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05 December, 2023, 03:56:39 am
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Good Neighbor MM

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Author Topic: Good Neighbor MM  (Read 10338 times)
« Reply #15 on: 18 December, 2009, 06:53:51 pm »


Steve Fox

"Hey you! You wanna try me, guv?"

Steve Fox had destroyed the research institute of the Mishima Zaibatsu, and finally settled a long-time feeling of resentment.

Steve was intent on returning to the world of the boxing again, but the majority of major boxing meets are canceled by the war that broke out all over the world. Steve, who knew no other trade than the boxing ring, had effectively lost his job and his passion, and went into depression.

Soon after, he received an invitation to train together with Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix. Steve, who liked the idea of training in a martial art other than boxing, accepted.

The Fix
Steve is unstoppable. This guy can rack damage quickly and effectively. His move "Sonic Fang" is a contender for best move in the game, being insanely fast and powerful. I will always end a combo with this move, punishing players in the air and setting up for a rushing Beatdown attack. Steve is hard to hit, he confuses opponents, and his Peekaboo stance is my favorite in the game, because it has my favorite move the "Lancaster Special". It also can be chained into a gut-smash followed by my favorite throw in the game the "Ten Count". He pounds his helpless enemy senseless as he shuffles around them, resulting in many rage-quitting players humiliated after the throw. His "Eraser" is also a really good move to close in the distance on your opponents, as it is very startling-fast. Steve is fast, I cannot express it enough. If you can utilize him properly he's by far the best character in the game. His bound juggles are nothing short of spectacular and he punishes OH so well. However, many consider Steve as being a defensive player. I somewhat agree, as I think that Steve is a Defensive Aggressor. If your opponent makes a mistake, counter it and punish them well. Pursue them after juggles and make them pay. If Steve has an opponent cornered, there is no hope for them. I feel bad when I go up against someone like King or Marduk because there is no way for them to rebound if they are caught by a relentless Steve in a corner. Steve is FAST. USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. There aren't may characters that can match Steve in terms of quickness. HE's pretty easy to master and at times, I consider him kinda broken because of how good he is. Although, I quickly retracted this opinion when I started to take note of his weaknesses. Steve is predictable. The majority of his attacks are either med or high. Meaning that if you are not a buttonmasher, you can defend Steve, and smack him down. There are also a couple of attacks that leave Steve wide open. I'm staring directly at his Flicker Stance > 4 hit combo. If you block this, my god Steve is in for pain. Other than that though, Steve is a beast. He doesn't have any kicks, but his quick strikes make up for it, and my god I love him for it. His Sonic Fang never leaves him open, and his attacks are just cool to watch in an expert player's hands.

Coolest Stage to Fight on
Electric Fountain, because the neon fits him and his amazing hooks.

+Insanely Fast
+Great endurance
+Sonic Fang
+Peekaboo Stance
+Hard to Hit
+Impressive counters
+Best throw in the game
+Amazing mindgames
+Bounds are devastating
+Wall game is brutal
+So many pros

-Can be kinda predictable
-Vulnerable when blocked
-Stun Gun is really slow and useless
-He doesn't have a great standing launcher, but honestly, it's a minor complaint considering how strong Steve is otherwise.

Masterman Rating

Styles Rating


It makes me smile how much this reminds me of Me (Steve), Floyd (Paul), and Spring (Marshall).
I mean really? Bombs and Cash? Floyd and Spring's relationship? My love for Steve? Floyd's love for Paul? Spring's love for Bruce Lee? It's like Namco has been reading our misadventures and put it into Tekken 6.
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