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The Something Something Demonic Something Ever

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Author Topic: The Something Something Demonic Something Ever  (Read 9532 times)
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« Reply #435 on: 17 December, 2014, 03:08:44 pm »

1 week, 1 month, what's the difference?

TMEDCE: Original Video Animation

Ruby, confused by the decision raised in part 1, raised her hand. “Soooo, do we stop here?”

“Yeah, you won’t need those. You!” Annie grabbed the mysterious boy. “What’s your name?”

“Uhh, Caius.”

“Okay, you’re the main character. Oh, I need you guys too.” Annie said, pointing at Dwanye, Ricky & Daniel. She then looked over at Damien nearby and said, “You too, you can be Caius’ light-hearted quirky grandfather.”

“So I’m old, am I?”

“She’s not exactly wrong.” Pandora replied before getting flung out a window.

“N-no!” Annie exclaimed. “I’ll give you a wig & stuff. Just figured you could do that part.”

Poison spun 360 degrees, put one hand towards his forehead & used the other to point at Damien as he said, “Your next line is, “Sounds like a role more suited for Harry than myself.”

“Sounds like a role more suited for Harry than myself…huh. So you agree?”

“I suppose I can be like that at times. Next you’re gonna say, “Then perhaps you’ll fill in for me?”

“Let’s just give that a rest, okay?”

A little later, Annie was walking into a police station & spoke to Gary & Blake, dressed as officers. “So your son, Cotaro, beat up a bunch of thugs. About two dozen guys, all armed with things from machetes to chainsaws, ended up with all kinds of broken bones.”

“My goodness! Was anyone killed?”

“Nope, just unconscious. Don‘t worry, they were sent to the hospital.” Gary continued as they walked to Cotaro‘s cell. “But the weirdest thing happened after-”

“We’ll be approaching the cell in just a moment.” Blake said.

 “Cotaro?” Annie called. “Cotaro? Where are you? Cotaroooo!”

“Shut it! Your voice is so damn annoying.” Cotaro replied, wearing a black MLG cap & black e-sports jacket.


“I must ask that you leave me. I’ve been possessed by a quirky spirit and I’m not sure what it’ll make me do.”

“As I was saying,” Gary began. “He doesn’t seem to want to leave.”

“My goodness!” Annie exclaimed.

When they looked back they saw Cotaro wearing shades & smoking cigarettes.

“Hey! Where did you get that?” Blake asked.

“Like I said, the spirit got it.” As they were in shock, he walked up to them. “Let me show you what it’s capable of.” He then blasted the badge off one of them.

Annie later called Damien to come down to the station, wearing a grey wig & mustache,  smoking a cigarette. Cotaro had gotten a widescreen television, Jacuzzi, nyan cat poster, and a brand new car in his cell.
“Move aside, I’ll take it from here. Cotaro, you‘re coming home.” Damien said, walking up to the cell.

Cotaro got up & walked over. “Get lost, I never asked you to come. You’ll be no help down here.” Mein held up a ‘BAM!’ sign in the background as Cotaro was now holding Damien’s cigeratte. “You understand now? Just leave.”

“Seems you’re up, Avocado. Get my grandson out of this cell.”

Dwayne stepped into the light & over to the cell. “Very well.”

“Don’t waste your time.” Cotaro replied. “You won’t force me out.”

“We’ll see.”

Avocado called forth Tyson, stunning Cotaro, who then got flung around the room for a short while before Goldia finally showed herself & hit him with an uppercut. Tyson tried to choke out Cotaro but Goldia burnt his arms with eyebeams & opened the cell by punching out the bars. At which point Avocado stopped & walked away as Damien spoke.

“What you have is not just a quirky spirit, Cotaro. It is a powerful stunt double, created from your own mind, since it normally appears right behind you we call it a stool.”

Annie gave a signal for them to speed things up as they sat around a table in a diner.

“Alright,” Damien began. “So there was this guy called Rio like a century ago that awoke within a coffin a while ago. You receiving that stool has to do with this guy, and he’s evil incarnate.”

“Yare yare daze, this sounds like a stupid shounen story. I don‘t believe it.”

“Then let me show you.” Damien then smashed a camera. “Oh, I have a stool too, I guess. Some tentacle vine thing.”

Annie fast-forwarded through more of it against the wishes of some others and stopped on a scene of Cotaro on his way to school. A group of girls were gathered around him.

“Please go out with me!” One girl said.

“Promise to marry me!” Another said.

“Ermahgawd, have mah babies!” A third yelled.

He ignored all this & kept walking, past Daniel eating a banana who still wore the ninja garb with a black school blazer over it. He squinted at Cotaro as a menacing~ SFX appeared. Daniel threw the banana peel in Cotaro’s direction, making him slip on it into the middle of the road & grazing his knee. He quickly got out of the road before he was run over. Daniel walked by, minding his business while the girls gathered around Cotaro.

“Wait a minute,” Cotaro began. “Do you have a smoke?”

“No, but here’s a handkerchief.”

“Thanks. That blazer, do you go to school around here?”

“Yes, just enrolled recently. The name’s-” He paused to look over at Annie. “Karrotyin Nokiari. Might want to see the school nurse about that.”

“It’s just a scratch.”

“Might get infected.”

“Just drop it.”

“Have it your way.” He shrugged & left but Cotaro was still suspicious due to the menacing~ vibes from him.

At the nurse’s office, where Dawn played the nurse, she asked, “So what happened?”

“I fell over.”

“Uh-huh. Let’s get those pants off then.”

“Wait, I’ll do it myself.”

“Alright, changing room is to your left.” She began filling out papers with a pencil as Cotaro left the room.

As he began changing, the handkerchief fell out of his pocket. He picked it up & saw it had a menacing~ SFX written on it as the nurse approached him from behind. “Wait a minute…” He spun round in time to grab Dawn’s hand before she stabbed him with the pencil. “I knew it! The nurse never uses pencils! Who are you?! Are you a stool? Does this have to do with that carrot guy?”

“Indeed.” Daniel climbed in through the window. “My stool has possessed that woman, so attacking it will also hurt her.”

“You bastard! Who are you?”

“I told you earlier, and my stool is Waterfall Blue. I work for Rio, and he’s ordered me to kill you.”

Blake started playing a short, repetitive guitar riff as Caius adjusted his cap. “To think that you’d use women as your shields makes you a coward.”

“Spare me. I do what I need to in order to win. I’d rather not have you whine about morals in my ear.”

“We’re in agreement, I’ll just beat them into you instead.”

“Yadda.” Goldia said nonchalantly, punching him in the ear. “Yaddayaddayaddayaddayadda.” More rapid punches followed for a few moments.

Cotaro took the unconscious Karrotyin to see Coseph & Avocado. Karrotyin appeared to be under mind control due to a ladybug stuck on his forehead, which Goldia quickly removed. The next morning, Annie fell ill with the curse being that she had started developing her stool.

“Oh mah gawd.” Damien said. “How do we stop this?”

“We may have to find & kill Rio.” Dwayne replied.

“Alright, here.” Damien showed a picture of some guys playing poker in a dark room. “Took a photo of this earlier.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” Avo took it & came back minutes later. “Thanks to Gaggle Maps I found his location. Seems he’s hiding out somewhere in Rio.”

“Riooooooo?!” Avo nodded. “Ooooh noooooo.”

Avo then had a piece of paper passed to him from offscreen. “We may only have two weeks to save her.”

“Welp, let’s go on a road trip.”

“As thanks for freeing me I’d like to accompany you.” Karrotyin said, turning to Cotaro. “A woman so graceful shouldn’t have to suffer. If you don’t mind me saying, I’d jump at the chance to date your mother. The things I’d do to that woman.”

“Shut it. You can join, just stop.” Cotaro replied.

“I’d rerorero her deep-”

“Sounds like you want another beating.”

And so after packing their bags they posed by a minivan & headed to the airport so they could fly to Rio. Aboard the plane, a while after having lunch the lights began to go out & the passengers were put to sleep, at which point they all felt a menacing~ vibe.

“Seems there’s a stool in our mitts.” Damien said.

In the corner of his eye, Karrotyin saw a bag of peanuts leap towards Cotaro and yelled, “Look out, Cotaro! The bag of peanuts is the stool!”

“Ya-” Goldia swung at the bag but missed. “Da?” it repeatedly dodged the punches.

“Unbelievable!” Dwanye exclaimed. “It’s fast enough to dodge…” He looked at a que card. “Gulden showa’s attacks!”

“It’s cool.” Karrot said, stepping in front of Cotaro. “I got this.”

“I’ve heard about you from Rio.” the bag of peanuts responded. “Silly boy, you have no hope in challenging me. You‘re too slow.”

He struck a pose. “Is that so?”

Off the set, at a table Rosie grabbed a slice of chocolate cake when Goldia walked over & did the same.

“Since when do robots eat at all?” She asked.

“Outside of blood, since when do vampires?”

“We can actually consume more than just blood. It’s just that blood speeds up the process and is just better because of taste bud reasons.”

“Oh…well I can’t justify mine.” After an awkward silence Goldia left.

Over near the set, Annie, who had just recently teleported Lucifer & Platinum over to play Rio, stopped the others to say, “I think we should just film the finale ahead of time and then work our way there later.”

“Hold on,” Ricky replied. “I haven’t been introduced yet!”

“You will be soon, calm down.”

“When is “soon”?”

“When its done.”

Lucifer & Platinum stood on one side while Caius & Goldia stood on the other.

“So what’s this all about?” Platinum asked, turning to Goldia. “Good to see you again, btw.”

“Making a new show, apparently. I don’t get it either.”

“Finally I shall put an end to the Costar generation. Now come, Cotaro!” Rio exclaimed.

Goldia came out swinging with a battle cry of, “Yaddayaddayaddayaddayaddayadda!”

Platinum rushed in & they traded blows like rock ‘em sock ‘em robots before he eventually knocked Cotaro back. Lucifer smirked before doing a 360 spin into a pelvic thrust as he threw his head back & yelled, “Ze waldo!” Platinum landed in front of him, stood on his tip toes & did jazz hands as he echoed, “Toki wa tomare!” freezing Cotaro & the area around him. Everyone then stopped as Annie let out a loud squee.

“S-sorry,” She said as everyone looked at her. “I’ve just waited so long to hear that. I can easily fap to this, excuse me.” She felt the room.

Back on set, Platinum punched Cotaro several times before Lucifer struck a pose & said, “Soshite, toki ga ugoki desu.” at which point Cotaro flew into the side of a car.

Ivy & Poison were talking with Meingar who seemed confused about their relationship. “So you’re already a couple?”

“I guess.” They both shrugged.

“And your show hasn’t ended? That’s weird.”

“Huh? How?” Poison asked. “Did I miss something?”

“Hey, other me.” The younger Ivy asked as she approached them. “Why is the foolish angel here?”

“I didn’t invite her, these guys did. I don’t mind her presence nowadays though.”

“I have no idea how far back your timeline goes but those two are actually friends now.” Poison replied.

“W-what?!? You’re lying!” She responded.

“Totally serious. You two dated for a while too, you had a pretty intimate love life with her.”

The younger Ivy felt ill while the older sighed. “We did not, he’s just messing with you. Besides, she’s not my friend, she’s my rival.”

“Friendly rival.” Poison added.

“Is she a love rival?” Mein asked.

“No, a serious rival.” Ivy replied.

“That’s not serious?”

“Not to me. You wouldn’t understand.”

“But the shippers will.” Poison retorted.

As Damien walked over to Ivy, the younger Ivy slowly moved beside Poison. “I figured I’d remind you that the cake is nearly all gone if you haven’t had any.”

“Thanks for the heads up, I’ll go in a sec.”

He then noticed the other Ivy. “Up to no good again, I see. You always were such a troublesome little sister.”

“Hey! Don’t go assuming bad **** right off the bat, alright? That’s my younger self from somewhere in the past.”

“I’m terribly sorry then, perhaps we’d better catch up on old times.”

“Keep your filthy hands to yourself, monster!” She exclaimed.

“I agree.” The older glared at him. “If you dare touch my younger self with those hands then they’re coming off.”

“Well I can clearly see my sisters don’t want me here, so I’ll take my leave.”

Back on set, Goldia had just finished rapidly punching Lucifer & sent him flying across the street into a building. He got up and said one word, “Muda.”

Mein walked onscreen as he said, “Translation note, muda means-” He was then flattened by a steamroller.

“This isn’t even my final form, boy!” Caius gasped as Lucifer held a jar of strawberry jam & engulfed it, then removed his yellow jacket to show off his sleeveless black top.  As they charged at each other & leapt into the air, Rio stopped time again & Platinum hit him with an axe kick into a river, at which point Rio threw a whale at him. Caius ran along the whale & propelled himself out of the water into the air.

Rio kneed him in the face, sending him flying into a bus which Rio also jumped into. He then cut down a dozen people after entering as he said, “Move bitches, get out the way.” in anger, Cotaro uppercut him out of the bus.

Offscreen, Annie had returned & breathed a sigh of relief. “You alright?” Mein asked.

“Much better. What did I miss?”

“Not too much.”

Over with the demon lords, Brian was in the middle of a conversation with Richard, Alice & Tyson. “So I says to Mabel, I says-”

“Wasn’t this person called Thomas?” Richard asked.

“Who’s telling the story here?”

“Guys,” Blake said, approaching them. “I believe what that kid was saying earlier is happening outside.”

“The dimensional invaders thing?” Tyson got up. “About time I had something to do around here.”

“It might even be fun.” Alice added.

The demon lords left & the shinigami weren’t very far behind when they saw generic demonic horrors running through the streets outside. They passed by Ivy & Ruby who were discussing clothing at the time.

“How do you actually fight so well in dresses?” Ruby asked.

“I wear them most of the time, so I’m used to the feel.”

“I tend to feel a little floaty or just weighted down by them.”

“Well obviously you don’t want the long ones. You’ve already got enough weighing you down.”

“Do you ever wear puffy dresses?”

“Nah, not my style, I prefer form-fitting ones. Y’know, the tighter ones. Loose is bad.”

“I wouldn’t call the puffy ones loose.”

“I would, I like it nice & tight.”

“Well the puffy ones still look good.”

“But they’re loose.”

“…Are we still talking about dresses?”

“What else would we be talking about?”

Back on screen, Rio exclaimed, “Ze waldo!” before Platinum sucker punched Cotaro, sending him flying down onto a bridge. “This shall be the end of our battle, Cotaro, savor your final moments.”

It went quiet for a bit then suddenly Rio came back with a dumpster truck, planning to flatten him. Goldia came out & began rapidly punching the bottom of the truck while Rio retaliated by moving it towards them with rapid punches as they yelled out numerous battle cries. 







Then the dumpster truck randomly exploded, covering the place in fire. Rio dropped down onto the street, looking at the flames as he said, “Freeeeeeeee…” Then he smirked. “At least the Costars shall be no more, none were capable of surpassing me. Now begins my great rule, they’ll all grovel at my feet.” As he laughed, he noticed time was suddenly slowing down. “What the?! What’s going on?”

“I slowed down time.” Cotaro said, appearing behind him as he adjusted his MLG cap.

“Wait, how exactly did that work?” Poison asked.

“Don’t ask stupid questions, idiot!” Annie responded.

“He is pretty stupid, isn’t he?” Ivy replied.

“Fine, I guess I just won’t say a thing.” Poison shrugged.

“That’s usually the best option.” Damien replied.

Lucifer & Caius quickly finished up & got offstage. Then Lucifer waved them goodbye as he said, “Not exactly sure why I was needed but I was happy to help. Of course as payment I’ll be taking on of your souls later on.”

“That’s a joke, right?” Mein asked.

“If it helps you sleep better at night…” He then noticed there were two Ivys nearby. “I’m not even gonna ask.” And so he left.

“Am I really that bad?” Ivy asked.

“Yes.” Ruby replied.

“Very.” Poison added.

“Regularly.” Gary added.

“Oh so much.” said Damien.

Meingar turned to Annie-May & said, “Annie, I think it’s time we got serious.”

“What you got for me, Meingar?”

“Check it. Remember that time back when you were a little girl?”

“I was the most adorable kid.”

“All you wanted to do was be one of the saviors of the planet against villainous invaders.”

“It was my dream!”

“So you dressed up your pyjamas to go become a hero with 4 other guys.”

“Who are these mysterious teammates?”

“The red one, the main protagonist. Bland as fuck.”

“I love it already.”

“Blue, you know he’s the smart one because he wears glasses & wears polo shirts. Black, just add some hood talk & call it a day, he’s just there to avoid backlash.”

“Gotta have that racial diversity.”

“Then you gotta get the asian chick in there, in yellow of course.”

“Short & petite?”

“Just like in real life. Then pink who is red’s girlfriend, so she’s gotta be way out of his league.”

“How hot we talking?”

“The mind of a ten year old, the body of a pornstar, and she’s got blonde hair.”

“Never forget the golden rule.”

“So these guys pilot these ships & blast space invaders and then when the big guys appear they transform into giant mechas!”


“This is serious so you need to bust out the secret drills & pierce their heavens.”

“How big are these drills, Mein? HOW BIG ARE THEY?”

“The size of a skyscraper!”

“I can’t fap to that! How big?!?”

Meingar slapped her. “As big as the planet itself!”

“That’s not good enough! How big?!”

He slapped her again. “The size of the sun!”


He slapped her so hard her neck broke. “It’ll be bigger than several solar systems!”

“That’s more like it!” She exclaimed while rag dolling.

“Now these dudes will regularly kidnap pink so red has excuses to look cool & save her.”

“Even better since he’s a self-insert.”

“They wanna steal his girl so he’s gotta let them know she already belongs to him.”

“Fuck those NTR bastards!”

“And his older sister doesn’t want her brother fighting these evil monsters.”

“Older? The hell are you smoking? She’s gotta be young, the younger the better.”

“Sorry, wasn’t thinking for a sec. She also loves her brother more than anyone & would ride his disco stick at the first opportunity.”

“Just like in real life.”

The younger Ivy was standing with the older one further away & commented, “Those two are idiots.”

“Yeah, this feels like a big waste of time.”

“So will you tell me when it happens now?”

“You’re still going on about that?”

“That’s what I came here for!”

“It’s not important. Though you may wanna prepare making some alterations to your clothing soon for a better fit. I still wear the same kind of dresses you do, just had to update it a bit.”

“And I’d assume those updates are things I currently don’t have.”

“Hey, you said it, not me.”

Outside, the others were slaughtering the invading aliens that looked like black & green generic demons with purple blood. Goldia & Platinum were flying around blasting their heads off, Tyson punted several into the sky, Marie threw her chainsaw and impaled 3 guys in a row, Crystal & Amber were picking up the enemy tanks & throwing them into other tanks, and so on. As battleships appeared Lolita, Damien, Pandora, Blake, Alice & Richard were flying around as they blasted them to pieces, charged through them & cut them down. Those inside arrived then Mein turned to Annie who was carrying a camera & asked, “Are you getting this footage, Annie?”

“Yeah, with some editing we’ll blow all the generic stuff out the water!”

“Do you guys really believe you’re somehow on a higher level than those out there & can therefore judge everyone else & believe you’re special?” Gary asked.

“Well yeah.” They both shrugged.

As smaller enemy ships began to show up, Dawn threw big blobs of blood that destroyed their engines while Pandora blasted several down with a sniper rifle, urging Mein to comment, “Ahh, I see, you use a sniper rifle to represent your anti-social personality.”

“No, I just like rifles. Have you never heard of 360 no scopes? Pfft, scrub.” She gunned down another. “Anyway, I want my own show after this.”

“Ever since you came back you’ve gotten way too much screen time.” Dawn commented.

“That’s because I’m an adorable pure girl while you’re a shitty old hag.”

“You’re arrogant as hell & a major hypocrite too. And a big liar.”

“Can I get my own show?” Katie waved. “Everyone seems to forget me now.”

“Go away, Kate, ever since we talked to you that one time you haven’t left us alone.” Ivy replied.

“Okay, I’ll go die in an alley…”

“Please do so quietly.”

Just then the leader of the enemy invasion showed up, though he was just a big beefy guy with a red cape. “Inferior beings,” he said in a deep, raspy voice. “I grace you once again in order to acquire the role of the main character. Eisur, dispose of these pests.” A much larger beast emerged and moved on ahead.

“Foolish peon.” The younger Ivy said. “I’ll take care of this.” She flew over to the beast & summoned large fiery wings that wrapped around the monster. The beast found itself pinned to the ground with fiery hooks with satanic symbols that had rectangular edges around him. 6 mirrors surrounded him, then quickly rose up & combined into a scythe as Ivy’s voice echoed, “I shall engrave my name on your body!”

“That sounded kinda dirty.” Rosie commented.

“Remember who you’re talking about.” Poison replied.

High in the sky, Ivy quickly created a massive ball of energy that glowed as bright as the sun when the fiery scythe got consumed by it. The massive ball of energy spewed dozens of big ‘6’s & ‘1’s as Ivy landed on the ball & sent it flying towards the beast. She crossed her arms while letting out a maniacal, “Haaaaahahahaha!”

“Haven’t laughed like that in ages…” The older Ivy quietly said to herself.

The numbers bombarded the monster then Ivy jumped moments before the ball flattened the beast & punched it, making it explode. With her back turned, she said, “Behold, the power of a true main character!” as she clenched her fist, causing the symbols to spring up & crush him like an iron maiden.

“Man, I used to be so obnoxious.” Older Ivy commented.

“Used to?” Poison retorted.

“You’ve already used that one.”


Nervous, the leader called out yet another beast of similar size & several smaller enforcers. The beast began wrecking things shortly before Goldia & Platinum charged in & yelled, “YADDA!” as they punched it in the face. They rapidly punched it in the stomach as they repeatedly yelled it then Platinum hit it with an uppercut & they continued to pummel the beast in mid-air. Goldia yelled, “Yaaaa-” As she winded up her fist for a downward punch & finished with, “Da!”, the punch ground bounced him so  Platinum also said, “Ya!” as he landed an uppercut, then Goldia landed a roundhouse kick that spin him round with a, “Da!” Then Platinum stopped the rotation with a direct punch to the abdomen as he yelled, “Yadda!” Then they both continued pummelling him before knocked the beast into space.

“It’s more fun when you say it, right?” Goldia asked.

“I suppose so.” Platinum replied.

“Seems there was nothing to truly worry about.” Caius said as Ricky stabbed an enforcer in the head further away.

“Well of course not, this kinda crap happens every other week.” Ricky replied. “What were you expecting to happen?”

“Guess I’m just really gullible. I bet this was auntie’s idea of a joke, yare yare daze.”

“If you’re not gonna tell us who you are than you gotta stop blurting out shit like that. Anyway, you can handle the rest, right?”

“Consider them dead.” Caius said before forming large claws of dark energy, leapt ahead & cut down the enemy forces one by one, then flew over to the leader and stomped as he hit the ground, unleashing a demonic figure of energy around him that pummelled the beast, then launched it into the air & pounded it into the ground.

“Why didn’t you say you could do that?” Mein asked. “Could’ve saved money on special effects.”

“Because you never asked.”

As the leader attempted to crawl away, the younger Ivy stomped on his hand while the older one landed beside her. Then in unison they said, “Foolish weakling! Someone such as you could never receive the title of main character!”

Rosie was horrified. “Oh god, they’re becoming one!”

“Alright, I surrender.” The leader spoke. “I’ll leave this planet in peace. Farewell.”

As he tried to leave, Caius exclaimed, “Hold it!” The leader stopped. “You’re not going to terrorize anyone ever again, because,” He pointed at him from a Dutch angle, “Omae wa mou shindeau.”

“What does that m-” The leader spontaneously exploded.

As Caius walked off, Marie said, “Though I would’ve done the same, that wasn’t necessary.” He walked past her in silence. “I suppose it’s cooler not to acknowledge it.”

“It was totally necessary!” Annie exclaimed. “He was a horrible person!”

“Why did he randomly show up here anyway?” Ruby asked.

“Well he kept trying to take over everything & demanding that he be made the main character. So we went to go find that person so they could deal with him.”

“So what you’re saying is that this is a waste of everyone’s time.” Damien responded.

“N-no! We’re still gonna use the footage & all. Also, this was all Meingar’s idea, he even wanted that monster to kill you guys so he’d leave for good!”

“Hey! Wait a m-” Before he could finish half of them dog piled him & began beating his face in.

“Honestly, I’m tired of all this random crap so I’m gonna just give the main character title to someone else.” Ivy said, prompting Ruby to cough loudly & repeatedly. Ivy instead turned to Caius & pointed at him. “You! You’re the main character now.”

“Whatever.” He shrugged.

“So are you going to use all that footage?” Goldia asked as she floated down towards her.

“Yeah, we got enough to start a new show. We’ll do it in a week…or two…or a month…maybe two months…”

“When you feel like it?”

“Yeah, that works.”

Pandora looked around & asked, “Hey, where’s that other guy who was with us?”

“I believe he already left, didn’t seem to be one for words, just like a certain someone.” Daniel said.

“He just left without saying anything? That was awfully rude.”

“Maybe he’s just not a people person.” Dwayne replied. “Probably got it from his parents.”

“Alright, that’s enough winking & nudging.”

And so everyone quickly left & went about their own business. The younger Ivy received the information she came for and returned to her time, though the info turned out to be off by quite a bit. The end.

So yeah, that's it. Oh, happy early Christmas too, I guess.
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