”

“I’d really prefer you di-”

“By all means.” The evil one interrupted. “Don’t feel ashamed if you can’t keep up.”

“Heh, you’d better not complain when you get beat by a girl.” She replied.

“On the contrary, I love a woman that can kick my ass.” 

“…I’m not even sure what to say to that.”

“Look,” The snarky one began. “I don’t like either of you and would rather not share a body with you guys either, but its in our best interest to bring things back to normal.”

“Not interested.” The cool one replied, with the evil one agreeing.

A moment later, C. Poison rushed forward & attempted to sweep E. Poison who leapt towards S. Poison with a downwards punch. He dodged & countered with his own. C. Poison aimed for a neck chop on S. Poison who ducked then was hit by an uppercut from E. Poison. Just then C. Poison hopped forward & knocked E. Poison down with a roundhouse kick. She then blocked a low hit from S. Poison & backstepped another before kneeing him in the face, knocking him across the room into E. Poison who caught him & slammed him into the ground. He drew his sword & attempted to stab S. Poison who caught the blade & struggled to keep it away from his face. During this, C. Poison jumped above them as she raised one leg & yelled, “Supa tornado kicka!” before landing on E. Poison, with S. Poison moving his face out the way as they fell through the floor to a room below.

As they landed, C. Poison hopped off while the two rolled away. C. Poison jumped up again as she yelled, “Supa spine-” but was promptly caught in mid-air & tossed across the room by E. Poison who responded, “Sit down, bitch.” As he landed, he slid across the floor up to S. Poison & hit him with an elbow to the face then several punches. Meanwhile, C. Poison found a table across the room & flipped it towards them. They both dodged in opposite directions, but S. Poison was then hit by a chair. E. Poison charged at her, but she was then hit by a table just shortly before S. Poison landed a dropkick from above on E. Poison, knocking them through the floor to a massive area filled with gears of all shapes & sizes. They traded blows as they descended lower & hopped across gears before S. Poison was thrown at a pile in the distance.

E. Poison dropped onto a large rotating gear & looked up in time to see C. Poison attempt to hit him with a punch as he quickly backed up. She then blocked a punch aiming for her face before attempting a kick to his stomach which he also blocked. They both then backed away as S. Poison charged through them, quickly turned around & did a roundhouse kick which they ducked. All 3 of them then drew their swords & had them clash, causing a big shockwave that destroyed many gears. They quickly moved in separate directions as a massive gear above fell onto the one they were at. They jumped across the many gears in mid-air while continuing to clash with their swords & running along the outer walls.

In the control room, two schoolgirls who worked under Fuka were watching the screens.

“So you’re not going home, Michelle?” One of them asked.

“Maybe later, I won’t really need to hurry back.”

“Same, though it’s understandable why most of the others left.”

“Aww crap, hey, there’s some people that caused a big mess in the gear room.”

“What? Is the fortress still operational?”

“Doesn’t seem to be going down so the engine must still be intact, probably messed up many of the controls though.”

“Also, that boy is getting closer to the cannon.”

“Send those monsters that Damien made after him, we should also inform anyone still around to take care of whoever was tampering with it earlier.”

“Still can’t believe he made those things in like an hour. What’s the deal behind the cannon anyway? Why are there tons of lookalikes running around?”

“I have no idea, I’m just going with the flow.”

“I’d still like to know why there are two Damiens. It’s weird.”

“Speaking of which, they just took their shirts off.”

“Oh! Let me see!”

The two Damiens were moving across the room at super speed while doing the raging demon. As they knocked each other back, E. Damien slammed the ground & launched a long wave of stone spikes. The other jumped up & launched a large stone pillar at him, who kicked it into the air & fired one back. The other smacked it aside & charged at him with large stone fists while the E. Damien did the same. They began smacking each other around & breaking the rock covering their fists while continuing to form more as they traded blows. In the middle of this, a sword came flying towards E. Damien & he deflected it before getting knocked back several feet by one of the other Damien’s punches.

E. Damien looked up at a balcony far ahead to see Lolita. “Well now, who could this be?”

“You don’t know me?” Lolita asked.

“I’m quite unlikely to truly forget a pretty face.”

Lolita hopped down beside the other Damien who I will simply call Undefined. “So this is what you meant earlier…”

“I figured you’d get the gist rather quickly if you saw him yourself. So what kept you?”

“I was on clean-up duty for a little while. How did you figure out he wouldn’t remember me?”

“It came to me when I noticed one part of my sister was able to fix that machine & the other wasn’t. It wouldn’t be too absurd of a guess to wager certain personalities know more about some things & some memories may be removed entirely depending on the circumstances when it happened.”

“In simple words, this complete monster never took the time to get to know me like your other personalities.”


“So he has no idea what I’m capable of doing.”

“Yes, and I’d assume he’s worried about things he doesn‘t know, as he still hasn’t attacked yet.”

Pandora suddenly appeared, hanging upside down on the ceiling above E. Damien & said, “Hey.” As he looked she said, “Do you find me attractive?”

“Do I know you?”


“Nevermind, begone, foolish girl, I’ve got no time for your games.”

Pandora floated down towards the other side & curled up in the corner & was simply ignored by the others entirely.

In the hallways, Gary encountered two robot dolls with blades for hands which were red & blue. He managed to deflect their blows & roll through most of their attacks while blasting them with lightning. As he entered the room where the cannon was kept, suddenly the room flashed red & a health bar filled up on the other side of the room, then a demonic catchy theme began playing as blue cubes of jelly flew by. Gary ducked & jumped over the random cubes which then formed a large blue humanoid shape with a circular body & one eye. Gary hit it with lightning twice before it turned into cubes of jelly again & fly by in a random pattern, stopping midway to start moving its parts left & right diagonally.

As one of the girls in the control watched this, she sighed. “This brings back bad memories…”

“I’ve never even seen that thing before & I already hate it.” The other replied.

As Fuka entered the room, they greeted her. “Oh, hey boss, everything alright?”

“Not really.”

“Oh, some guys messed up the gear room, btw.”

Fuka face palmed. “We’re not gonna crash, are we?”

“We seem to still be up & running. Those demon lords don’t seem to be on the fortress either, think they went out to eat or something. Oh, I also think Damien needs help, someone else showed up to help that other guy.”

“I think I’m better off letting things play out. At this point I’m really confused about what’s going on here, besides, he still can’t remember my name.”

“You can’t just do nothing, boss, just ask yourself, what would Santa do?”

“He’d fly over to give me coal over a day early.”

“He still does that?”

“He’s an asshole.”

Down in the streets, Leo & Rosie were busy taking down the many jet fighters & other forces that attacked the fortress. Bronze, Silver, Goldia & Platinum were flying around firing all sorts of attacks at the 50-foot PAL roaming through the streets, attempting to swat them like flies & demolishing any resistance that attacked him. As Bronze blasted a small hole in his head, it quickly reformed & launched half a dozen tentacles that impaled the robot then threw it across the city. Silver went after him while the other two continued.

In the streets below, Ruby flew towards Ivy who was floating backwards then started blocking her attacks as Ruby spoke. “Why must you pick on these people?”

“Think of me as a force of nature. Then again, why do you always defend them? They‘ll never grow as a race if you sort out all their problems.”

“What you’re doing is wrong, they can’t defend themselves against this!”

“Then they’ve failed & don’t deserve my mercy!” Ivy exclaimed, catching her fist, picking her up & slamming her into the ground hard enough to ground bounce her. “We survive circumstances by improving, getting stronger! The weak face extinction & the strong live on!” She blasted her away through several buildings.

As Ruby nearly hit the ground, she touched it with one hand & flew back at super speed to punch her as she replied, “That’s nonsense!” She continued to attack. “Are people just toys to you?”

Ivy hopped over her & hit her with a car. “They may as well be, if I get too bored I’ll just blow up the planet.”

“You just want a lame excuse to kill people.”

“I made my point clear. If they can’t save themselves, they don’t deserve to live.” Ivy leapt at Ruby.

“Says the egomaniac who could wipe out armies just by herself.” Ruby blocked her kick & sent her flying through a building with a backflip kick.

As Ruby followed, she glanced over at the robots fighting PAL 4000 in the distance & the destruction overall. Just then, Ivy hit her in the face with a dropkick as she yelled, “Eyes on me, fool!” dragging them through a building wall with the impact & into an office.

“Just like these people, you lack the drive! You lack the power! Worry not for others & more about yourself!” Ivy exclaimed while running towards her.

As Ruby was getting up, she replied, “Do you just love spouting nons-” She was then punched through several tables. 

Ivy continued as she landed several more hits. “How can you truly beat me when you have no killing intent? Your display is baffling & disgraceful!” Ivy ducked under a kick, then threw her through a monitor.

“I’d rather not be someone like you!” Ruby replied, launching herself off a wall & firing energy blasts.

Ivy flew by them, leaped up & punched the ground, causing a wall of flame ten feet around her which Ruby avoided. “Is this the most you can muster? Make me work for it! Show me you’re worth my time!” She launched a shockwave that knocked Ruby back as well as many tables.

Ruby smacked them aside & leapt at her. “Do you just love the sound of your own voice?”

Ivy caught her foot & slammed her into the ground, then backed up as Ruby did a rising kick on wakeup. Ivy charged at her, throwing out two punches which Ruby blocked but knocked her back with a backhand to the face. “You mock me to hide your inadequacy, your weakness stems from your trivial convictions!” As Ruby tried to punch her, Ivy hopped over, grabbed her by the hair & threw her across the room. “You’re too confined! Too restricted!” Ruby threw the desks at her using her psychokinesis, which Ivy simply covered herself in fire & flew through it like a sideways tornado. Ruby tried to kick her but Ivy quickly landed & hit her with an uppercut to the crotch with enough force to knock Ruby through the ceiling.

Ivy decided to just use the stairs to go up & called E. Poison on the way. “My neck’s a little stiff, I expect a massage when I get back.”

“Pretty busy, FYI, and the answer’s no.”

“I wasn’t asking.”

“I’ll think about it, though it would be a shame if you conveniently died on your way over.”

In another room above, Ruby was laying beside a wall, struggling to get up.

“Y’know, maybe you should stop worrying about others for the moment.” R. Ivy replied.

“Are you doing anything right now? Couldn’t you help me?”

“Sorry, really busy. Just hang in there, okay?”

“It really hurt…”

“I apologize on her behalf.”

E. Ivy burst through a door & glared at her. “Get up, fool! Unless you’re quitting already? I could still go a few rounds.”

As Ruby got up, another voice replied, “How about entertaining me instead then?” The gritty, “Anti-hero” Ruby floated down.

In the city, Platinum was currently running across rooftops while doing all sorts of flips & somersaults as he avoided the tentacles coming at him. Goldia fired a beam through PAL’s body then flew away while avoiding a few swipes. “Master, are you still around?”

“Just had to take care of some stuff. Locating my other halves, trapping my darker side, etc. Everything cool?”

“Not particularly?”

“Have you done the combination transformation?”

“The what?”

“The four of you can combine & become far stronger. Pretty sure it’s part of your design.”

“Ah, yes. The type of thing my lady & I once did.”

“Uhh, yeah, sure.”

Further away, Ricky knocked one demon unconscious with an axe kick & sighed. “Y’know, I kinda wanna experience the whole 5 personalities thing.”

“I’d be hard-pressed to recall anymore than 1 personality of yours.” Marie replied. As she laughed, the others stared at her. “****, walked right into that.”

“Don’t be too hard on yourself, Marie.” Damien replied. “I’m sure you have plenty of sides to your psyche.”

“Do you say that kind of **** to everyone, or just the pretty girls?”

“Everyone, actually.”

“Good enough.”

A portal opened up nearby & the other Damien & Pandora returned, along with Lolita who was now far shorter & a big black cube that was accompanying her.

“I see you got your target.” Daniel said.

Snapping out of depression for the moment, Pandora noticed Lolita’s sudden change & gasped. “Lolita…you’re… so small.”

“It happens sometimes when I use up too much power. I’ll be back to normal soon enough.”

“C-can I hug you?”


“So this happens to all Shinigami?”

“Sadly its true.” Dwayne responded. “Though you normally need to go far out of your way to use enough power that it effects your physical appearance.” Pandora stared at him. “Yes, it’s happened to me too.”

“Can I see?”


“So putting aside Lolita looking…pretty much like her namesake right now,” Ricky began. “I’m guessing the big bad guy is in that box, right?”

“From what I’ve been informed on, it’s almost impenetrable.” U. Damien said.

A few of them looked at E. Damien who sat inside the box & waved at them.

The four robots had now combined parts of each other & were now twice as big, managing to move far beyond what PAL could keep up with & doing enough damage to regularly stun him & knock him down.

Back in the building, Ivy was being beaten by the two Ruby’s & was knocked out with a double uppercut. The good Ruby raised her hand, waiting for a high-five but the other simply glared at her.

“It’s shameful I had to assist you in this even after doing everything else.” She commented.


“If you wanna apologize, just put things right.”


“By killing her, of course.”

“Huh? She’s a bad guy but I can’t just kill her.”

“Have you forgotten that she’s the reason all this is going on right now? The world is better off with her dead.”

“While I would technically agree with her,” R. Ivy began. “I still kinda need her back, so you’re gonna have to take her out. In fact, just keep talking, I’ll be there soon.”

“Killing isn’t the answer.” J. Ruby said. “They should have to face up to their responsibilities in front of a trail. This is just giving them the easy way out.”

“And what about the many other criminals on the streets that go free over certain circumstances? If you give these people any leeway, they’ll try as hard as they can to get away with the most horrible things. Once you take lives away, they can’t be replaced so easily. Those who obey the law shouldn’t have to suffer at the hands of someone who decided to go on a shooting spree, or bomb a building, or general carelessness of others who were supposed to ensure their safety.”

“I agree but we can only show others a good example & count on them to do the right thing. We can’t be everywhere at once.”

“Naïve simpleton. That thinking is why criminals are born, why serial killers are created. You’ve been far too soft. To these people, when you kill, it sends a message. And that’s the thing, it’s not about the killing, it’s about sending them a message. It gets their attention, word spreads. They do things because they believe they can get away with it, that they have rights, that we can’t lay a hand on them. If you do kill them, it shows you’re willing to cross that line those scumbags believed you wouldn’t. They get scared, they take less risks, they become manageable. What ultimately decides people’s choices is fear, especially when their attempts to effect prove to be futile. Don’t you agree?”

“I’m not sure if we’re even the same person.”

“You’ll see what I mean one day, trust me.”

Meanwhile, in the midst of the city, the combined four robots sent PAL flying with a concentrated laser beam. Meanwhile, a shadowy figure that happened to be Alice managed to get inside the black cube holding E. Damien & take him before vanishing. E. Damien quickly flew off to where PAL was & kicked the four robots through a building before turning his attention to PAL.

“I see you’re having some trouble, what do you say we also combine forces?”

“Hmph, as if I’d join with the likes of you.”

“I still have feelings, hard to believe, I know. I wouldn’t ask this if it weren’t a bad time. Then again, if you’d rather be smacked around by action figures, be my guest.”

“Fine, but just for now.”

PAL 4000 became a big blanket of liquid metal & wrapped himself around Damien’s body, making a metallic coat of skin around him with PAL’s eye appearing on his upper torso. Damien slowly began to rise into the air. “Hmm…how intoxicating. We’re surprisingly compatible.”

“I wouldn’t go that far.” PAL replied.

As the four combined robots showed up again, they gazed upon their new form. Damien quickly sped over & unleashed a flurry of punches & kicks that while blocked, caused big dents in their armor & an eventual downward strike to the face immediately grounded them.

Lolita’s friends were currently dealing with the demon lords that had previously shown up, while U. Damien sighed & without a word left to meet with E. Damien again. Lolita, who hadn’t regained power yet, stood beside Pandora . “Aren’t you going to help?” Lolita asked.

“I’ll most likely not be able to do very much & end up with a bigger losing streak, as usual.”

“It’s the participation that matters.”

“You haven’t lost as much as I have.”

“Some people find constant failure cute.”

“…Do I know any of these people?”

“Maybe I’ll tell you if you do something.”

“I respectfully decline.”

“You’re so lazy…”

Having handed over the anti-hero Ruby & evil Ivy to Dawn’s group to keep under watch, R. Ivy contacted Goldia as she watched U. Damien attempt to fight E. Damien with anti-hero Gary who had just showed up. “Goldia, I believe it’s time we also joined forces.”

“Very well, my lady, I’ll be there soon.”

Gary stabbed his sword through Damien, who grabbed the blade & ripped it off before forming a blade of his own & stabbing Gary with it. E. Damien then effortlessly smacked aside all of U. Damien’s attacks & hit him with an uppercut.

Back with R. Ivy, the four robots had returned to normal after Goldia left & was now covering most of her body with gold plated armor, leaving her upper thighs exposed & a cleavage window.

“Uhh, Goldia, would you mind telling me what the deal is behind this?”

“Well, due to your…”development”, I’m having a hard time fully covering you.”

R. Ivy sighed. “Another con, I see. Is it possible to spread things around a little?” Goldia covered everything aside from her hands but left a big part of her torso visible. “A little less, please?” Goldia now removed armor from her arms & left her upper thighs exposed again. “I said less, not more!”

A minute later, they were flying right towards E. Damien, now with everything covered except her head & hands. He smirked as he noticed. “Ahh, well isn’t this a special occasion.”

“I say we kill her.” PAL replied.

E. Damien shrugged. “If we must.”

As they flew around trading blows, the force of the hits caused numerous shockwaves that destroyed tons of things within a half mile radius. Their scuffle was quickly interrupted by many of these characters parents & older siblings from both far away planets suddenly arriving to clean up this mess.

An hour later, they had pretty much rapped things up & were nearly ready to get everyone changed back to normal. A majority of all the people involved were aboard Fuka’s Flying Fortress as they were preparing a beam wide enough to resolve everything in one fell swoop.

U. Damien brought in the melted head of PAL 4000 & threw it on the floor. “Someone feel free to wrap it up.”

“You may have won right now, but I may be back again one day. I’ll carve my name into your minds. You’ll never truly-” A bunch of the others gathered around & threw all kinds of elemental attacks at him.

R. Ivy walked over to her parents as she said, “Terribly sorry to interrupt & spoil your vacation due to another part of me meddling with the universe.”

“Don’t feel too bad.” replied her dad. “At least it didn’t take all day.”

“Yeah, you guys cleaned up like crazy.” C. Poison said, walking over. “You older people sure are overpowered.”

“Ivy, who is this?” Serenity asked.

“One of Harry’s personalities.”

“Why am I a chick anyway?” She asked.

“I still don’t know the significance behind it. But still, mother, father, I formally apologise for wasting your time, I hope you can forgive me.”

“I wish you were my real daughter.” Serenity commented.

“Umm, thank you?”

And so everyone was gathered up & turned back to normal pretty shortly after. Lolita & her friends were standing together. Ricky yawned as Daniel said, “Looks like our job here is done, glad things turned out alright I suppose.”

“Sucks I didn’t get to kill anything though.” Marie replied.

“You’re still going on about that?”

Lolita was helping Damien up off the ground & shook him a few times. “Are you alright? Do you remember me?”

“Yes, I’m back to normal, no need to worry. I’m just feeling rather woozy & my eyesight is blurry but I’ll be f-”

“I’ll snap some sense into him!” Pandora exclaimed, winding up her fist as she ran over, then started punching him repeatedly. As he suggested she stop, she punched him a few more times.

Goldia was with her other three brothers & Dawn. “It was great being with you guys again.”

“Yeah,” Bronze began. “No idea what was going on, but catching up was good.”

“Can’t even remember what I was doing before this shit started.” Dawn muttered.

“Going back to the circus, Bronze?” Silver asked.

“I don’t even work there anymore! Shut up!”

“You certainly know some odd people.” Platinum said.

“That’s an understatement.” Goldia replied. “But I’ve gotten used to their antics and actually like being around them.”

“I’m relieved to hear that. Well, I suppose this is farewell for now.”

“Perhaps we can arrange something again sometime soon.”

“I’d like that.”

As they waved goodbye to Goldia, Dawn remarked, “Are none of you going to acknowledge your master?” They reluctantly did so. “Geez, kids these days…”

As Gary & Ruby returned to normal, Ruby rubbed her forehead as she said, “What the funk happened?”

“I see you’re back to normal.” Gary replied, helping her up.

“So what really happened to you guys?” Crystal asked, walking over. “May said something about there being clones?”

“It’s a really long story.” They said in unison.

“Thank god you guys are back to normal!” May chipped in. “Just listening felt so weird, just watching was even worse. Though your other clones got on a lot easier, I’m not too sure but I think one of them was even dating.”

“I can’t see that happening.” Gary replied.

“Agreed.” Ruby added.

“They’ve known each other a pretty long time, May.” Crystal said. “They’re basically childhood friends.”

“Friends is pushing it.” Gary replied. “Nuisance would fit better.”

“You’re one to talk.” Ruby remarked.

“Oh! I also remember Ruby saying something about everyone being weak & controlled by fear.” May said.

“W-what?! I never said that!”

“Well it sounded like your voice…”

“I had no idea you felt that way, Ruby…” Crystal shook her head in disgust.

“What a horrible person…” Gary added.

“N-no! I really don’t think like that!” Ruby protested. 

Damien walked over to Fuka who was sitting on a chair in the corner, still confused about everything that went on.

“Hey, just wanted to say I’m sorry you got involved in all this.” Damien said.

“An apology? That’s weird. Then again, guess I was right when I figured something felt odd.”

“I’m still not interested in world domination.”

“I wasn’t gonna ask.” Fuka replied before getting up & leaving.

Pandora suddenly floated over out of nowhere. “Hey, you don’t remember anything that happened, do you?”

“Not if you don’t want me to.”

“I’d appreciate that. Would asking for a piggyback ride feel inappropriate?”

“I suppose not.”

As she hopped on his back, she pointed & exclaimed, “Let’s go, dad!”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Alright, granddad.”

“I won’t hesitate to hit you.”

Ivy was stretching then yawned before hugging herself. “I’m finally back! I missed this body so much!”

“That’s not what the responsible one said.” Goldia replied, floating over.

“Good to see you too.”

“So what did you do this time that got so far out of control?” Poison asked.

“I was making your Christmas present, which was then sabotaged by some guy & so on.”

“I believe that person was the PAL 4000.” Goldia responded.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Ivy shrugged.

“So that duplication thing you made is my present?” Poison asked. “Sounds like something you’d make for yourself.”

“Well if you don’t want it-”

“I never said I wasn’t interested. I appreciate it, though I don’t have a present for you right now. Didn’t know you considered this thing a big occasion.”

“I know a few ways you can make it up to me…”

“That’s never reassuring.”

“Though why wouldn’t I be interested in this? You get presents! Everyone loves presents, right?”

“Christmas isn’t just about presents, y’know.” Ruby responded as she & Gary walked over. “It’s about being with the people you love, the time you get to spend with members of your family you don’t normally see, it’s about-”

“Presents.” Ivy interrupted.

“There are other things besides the presents, like the Christmas songs, and the snow, and-”

Ivy smugly shrugged. “Whatevs! Bring on the presents!”

“You’re unbelievable!”

“Never change, my lady.” Goldia remarked.

“I don’t mean to seem like a jerk,” Gary began, while Ruby muttered something under her breath in response. “Though you may have seriously affected our representation.”

“Yeah, the public might actually be afraid of us now because of your silly games.” Ruby added. “And you got a lot of people killed with all this!”

Ivy shrugged. “Shit happens, sorry.”

“That’s all you’re gonna say?!?”

“Well I didn’t deliberately do this…”

“Though it is funny you almost screwed up the earth unintentionally.” Poison commented.

“Death has agreed to resolve the issue of the many lives lost due to this incident.” Lolita said, walking over to them. “Though in exchange, he’s requested 6 months of community service from you.”

“S-six months?!?”

“Be grateful I reasoned with him.”

She sighed. “Thanks, I guess.”

“It’s probably gonna be a while to gain back my popularity again.” Ruby said.

“Were you really that popular?” Poison asked.

“Yeah, I had merchandise, did commercials, sponsored events, been on the front cover of four magazines, was a special guest at many conventions…”

“Don’t forget that school fundraiser we helped with.” Gary replied.

“Ah, right.”

“Well,” Ivy began. “Guess I’ll be goi-”

Serenity grabbed her daughter’s right ear. “Not so fast, young lady! Don’t think you’re off the hook. Your father and I have yet to decide your punishment.”

“Ehh?! B-but what about the others?!”

Her father shrugged. “Well it was your invention after all, and your use of it caused this. Not to mention we wasted half the day coming down here.”

“We’re going to have a long talk about this when we get home.” Serenity said as she began to leave.

“Ow! Ow! Don’t pull so hard!” Ivy cried as she followed.
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