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04 October, 2022, 06:27:09 pm
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The amazing race Profile

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Author Topic: The amazing race Profile  (Read 93 times)
NPC Overlord Nikoleis
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Back as soon as I CAN SEE IT, CAN'T SEE 3D!

« on: 27 December, 2009, 08:20:17 am »

Here will be stored everyone's team and their results.

Racer: Pilot's or Crew's name
Vehicle/mount: What he is using
Type: Wheeled/Hovering/Flying/whatever apply
Racer description: Self explanatory
Vehicle/mount description: Self explanatory
Here is a list of the vehicle's abilities. A vehicle should have a set of balanced options.
Measuring a vehicle's spec. These are rated from S to F and should be explained if anything special concerning these should be noted. These are:
  • Max speed: The vehicle's max speed
  • Acceleration: How quickly it attain this speed
  • Handling: The overall manoeuvrability
  • Defense: How it endure attacks
  • Weight: In case of ramming attempt...
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NPC Overlord Nikoleis
Removing dust
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Gender: Male
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Posts: 6,048

Back as soon as I CAN SEE IT, CAN'T SEE 3D!

« Reply #1 on: 27 December, 2009, 08:38:48 am »

Racer: Nikoleis
Vehicle/mount: Magitech antigrav platform
Type: Hovering
Racer description: Everyone's favorite world saver is here. The prize may not be convertible in JD at the CoS, but the glory and the fun is here to be taken. He rely more on his abilities and his skills than in his vehicle. (Image pending)
Vehicle/mount description: The magitech antigrav platform is a product of Nik's reality matrix power, and such is made of pure energy. It is propelled by gravity, as Nikoleis just has to lean forward to advance.
Trapping matrix: A trapping matrix only leaves a slall magic print in the air but anything near will be slowed down in time.
Kinetic blade: Approaching Nik is dangerous as he can strikes a vehicle out of the way with strenght
Energy shield: Nik's vehicle isn't giving much defense, so he have to rely on magic for this. It gives a defense rating of B
Kinetic boost: Instant boost that allow Nik to gain some speed in any direction, meaning it's good for jumps, fast turn and so on.
Assalt beams: Energy beams swarm where Nik aims, for multiple low power attacks.
Floating gravity: Nik can ride walls for some time without falling.
Max speed: F
Acceleration: A
Handling: A
Defense: F
Weight: F

Racer: Khrima
Vehicle/mount: Khrimastodon
Type: 6 wheeled throne
Racer description: The thinking head of the BJ team, who is using the race as a giant lab for his evil inventions. His plan is to win so he can get everyone's attention and then start ruling the world. (image also pending)
Vehicle/mount description: The Khrimastodon is a 20 tons monstruosity made of black plating, lasers and engines. Well hidden in a control center with a large red reinforced window, ready to destroy anything on it's way, Khrima strive to rule the race.
Khrima laser, front: Four high power beams are mounted so they can shoot at a large angle.
Khrima laser, back: A single BIG laser that also gives a massive boost, while obliterating anything standing behind.
Khrima shuttle: The upper part of his vehicle can fly for 5 turns before having to land and recharge. If the base isn't destroyed, then he can come back on it and recharge at the rate of 1/1 (1 turn on ground for 1 turn of flying). Two of the four front laser are on the flying part. The lower part is in autopilot.
Zaralem's bound: Any vehicle hit by the Khrimastodon itself lose a defense rating, the God of Destruction's power weakening the infortunate.
Rating (Khrimastodon/Autopilot mode/Khrima shuttle):
Max speed: A/B/S
Acceleration: E/E/B
Handling: F/F/D
Defense: S/A/C
Weight: S/A/D
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