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TIA movelists

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Author Topic: TIA movelists  (Read 2282 times)
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Sheena Nebilim:

Costume 1: Red t-shirt and black shorts.
Costume 2: Black t-shirt and brown shorts.
Costume 3: Black bikini.
Costume 4: Red and white dress.

Knuckle Buster: Sheena activates her knuckle busters, increasing her attack by 25%.

Special Attacks:
Up And Over: Sheena uppercuts the opponent, then punches them back down. Similar to Gohan and Great Saiyaman’s Justice Punch from the Budokais, Shin Budokais and Infinite World.
Quake Punch: Sheena punches the ground, causing a large spiked part of earth to lunge forward.
Focus Punch: Sheena readies herself, then lunges forward with a punch. Similar to Ginyu’s Strong Jersey attack from the Budokais, Burst Limit and Infinite World.
Painful Sky Leg: Sheena jumps into the air and performs a falling axe kick, sending a short-range shockwave out.

Ultimate Attacks:
Unlimited Strength: Cinematic Ultimate. Sheena punches the opponent away, then crackes her knuckles and slams her fists into the ground, causing a shockwave that launches the opponent into the air. She readies herself, then hits the opponent as they come down, sending them flying into a cliff face. If Sheena wins the power struggle, they become imbedded in the cliff face, so she runs forward and leaps up, planting both feet onto the opponent and causing the cliff to collapse on top of them. If the opponent wins, the bounce off the cliff and fall, Sheena catching them on her fist.
Giant Spike: Real time Ultimate. Sheena leaps into the air, then slams her fist into the ground, damaging anyone too close. Similar to Broly’s Giant Spike from Shin Budokai 2, Burst Limit and Infinite World.

Entrance Quotes:
“Alright! Let’s get started!”
“Hmph! I’ll take you on!”
[vs Naru] “You irritating little…!!”
[vs Gar] “Y-yeah… let’s go...!”
[vs Nebilim] “Y… you…!!”

Victory Quotes:
“Haha! I won!”
“Yeesh… that was tough…”
[vs Naru] “Little runt…”
[vs Gar] “M-Marik! You okay!?”
[vs Nebilim] “…Mother…”
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