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The Something Something Demonic Something Ever

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Author Topic: The Something Something Demonic Something Ever  (Read 9445 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 26 November, 2009, 09:26:30 am »

Been a while since I updated.
TMEDCE: Chapter 3 – The Base of Doom

The day this happened to take place on is unimportant, and considered to have little meaning towards the 2 week time limit. Inside of G.U.N HQ, it was busier than usual because a lot of bizarre things had been happening to their soldiers. One man sat behind a computer stood up and exclaimed, “Commander! We get signal!” The Commander, who was the same one from the Shadow the Hedgehog game, neglected whatever he was previously doing and spun round with a shocked expression on his face. “What’d you say?”

“Should I patch the link through to the main screen?” SA2 asked. The Commander nodded. SA2 did so as he said, “Main screen turn on.”

“Damn it, SA2, I told you to stop saying that!”

“It’s a habit.”

The transmission suddenly appeared on the big screen in front of everyone, displaying none other than Ivy and Poison in their basement. Poison sat further back by the computer, reading a comic book while Ivy stood facing her audience. “Hello there, this is your enemy, Ivy, or as some people call me, “That cute demon cosplay girl.” How are you gentlemen? All your base are belong to me.”

“Us.” Poison corrected her as he kept reading. “Whatever.” She replied before continuing. “Anyway, you have no chance to survive, make your time.” She crossed her arms and laughed. “Haaaaahahahahaha!”

“That laugh is lame.” Poison responded, though Ivy just ignored this as she went on. “I have kidnapped some of your soldiers and forced them to become part of my army.” She then frowned. “Sadly none of them would kiss the royal foot...” Poison lowered the comic and glanced over at her before commenting, “Nobody ever does.” She ignored him once again. “So as I was saying, I built a base recently, and if you want your soldiers back then come find me. The base is located at 123 Fake Street, and you have exactly 2 hours before I detonate the place myself, good luck.”

“That was kinda dumb, considering soldiers are quite like redshirts, so they could just get more.” Poison said as the transmission ended. Ivy spun round to face him. “Are you just going to sit there and take petty shots at me all day?” Poison dropped the comic, looked Ivy right in the eye and nodded. “Yes, Ivy, yes I will.”

Back at the HQ, the Commander, being forced with a new threat being a little girl, and having dozens of his soldiers kidnapped from under his nose, was furious. He rallied out the troops as soon as possible and they made their way over to Fake Street. A little later Ruby just happened to be walking past Ivy’s house, which she does quite often given the circumstances, and overheard about the soldiers at the base. As expected, she wasted no time and made her way towards the base.

Meanwhile, Ivy was in the basement, contacting her dad. “Hey dad.” She waved as his face appeared on the screen. “How’s Mom?”

“She’s much better now. So how are things going down there?”

“It’s okay so far, there have been a few problems here and there but nothing serious to worry about.”

“You should know world conquest is never easy. I remember when I once visited an Amazon planet about two centuries ago before I met your mother, I was really eager to take over and rule as King, but the Easter bunny was there and he was straight tripping. Long story short, there was an epic fight, which raged on for about a week, and then the amazons were impressed by our strength, determination and vitality so we had even more fun right after that for several weeks. Now me and the Easter bunny are good friends, so the moral of the story is, always remember you’re representing.”

Ivy scratched her forehead in confusion. “I don’t think representing had anything to do with what you just told me...”

Meanwhile, Ruby had now arrived at the base, which had the word, “Doom.” Spray painted on the sides for some reason. She entered the dark base to find a large room with a reception desk ahead of her and two lifts, as well as stairs to the left and right. She decided to take the lift, because that’s just what people do in an empty base built by a demon. There was a monitor in the corner of the lift, which came to life as the doors closed. Ivy sighed after realising who it was. “You again? Listen kid, I’m busy so I can’t play tag with you today, alright?”

“That won’t stop me from kicking your butt!” Ruby exclaimed, pointing at the monitor.

“Oh, it won’t will it?” Ivy grinned. “Foolish angel, you have no idea of the impossible obstacles that lie ahead of you, to even dream of making it through is inconceivable for a pathetic weakling such as yourself! Prepare to be owned, moron!” As she finished, the doors opened, and ahead of her was a narrow path leading to several metal staircases. She moved at a slow pace while occasionally hearing noises. As she reached the staircase going up, suddenly dozens of spiders began crawling down the walls towards her. She gasped. “Spiders!” She gasped again after seeing they had black wings, tails, and sharp fangs. “Demonic spiders! Even though that makes no sense!”

Ruby opened up her inventory and equipped herself with a two sided spear, and jabbed the first spider to land beside her, sending it to its death as it cried out in pain. She spread her wings and flew up at the spiders, whacking her way through the crowd and into several others. The leader of these spiders was high above and bigger than the rest. As Ruby approached him, it threw a web net at her, which she cut through before saying, “It almost hit me in the face with that thick sticky white stuff!” Before it could attack again, Ruby kicked it to the side and made it through.

Ivy was stunned at what had just happened, which Poison had also seen as he approached her. “What’s up? I heard Ruby went to your base.”

“Yeah, and she’s made it further than expected, but not for much longer.”

Ruby entered a second lift, where Ivy began speaking to her again on the monitor. “That was nothing, you just got lucky. It won’t happen again.” Shortly after she finished, Ruby arrived at the next floor which seemed to be a toy store. After leaving the lift, she thought she saw a ninja run by her, but ignored it and moved on. She then saw a pirate just ahead and hid behind a shelf as he glanced in her direction. But sadly, the ninja had already noticed her and threw a kunai which missed her head by an inch as she ducked.

She then somersaulted out the way as the ninja hit the bookcase with a downward kick. The pirate came charging towards them, and although she was capable of fighting them both, she ran around the floor instead with them chasing her. She reached a dead end and spun round to see the two of them closing in on her. “Hold on a minute!” She yelled. “Why are a ninja and pirate working together? Aren’t you guys mortal enemies?”

A speakerbox nearby suddenly switched on. “Don’t listen to her, she speaks lies! Lies, I tell ya!”   

“It’s true! I even got a copy of Pirates vs. Ninjas issue #7!” She stated as she took it out.

Poison gasped. “Pirates vs. Ninjas? I love that comic! Especially those awesome wallpapers in the middle of the books.”

“Those wallpapers are some of the best I’ve ever seen!” Ruby replied.

“Same here!” Poison responded. Ivy expressed her aggravation by putting her palm to her forehead. At that point, the pirate and ninja realised the truth and began their fight while Ruby left unnoticed, causing Ivy to sigh once again. “I wasted a lot of my time making sure those two had no books or internet to inform them they were mortal enemies, but that’s no longer the case...”

As Ruby entered the third lift, Ivy appeared once again on the monitor. “You provided two fighters with information I did not want, well done. But this is where your journey ends, goodbye.” Suddenly, the lift dropped, and Ruby quickly realised this, smashing through the top with her spear and climbing out before the lift hit the bottom, exploding upon impact. Ruby then flew to the floor above which was like a large warehouse, where soldiers with guns were walking around with pink television sets on their heads, which Ruby assumed were the mind control devises. Ruby easily freed the soldiers by removing the helmets while stopping the bullets fired at her with her inherited psychic powers.

As she finished, a large deformed pink blob with several rows of sharp teeth and a dozen tentacles suddenly came out of nowhere and landed 20 feet in front of her. Ivy smiled as this happened. “She may have saved the soldiers, but let’s see her beat my beloved pet, Nookie.”

“Didn’t your mom want you to get rid of that?” Posion asked.

“Yes. Now let’s never speak of where I was keeping him.”

Back at the scene, Nookie launched several tentacles at Ruby, who somersaulted and flipped over them until one grabbed her leg and knocked the spear out of her hand. Ruby struggled to her herself, but it was useless. “I can’t get eaten by this monster! I have to get back home for cake!” Nookie took this opportunity to reach under her robe and move two tentacles to that region which Ruby wasn’t happy about. “Hey! W-what are you doing? No, not there!”

Ivy was still watching in glee while Poison stared at her curiously. After a few moments, she quickly turned to him and yelled, “Don’t you dare judge me!”

Ruby managed to grab her spear using the force and stabbed the two tentacles, making the creature jerk back. It attacked again, with Ruby whacking away its tentacles and kicking it in the face, and then punching it into a wall. Ruby then blasted through its tentacles and unleashed a series of punches and kicks upon the monster, making it unable to defend itself.

Ivy couldn’t believe her eyes. “I can’t believe my eyes! How is she doing this?”

“I think that’s what they call, “Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass.” If I recall correctly.”

“No, not yet.”

“She just ripped off two tentacles and is now beating that monster with them...and now she’s ripped off one of its front teeth and slashed Nookie across the face. For an angel, this girl is ****.”

Ivy got to her feet. “That’s it! I’m ending this myself! Ivy grabbed the black bag Amber had given her.

“What’s in there?” Poison asked.

“A somewhat skimpy battle outfit. Amber said she wore it as a little girl, and it’d be perfect for me.”

“Amber as a little girl...” He smiled as he thought about it.

“You know, that technically makes you a lolicon, right?”

Back at the scene, Ruby had finished beating the crap out of Nookie and calmed down. She then heard a voice from above cry out. “Foolish angel, I shall be your opponent!” Ivy slowly hovered down wearing a black leather bodysuit with a pleated belt and a black cape.

“Nice outfit, but you really should cover those legs.” Ruby commented.

 “Shut up!” Ivy said without hesitation. “You come into my base, free my soldiers, turn my fighters against each other, and even beat up my beloved pet! Now I’ll kill you myself! Consider this a privilege that you get to face the great demon princess known throughout the galaxy, Ivy McBadass!”

“I’ve never heard of you.” Ivy was shocked by this before Ruby continued. “And your surname is McBadass? That’s pretty cool.”

“Indeed.” Ivy nodded. “But now it’s time we fight!”

“Super Mario Bros. Z style fight?”

“Whoa! Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.” Ivy took out her scythe and charged at Ruby, who did the same. Ivy swung wildly at Ruby, who evaded her swings by hopping back then whacked her scythe out the way and hit her with a back kick. Ivy quickly got through her defence and interrupted her combo with an open palm, knocking Ruby into a few barrels further back. Ivy leaped up and prepared to impale Ruby, who jumped out the way after surprisingly leaving a mine. Ivy hit it, causing the barrels to explode and sending her flying across the room.

Ruby charged at her and performed a sliding sweep which Ivy flipped over and fired an energy wave from her scythe that Ruby blocked. The second Ruby tried to attack; Ivy knocked her down with a hadoken, followed by a flying kick which was intercepted by Ruby’s shoryuken. After taking two more punches, Ivy dodged her third punch and hit her with a spinning bird kick, to which Ruby retaliated with a cannon spike.

While this went on, Poison turned to a nonexistent camera and said, “This fight was sponsored by Street Fighter IV.”

As Ruby tried to punch her, Ivy flew up, with Ruby quickly pursuing her, but was quickly hit by Ivy’s fiery kick and knocked onto a metal banister. Ivy landed on the rail beside it and began slashing at Ruby who ran along the path, sliding under and hopping over her swings before roundhouse kicking her in the face. Ivy punched her off the edge, but Ruby grabbed the edge and swung round to kick her from the other side while tackling her as she fell. Ivy kicked her away as they touched the ground and managed to chop Ruby’s spear in half with one of her swings.

Ruby blocked her scythe with one part then jabbed her in the face with the other. Then she hopped over another swing and hit her across the face with both parts. As Ivy swung again, Ruby ducked and jabbed her several times in the chest before kicking her back. Ivy leaped up and was hit by one part while Ruby threw the second as she landed, but as she blocked the second, Ruby hit her over the head with the first part and kicked her back again.

Seeing that she couldn’t beat Ruby like this, she decided to leave. “I admit, you’re not as weak as I thought, but this is far from over. You got lucky.” Ivy quickly picked up what was left of Nookie and left just as mysteriously as she entered. Seeing no other choice, Ruby backtracked towards the entrance of the base.

Meanwhile, Ivy arrived back at the house and went down to the basement. Poison waved as she arrived. “I saw your fight, and how you ran off when you were losing.”


“It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It was quite even for the majority of it, but the second you chopped that double sided spear in half, it truly became a one sided fight.”

“Well she may have won the battle, but I’ll win the war.” She smiled as she pulled out a remote.

“What’s that?” Poison asked.

“You forgot already? I can detonate the base at any moment, remember?” And she did so, resulting in an explosion big enough to be seen from the outside window which they both watched.
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