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The Something Something Demonic Something Ever

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Author Topic: The Something Something Demonic Something Ever  (Read 11358 times)
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« Reply #435 on: 25 July, 2014, 09:29:59 am »

It's referencing many different things, not just the most obvious.

TMEDCE: Oh, Very Astounding

It was a normal day on blah blah blah. At the Demon Lord clubhouse, Brian who wore a squirrel suit & Tyson were at a table talking about things, Richard was busy writing something out, and Toby & Amber were playing blackjack. Sakura walked in with a bunch of VR headsets that she placed on the table & began to plug them in as Blake & Alice entered the room.

Blake switched off the lights except for one right over him & said, “It’s time to play the game.” They looked over at him, fully aware of what he meant. Two lights by a desk turned on as Alice stood with her back turned & raised her arms as she said, “Time to play the gaaaaaame!” She smirked before going, “Guguguhehehe!” Richard threw his notes to the side, Tyson & Brian moved their chairs to face the table, Amber shuffled away the cards as she laughed, then Blake sat down with the others.

He looked around as he said, “It’s all about the game.”, with Amber adding, “And how you play it.”

Brian then said, “It’s all about control-” while reaching for a headset, which Sakura quickly grabbed as she replied, “And if you can take it!”

“It’s all about your debts.” Toby said, putting on a headset. “And if you can pay it.” Tyson said, looking at Brian as he grabbed a headset.

“It’s all about pain.” Richard said, looking to the empty seat beside him, which was then filled by Alice as she responded, “And who’s gonna make it.”

Sakura turned off the stereo behind them. “So are we all ready?”

“I’ve been awaiting the time to finally play this for weeks.” Richard said.

“This is gonna be so awesome!” Toby exclaimed.

“Don’t blow a blood vessel, Toby.” Brian replied.

“We’re playing as a group, right?” Tyson asked.

“That was the idea if I recall our last discussion on it.” Blake said. “Let’s at least stick together & find out how things work first.”

They all jacked in & were taken to a character customization screen, with them taking the time to pick classes & outfits to start off with.

“So what’s everyone going with here?” Amber asked.

“Swordsman.” Blake replied.

“That’s so bland.” Sakura said.

“Your choice?”

“White mage…I mean, I figure you guys would ignore trying to keep us alive & all.”

“Hmm, I fancy myself as a sorcerer.” Richard said.

Alice sighed. “I still haven’t decided yet.”

“Perhaps you might like the Black Mage, it would certainly suit you.”

“Hmm…oh! Yeah, I could have some fun with this! Thanks, Richard.”

“Can’t decide.” Amber said. “I’m gonna go with a typical physical style build, maybe change it up later.”

“I’m gonna dual wield.” Toby said.

“Going Berserker.” Tyson said. “Dual wielding requires a lot of investment, btw, Toby.”

“I know.”

“Hold on, changing!” Amber exclaimed.

“I’m gonna be the little girl.” Brian said, which caused the others to stare at him. “Wouldn’t a Berserker class be hilarious with that model? Say, wielding a massive hammer while looking like that?”

Blake shrugged. “Whatever, man.”

“Whatever floats your boat.” Tyson said.

“You guys just don’t get it.” Brian replied.

And so, they arrived in the generic MMORPG fantasy land of Amudorfoker in the middle of a bright & busy city. There was an old man nearby wearing all purple with a book icon on his head, so Blake spoke to him. “Excuse me, is this Amudorfoker?”

“Why yes it is. Welcome, new adventurers, to our lovely town. This city is just one of the many safe havens in this world.” Blake skipped through most of the other dialogue. “To challenge the Tyrant Overlord in the Darkest Skies, you must defeat the six guardians, or were there eight? I think there were eight but two died of old age and we haven’t found the time to replace them.  Your map will tell you where you can find them.”

The others were all off doing such things as looking at store inventory lists, completing the tutorials & doing side quests that didn’t require them to venture too far from the city. They all levelled up anywhere between 3-6 levels from this. Sakura & Alice were simply wearing opposite colored robes from each other, while Richard wore a purple robe & carried a red book instead of a staff. Tyson wielded a large battleaxe & merely a loincloth. Brian, deciding to play as a young girl with fox ears & tail wielding a dagger, wore red shorts, go-go boots & a unbuttoned white shirt. Amber wore a metal bikini & spiked gauntlets, along with shoulder pads & kneecaps. Blake wore a full suit of steel armor with his sword & shield, barring the helmet, while Toby wore an all black assemble & jacket. They all agreed to then meet in the middle of town & form a party to go fight the first guardian, Rockzide, in The Mines. They killed more monsters as they travelled across a few fields and approached the path which led underground to the dungeon.

They proceeded at a casual pace, using their standard attacks on the bats that attacked & normally doing their best to destroy rock statues that attempted to form & fight them. Sakura took the time to heal anyone who was hurt outside of the fights. They went below to another floor where there were dozens of large rocks covered in rare jewels all over the place, which they could collect so they did so. Crystal golems began to emerge as they progressed through the area, who couldn’t be easily stunned so they played defensively & attacked from behind when the golems weren’t focusing on them. They soon arrived at the area where the boss was said to be.

“Hope you guys are ready.” Blake said. “Apparently if you die you don’t get the experience.”

“You can just revive us if we die, right?” Amber asked, turning to Sakura.

“Actually, I won’t have enough skill points for revive until level 15.”

“I won’t be able to dual wield longswords until level 28.” Toby sighed.

“Daggers are available at level 21 if you want.” Brian replied.

“I’ll consider it.”

They entered the arena & a large round golem formed almost immediately & charged at them, flailing it’s fists about & hitting Amber while Blake & Tyson blocked. They began attacking with Brian & Toby running in from behind the golem while Richard & Alice spammed spells. Rockzide did a 360 spinning attack that knocked back Tyson & Toby, Brian backflipped away while Blake blocked again but his guard was broken from the move. Rockzide then pounded him into the ground during this period. Sakura was busy running around healing everyone when the monster targeted her. Amber quickly rushed in & stunned it briefly with a charged punch & repeated a 3-hit combo several times then dodged a ground stomp while Brian kept stabbing it in the back, Richard threw water spells at it & Alice was rapid firing dark orbs. As it stomped again, numerous rocks fell from the ceiling. As Brian dodged, Rockzide spun round & punted him across the room then fell backwards & flattened Amber.

As it got up, it grew 4 four arms & charged at Richard & Alice. Rockzide blocked the rapid attacks & shoulder tackled Richard, then hit Alice with a stomp shockwave. Toby leapt at the beast and stabbed it repeatedly in the head. Rockzide swatted him away while Blake & Tyson manoeuvred round him & attacked sparingly to buy the others time. While Rockzide focused on Blake, Tyson heavily stunned him with a charged downward smash. Just then, Richard summoned a tornado that increased the stun period while Amber, Toby & Brian rushed in & they all started attacking, managing to kill the boss just shortly after the stun period ended.

They proceeded back to town, healed up, applied skill points, and attempted to turn in a quest that had been completed at the previous dungeon but there was a 20 player line at where the quest was given to hand it in, so they decided to come back later. They separated for a while to do their own things & met back up an hour later, ready for the next area. The next location was the Gracious Garden, home to the menacing Vileflume. Entering the bright & sunny garden, they noticed cotton flowing through the air which poisoned them as it touched them.

“Oh crap! Poison!” Toby exclaimed. “What do we do?!?”

“Try relaxing.” Sakura said before removing the effect from the party.

“It would naturally wear off in like 30 seconds anyway.” Tyson commented.

“Not to mention you can negate it with a regenerating potion too.” Blake added.

The garden was filled with praying mantis’ & humanoid ladybugs that looked like women cosplayers, both of which they either overpowered or used team attacks on by deflecting their blows before striking them. Vileflume turned out to be a large piranha plant that launched several spiky vines at Sakura immediately. Blake ran up & held up his shield while some of the others ran up to the plant. As they began hacking away at the plant, it threw its head back & then spewed toxic gas that drained health faster. Tyson hit the plant with a rising strike from behind, and it retaliated by spinning round & backhanding him across the arena then began spinning its head in circles to hit Toby, Amber & Brian as they kept rolling but knocked them out the way as Vileplume charged at Blake. As Blake swung, the plant dove underground, right past him & came up beside Sakura to bite her which instantly killed her.

It then began targeting Richard as he kept backstepping while Tyson kept swinging at it.

“Guys! I’m down!” Sakura exclaimed. “Someone revive me!”

“Anyone got a revive potion?” Blake asked.

“Brian has one! Brian, hurry and revive me!”

“We’re doing fine.” Brian said as he front flipped over a swing. “We can revive you when we get back to town.”

“I know you have a potion, Brian.”

Toby got bitten & killed while Alice summoned skeletons to attack the plant as Brian talked. “They aren’t the cheap kind, they’re full heals. We shouldn’t waste them, there might be a time when we’ll need them.”

“You’ve got 11 of the damn things!”

“And we might need them all against hard bosses.”

“Dude, just revive her so she can heal us.” Tyson said while landing several more hits.

“Yeah, I know we’re demons & all but don’t be a dick.” Amber added, while doing uppercuts & downward kicks.

“Fine.” Brian sighed & threw the potion on her. Then used another on Toby before running back to back up the others. The boss was killed rather quickly afterwards with everyone still up. They retreated back to town & did all sorts of basic stuff before deciding to continue another day.

The very next day, they were arriving at the Demon Lord clubhouse & taking their seats while Amber was busy staring outside the window.

“You alright?” Brian asked.

“Uhh, yeah, but there’s someone wandering around dressed like Ivy.”

“Dressed like her or is her?”

“My eyes work fine, whatever, let’s start.”

As they got back into the game most of them were wearing different armor. Blake had discarded the heavy armor & had more lean material along with a large broadsword. Tyson wore bulky stone armor & a battleaxe that resonated with dark blue energy. Brian had simply changed his weapon & was carrying a black Bo staff with gold tips. Sakura now wore a red scarf, gloves & trainers over an all black assemble along with a black cloak. Amber wore full body armor shaped like a charred skeleton with Cerberus shaped gauntlets. Richard had a red cape with a long sleeved white shirt & black pants, though Toby & Alice remained the same aside from getting better weapons.

“Seems we’ve all been a little busy.” Richard said, looking around.

“I did a lot of grinding last night so I can finally dual wield now.” Toby replied.

“Did healing get too boring?” Alice asked, turning to Sakura.

“No, I still heal. It’s just I can actually inflict good damage now.” she responded. “Before I had a hard time going beyond single digits.”

“You’re using the daggers, right? Those are good for criticals.” Brian commented.

“Then why did you change?”

“Well this one monster dropped this staff, which got a 25% chance to stun enemies when I upgraded it a few levels. It’s surprisingly good.”

“Nice looking armor.” Tyson commented as he turned to Amber.

“Thanks, eventually got the whole set from killing these rare black skeleton spawns near this graveyard place.”

They moved on, ignoring a guild that were picking on some players down an alley, and also outright ignoring a few players that challenged them outside the town as they went to the Tropical Islands to face the Swim Bros.

There were numerous small islands that they ran through, beating up monkeys in the trees, even going as far as to knock them down, shooting down packs of seagulls, occasionally encountering giant crabs that had weak points on their lower back which they regularly targeted for massive damage. They also had to jump in a boat numerous times to take them from one island to the next, and during this point they were regularly attacked by lobsters, whales & piranha, with a rare dolphin spawn popping up twice. On one of the last islands, two strange animals that looked like a red colored cross between a Peacock & Dodo bird attacked the group. As they defeated the birds, Sakura chose to ride one while Alice took the other.

After a short while of running through more monsters easily, Sakura pet the bird. “I think I might keep this.”

“Isn’t it a stage only creature?” Alice asked.

“I hope not.” Brian said. “I like how it talks.” 

“Shet!” The bird exclaimed.

“I can see why you would.” Sakura replied. “I’m gonna call him Cheep-Cheep, or Che for short.”


“He doesn’t seem fond of the name.” Richard commented.

“Yeah, yeah, very funny.” 

They finally made it to the boss & brought the birds along. It was a circular surface that they were required to fight with small stone pillars around the area & nothing but water outside of that. Two sharks, being black & blue with boxing gloves & spiked boots, arose from the ocean & landed on two pillars. They hopped around while the group also did so, destroying some of the pillars as they missed many of their attacks. One shark hit Tyson with a typhoon punch, knocking off nearly half his life with a single blow. Alice hopped about on her bird firing dark magic but was knocked back onto the center platform as the shark headbutt the bird.

“Shet!” The bird exclaimed.

“You said it.” Tyson replied.

Alice got off the bird & was busy attempting to do something before she let it go. Sakura took a few moments to place the bird back on the boat before running back to start healing. Richard was able to easily target the sharks while they were busy evading & attacking the rest of the group. Blake leapt at the blue shark & blocked a heavy blow with his sword. During the recovery animation, he swung twice, staggering the shark with the second hit. He whistled to the others as he got two more hits in, with Brian & Sakura quickly jumping over to repeating stun & land criticals on the shark, but it soon broke free as it bit through the three of them, nearly killing them. Tyson jumped & spun like a ball as he attacked with his axe, making use of invincibility frames with rapid attacks.

Amber was busy cancelling out & rivalling the sharks punches with her own after drinking a strength potion, while Toby attacked with his dual blades as it was focused on Amber, occasionally stunning it. The sharks summoned mooks to aid them as they sped up & began to get the drop on them with swift strikes. As the black shark sent Blake flying with an uppercut, he recovered & landed beside Alice. “Seems we came here a little too early. We might not be ready for them.”

Alice sighed. “I wanted to save this for another time but I guess I’ll have to do my share of the work.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The reason I chose this class. Time to test it out.” Alice charged up & caused the ground to shake somewhat as she began to slowly grow taller & far bulkier as well as her tail while she unequipped her current costume & quick selected other parts while forming a dark purple aura & lost her pupils. She had on a spiked black choker, as well as the same pattern around her arms & knees, she wore a spiked black thong & light black armor that covered her top half torso. She took a deep breath as chuckled, her voice was also far deeper. “That’s better. Sit tight, he’s mine!” She leapt at the shark Amber & Toby were targeting. As it was about to punch them, she grabbed it by the face as she flew past, ramming it into a mountain wall & wailing on it before hammering it into the sea & jumping off the wall to get back to the platform. Richard added a lightning enchantment to her attacks as she returned.

Tyson, who was busy fighting the other shark, backed up right before Alice hit the shark with a downward punch. Brian ground-bounced the shark & the other two wailed on it while Sakura stabbed it repeatedly in its head. Tyson got the last hit by cutting its head off at some point during the long combo. Just then the previous shark came back & did a charged bite attack that Alice tanked then shoved her palm through its chest & fired a beam through the shark.

As they proceeded to the next one, Richard said, “I see you noticed that skill, I figured you would. It suits your style just fine, doesn’t it?”

“Indeed. Once again I must thank you.” Alice looked at Toby who seemed nervous. “Hmm? You’re not scared of me, are you, Toby?”

“No, just, uhh, surprised. Are you going to stay like that?”

“It can only last a few minutes at a time right now, so it’ll wear off shortly.”

“So there’s a skill that makes you 7 feet tall & a dedicated bodybuilder?” Amber asked.

“It’s a transformation skill. It increases all stats by 40% for 3 minutes, then lowers them by that much for 5 minutes.”

“So it’s mainly for boss fights, gotcha.”

“Now that we’re all informed, let’s move on to the next one.” Brake said.

Sakura whistled for Cheep-Cheep & hopped on its back, preferring to ride the bird to the next area.

“You still have that thing?” Tyson asked.

“Of course! I couldn’t leave him, plus he moves pretty fast.” Sakura fed the bird something. “Gas him up with the greens & watch him go.” She said as they took off. “Stand back, stand clear as he puts on a show.”

“So cute yet fierce, is it from hell?” Amber asked.

“I cannot tell yet I don’t even want to know.” Blake replied.

They arrived shortly at the Ogre Village & saw some people being carried out on stretchers as they went in. As said previously, they mainly ran across fields & through crowded villages of average sized orcs wearing armor as they carried, bombs, spears, clubs & swords, while occasionally encountering 20 foot orcs that simply used their fists. After a while of fighting through several orcs villages & then dealing with orcs riding horses out in a field, they made it to a massive coliseum that happened to be there. As they entered, the gates shut & soon enough orcs of all kinds began to charge in from every direction.

Blake charged his sword & with a swing launched a transparent wave of energy that hit a group & sent them flying. Richard called forth a lightning storm to fry the couple Blake had just hit. Tyson was currently beating up the larger orcs & did several 360 spins as he went through the crowds, while Brian stunned ones which weren’t focusing on him & used multi-hit moves with his staff to take them out quick. Toby & Sakura leaped across the field continuously, stopping to land a few attacks before moving on to another enemy. Amber was knocking out any nearby with 3 punch combos then pounding the ground when surrounded to hurt them. Alice had already activated her transformation, where upon she was knocking any orcs in her sight into the walls of the coliseum. After a while of this, a 50 foot titan orc, wielding a metal spiked club climbed over the wall & entered the arena. Brian continued inflicting multi-hits while repeatedly stunning when the Titan Orc ran at him & swung. Brian quickly moved behind the enemy & finished it off quickly then backed off as more mooks assisted the boss. Richard dropped a bunch of fireballs on the group, then blocked a sword swing from behind him, covered his hand in blue energy & stabbed the orc.

Tyson threw his battleaxe across the arena at the Titan Orc, then ran up & punched him, taking back his weapon while doing so. While the two duked it out, Amber & Alice kept killing mooks that tried to intervene & Sakura threw a bomb of her own at a group of orcs that had shown up with their own, blowing them all up. Blake knocked another group of mooks into the sky again, just as Toby was passing by as he ran along the top of the coliseum, chopping limbs off orcs that tried to climb into the arena as he ran around. He leapt across the flying bodies before diving towards the Titan Orc & slashing it at the back of its neck, with so much force he bounced off from the impact. Tyson landed several more hits before being knocked aside. Toby & Sakura met up & nodded as they made a mad dash towards the boss, cutting down any mobs that got in their way while they threw strength, defense, speed & regeneration potions at each other. They both ran up a different leg, repeatedly slashing at the beast while doing so. They dodged as it attempted to swat them. Toby attacked its back then jumped away as it reached around to grab him. Sakura repeatedly stabbed his front, then pulled out a bow as the other hand tried to grab her, pierced its hand with an arrow & swung under it before throwing a bomb at its head. While it was somewhat staggered Toby attacked its neck again & Sakura stabbed it in the head. They jumped off as it fell down & ran as it quickly got up to try & squash them.

They ran back up its body & did the same, occasionally taking hits but throwing potions at each other to keep going. The Orc soon punched Sakura into the coliseum stands but she dodged a second punch that came afterwards. The Orc spun round to see Toby leaping towards him & simply ate him. Though moments later the Orc felt terrible pain & shortly after Toby cut through its stomach open & jumped out, covered in blood. As the boss died, all the mooks began to leave.

“That was awesome!” Toby raised his hand towards Sakura, waiting for a high-five, which she reluctantly gave him. “We were totally in sync there!”

“It’s as if she made her current build to specifically work well with yours.” Richard commented.

“I just liked this kind of class, okay?” Sakura replied.

And so they moved on to Dere Farm, which was a castle so it should have really been called the Tower of Dere. They ran through the dingy floors, massacring midget manikins dressed in white sailor fukus with only different hairstyles to tell them apart. They eventually got lost in the maze-like area as many of the locations looked the same, and they eventually started running from the manikins as they grew in number. As they made it to an outside balcony in-between two of the towers, they opened the door to the second tower & dozens of manikins came charging at them from several directions so they spun round and ran as Toby yelled, “Watch out! Recolors!”

“Hey, Tyson.” Brian began.

“What’s up, man?”

“I was just thinking, say some chick was in a intimate relationship for some time with  another dude, and she sucked his dick & all. If you hook up with this chick & kiss her, technically your lips have touched some other dude’s dick, right?”

“Oh shit, man. I never thought about it like that.”

“I know, it amazed me too.”

“You guys talk about the weirdest shit.” Blake commented.

After a few more minutes of running around, finding an alternate way into the second tower & killing some more manikins down some hallways, they reached the boss area. As they dropped into the area, an 8 foot manikin with a black sailor fuku, short black hair & glasses, emerged from ahead. She was carrying a staff and her attacks mainly consisted of throwing AoE spells & rapid fire magic bullets. The eight of them didn’t have much trouble blocking or dodging her attacks as they chased her while she kept backing away. After getting backed into a corner & beaten down quickly, three other tall manikins entered the room. The first had red hair tied into pigtails and wielded a large hammer, the second had long pink hair with ribbons on the side & wielded a large butcher knife, and the third had long silver hair & wielded a spear.

Red ran forward & swung her hammer, others rolled while Brian & Blake backed up then went in to attack. Red did a second swing a moment later, knocking them both down. Amber was busy punching Pink, rolled through a forward thrust & hit her with a grand upper. Sakura was firing arrows from afar, then repeatedly backflipped as Silver kept trying to stab her with her spear, who then did a 360 spin to knock back Toby, who jumped above it & slashed her head several times. Alice charged in & grounded her with a punch, followed by a knee to the gut while Richard fired lightning bolts. The three manikins soon joined hands & spun 360 degrees numerous times as they moved towards them, knocking several of them down. Silver eventually died to Brian’s multi-hit strings while flash stepping between her strikes & continuing his combo. Red & Pink swung their weapons together at Blake, who flipped sideways in-between the two & unleashed a charged strike while Tyson & Toby rushed in to kill Pink within moments, then they all ganged up on Red.

They called it a rest for the day & all logged out shortly after. The next morning, they all rushed into their clubhouse again while Amber was staring out the window. “Now there’s some chick dressed like Poison, not sure what the hell’s going on out there…”

She quickly sat down with the others & they logged in. After arriving in the game, they had received a letter telling them the whereabouts of the final boss.

“So what about the other bosses?” Toby asked.

“I say we go fight this guy.” Tyson replied. “They wouldn’t let us know where he is if we weren’t strong enough to beat him.”

“I too am eager to visit this tyrant.” Richard said.

The rest eventually came around to the idea & so they travelled to go fight the boss, who resided at a church. They oddly didn’t have to fight through hordes of mooks to walk in. At the end of the church by the alter was the old man wearing all purple who turned around & announced he was the final boss, which made them gasp.

“Wait, who are you again?” Alice asked.

“I’m the tutorial guy.”

“Ahh, now it makes total sense.” Richard nodded.

“You’ve all done well to make it this far.” The church started rising into the sky. “Now, prepare yourselves!” His five health bars began to fill quickly. They charged at him, firing all kinds of projectiles while he fired them back as he effortlessly avoided them. After Tyson & Alice got through the barrage & hit him a few times, he began to leave afterimages as he flew around the arena, with the eight of them trying to land hits while remaining evasive & dodging the laser beams & projectiles he fired. After a bit, he came rushing towards the ground & with a wave of his hand launched 5 large fireballs that exploded as they hit the ground, killing Amber & Tyson, then moved away. Sakura ran up to revive them, but as the man threw more fireballs she was killed as well. The man zigzagged around while Blake, Alice, Richard, Brian & Toby occasionally landed hits when he wasn’t incorporeal. Shortly after the others were revived, Alice managed to somehow grab him & hit him with a german suplex, forcing him into his second phase.

The man split into eight copies, with them all wielding a replica of one of the eight. Blake & his counterpart both fired a charged wave from their swords before clashing, while Tyson hit his with a mid-air spinning ground pound, then knocked him into a wall with a swing. Alice & her counterpart traded blows, not bothering to block or dodge, then after kneeing him the stomach, picked him up & slammed him through the floor. Sakura & her counterpart ran around the lower area, firing arrows at each other as they passed by pillars, then hopped off them & fought with daggers in mid-air as they passed by each other. Sakura threw several bombs & tried to strike while he couldn’t see her but he ducked & swung at her, an attack that she blocked before cutting his throat. Brian and his counterpart were spinning their staffs & blocking each others moves while repeatedly flash stepping around each other before Brian eventually managed to shove his staff up his ass. Toby & his counterpart were flying all over the room, slashing at each other & defying gravity, as well as doing so while running along walls. Richard formed a shield around him as he & his counterpart spammed projectiles. Amber & her counterpart were also trading punches & firing projectiles from their weapons to catch each other off guard. They soon defeated the eight and thought it was over but the old man scoffed at them.

“This is far from over, you truly think you’ve beaten me? This isn’t even my final form.” And so the man ripped out of his clothes & became a sky blue dragon. As they attempted to hack away at the beast, it tried to stomp & bite them while remaining unflinchable from their attacks. Most of its attacks outright killed whoever it hit, and usually at least two people were hit whenever it began firing large AoE fireballs & breathing fire. Richard, noticing certain spots that the fire couldn’t reach, stood there while chucking lightning bolts. Though they kept trying to revive each other, they were dropping almost as fast & eventually died due to not inflicting enough damage.

And so they stopped for the moment, and spent the night grinding another 10+ levels and respec’d to become wizards like Richard. Amber was watching the two dressed like Ivy & Poison argue outside their window, but ignored it & sat down with the other demons. The first phase went by almost as fast, then they mainly copied Richard during the second phase. Once the old man became a dragon, they all stood in different corners of the building where the flame couldn’t hit them & chucked lightning spears all day, which was super effective. Even when someone died they were quickly revived before the dragon could run through the rest of them. After a while, they eventually managed to kill the dragon, which exploded as it died.

“Why did it explode?” Toby asked, which was then ignored.

“We did it!” Sakura pumped her fist.

“Nice work, everyone.” Blake said.

“What we did was a little cheesy though.” Amber commented.

“Who cares if it was cheap, a win is a win.” Tyson replied.

“Yep, shouldn’t be in the game if they didn’t want you to use it.” Brian added.

“A shame I had to discard my wonderful image to focus on magic.” Alice sighed.

“Oh, Toby, would you mind remembering to remind me of something later?” Richard asked.

“I don’t know, I have a hard time remembering more than multiple things at once.”

“Like a Pokemon.” Amber replied.

“No, memorizing more than like 5 things just becomes hard after a while.”

“Like a Pokemon.”

“I’m not a-” Alice threw a metal ball at his head. “Oww! That’s not funny!”

“I thought if the rumor was true that I could catch a Toby. How depressing…” Alice sighed.

“You’re doing it wrong, Alice.” Amber began. “You gotta weaken the Pokemon first, remember?”

“Ahh, of course, how silly of me.”

“Let me help you with this.”

Toby ran as the two chased him, Sakura followed as she yelled, “H-hey! Toby is my Pokemon!”

“I’m not a Pokemon!” He exclaimed.

“So I believe we’re done here.” Blake said.

“What about those other bosses?” Brian asked.

“Maybe in the future.”

As they soon exited the game world, Amber looked outside to see the two dressed as Ivy & Poison now making out. “This is still confusing.”

“So does anyone wanna play Monopoly?” Alice asked.

“Not if you still value your friendships.” Richard replied.

“I’m up for Mawio Kart.” Tyson said, the others were fine with this.

“Make sure to steer clear of Alice, guys. She gets awfully cranky about this.” Blake said.

“That was a long time ago.”

“It was last month.”

“I’m a sensible person now, I don’t take the game so seriously.”

In less than half an hour, Alice was attempting to stab Toby for hitting her in mid-air with a red shell. Some things never change.
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