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16 January, 2022, 06:26:51 pm
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TIA movelists

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Author Topic: TIA movelists  (Read 1299 times)
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Costume 1: Red dress
Costume 2: Blue dress

Hikari: Yuki calls upon the power of Amaterasu as the kanji for "light" appears above her. This grants her a yellow aura and a 20% increase in attack.

Special Attacks:
Hi: Yuki holds her staff into the air, summoning a ring of fire around her as the kanji for "fire" appears.
Kaminari: Yuki holds her staff forward and fires a lightning bolt as the kanji for "thunder" appears.
Do: Yuki slams her staff into the ground, causing a large crag of rock to shoot upwards in front of her as the kanji for "earth" appears."
Kaze: Yuki swings her staff into the air and fires a blast of cutting wind, as the kanji for "wind" appears.

Ultimate Attacks:
Hikari no Tsurugi: Cinematic Ultimate. Yuki waves her staff, forming the kanji for light in front of her, before firing four swords made of light at the opponent, pinning their limbs down. She then raises her staff into the air to summon a colossal sword of light above them, which slowly begins to fall. If Yuki wins the power struggle, they opponent can only watch helplessly as the sword lands on them, stabbing into the ground with the chance of destroying the planet. If the opponent wins the power struggle, they successfully break free of the swords and dive out of the way, being blasted back by the shockwave of the giant sword hitting the ground. Only available while "Hikari" is active.

Entrance Quotes:

Victory Quotes:

Costume 1: Black dress, blonde hair
Costume 2: Red dress, black hair

Blood Upgrade: Angela bites into Vivi and wipes some blood from her mouth, gaining a slight red aura and a 10% increase in attack.
Blood Frenzy: Angela bites into Vivi and snarls, hunching over and gaining a very strong red aura as well as a 30% increase in attack and 20% decrease in defense.

Special Attacks:
Ignis: Angela holds her hand out and launches a fireball. With Blood Upgrade active, the fireball is twice as large.
Glacie: Angela holds her hand out and fires a shard of ice at the opponent. With Blood Upgrade active, Angela fires 3 shards in a spread.
Fulmen: Angela holds her hand out as it crackles with electricity, shocking the opponent if they're too close. With Blood Upgrade active, the electricity shoots forward slightly, increasing it's range.
Havoc Wing: Angela forms a large bat-like wing on her shoulder and "slashes" the opponent with it. Replaces Ignis while in Blood Frenzy mode.
Blood Rising: Angela forms batwings on her back and flies upwards into the air. Replaces Glacie while in Blood Frenzy mode.
Nosferatu Rush: Angela charges forward, "slashing" wildly with her arms. Replaces Fulmen while in Blood Frenzy mode.

Ultimate Attacks:
Lux Et Tenebrae: Cinematic Ultimate. Angela smacks the opponent around a little, before blasting them away with a blast of magic. She calmly rises into the air, firing several orbs of light at the opponent, but instead of hitting they simply float around the opponent. Angela will then start to gather dark energy into her hand. If the opponent wins the power struggle, she will fire a beam of dark energy at the opponent, which they will leap into the air to dodge only to be assaulted by all the light orbs at once. If Angela wins, the opponent will charge as Angela fires several orbs of darkness, which almost immediately "connect" to the light orbs with black and white lightning. Angela will laugh as the opponent is trapped between the light and dark orbs, which promptly slam together and explode with the opponent between them.
Nosferatu Frenzy: Cinematic Ultimate. Angela charges at the opponent and punches them in the face, sending them flying. She immediately flies after them, overtaking them as she kicks them away again, before following and stomping them into the ground. She stomps on them a few times before kicking them into the air, after which she appears above them and slams them back down. If Angela wins the power struggle, she will land and fly at the opponent in an erratic zig-zag pattern, before suddenly appearing before them and flying straight through them, using the silhouette-on-red-type screen. If the opponent wins, the same will happen, but they will be able to dodge Angela's dash at the last second and kick in her in the back of the head, cancel Blood Frenzy mode.

Entrance Quotes:

Victory Quotes:
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