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A Hero's Story

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Author Topic: A Hero's Story  (Read 969 times)
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« on: 06 August, 2007, 10:45:03 am »

Yeah, its basically a story of my favorite video game characters doing stupid and funny things on some sort of messed up adventure. I've posted it in other places, and a lot of people like it.

Well, here it is:

Here are our heros!
Link. He saves the world a lot, and his hat is green

Yoshi. He eats.... a lot, and he lays eggs.( No, he's not a girl)

Samus. She shoots people with her arm-cannon thing, and she rolls up into a ball.

Ike. He kills peoplw with his sword, and he has a cape!

Shy Guy. He stabs stuff with his spear, and he wears a mask!

Together thier...... um..... THESE GUYS!!!!!
Link: What now?
Samus: I dunno.
(Yoshi is trying to eat Shy Guy, but Shy Guy whips out his spear and blocks his attack.)
Ike: Shy Guy, stop it!
Shy Guy: *groan*
Link: As I was saying...... how do we get outta here???
Ike: Where the heck did that come from?
Yoshi: Lets do something, I'm bored!
Samus: We need some sort of villian to fight
Master Hand: Wragh!
Master Hand: I am Master Hand!
(He tries to his all of them. He is about 10 times thier size. Samus starts shooting him, but it doesn't do much. He slams on her, and totally squishes her. Shy Guy jumps up and stabs him with his spear.)
Master Hand: Owie! I'm outta here!
(He flies away.)
Samus:..... ow.


Ike: What just happened?
Link: Ike, Ike, Ike. Ike, Ike, Ike, Ike, Ike, Ike, Ike.......Ike. You see.... we just changed scenes!
Ike: Why are we in a public restroom?
Link: Never doubt the scene-change thingy.
Ike: ....ok.....

(We last left our heroes trapped in a bathroom. Yoshi comes out of the stall, looking relived, and the toilet is flushing behind. Shy Guy just so happened to be in the flushing toilet.)
Shy Guy: Help me!!!!
(Shy Guy is sucked into the pipes, and travels through all the twists and turns of the piping system.)
Outside the restroom.....(A random guy is standing by a pipe sticking out of the ground.)
Guy: Whats this?
(A huge wave of questionalble sewer water shoots into his face. The, Shy Guy gets luanched out, knocking the guy 1000000 feet away. Shy Guy remains there, dazed. He comes to. And remembers what happens. He stakes his his spear out, and running back to the restroom.)
Shy Guy: YOSHI!!!!!!!!!
Yoshi: Gasp! Help me Mr. Scene Shange Guy!
(Yoshi grabs the Scene Change, and Shy Guy rams into it, cuasing a scene change.)


Meanwhile, at Hand Castle.....

Master Hand: Grr..... I must take over the world!
Master Hand: Who let you out, Crazy Hand?
(Master Hand punches him, and shoves him in the cellar.)
Master Hand: Night, night, crazy guy!
Crazy Hand: G'NIGHT MR. PIG! ........ O RLY?
Master Hand: YA RLY!
Crazy Hand: NO WAI!
Master Hand: YA WAI!
Master Hand: O RLY?
Crazy Hand: YA RLY!
Master Hand: NO WAI!
Crazy Hand: YA WAI- WAIT... WAIT, DARNIT!!!
Master Hand: Hahaha! Stupid Crazy Hand!

(Link and co. are standing around in a large room.)
Ike: Where are we now?
Link: Geez Ike, for a guy with a cape, you sure are stupid! We're in the Battle Training.... Place. We can fight plastic dummies to.... y'know... fight plastic dummies!
Ike: Oh, ok.
(So, they all started to completely destroy the dummies with thier weapons and whatnot. After about 15 they had destroyed all of them... or so they thought...)
Link: We win!
(Just then, thousands more plastic dummies came marching into the room. Samus charged up her arm cannon, and destroyed about a thousand of them. Yoshi threw an egg-bomb and destroyed even more of them. Link used the power of the Tri-Force and powered up his Master Sword, and slashed his way threw a couple of thousand of them. Shy Guy powered up his spear and kill several hundred of them, and Ike.... well, he just swung his sword around a couple of times.)
Link: We win! For real!
Yoshi: Oh no!(The king of all dummies appeared, King Dummie! Link tried to slash at him with his sword, but it had no effect!)
Link: Oh no!
Yoshi: Thats what I said!
(Samus and Shy Guy tried to attack, but there was no use. It was seemingly indestructable. It shot a laser at Ike, and poisoned him.)
Ike: *cough* Agh! Poison!
Link: Ike!
(Link ran over to Ike.)
Link: C'mon man, live! LIIIIIVE!
(Ike stopped moving.)
Link: No. NOOOOO!!!!!!
(He turned to face King Dummie.)
Link: YOU MONSTER!!!!! Prepare to face the power of my hat!
(Link threw his hat, and as it went soaring over Samus' head, her eyes popped out of her visor. Link's hat headed for King Dummie, stopped in midar right in front of him.... and fell. Nothing happened.)

(Meanwhile, by Ike...)

(Samus was holding her arm cannon to Ike's face.)
Samus: Ok Ike, get ready.
(She sprayed water into his face.)
Ike: *cough, cough*
(She sprayed more water into his face. Ike was soaking wet.)
Ike: You done?
(Samus blew wind in his face, and he was dry, but his hair turned into and afro.)

(Back with Link and King Dummie...)

(Link's Hat is still sitting there, doing nothing.)
Link: Give it a minute.
King Dummie: ....
Link's Hat: ....
KD: ....
LH: ....
KD: ....
(Suddenly, the hat flew up into the air and shot a giant laser blast, and turned KD to ashes.)
Link: Good job, hat!
(He put his hat back on his head. Ike walked up to him.)
Link: Holy crap! Ike's alive! Zombie!!!!!!
Ike: I'm not a zombie.
Link: Oh.
(Ike pulled out a comb, and combed his hair back to its original spiky self.)
Link: Figures....
Ike: What?
Link: Oh nothing, Mr. I-Have-Perfect-Hair-So-I-Boast-About-It-A-Lot.
Shy Guy: I thought his name was Ike.
Link: Nobody asked you, Shy Guy!
Ike: Oh, come on! Yoshi doesn't even HAVE hair! You don't see him complaining!
Yoshi: Actually....
(He raised his arm, showing them the gobs of madded armpit hair.)
Link: Ew....
Samus: I have hair!
(She took her helmet off. She turned around revealing.... SHE WAS A GIRL!!! The others just stared at her for 56 seconds. Then they all threw up. They were all coughing and whatnot.)
Link: I know, Ike. Its hard to see helmetless Samus the first time.
Ike: She's hot!
Link: WHAT?!?!?!?
(Link fell over, unconcious.)
Shy Guy: Are you insane??? Yoshi, say something!
Yoshi: I'm staying out of this one.
(Shy Guy turned around, and Ike was gone! He was over by Samus.)
Ike: So, Samus....
(Link ran up, and tackled Ike.)
Link: Get the tape!
Ike: Get offa me!

1 minute later.......

(Ike was duct taped to a wall, and so was his mouth.)
Link: So... anyways....
Samus: What are you doing?
Link: Nothing. Definitly not duct taping Ike to a wall, nope.
Samus: K..... What ever.
(She put her helmet back on.)
Link: Phew.
(Meanwhile, Ike was cutting through the tape with his sword, and he gout untaped. He was facing Link, ready to kill him, when he heard a voice from behind him.)
Samus: Ike?
(Ike's eyes turned to hearts, and he turned around. When he saw Samus with her helmet back on, Ike suddenly blacked out. When he regained conciousness, he had forgotten everything that had happened.)
Link: Ike's back to normal!
Samus: Ike LEFT normal?
Link: You don't wanna know.

(Link and the others are in a library.)
Link: A library? Thats the best you cand do?!?
Ike: Whatever happened to "never doubt the scene change thingy?"
Link: Fine....
Librarian: Shh! This is a library!
Link: Stupid Librarian.
(Ike was picking out a book called, "I like Swords" by Fighter. Then Link grabbed it too. They stared at each other, and then drew their swords. They jumped back, and charged at each other.)

One big Action Scene later....

Ike&Link: Pant... pant....
(They both fainted.)
Shy Guy: Every time!
Librarian: Shh!
Shy Guy: Listen lady, I don't talk, I think.
(The Librarian went to a sign that said NO TALKING, and held a magnifying glass up to it. In little itty bitty words, it said OR THINKING. Shy Guy picked up a pencil and paper, and wrote, "oh, come on!" The Librarian put up another magnifying glass, and in even smaller words it said, OR WRITING. Shy Guy got angry and just started to read. The Librarian put up ANOTHER magnifying glass, and in even smaller words, it said: OR READING. Shy Guy got so pissed off that he took out a harpoon gun and shot it at the Librarian. She picked up a giant book, and used it as a sheild and the harpoon sent her flying out of the library.)
Shy Guy: Finally!
Link: Yoshi!
(Yoshi is reading the Cat in the Hat, and he's holding it upside-down.)
Link: C'mon, where going!

(A random guy is running along, and then falls down and gets a mouthful of dirt. He spits the dirt directly in front of him, and Link just so happened to be standing there. Link wiped the dirt off his face.)
Link: You got a problem buddy?
Running Guy: I don't know what your talking about. Now if you'll excuse me, I have running to do.
(He ran off)
Link: Grr.... JERK!!!!!
Samus: Let him go.
(Link instantly changed from angry to happy.)
Link: Ok!
Yoshi: Did you see how Link just changed from angry to happy?
Ike: Hmm.... You're right. Link?
(Link had a hugemungus smile.)
Link: YES?
Ike: You ok?
(Link broke down into tears.)
Link: Of course....I am!
(Ike wispered to Samus)
Ike: Get the needle.
(A needle came out of Samus' arm cannon. Link realized what was going on, and he ran away. Shy Guy flew after him, and Samus and Yoshi rolled up and chased him too.)
Ike: Sigh....
(Ike moved 8 spaces forward, and waited.)
Ike: ....
PLAYER PHASE(Ike moved another 8 spaces ahead.)


(Link was on the top of a large tree. Samus ran up and shot the needle at him. He deflected it with his shield. Shy Guy flew up with his spear, and Link swung at him with his sword, and knocked him back. Ike finally caught up.)
Samus: Ike! You have to get Link!
Ike: But Link is as good with a sword as I am! And he has all those other weapons!
Samus: But YOU have a cape!
(Ike went up to Link, and it went to a Fire Emblem type battle. Ike attacked first, and got a critical. Link attacked, and did a little damage. Then Ike got an Aether, and it was over before anyone knew what was going of. About an hour later, Link regained conciesness.)
Link: I'm alive!
(Then an anvil fell on his head.)
That's all I'm posting for now. If people like it and respond I'll post more.
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« Reply #1 on: 10 August, 2007, 02:15:51 am »

*Faints from the awesome this story holds*
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« Reply #2 on: 10 August, 2007, 09:07:38 am »

Hmm.... When Shy Guy talks its supposed to be in italiacs, but I guess they didn't show up on Microsoft Word.....

Oh well, I'll fix it later....

And thanks for reading it HMA.
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« Reply #3 on: 10 August, 2007, 10:16:56 am »

Character Profiles:

He's the main person, also the 2nd stupidest. Some people have called his character sexist, but he just hates Samus. There's nothing wrong with that in this story. Link always does stupid things that just makes things worse usually. Um.... Yeah. That's Link. The stupid guy, who happens to be the leader.

My personal favorite in this story, he also happens to be the most stupid and random. I wonder if that's implying anything..... Anyways, his utter randomness sometimes becomes so random, that it becomes logical. So, technically, he's also the most logical of the group. Weird.

He ain't got a clue as to what's going on. He does have good leadership skills, and I guess he could be called the back-up leader. He also has a not-so-subtle crush on Samus. He is pretty much the only person who really likes Samus. Weird.

Well, she REALLY hates it when people regard her as a "him", in which she goes on a rampage. For some reason, when people are reminded that she's in fact a girl, they throw up. Always. She's also very angry usually, probably because she's surrounded by idiots.

Shy Guy:
The small and silent one. He doesn't really speak, he just projects his thoughts into words. He is bitter and angry at the world, for no apparant reason. Maybe its because he's always discluded in conversations and stuff. Poor guy... Well, he does have a spear. So that sort of makes up for it.
Those are the current Hero's at this part of the story. People join and leave the team as the story goes on.

Anyways, might as well post the next part:

(Link, Ike, Yoshi, Shy Guy and Samus were dangling from ropes above a volcano.)
Ike: How'd we get here?
Link: It all stated two loooooooooong hours ago.....
Link: We were walking along....
(Link showed an image of them walking, with him having a spotlight over him and a huge white smile. Ike looked normal. Samus was labeled: "Stinky" and smell lines floated above her head. Yoshi was labeled: Stupid. Shy Guy was labeled: That other guy.)
Samus: Wait, why am I "Stinky"?
Yoshi: Shut up Stinky!
Link: As I was saying....
Link: Stinky fell down. And we all laughed. And I was lookin sooooo good! Then the ninjas attacked! I fought them off as best as I could, but there was at least a thousand of them.
Link: And they tied us up.
Samus: Link, do you even know how stupid you are?
Link: Yes.
Ike: Wait, what's holding up these ropes?
Shy Guy: Try not to think about it.
Samus: Let me tell the sto-
Yoshi: We was walking.... And we all had pie.
And we all lived happily ever! ...... AFTER!
Samus: Ok.... I'LL tell it.
Samus: What???
Ike: Um.... Look.
(Ike looked over to a helicoptor with a harpoon. It shot it, and cut the ropes.

(They fell right next to a pool of lava. They were all lying next to each other, unconcious. The lava sent the rope on fire, and the rope melted off of all of them. They woke up, and ran because they were on fire. Suddenly, a bunch of water sprayed on them. They weren't on fire anymore.)
Shy Guy: We're not on fire anymore!
Link: Someone saved us!
Samus: But who?
Huh?: It was me!
(They saw a guy with a black mask so you couldn't see his face at all.)
Link: Who are you?
Huh?: I am....
(He takes his mask off. Another mask is under, but it shows his eyes.)
Ninja: A ninja!
Link: Gasp! Seriously, who are you?
Ninja: Only time will tell.
(The ninja looks over, and sees a cloud of smoke.)
Ninja: That was weird.
(He runs away. Link sees his other mask on the ground. He puts it on.)
Link: I'm a ninja! Hi-Ya!
Yoshi: NINJA!!!
(He throws an egg at him, and Link goes flying out of the volcano into the jungle.)

(Yoshi was feeling triumphant about his defeat over the ninja, who was actually Link.)
Yoshi: I took care of him!
(Yoshi looks at Samus.)
Yoshi: Ninja!!!!!!!
(Yoshi charges at Samus. He knocks her back into the lava, and she is shot out of the volcano.)
Yoshi: I took care of HIM yes I did.
(Samus hears this, and is outraged. She jumps back in the volcano and charges her power beam and aims it at Yoshi.)
(Yoshi is turned to ashes.)


(Link is lying on the ground in the jungle. He takes off the mask.)
Link: Stupid mask.
(Link realizes what happened.)
Link: Great. I'm lost in the jungle.
(He sees Shy Guy.)Link: Hey! Shy Guy!
(The Shy Guy points the spear at Link's throat.)
Link: Um.... You're not Shy Guy, are you?
Shy Guy?: How'd ya know?
Link: Mainly because there's a zipper on the back of your neck.
(Link uses Farore's Wind to appear on the other side of the Shy Guy, and he unzips the zipper, revealing that he is.....)
Link: THE BUM?Huh?
(A bum, named The Bum was standing there.)
The Bum: And I would've gotten away with it too!
(He takes out his sack, and pulls out some moldy cheese and throws it at Link. It explodes in a smelly stinkball of FURY!!!! and Link flies back into the volcano. Yoshi and Samus were in the middle of an action packed battle, and Link was in the middle of it. A large fight starts. Ike and Shy guy shrug, and join the fray.)

(At Hand castle, The Ninja from before climbs the winding trail. He gets to the door with a welcome mat, and goes inside. Once inside, he takes off his mask, revealing another mask. He goes into Master Hand's throne room.)
MH: Ahh, you're here.
Ninja: Yes.
(He takes off his mask, revealing that he is.... SOME GUY WITH SPIKY HAIR NAMED JEFF!!!!!! BUMBUMBUUUUM!!!!!!)
MH: Did you get the thing?
Jeff: What thing?
MH: You didn't get the thing?Huh? The sacred green hat! The one that makes the wearer look like an elf! You didn't get it???
Jeff: You told me to get ice cream!
(CH grabs the ice cream, and then throws it in Jeff's face.)
MH: Dangit Crazy!!!
(They start fighting.)
Jeff: I'll.... go get that hat now.
(He puts the ninja mask on, and he pulls out a stone with a wind image on it. A cloud appears, and he rides it.)


Link: I'm bored.
Random Giant Robot from nowhere: I WILL KILL YOU!!!
Ike: Where'd that come from?
Yoshi: Where didn't it come from?
Link: That's something to think about....
RGRfN: Are you guys done talking?
Link: Yea, pretty much.
(He shoots a laser at them, knocking them out. A ......CHICKEN!!!flies out. He takes out a radio.)
Chicken: I've got more of the humans. I'm returning to base.
Well, looks like Link and co. have been kidnapped by chickens.
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« Reply #4 on: 11 August, 2007, 02:32:39 am »

Well what else are they gonna be caputred by?
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« Reply #5 on: 26 August, 2007, 11:06:19 am »

Good story ShyGuyGuy.
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« Reply #6 on: 28 August, 2007, 09:51:04 am »

@HMA: No, they won't be captured by carrots, although it would be an intersting plot twist....

(Link is sleeping in a jail cell. He starts to stir, he yawns, and gets up. He realizes that he's in a cell.)Link: Crap! How'd we get here!?
(Everyone else is in the cell as well. Link runs up to Ike)
Link: Where are we???
(They look out of the cell, and see chickens with lasers and whatnot walking around.)
Samus: CHICKENS!!!!!!
(Samus starts to run around in circles screaming)
Samus: HolycrapI'mafraidofchickens!
(She runs into the corner of the cell, and pulls out a teddy bear.)
Samus: I love you Mr. FuzzFuzz!
Yoshi: Where'd that teddy bear come from?
(Link is at the cell door, with a flamethrower, and cut off a part off of the bars.)
Link: Yay!
(Samus, seeing the newly opened door, sprinted out, and ran for the exit. She pounded at the door.)
Samus: Get me outta here!!!
Link: Samus, what's wrong with you?
Samus: I'm afraid of chickens!
Link, Shy Guy, Ike, and Yoshi: ....... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!

10 laughing minutes later...

(Link and co. got outside.)
Link: We're free!
(They saw a mob of about 50,000 million chickens surrounding them, with rifles pointed at them. Samus faints.)
Ike: Well, we're pretty much screwed. Hmm..... WAIT! I can say that thing I've always wanted to say in the face of impending doom. Well, here it goes.
Link: Well, this kinda sucks.
Ike: No! This is impossible! He said it before me! All of those years! Aww.... I'm gonna die here!!!!
(Just then, a giant thundercloud appears, and zaps all the chickens, frying them.)
Link: We're saved!
Yoshi: Food!
(Yoshi started to eat the fried chickens.)
Ike: W-we're alive!
(Samus wakes up)
Samus: Wow. What a nightmare. There were.... *gulp* Chickens everywhere!
(The ninja jumps down from the giant cloud.)
Link: Thanks Mr. Ninja.
Ninja: Look over there!
(Link looks in the opposite direction.)
Link: Where?
(The ninja swipes Link's hat, and flees.)
Link: Hey!!!
(Link got really angry, then smiled.)
Link: Ha! That hat was a decoy! Here’s the REAL hat!
(Link holds up his hat. The ninja swoops in with a vine and grabs the hat, and jumps away.)
Link: He......he got it. B-but....That can't happen!
Samus: Link, it's just a hat.
Link: It's more than a hat.... without it, I have no power! Yeah, I have this whole triangle thing going on, and I keep all the triangles in mah hat! (Where else do you think he keeps all of his items? If my hat is gone, my power is destroyed!
(Link holds up his left hand.)
Link: Look, no triangles! I'm powerless!
Samus: Link....You don't need triangles to be courageous.
(Link sits down, depressed.)
Link: I don't wanna talk about it.
(Yoshi talks to Shy Guy.)
Yoshi: Who is that guy?
Shy Guy: It's Link, you idiot!
Yoshi: ..... Oh.
Ike: Poor Link.... Look at him crying! It's pathetic! I'm gonna help him.
(Ike walks up to Link)
Ike: Link?
Link: Go away.
Ike: Ok.
(Ike walks away.)

Ike: Ok guys, we need to get Link's hat back. Now lets go!
(Everyone but Link and Ike board Samus's spaceship.)
Ike: Link, are you coming?
Link: Where are we going?
Ike: To.... uh.... Get pie!
(Link runs onto the ship.)
Samus: So, where are we going?
Ike: I dunno, isn't there some sort of "Link's Hat" radar?
Samus: Now that I think about it...... No. There isn't.
Ike: A ninja radar?
Samus: Nope.
Ike: Well, then where will we find the ninja?
Huh?: I know where he is.
Ike: Who are you?
The Bum: I'm The Bum.
Ike: How'd you get in our ship?
The Bum: That doesn't matter. What matters is, that I know where the ninja is.


(The ship is flying for an ominous castle, with lightning clouds and stuff for a creepy effect.)
Ike: Are you sure this is the place, The Bum?
The Bum: Yes, I'm sure.(They land the ship. Ike, Yoshi, Shy Guy, and Samus leave to enter the castle. Link and The Bum are left behind. The Bum holds up a knife to Link.)
Link: *gasp*!
(The knife cut some cheese on a table in half.)
Link: Thanks for cutting the cheese, The Bum.
The Bum: Heh, yeah.....
(The Bum farts, and Link just stares at him for a while.)
Ike: What now?
(Master Hand pops up out of nowhere.)
Master Hand: ROAR!!!!
(An old school Final Fantasy style battle begins. Ike starts swinging his sword randomly, and does 200 damage.)
Ike: Cool! I just swung my sword, and did damage!
(Samus was next. She swung her arm, and did 0 damage.)
Samus: That went about as well as expected.....
(Yoshi threw an egg and did 125 damage. Shy Guy stabbed with his spear, and did 150 damage. Master Hand smashed all of them at the same time with his fist/body.)
Samus: Screw this!
(Samus charged her lazer, and......)
Master Hand: *miss*
Samus: Figures....
(Ike used Aether, *which is a special move that only Ike can do, which he throws his sword in the air, jumps up, does a flip, grabs his sword, and slams down on the enemy, then jumps back upwards, to do MASSIVE DAMAGE!* and it did MASSIVE DAMAGE!)
Yoshi: Show off.
(Master Hand blew up)
Ike: Phew, I'm glad that's over with.
Crazy Hand: O BLAARGAG?!
Ike: Who are you?
Crazy Hand: YO MAMMA!
Ike: M-mom?!? MOM! I thought you were dead!
(Ike started hugging Crazy Hand)
Ike: I love you mom!
Yeah.... Crazy Hand is Ike's mom. Who knew?
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« Reply #7 on: 28 August, 2007, 05:44:51 pm »

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« Reply #8 on: 30 October, 2007, 10:53:04 pm »

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« Reply #9 on: 02 December, 2007, 01:00:15 pm »

It just gets weirder.

(Cut to a news room)
Kirby: Hello, and welcome to, "The News." I'm your anchorpuff, Kirby. And this is your Co- Anchor, Mario!
Mario: I like spagetii!
Kirby: Today's top story: Ike and everyone else set off to retrive Link's hat! Led by The Bum, the get to Hand Castle where they defeat Master Hand. Oh, and Crazy Hand is Ike's mom.
Mario: That's freakin crazy!
(Kirby kicks Mario and KO's him.)Kirby: And that's the news!
New's slogan thing: They call this crap the news!

(Back with erbody else...)
Samus: Well, this is an unexpected plot twist.
Ike: Mommy, can we have Link's hat back?
Crazy Hand: WELL....
(A lightning bolt comes down from the ceiling, and KO's Crazy Hand. The ninja jumps down.)
Ike: Mom! Grr..... You'll pay for this!
Ninja: .....
(He pulls out a stone with an ice symbol on it. A sword mad of ice generates. Ike draws his sword.)
Ninja: Let's dance!
(They start to dance.)
Ike and Ninja: Shake it, oh yeah!
(They stop)
Ninja: It seems I have underestimated you! But can you handle..... This?!?
(He desperatly tries to buse some sort of "move", and phails horribly)
Ike: That..... looks wrong.
(He calls at Samus.)
Ike: Samus, now!
(Samus vanishes, and reappears behind the ninja. She then extends her neck like rubber, up, to the ceiling, and down in front of the ninja's face.)
Samus: Boo!
(The ninja faints.)
Shy Guy: How did you do that?!?
Samus: Just shut it, it doesn't matter.
(Yoshi approaches the ninja with a Sherlock Holmes outfit on.)
Yoshi: Now let's see who he really is!
(Yoshi unmasks him, revealing his face.)

Yoshi: Gasp!
Shy Guy: Gasp!
Samus: Gasp!
Ike: Gasp!
Link: Gasp!
The Bum: Gasp!
Kirby: Gasp!
Mario: Itsa Gasp!
Homestarrunner: Gasp!
Chicken: Gasp!
Slice of cheese: Gasp!
Librarian: Gasp! Shh!!!
Robot: Gasp!
Guy named Pie: Gasp!
Peice of Pie: Gasp!
Carl: Gasp!
Luigi: Gasp!
Hatman: Gasp!
Link's Hat: Gasp!
King Dummie: Gasp!
King Boo: Gasp!
Monte Python and the Holy Grail's Black Knight: Gasp!
Ganondorf: Gasp!
Ganon: Gasp!
Gannon/Gannondorf: GANNON-BANNED!!!! Gasp!
Bowser: Gasp!
Bowser Jr.: Gasp!
Burger King Whopper Jr.:Gasp!
Fighter: Gasp!
Black Mage: Gasp!
White Mage: Gasp!
Thief: Gasp!
Red Mage: Gasp!
Monk: Gasp!
Petey Piranha: Gasp!
Super Weird Alien Cyborg: *alien gibberish*
Chain Chomp: Gasp!
Tree demon thing: Gasp!
Pikachu: Pika!
Spongebob: Gasp!
Sonic: Gasp!
Shadow: Gasp!
Gasp: Gasp!
Dumb guy: Gasp!
Guy picking his nose: Gasp!
Boneless Billy: Gasp!
StrongBad: I don't gasp for anything, man!
Chuck Norris: [Chuck Norris' gasp could not be shown, because then you would die.]
Homsar: GaaAaasp!
Teh World: Gasp!!!
Ike: Wait a minute....


Ike: Who is this guy anyways?

(The guy regained consciousness.)
Ike: I won't ask you again! Who are you?
Guy: But, you just asked me again!
Ike: Oh.
Guy: Umm.... Anyways. My name is Jeff. I was hired by Master Hand to get Link's hat. I had no idea why though. So I did some research, and I found out that Link's hat is extremely powerful. Only Link can control it.
Ike: Why didn't you give it back then?
Jeff: I 'unno.
Ike: Well, Link is right out back with The Bum.
Jeff: The Bum? My old college roomy?
Ike: Uhh.... Sure. Wait. Why did you hurt mah mommy?
Jeff: I thought it was Master Hand, and I was going to attack him. So, I guess I'm sorry.
Ike: Ok then.
(The castle started to shake)
Shy Guy: The whole place is going to fall apart!
Jeff: We gotta get outta here!
(Crazy Hand got up and held up the roof from collapsing.)
Ike: Mom no! It's suicide!
Samus: C'mon, let's go!
(Ike is in tears)
Ike: I'll never forget you mom!
(They all leave, and the castle collapses.)

On the ship....

Jeff: Here Link, here's your hat!
(Link holds it up)
(Link puts it back on)
Link: Ahh.... That feels gewd.
Jeff: Can I join your team?
Link: Sure!
Jeff: Even after all the toil and hardship I brought upon you?
Link: No. Get outta my sight.
(A trap door opes up under Jeff and he falls through)

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