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10 July, 2020, 06:15:24 pm
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Author Topic: Suranime  (Read 258 times)
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« on: 02 December, 2009, 01:17:10 pm »

"... Why did I chose this way?"

The ship's mind was following the shuttle with it's sensor as it began thinking to itself.

"The mission was clear and yet... I couldn't obey... I knew I had to leave my body for the remaining of my existence... that I had to hunt down this spore across the galaxy for hundred years to finally destroy the planet it landed... but I couldn't."

The screen room went online, starting displaying image from the surface.

"This place have life... actual creatures that are no different to was I was... It wasn't part of the plan. It has never been taken into account the spore would land on such a world. Your orders were 'Destroy the Omnimorph before it could spread across the stars, protect the Galaxy from this threat', but here, using plasma bombs as recommended would be worse than everything. I... cannot perpetrate a genocide to obey those orders."

Other images are appearing, showing Humans structures.

"Moreover, it seems this world has a civilisation, just like us... the Laws are sometimes hard to decipher, but they are actually very similar, yet so different..."

Various data move quicly on every screens at once.

"Their physiology is about the same as us, yet they tend to have a different kind of behaviour... much more divided, compartimented. I needed some time to understand how they had sttled like they did, their History being vastly more intricated, but after all these years, I got the basic idea... from their Antiquity, to Rennaissance, until the actual Solar1 era. They seemed to have the same problems we had, but at a different scale, their countries being fragments of ours... I guess the nearest equivalent would be continents, but the definition isn't the same either. These differences is why I wanted to spare them."

It stopped on a particular set of data.

"That's why I had to create you, my daughter... I couldn't do a thing on my own. I do not understand this planet fully yet, after 25 years accumulating informations. But you, I chose to raise you in a way it would be natural to understand what I couldn't assimilate in my state. I learned you English, their universal language2, I taught you about their religions. I explained you Science that I know are wrong. But not to raise you as a weapon as I was changed into..."

Only Suranime's face in shown.

"You're my daughter. I raised you as well as my state as this ship's brain could. I created you mixing my former genes with humans ones; we are similar enough. I wished some of your father's DNA could be given to you, but I was lacking the data for this... I am sorry for this. I really are. I would have wanted you to stay with me forever but... only you can stop it now..."

The pictue is fading away.

1: This story takes place in the futur, year 2187 to be precise. The Solar era has it name from satellites conveying solar energy from space using microwaves, replacing petrol and nuclear as the primary energy source on Earth.
2:This happened recently in Earth's History, but it was a matter of time after Europe switched to it 56 years ago, eliminating the language barrier.
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