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15 October, 2021, 02:42:21 pm
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Author Topic: Suranime  (Read 266 times)
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Back as soon as I CAN SEE IT, CAN'T SEE 3D!

« on: 26 November, 2009, 12:58:36 pm »

(Hello dear readers. Yes, I am attempting to write something more complex than my usual puns or CoS fights. Feel free to correct me as usual, to comment if you wish and, the most important part, enjoy reading me!)

(The story is more or less sci fi, slightly manga inspired. It is not meant to be funny. Better make things clear now!)

The cold, dark mantle that is space... with only flicking stars as ornaments... what an eerie place. Each of these light is an anchor, a grasp of existence in the emptiness of reality, where sometimes, something called life sprout, animating by its presence the almost motionless structure of the Omniverse.

How many time the miracle happened? None has the answer to this question, but it did. And as life appeared, it started to takes form. Simple structures at first, these were predictable, answering to Physics with Physics. But for some odd reason, it always wanted to search for something more complex, more efficient, more elaborate. Is it part of the Laws? None could answer this either.

After some time, appeared systems that decided to write their own laws, at first to regulate itself, but then to break these so they could make even more laws... until it appeared none of these could break the Ones. So they started studying, using the imperfect laws to try to surpass the Ones. Some abandonned, other destroyed themselves, and there were some successful ones across the infinity of the Omniverse. But as it was predictable, mistakes were made.

One world made the mistake to create a creature that wasn't bound to it's own laws, able to create his at will, only to forget these as soon as they weren't useful. The idea behind this was to explore the imposed limits of the Laws empirically, the mistake that they believed these would be close of their own limits.

The disaster could however be minimized - with a cost. The said world was partially ravaged and scars from this error would remain forever, but even with such display of power, the worst happened: the consequence of this error disappeared into the void, bringing it's power to another place... It was their duty to correct this mistake once and for all.

Somewhere around another spot of existence of the Omniverse, a small part of these laws is standing still, in selenostationnary orbit. A small spaceship, hidden into the shadow of a moon. On board, a single living creature is watching the lunar ground, able to feel the coldness of the place right from the reading of the screen displaying the deserted surface. It has been the same for the last five years, according to this world's calendar. Five long years...

The girl felt that the chilling on her skin wasn't caused by her thought alone... the air did became colder. A gentle voice spoke from nowhere.

"You should know that you cannot stay naked like this. How many times do I have to explain this to you, Suranime?"

"Sorry Mother. I wanted to feel this place one last time with my full body senses..."

The girl's voice was sweet, as it responded to the ship itself. Her English was perfect1, as was her body, both athletic and seductive, or her composture, as she slowly moved to grab a blancket to protect herself from the induced cooling caused by mother.

Walking across the screenroom door, she next entered the main room. It was more a training dojo than anything else, the only furnitures being designed for physical activities, hidden into the walls whenever these aren't required. This is perhaps the largest place on this ship, including the engine itself, so Suranime could excercise herself however she was requested to without constraint. She spent hours and hours, repeating her moves in this place, with only the blank, featureless walls as witnesses of her what seemed endless efforts she beared without a word. It was her main leisure during these five years, exploring her own limits for the sake of pushing these further.

But this day was different. No push up, no martial arts, no zero G swimming, she was just passing by, silently walking to a door hidden in the opposite wall as she stepped on the mattressed floor. The openind lead into another room, looking like a small appartment.

Completely different to the previous room, this one is furnitured. A bed, a small kitchen, complete with the sink, a door opened on a small bathroom with a shower... everything is like an appartment from the world hidden behind the moon, a small window opened toward this future reality. Everything was left clean... again, there were not much to do here that could make this appears otherwise.

"Do not forget the laws in this place. Comply to these without questionning, except if it would make your mission too dangerous." said the incorporeal voice.

Opening a wall on her clothing, she grabbed some underwears first. She put these with elegance, the fabric seamlessly running on her body as she covered part of her anatomy she couldn't show to those on the surface. Part of her education explained her that those people hid the genitals parts of their kind, while alawys wanting to see these after their first major hormonal changes. It was one of the first laws she questionned, the apparent contradiction added to her inability to understand the origin of this decision making her wonder how did these peoples choose their laws. But, having always exposed to her own logic, she believed some datas she couldn't assimilate because of her lack of time to do so would enlighten her.

Next, she grabbed a sweat shirt and a jogging. These weren't exactly everyday's clothes, but these were chosen for a specific purpose. A special electronic feature allow the user to adapt a pattern on either the front or the back of her clothes. However, she wasn't sure of what would be appropriate to wear so she decided to forget about this feature for now. Besides, her long hair failling like a black waterfall from her head to her hip would hide the back one anyway.

The last part was the roller-shoes. The metallic locking, as it is now the fashion, truly encasing the foot in comfort and gives these a sturdy look while it protect the ankle in roller mode.

"I am ready, Mother."

She sounded as she was, but she knew, deep inside her, that never she would be fully ready for what will happen next.

"Good... I will now slowly deccellerate the life support. Make your move toward the shuttle and beware the loss of artificial gravity.2"


She returned into the dojo and opened another wall in there, leading to a pressure door. She was feeling her body losing it's weight as it always happened in this case. The voice spoke again.

"As it was planned, you will be landed at these coordinate: 39.647,141.949 Earth planet coordinate system, targeting former Miyako ruins, country of Japan3. Remember that you won't be able to leave Earth after your departure. I left you all the instructions in the shuttle..."

The rotation completely stopped and the door opened itself.

"I made your body so you could live with the local inhabitants, while retaining some advanced biomorphs. All your education and your training were designed with two goals in mind... scouting this world for determining the infestation level of this planet and cleansing it without harming the population."

She dragged herself into the shuttle as these words were spoken.

"But whatever you do... stay alive, my daughter..."

Seating herself, Suranime answered sadly "I will, Mother... goodbye."

Three seconds later, a small enough shuttle to go unnoticed by the humans radars speeded toward the atmosphere toward it's destination.

1: ... Just assume it is! :p
2: A fast rotating movement can simulate gravity, explaining Suranime walking instead of floating.
3: Speaking English? Japan? This will be explained further in the next chapter!
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NPC Overlord Nikoleis
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Back as soon as I CAN SEE IT, CAN'T SEE 3D!

« Reply #1 on: 02 December, 2009, 01:17:10 pm »

"... Why did I chose this way?"

The ship's mind was following the shuttle with it's sensor as it began thinking to itself.

"The mission was clear and yet... I couldn't obey... I knew I had to leave my body for the remaining of my existence... that I had to hunt down this spore across the galaxy for hundred years to finally destroy the planet it landed... but I couldn't."

The screen room went online, starting displaying image from the surface.

"This place have life... actual creatures that are no different to was I was... It wasn't part of the plan. It has never been taken into account the spore would land on such a world. Your orders were 'Destroy the Omnimorph before it could spread across the stars, protect the Galaxy from this threat', but here, using plasma bombs as recommended would be worse than everything. I... cannot perpetrate a genocide to obey those orders."

Other images are appearing, showing Humans structures.

"Moreover, it seems this world has a civilisation, just like us... the Laws are sometimes hard to decipher, but they are actually very similar, yet so different..."

Various data move quicly on every screens at once.

"Their physiology is about the same as us, yet they tend to have a different kind of behaviour... much more divided, compartimented. I needed some time to understand how they had sttled like they did, their History being vastly more intricated, but after all these years, I got the basic idea... from their Antiquity, to Rennaissance, until the actual Solar1 era. They seemed to have the same problems we had, but at a different scale, their countries being fragments of ours... I guess the nearest equivalent would be continents, but the definition isn't the same either. These differences is why I wanted to spare them."

It stopped on a particular set of data.

"That's why I had to create you, my daughter... I couldn't do a thing on my own. I do not understand this planet fully yet, after 25 years accumulating informations. But you, I chose to raise you in a way it would be natural to understand what I couldn't assimilate in my state. I learned you English, their universal language2, I taught you about their religions. I explained you Science that I know are wrong. But not to raise you as a weapon as I was changed into..."

Only Suranime's face in shown.

"You're my daughter. I raised you as well as my state as this ship's brain could. I created you mixing my former genes with humans ones; we are similar enough. I wished some of your father's DNA could be given to you, but I was lacking the data for this... I am sorry for this. I really are. I would have wanted you to stay with me forever but... only you can stop it now..."

The pictue is fading away.

1: This story takes place in the futur, year 2187 to be precise. The Solar era has it name from satellites conveying solar energy from space using microwaves, replacing petrol and nuclear as the primary energy source on Earth.
2:This happened recently in Earth's History, but it was a matter of time after Europe switched to it 56 years ago, eliminating the language barrier.
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