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Good Neighbor MM

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Author Topic: Good Neighbor MM  (Read 7222 times)
« Reply #15 on: 26 December, 2009, 06:31:30 pm »

I will warn you now...

Scenario Campaign isn't that bad. I thought it was a piece of **** when I first played it, but it got better. It was actually really fun. Now that I'm done...it's boring without friends. CPU's are too easy, and I'm constantly getting booted out of online rooms. There is NO lag online, and this really pisses me off. When there IS lag, like in Tekken 5 DR, I lose quite a bit. However in this game that barely has ANY lag, I get to fight at my fullest and I get booted.



Marshall Law

*Pulls arms back, kicks, then strikes a stance and beckons with hand*

During the middle of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, it was discovered that Marshall Law was working illegally in Japan, and as a result he was immediately deported to his home country of the United States of America.

With the deadline to pay for the damages of his sonís accident fast approaching, hopes of getting the money needed were slim. Just then, his best friend Paul Phoenix approached him with the idea of forming a teamósecuring a high-ranking prize alone would certainly be difficult, but if he was part of a team, the probability of winning would be much higher.

Marshall accepted Paulís invite, but thinking a three-man team was better than a two-man team, the renowned boxer Steve Fox caught his attention.

The Fix
Law is one of those characters that you'll love, or you'll hate. Luckily for him, many people tend to go with the former. Law is chock full of potential. He has a decent mix of high and lows, and has some decent range. Law is also one of the select few that can make an all-out comeback when rage'd. His trademark screams result in a bunch of rage-quitting players, but Law's significant devastating factor comes from his Dragon Sign and his Dragon Fake. His Dragon Fake is an excellent parry and basically catches anyone who punches him in the stance off-guard. They stagger forward, with NO way of defending themselves or to recover, allowing Law to get in a damaging kick or punch. This move in particular is very cheap. VERY, VERY cheap. One way of avoiding this, is to mix up your high and lows on Law. This brings up Law's flaws. Law is predictable. VERY predictable. He also has problems with SSing opponents, and SSing himself. Sure, he has some amazing combos, (and one backhand that'll make players cringe in disgust) but they are easily blocked allowing for some easy punishment. Another thing, it's fairly difficult to bound-combo with Law. Usually, I finish off a bound with his sweep, but other players can keep the chain going, which requires intense practice if you don't want to do the same combo over and over. Law has god-awful endurance though. Prolonging a battle will tend to tip the scale on Law once you figure him and the player out. His Dragon Sign and Dragon Fakes offer the greatest move for Law though, the Dragon Kick. Initiated by pressing both X and O simultaneously following a Dragon Sign, executes this monster of an attack. He flies halfway across the screen to deliver this deathbringer to your opponent's skull. It's so nasty, that after the opponent gets knocked backwards, you may sit and wonder how a character can survive such a kick to the skull. The opponent may even take a little time out to recuperate. This also sets up Law's winning strat. Following a Dragon Kick, you must take the opportunity. Mix it up, and you should be able to knock off a good bit of health, setting up Law's victory. If there's distance, use the Dragon Kick. Don't overuse it though. Try to mix it up with the Dragon Uppercut and chain the uppercut with his six repeated punches. The Dragon Kick is your friend. His Poison Arrow is relatively slow, wouldn't advise using it much. His side kick has incredible knockback, and his Dragon Knuckle is very safe on block. His throws are great, and most of them leaves opponents in a position for grand punishment. When up against aggressive, quick opponents. Turtle. TURTLE. TURTLE. If going up against a good Steve though, you're through. It's extremely tough to beat a good Steve with Law. Also, Law has some of the best customizations in the game. Black Shades + No shirt + Blue Flame Pants + The Blue and Black sneakers = My Law

Coolest Stage to Fight on
Manji Valley

+Dragon Kick
+Dragon Fake Steps/Dragon Sign
+Decent mix of High and Lows
+Good Aerial Chains/Juggles
+Dragon Uppercut
+Nice range

-SSing problems
-Terrible endurance
-Difficult bound chains
-Bad Wall Game
-Gets punished easily
-Launchers could be better

Masterman Rating

Styles Rating


It makes me smile how much this reminds me of Me (Steve), Floyd (Paul), and Spring (Marshall).
I mean really? My love for Steve? Floyd's love for Paul? Spring's love for Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do? It's like Namco has been reading our misadventures and put it into Tekken 6. (I bet Spring's a good cook)
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