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18 August, 2019, 12:22:58 pm
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~The Splendid Adventures of Rondam and Flody~

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Author Topic: ~The Splendid Adventures of Rondam and Flody~  (Read 14891 times)
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« Reply #3825 on: 05 April, 2019, 09:26:17 pm »

After picking up where I left off and watching to the end, then starting over and rewatching the whole thing, I am ready to declare that actually Re:CREATORS is good.

What action it has is really good. Outside of that, it features a lot of characters standing in rooms talking to each other (a lot of anime does), but the talking is really good. It's a meditation on what it means to create, to be created, what happens when those people interact with each other, what creation costs. It's a touching and funny show at heart.

I think the thing I struggled with most was whether the audience stand-in character had earned his happy ending. I'm going to spoil the show talking about this.

The primary antagonist of the show is basically a Sonic OC that is so beloved by Japan's sprawling fanart community that she gains infinite power. Everyone who draws her adds to her powers in some new way, and she gains the power to both exist IRL, bring other creations into the world, and then she has a ton of super broken retcon powers, too. Her creator was this artist who was popular on what is basically DeviantArt, but she got hit with internet backlash and accused of plagiarism. The ensuing harassment resulted in her committing suicide.

The audience stand-in was her friend. He was an artist on the same site but his work wasn't good enough to get any attention. She found it and liked it, though, and they got to know each other. They even went to a con together and it was clear that they were both just lonely young people. He grows to resent her though when her art gets more and more popular and his own doesn't show any sign of improvement. When she's being harassed, she reaches out to him and he pushes her away in the moment where all she needs is a friend.

When he hears of her death, he is wracked with guilt and tries to repress all of it, forgetting about her.

But then her character shows up in the real world and starts wreaking havoc, and so he has to confront it all. He confesses all of this to the other creators, the authors and artists of the creations that have been pulled into the world and are trying to stop the sonic OC, and they're all pretty stunned, but they don't ostracize him. One of them points out that if he was the kind of person who didn't feel bad at all about what he had done, then they probably couldn't be friends.

Fast-forward to the finale: The good guys have teamed up with the government to create the biggest crossover event in anime history. The idea is that they trap the sonic OC (her name is Altair) within the continuity of the crossover and defeat her there after having powered up all the other creations. This doesn't work. The audience is more sympathetic to Altair having known her from the internet and they see her as the true hero (even though she is trying to destroy the world), so her powers just go beyond infinite.

The only thing that works is the audience stand-in character's contribution to the crossover, which is his memories of his friend that he wasn't there for. She appears within the confines of the crossover and convinces Altair to stand down. The only reason this works is because his interpretation of her creator, his memories of her are so perfectly realized that Altair accepts her as the real thing.

And I think that works for me.

It's just a lot of fun to watch, and it gets to me. It'll probably become a staple of mine.
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